The Test of True Love:

Fandom: Drop Dead Diva

Characters: Grayson Kent, Jane Bingum (Deb), Luke (New Guardian Angel), Carrie (New Character), Fred (Fan favorite Guardian Angel), Stacey (Jane/Deb best friend), Owen (Jane/Deb's Current Boyfriend

Setting: Takes place after Season 4 Episode 2 Home 3 weeks after the final heartbreaking Grayson and Jane Scene.

Pairings: Grayson/Jane/Owen, Stacy/Fred, Carrie/Grayson/Jane

Plot Summary: Jane uncertain and torn for her feelings for her past love Grayson, and Current love, Owen, unaware that Luke her suppose new guardian take pleasure in ruining the moment of truth when Grayson wanted to Confirm if Jane was Deb. Weeks after the event, Jane is greeted by a temp named Carrie who knows everything about her and her soul. Carrie informs of changes and plans that tests stands of True Love for Jane. Read and find out what is in store for Jane who will she choose, is Luke really evil, who is Carrie and who does is known about Jane, and will Fred return, Read and find out.

The Test of True Love:

Chapter One: Facing the Truth:

Love is patience, love endures above all things, love is unstoppable and reveals truth and insight to what life has to offer. Model Deb Dobkins's soul in the body of plus size lawyer Jane Bingum had to how to fix the mess she was in her love as was torn between the past of love of her life and fellow co-worker Grayson Kent and the current love of her life, Judge Owen French. Three weeks ago Jane was inform that Grayson was piecing together with the notion Jane was Deb, she hate to break Grayson's heart by letting him know the truth but she was protected year she was so close in telling him everything, then later Grayson getting hit by car she was not going to let the happen a second as time as her new guardian angel, Luke was happy to remind her of the harsh truth that even though she still loved him so much, she could never be with him.

Jane realized after shutting out Grayson she had to move passed him and move on with Owen, but still no matter how hard she tried to work she still couldn't get passed her feelings for Grayson as that was the Deb part of Jane. She spent some nights crying in her sleeping always reliving the moments Grayson and her had together before her car crash death. She needed guidance she was working late at Harrison and Parker trying to get as much work done for upcoming court date impending in two days. So stressed she took a breather paused went out for fresh air in balcony leaning against it. Jane folded her hands and began to pray out loud.

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father

Hear my prayer, I don't whether you are disappointed in me ruining your design in hitting the return button, but I just at the moment at the time I need to be with the man I loved and still do, Grayson, I know I can't tell nor be with him, then why I'm still plague by my love for him, if you don't want to be with, then making stop loving him, let me love Owen if you fully desire me to do so. Please Lord, help me guide to who I should love for the rest of my life, and should I still seek the guidance Luke even though I don't fully trust him, that is my gut talking or is because I miss Fred, oh, please say Hi to him for me or Better have him come back if that is too much ask, thank you for all you bless me with this second chance in life. Amen

After the prayer Jane went back to work for couple more hours, then later clean up turn lights out and lock up her office. She was so caught up at work she didn't even realize there was one more person who was staying late working, Grayson of course. She could have simply ignored him let be do his work but they hadn't talk much since dinner and almost revealing the truth. For some reason she wanted to see if he was okay, so she went to his office knock on the glass door, and.

"I see I am not the only one who is working hard tonight."

Grayson made a quick glance at Jane, he want to look in her eyes knowing the woman you love might have the woman he has always loved. He reply, "Hey Jane, I need to prepare for my court case, your admiring boyfriend is my judge I demanded for a continuance, but he denied it."

"Well, Grayson, I am sure Owen had his reasons for doing, this case has been drag on for awhile on." Jane defending Owen

"I thought he would a little more sympathy as I just gotten this case." Grayson hissed

Jane said, "That is not Owen's problem."

"It's not my problem either, Jane!" Grayson yelled

Jane knew Grayson was stressed not just about the case and between the two of them as well, she hated to asked, but she had to, "Grayson, I am sorry, but is everything okay between us, I mean it is about what happen 3 weeks ago…" Grayson stopped her asked, "Jane, I am sorry, I appreciate your concern but right now I still have a lot of work to do so if you don't mind leave to me."

Jane shook her head understood, and left Grayson alone.

Jane return home got in to bed hoping to have good night sleep, during her peaceful slumber, Jane began her dreaming, as dreamt the following she was in the court room, on the witness stand with Luke as the prosecution and woman she had never saw in her, a brunette, curly hair, 5.9, thin, dress in Gucci black dress suit for the defense, Jane was sworn in, as Luke began the question.

