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Chapter 3

Sinead's POV

Okay, this has to be the best view I've ever had of the mansion. I look down at the mansion and try to spot out the others. Amy and I had thought of an excuse to get everyone off of the estate for two full days. Using her Madrigal connections, Amy had scheduled a Cahill Marathon to keep Madison and Reagan busy. Dan was too easy; Hamilton just paid some Tomas Martial Artist to keep him busy for two days. Natalie was just given some cash and went back to London for a shopping spree, and Nellie had college anyway. And for my brothers, a gold mine of diagrams and designs from the Ekat archives. I went as high up as I could before I realized I was too high. Anyone who tried could see me, It was like I was flashing a neon sign that said, "I know it isn't possible, but I'm flying!" Not the message I felt like sending right now. Then I located Amy and half floated half flew down next to her.

"I'm never going to get used to seeing you fly," said Amy as she shifted her hand through a stick making it look like she had an arrow sticking out of her forearm.

"And I'm never going to get used to you shape shifting," I retort. I look around at the other three Cahills and can't help but try to keep my thoughts clear incase Jonah is reading them. Hamilton is crushing a tree branch between his fingers which is a little creepy, Ian is floating around and trying to stay ablaze, and Jonah is just standing there. I can't blame him, his powers are a little weirder then the rest of ours. But then again, I can fly and freeze things, so I'm probably not one to talk. Then I get what I would consider a genius idea for a way to pass the time.

"Hey guys, who wants to practice with our new powers the fun way?" That got everyone's attention. "Let's have an imitation battle!"

Amy's POV

I don't know what Sinead was thinking when she said that. I mean Cahills with super powers trying to hurt each other? This can't end well.

"Ok, first rule is no frying, smashing, or freezing. Just practice avoiding blows. We can have a battle arena and if you fall out of it, you're out." Sinead explained as she started to pace while flying making it look like she was walking on an invisible walkway. "Who wants to try it?" Everyone except me raised their hand, so I eventually gave in.

"Fine, but if anyone dies, it's not on my tab." I say.

"Good, Amy I'll need your help to set up the arena," said Sinead as she flew toward the guest house. I waited outside the door as I listened to her dig through bins and things down in the lab. Then she flies out of the house with two cans of spray paint. "We're going to make an arena with these," she tossed me the can of blue paint. "I'll paint the perimeter and you can paint the center circle and warning outline." She flew up higher to get a good view and quickly painted the circle as Hamilton and Ian argued and Jonah watched. Once she was finished, I rapidly did mine and we were ready to battle.

I just hope no one ends up in the hospital.

Ian's POV

I tried to calm down but couldn't help heating up the argument, literally. Those Holts can be so bone headed sometimes.

"I still think strength beats strategy," he said defiantly as he walked away.

"Holts," I muttered under my breath as I now figured out why Sinead called him a dolt all the time. They can be bloody idiots sometimes. Then I notice that everyone except me was already prepared. I grin, get ablaze and fly over to the others. Even though I would never say it out loud, having super powers was quite fun. I land right in-between Amy and Sinead, and then Sinead walks to the middle.

Sinead cleared her throat. "Ok, first off, this is a realistic simulation, not an actual battle. This is for training, so…"

"Training for what?" asked Hamilton.

Sinead laughed. "Don't you get it? We now have one of the biggest advantages we could ever hope for! The Vespers may have intelligence and force, but we have super powers! I mean out of all the advantages I've read about in war strategy, this one beats all of them!" Everyone just stood there as they processed this information.

"But what if the find out and get advantages?" asked Amy.

"There are very few advantages they could have over five super powered individuals," stated Sinead. "Since the other rules are pretty obvious, the only thing I haven't told you yet was that the spray paint rings are kind of like a warning system. The red circle means you're out and the blue one's a warning."

"Is everyone ready?" asked Amy.

"No…" said Jonah as he quizzically looked at his hands. "My powers aren't working."

Hamilton's POV

Okay, I saw a lot of things coming. Jonah suddenly losing his powers came out of nowhere.

"What do you mean?" asked Amy.

"I can't stretch, but I can still use my telepathy," he said as he tried to stretch again with no success. Then all of the sudden he gripped his head and fell to his knees groaning, and his eyes began to glow again.

"Jonah!" screamed Amy as she ran to his side. We all crowded around him but the glowing had stopped and Amy and Sinead helped him to his feet.

"Wait, when that happened to us we got our powers, do you think you lost yours?" asked Sinead.

"No, I can still use my telepathy but my stretching is gone," he stated. You could tell this was freaking him out; he hadn't used any gangsta slang.

Amy started to mutter, "What if… no, it couldn't have happened."

"What couldn't have happened?" I asked.

Amy jerked her head up as if she had been thinking out loud. "Oh, nothing. I just thought that since he lost one power, maybe he got a new one." Then she started to turn around and blush like crazy.

"That actually might not be too far off…" stated Sinead as she got that look on her face that meant she was deep in thought.

"If I got a new power, how will I know?" Jonah asked.

"Same way we found out with our first, you're going to see or do something to trigger the power," explained Sinead. "Maybe the battle simulation is just what you need."

I grinned. "Well, then what are we waiting for? Let's fight!" I said with Holt like enthusiasm.

We got into position. "Ready, set, go!" screamed Amy.

Jonah's POV

I have no clue what was going through Amy and Sinead's heads when they thought of this. To start with, it was a little too easy since I could read their minds, which is still really awkward in case you were wondering. I kind of just stood there for a little while as everyone else focused on their own mini battles. Ian and Sinead were dueling about thirty feet above my head and apparently had figured out how to blast each other, Ian sending fire balls and Sinead hurling huge balls of snow and ice. They both looked like they wanted the other to fall out of the sky.

But Hamilton and Amy were a different story. Hamilton kept just punching through Amy which seemed to really aggravate him. Amy just smirked as he punched air and she turned invisible. Then I couldn't tell who, but one of the two fighting above me almost landed on me turning me into a pancake. But this was the weird part, I tried to run out of the way and covered way more ground then should have been possible in two seconds. Everyone turned to look at me, which was weird since there was half a mile of field between us. It also turned out Ian was the one who almost crushed me, I don't want to know what Sinead did to him to make him fall so rapidly.

"New power homeys, super speed," I said as I ran right back to where I had been in around a second and some change.

"This just keeps getting weirder…" muttered Amy. Tell me about it.

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