Chapter 1

Sinead's POV

I woke up and tried to remember why I was on the floor of my lab. Oh yeah, my experiment exploded. I miss calculated and put too much… Wait, Amy, Hamilton, Jonah, and Ian were in here with me! I tried to sit up but the room was spinning, and my head hurt too much to think straight. I heard the others begin to gain consciousness and finally succeeded in sitting up. The lab was a mess, everything made of glass was shattered and there were dents where things had been thrown around. Amy and Ian were regaining consciousness and I walked over to them. I was still a little wobbly but I managed. I grabbed Amy and Ian's hand and helped them to their feet.

"You guys okay?"

"Fine, but my head hurts like crazy." Said Amy as she rubbed her forehead.

"Mine as well." Replied Ian.

"I think I might have some headache medication in the kitchen, you guys try to revive Hamilton and Jonah." And in response Hamilton and Jonah woke up right there and then.

"What happened yo?"

"Dude, why does my head hurt so much?"

"I miss calculated, and my experiment went boom."

Amy helped Hamilton and Jonah up and they all followed me to the kitchen.

Amy's POV

I followed Sinead into the kitchen with the boys right behind me. She pulled out the headache medication, passed out a glass of water to everyone, and gave us each two pills. We all swallowed our pills and I felt almost instant relief. We all started to head back to the mansion when Jonah gripped his head and cried out in pain. As I was heading toward him Ian cried out as well followed by Sinead. Then all of the sudden my head felt like it was going to explode and I crumbled to the ground. After ten seconds the pain vanished and I opened my eyes. Everyone was trying to stand up and looking at each other quizzically. I caught Sinead's eyes and blinked. They were glowing light blue, like the color of ice. I looked at Ian and his eyes were glowing a light shade of orange that resembled fire, Jonah's were glowing a soft brown and Hamilton's were glowing a dark blue, way darker than his normal light blue. I scrambled up and looked at my reflection in the mirror and realized they were glowing white. I blinked and my eyes were normal again. I looked at the others and their eyes were back to normal as well.

"Guys, your eyes were glowing." They all looked at me like I was crazy. Then Sinead grabbed me by the arm and yanked me outside and out of the others hearing range.

"Amy, I want you to tell me exactly what our eyes looked like."

I told her every detail and told her the exact shade and how long it lasted. "So my eyes glowed light blue, Jonah's glowed brown, Hamilton's glowed dark blue, yours glowed white, and Ian's glowed orange and this only lasted a couple seconds?"

"Yes, what does it mean?"

"Amy, the serum I was mixing up was supposed to increase brain capability, but it might have some… side effects."

My eyes widened. "What kind of side effects?"

"I have no clue."

Ian's POV

I leaned my ear against the door and heard Sinead and Amy talking.

"Amy, the serum I was mixing up was supposed to increase brain capability, but it might have some… side effects."

"What kind of side effects?"

"I have no clue."

Then I heard the girls heading back toward us so I joined Hamilton and Jonah.

"What did you find out?" asked Hamilton.

"The serum has side effects," I replied coolly.

"What kind of side effects?" asked Jonah. I could tell he was getting worried because he suddenly lost his gangsta slang.

"Sinead said she doesn't know."

"Wait, Sinead said that she doesn't KNOW? And yet she invented this whatever it is?" said Hamilton.

Then the girls came back into the hallway and we pretended that we hadn't said a thing.

"What was up with the sudden headaches?" asked Hamilton.

"I haven't determined that yet," said Sinead as she rubbed her temples.

"Lets just go into the mansion and see what's for dinner," suggested Amy. "If it's even still dinner."

When we reached the mansion Nellie was making muffins, so we must have been out all night. Luckily Sinead's headache medication worked, so I felt like myself again. But that raised another question.

If the headaches weren't the side effects then what were?

Hamilton's POV

I smelled the muffins before I saw them, Nellie was making her famous Apple Cinnamon muffins, and that meant we had been out cold all night. It amazed me that no one knew about the explosion. When we reached the dining room, everyone was in there. Jonah was messing with his phone, my sisters were using there utensils like spears, Natalie was finishing applying eye shadow, Dan was playing with his Nintendo DS, and the Starling brothers were looking over several blue prints. Fiske was still on a covert mission, and Mr. McIntyre was at the headquarters on Easter Island. Just then Nellie brought in the muffins, we all sat down, and dug in. After that she brought in some coffee cake and gave us each a slice, Amy tried to say thank you but Nellie had her music on so loud you could hear it from the other side of the country. I picked up my fork and something strange happened, it bent. Not a little bend but It had crumbled. I nudged Sinead who was sitting next to me and held the fork up high enough so that she could see. Her eyes widened and she discreetly took the fork out of my hand and shoved it in her pocket.

"Amy, Ian, Jonah, Hamilton, I forgot to show you something back in the lab. You want to see the finished product?" They all seemed to understand and eagerly got up and followed my down the hall. No one seemed to notice or care. After we were out in the yard and out of hearing range Hamilton lost it.

"Ok, how the heck did I bend that fork? All I did was pick it up!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Ian.

Sinead pulled the crumbled fork out of her pocket, "Hamilton, this might be one of the side effects."

Everyone looked at the fork and gasped.

Then Amy spoke up, "What are our side effects?"

Jonah's POV

I looked at that fork and thought of what Hamilton could do to someone he WANTED to hurt. I wonder what my side effect is. Then we reached the guest house and headed straight for the lab. As soon as Sinead opened the door she bolted for the computer. She typed in a password and started to type at a speed that I didn't know was even possible.

"We each should have a different side effect, but most are triggered by a certain emotion so who wants to go first?"

"I'll try," volunteered Ian.

"Okay first I want you to think of something that makes you angry,"

Ian closed his eyes and focused. Then his watch caught on fire. He opened his eyes and gaped at how the watch was burning but he wasn't. Then he started to wave his wrist around trying to put the flame out and sent a burst of flames at the wall.

Ian had power over fire.

After his watch burned off his wrist, Sinead typed up something and looked at Amy.

"Out of all the things I've seen, that has to be one of the strangest, even for a Cahill."

"Do you want me to try?" Sinead nodded and asked Amy to think of something embarrassing because that was one of Amy's strongest emotions. Amy closed her eyes and stood there when all of the sudden she disappeared.

"Amy, where are you?" asked Sinead.

"I'm right here, right in front of you." We all gasped, Amy was completely invisible. Then she reappeared. "Did something happen to me?"

"Yeah, you turned invisible," said Hamilton. "Okay so just to make sure I've got this right, Amy turns invisible, I get super strength, and Ian catches on fire."

"Right, but we still don't know what Jonah and I do yet,"

Then I tried to focus on something that made me mad, like my mom. Then I opened my eyes and nothing had happened. Then I saw a vial at the end of the room that was about to fall off the shelf I started to run over and I stretched my arm out to grab it and caught it, half way across the room. Everyone looked at me and I quickly pulled my arm back until it was normal length again.

"Dude, you just stretched your arm half way across the room!" Hamilton exclaimed.

"I know, but what's your power Sinead?"

She closed her eyes and we watched in amazement as ice crept up the computer. When she opened her eyes she withdrew her hand s as if they were something dangerous.

"I guess that's my power," she said.


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