Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima

Chapter One

It was dark, so very dark. It felt like gravity didn't even exist, a constant weightlessness, yet it was suppressing, he couldn't move. He had felt this several times fighting Sasuke and his new Rinnegan powers for the last time in a very nostalgic battle in the Valley on the End. Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze slowly opened his eyes, black, just endless black.

'So, this is what the afterlife looks like, huh?" He thought glumly.

Yes, he, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, was dead.

His death wasn't exactly what you'd expect from him. It wasn't the going through the pearly gate in blaze of hellfire, backwards while riding a dragon. Nope, Naruto was killed by a knife to the heart, while lying in a puddle covered in his own blood.

You see, after his last fight with Sasuke, which had destroyed the Valley of the End and most of the surrounding area, Naruto was extremely wounded, to the point where the Kyuubi's chakra could barely heal him. Madara Uchiha used this to his advantage. He taunted the blond, saying that "After everything that he had done, it was all for naught." before finally fatally stabbing Naruto in the heart.

"Not quite." A clearly feminine voice rang out though the void.

Naruto tried to shift around to see where the voice was coming from but with a combination of exhaustion and ability to move restricted this. A sudden flash of brilliant white light and Naruto now found himself sitting on a comfortable sofa in the middle of a pure white room plus he was as naked as the day he was born but for some reason he couldn't bring himself to care.

"Hello Naruto-chan."

Naruto looked behind him and saw a stunningly beautiful woman standing there; she had silky white-blond hair that went long past her hips, bright emerald green eyes and a figure that most women would kill for. She wore a simple yet elegant white robe which fit nicely around her body . The way she smiled at him, it was almost like a mother looking on to her child, pure happiness and pride but there was an underlying feeling of unimaginable power. Of course Naruto couldn't help but gawk open mouthed at the beauty like a slapped fish.

"W-who are you? Where am I?" he finally asked, pulling his senses together and sniffing the blood that was now dripping from his nose at this point.

The woman giggled lightly at his questions, "You, dear Naruto-chan, are in what I like to call, the Waiting Room and I am Kami."

For the second time in two minutes Naruto expressed his version of a fish out of water, causing Kami to burst out in a giggling fit. She got that a lot.

"Wait, what's The Waiting Room?" Naruto asked her.

"Well, some people call it Limbo, others Purgatory and at times it's known as Asphodel. It is really the border between Heaven and Hell, Life and Death. It is an amusing concept, if I do say so myself. " Kami explained almost proudly.

He nodded in understanding before looking glumly to the floor, "So which way am I going? Up or down?" he said making Kami burst out in outright laughter.

The blond sage stared confused at the deity in front of him, "What's so funny?"

"Sorry, sorry." Kami said, trying to hold her giggles, "It's funny that you think that I would not give you another chance after all the good you've done in your life."

"What do you mean good, because of me, my home was destroyed and all of my friends are dead!" Naruto shouted, tears shining in his eyes. He was suddenly met by a sudden slap to the face from Kami.

"Shut up! Don't be so selfish! All that happened wasn't because of you, it happened because of that poor excuse of a human life named Madara!" Kami yelled back, a powerful fire shining in her eyes.

Naruto held his smarting cheek glaring back at her, "Of course it was because of me, if I were stronger then I could have protected them!"

Kami snarled at the comment, her calm, kind and motherly presence all but gone and replaced with one of pure anger and power, "Listen here and listen good, your world was doomed from the beginning, there was nothing you or anyone else could have done."

The teen stared at the ground for the longest time as realisation of what Kami had just said dawned on him. Tears rolled freely down his face.

Kami's fierce expression softened and here kind aura returned, "I'll tell you this, Madara's plan did not the way he wanted at all." she giggled at the thought, "You see after he extracted the Kyuubi and his chakra from you then revived the Juubi, well, he failed to seal the beast inside himself or take control of it, instead the beast went on a rampage, killing him and all his followers in the process, but the down side is that the Juubi still wiped out just about everything. But hey, that pice of scum is boiling in oil as we speak."

Naruto cheered up slightly at the thought of that crazy old bastard's plan turning against him but quickly returned to sadness after hearing that his friends died in the process and he completely ignored the part about Madara sitting in a vat of boiling oil.

Kami sighed, rather dramatically, at seeing her attempt to cheer him up, she was sure the thought of Madara boiling in oil would have gotten at least something out of him, so she just decided to move on.

"I'll just cut to the chase now Naruto-chan, the real reason I brought you here is so that I can make you an offer." Kami stated.

Naruto sniffed thickly and looked at the goddess, "What kind of offer?"

She smiled lightly at him, "A new life in a new world."

"But what about my parents, I want to see them again." Naruto said a little panicked.

Kami smiled sadly at the boy, "You're parents have taken their gift, and chosen rebirth, but not before they saw you grow up to who you are now and I can honestly say that I've never seen prouder people in my life. Plus your dad was a awed at who strong you had become and a little miffed that you had mastered his Hiraishin no justu(Flying Thunder God Technique) so quickly."