"Miss. Bingum it is true after countless warnings, you still try to break god's direction in telling Mr. Kent the truth about your identity is that so."

"Yes, it is "

"So you rather defy god, for your own selfish ways."

Jane about to answer, when the defense says, "Objection, badgering the witness."

"Sustain" voice that deep and low, and face that was unseen.

Luke says "No further questions."

Then defense asks Jane, "Jane is it true, your previous angel, Fred, told you that could be with Mr. Kent, as long you didn't tell him the truth, and Mr. Kent would fall love in with person who are today you could be with him?"

Luke said, "Objection, hearsay."

Defense reply, "Your honor, Fred was banished and could be in the proceedings, and I have evidence of surlivance of the witness and Mr. Fred conversation, which has been entering to evidence."

The voice said, "Overruled, Miss. Bingum, answer the question."

"Yes, he did."

"Mrs. Bingum, if Mr. Kent testifies today under oath that he love for who are today would be with him?" Defense asked

"Depends on him and his answer." Jane reply

Defense asks the judge, "Your, Honor, I would like to have Miss. Bingum as a hostile witness, as I want to ask Mr. Kent to the stand."

Luke, "Objection, this all hearsay your honor."

"Overruled, Miss. Bingum, step down, Mr. Kent please approach the stand."

Jane left the stand sat beside the defense lawyer as Grayson enter the courtroom approach the stand and was sworn in, defense lawyer asked,

"Mr. Kent, how long have you been work with Miss. Bingum."

"Three years." Grayson reply

"Ever work late alone, together?"

Grayson answered, "Few times when were occasional, during the time we work on cases together."

"Mr. Kent, tell me the kind of person Miss. Bingum is?"

Grayson looked at Jane as he said, "Well, to me she was my best friend, a compassionate woman, who selfless, respect and she loves and cares for the people around her, she amazing in seeking justice, she is exceptional, well around, beautiful person."

"Thank you, Mr. Kent, still few more questions, Tell me when you say a beautiful person, you mean beautiful in the inside?"

"No, she beautiful inside and out,"

Jane smiled, trying to compose her as the defense asks one more question, "One more question, Mr. Kent, do you love Miss. Bingum, for she who is despite that she not compare to similar, thin body type would particularly date. Do you love her Mr. Kent simple yes or no would do?"

"Objection!" Luke demanded

"Overruled, answer then the question Mr. Kent."

Just as Grayson was about to answer Jane's alarm clock woke her up. She slammed it sighed taking a deep breath reeling from the dream she discusses it with Stacy, her best friend over breakfast. Stacey wondered and asked Jane

"What do you think Grayson would say?"

"I don't know Stacey, to be honest I would want to know, I am with Owen."

Stacey said, "I know, but Grayson, did have feelings for you as Jane, would you dump Owen to be with him."

Jane wondered, "What's with the questions, Stacey, besides I can't be with Grayson it is against the rules ever since I hit that return button. Now if you excused me I have to get to work."

Stacey was left alone, with guilt wondering whether to tell her best friend the truth of Grayson's feelings. Jane arrived at work with two cups of latte, one for her and for her assistant, Terri. When Terri saw Jane she smiled ear to ear greeted her with a cheerful hello, as Jane handed her latte, Terri, said,

"Why, Thanks Jane has anyone told you are the boss ever."

Jane knew what Terri, was up to, Terri wanted something, "Okay what do you want?"

"A Vacation,"

"Vacation, When?"

"Like now, for about a week, I talked it over with Parker, actually barging him he said, if you gave me a vacation for a week, you would get a raise, so it is a win, win for us." Terri explained

Jane sighed, "But it is, but who is going to replace you."

Terri reply. "Already got that cover, I got a temp her named is Carrie and better yet, she knows you, apparently, two of you went to college she was a freshman by the time you were a senior at Harvard law you were her mentor. She in your office to be brief."

"Okay, well, I am going to miss you Terri."

"Awe me too, thank you." Terri and Jane hugged then Terri dashed out with her latte, towards the elevator to start on her week vacation.

Jane walked into her office, as she greeted herself to Carrie pretend she remembers her, "Hello, Carrie so nice to see you again, how did Harvard go?"

Carrie laughed, "Nice try, Jane, almost believable."

"Excuse me." Said a confused Jane

"Oh I am sorry, let me introduce myself properly, I am Jane Bingum, Nice to finally to meet you, Deb Dobkins." Carrie sighed

Jane's face turned white, she was speechless, she had no words, except for the only action she could was faint onto the carpet of her office floor.