There are times when Sakura thinks that the second C Rank mission her team went on was all a bad dream, especially since it was never listed amongst the missions that she and her team have taken, but then Naruto says or does something that reminds her, and she shudders. She's kept her promise to Kakashi though, and never said a word to her friend.

Naruto has proven more times than she could count that he was a loyal friend who would stick by her side through thick and thin. She tries to be just as good a friend to the loud, cheerful, and slightly dense blond, but sometimes falls short of the mark.

Sometimes though, she'll wake up in the middle of the night and she'll remember. She'll remember, and wonder if she'd ever really known Naruto.

Sasuke, Sasuke however, never really understands the unease he has felt around Naruto since shortly before the Chunin Exams. Every time he encounters Naruto - which was admittedly not that often after his defection - the feeling that he's forgotten something about the boy, something important, something he must remember before it is too late desperately claws through him.

He has absolutely no idea what he could be forgetting about the blond loudmouth who constantly threatens to surpass him and who, for a short time, had once been his friend though.

As for Naruto, if he faced a little more than "Dark Naruto" when he had been forced to face his true self and see himself for who he was and who he wanted to be before he'd rushed off to the battlefield to face Madara a little wiser and a little more in control of both himself and the Kyuubi than he used to be, he never said. Either way, there was no third total breakdown for him when the smoke cleared and he was forced to face the enormity of what he had faced and his own actions as he faced it.

No-one, not even Naruto it seems, remembers the small blonde six year-old who had seen the paperwork the Hokage had to deal with as he stood guard over the old man and swore never to come within twenty people of the position, declaring he wanted to be a policeman instead.

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