Naruto laughed sadly at the thought, he may never see his parents again, but smile small smile spread across his face at the thought of Minato is dad whining about how much stronger his son was than him and his mum, Kushina, hitting him on the head, calling him a girly man and telling him to get over it.

"If I take this deal then what will happen to me?" Naruto asked.

"You will forget all about your previous world and your techniques but I'll let you remember your parents to an extent.

The blond sighed. Doing it would mean that he would forget all his family and mostly everything he had learned but it would be a new chance at life.

"Alright, I'll do it." he said finally. At least he would forget to regret it later. Heh.

Kami smiled fondly at him, "Good."

And everything went black...


*Eastern forest, Kingdom of Fiore, X770*

A young boy no older than six years old lay unconscious in the middle of a clearing in the eastern forests of Fiore. A low rumbling noise woke the boy from his sleep. Naruto groggily opened one eye and sat up slowly rubbing the back of his head,

"Urgh, what happened last night?" he grumbled.

The blond kid looked up and found himself face to face with a dragon...

"AHHHHH!" Naruto yelled in shock more than anything else.

"You dear disturb my sleep?" the dragon grumbled irritably.

Naruto glared at the dragon, "Hey! If anything you disturbed me!"

The six year old got a good look at the dragon, and it was huge! Bigger than most buildings he'd seen in his short life. It had ocean blue scales and glowing yellow eyes. The teeth in its mouth were serrated, shark-like and bigger than bananas. Battle scared covered its body

Naruto suddenly couldn't help but stare in awe at the giant being. He was quickly shaken out of trance by a deep chuckle.

"You've got guts kid, what's your name?" the dragon asked, slightly amused by this ningen (Human).

Naruto pouted and replied, "I was always told that it was polite to give your name before asking someone else theirs."

Again the old dragon chuckled in amusement at the brat in front of him, "True, I am Oceanus, the mightiest and oldest of all water dragons. I have bested Igneel the fire dragon many times in battle."

Once more Naruto found himself looking on in awe of the dragon in front of him, he didn't know who this Igneel was but he sounded really strong and this guy beat him.

"I-I'm Naruto, Naruto Gurgite (Whirlpool in latin)." he stuttered, suddenly feeling very nervous.

Oceanus laughed, "I like you gaki (brat), tell me, would you like to be strong?" his ancient voice suddenly becoming very enticing and welcoming, like a hot spring on a cold day.

Naruto nodded vigorously, he remembered how strong his parents where and how he wanted to make then proud. Then the thought of the fire that had taken their lives. Quickly shaking the depressing thoughts from his head, the six year old looked back to the dragon.

"Well then, why do you want to be strong." the dragon asked.

Naruto grinned, "To keep my family and friends safe from harm."

Oceanus accepted the child's answer with what looked to be a smile, "Then come with me child, I will make you strong." he said inviting the six year old to climb onto his back.

With a cheer Naruto leaped onto the great dragon's back. With a bellowing roar, Oceanus spread his powerful wings and flew off into the sky. Naruto yelling in shock as he held on a best he could to the dragon's thick blue scales.


*Kami's dimention.*

Yami, a black haired, black eyed, version of her sister Kami turned to said sister after watching the scene unfold,

"You think it was wise, influencing his decision and lying to him like that?" she asked in an ever stoic tone.

Kami nodded, "Yes, if I let him pass on this world would not get the way I planned for it to and he will never know that his parents are still n the afterlife, just as they will never know that their son is dead." she replied, confident in her plan.

Yami sighed; this was typical of her sister, always planning everything and anything, not truly giving anyone a choice. Though in a way that was why Yami admired Kami so much; she was the master manipulator. But on more than one occasion it had come back to bit her on the butt. Last time she tried something like this, a man tried to erase the gap between the spirit realm and the monster realm, Yami worked hard to keep those two separate in general, to gain the powers of a 'god' and take on their little brother, Shinigami. But Kami never seemed to learn.

"You know, this will come back to haunt you." Yami sighed.

"No, it won't, because I have it planned out perfectly this time." Kami said happily.

Yami shook her head and folded her arms under her chest, "You said that last time."


*10 miles west of Hargeon town, Fiore, X770*

By the time Oceanus had landed by the river he planned to train the young ningen (human) he had fallen asleep on his back. The old dragon had no idea how he could sleep through that flight and not fall of his back; the head wind had to have been at least 50 miles per hour.

The dragon set the boy gently on the ground and chuckled at the sight of the now heavily snoring boy.

'Oh young ningen(human) you will never sleep so soundly for the rest of your life.' an almost evil gleam appearing Oceanus' eyes at the thought of the tortur- er, training he would put the boy through, 'Good luck kid, you'll need it.'

And scene.

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