Kakashi sighed as Naruto made yet another break for freedom on the way to the training grounds where his and now Naruto's team had been waiting for hours. Getting his ANBU tattoo had spooked the boy, and made him disinclined to listen to him when he told him that he wasn't going to hurt him. A guilty part of himself said that the reason he wasn't going to hurt the child was because he was going to do something far far worse to the boy.

Eventually, after a great deal of struggling on Naruto's part, he finally reached the training ground that he'd reserved for his team, doing his best to restrain the small kicking and screaming child who had gained him a great deal of unwanted attention on the way over. The whispers he'd heard behind him when people realized exactly which child he was carrying off disturbed him to no end. How could these people claim to appreciate Minato-sensei's sacrifice when they spat - sometimes literally - on the son he had left behind?

"What's with the kid?" Tenzo asked when he arrived, so used to his late arrivals that he didn't even bother pointing out the fact that he was late.

Up until then, Tenzo - who had previously been an experiment of Orochimaru's - had been the newest member of the team. That spot was now supplanted by the screaming toddler which he held in his arms. Based on the way everyone's posture was just the tiniest bit too stiff, Tenzo obviously wasn't the only one who was curious as to why Naruto was there, he was just the first to voice the question.

"Everyone, meet your new teammate." he said as he held up the screaming child for everyone to examine. "If you have any objections to Naruto being on the team, take them up with the Hokage because, he's here on the Hokage's orders."

"What's wrong with him?" Lynx asked as he examined the kicking and screaming child from several feet away.

"I told him that we were going to play in order to get him to come in for registration. He quit cooperating with me when it was time to be marked." he replied.

"Why'd you tell him something like that?" Lynx asked as he cautiously approached him and the screaming child he was holding.

"Because, I couldn't figure out how to tell a small child that they'd been drafted into ANBU without being consulted first, and he had asked if we were going to play." he replied, sighing as he set the boy on the ground, prepared to grab him the instant he ran off.

The boy quieted down quite a bit the instant he was set on the ground, probably shocked over the fact that he'd let go of him after spending nearly half an hour trying to hold onto him, and warily studied his new teammates. Currently, the team consisted of him, Tenzo, Lynx, and Boar with Naruto being the fifth wheel who would likely be keeping the team in the village indefinitely while they trained him.

"Why couldn't we?" Boar, who was a rather reserved Hyuuga who rarely spoke up unless he had to, asked.

"Why couldn't we what?" he asked, as Lynx carefully approached Naruto who looked prepared to flee at the slightest perceived threat.

"Why couldn't we play with him?" Boar asked. "There's no way a four year-old would be able to understand our training. If we turned it into a game however..."

And so they did, turning that night's night training into a game that had calmed the frightened boy down, and got him to relax around his new teammates. That had been the night that Naruto had connected with Lynx who had devised the rules for their "game".

Kakashi sighed as yelling brought him out of his memories of the past. Memories that were best forgotten by him, as they had been for the most part by Naruto. Naruto and Sasuke were at it yet again. He didn't exactly know what their problem was, but the teamwork and whatever sense of camaraderie they had developed since they'd graduated the Academy had completely flown out the window in the month since the Wave mission, and he didn't know how to get it back.

Naruto had grown up to be an interesting child in the years since he had left ANBU for his own good and joined the regular ninja forces, attending the Academy after leaving ANBU in reverse of a normal ninja career. In many ways though, the boy was still the child who had run missions alongside him and his teammates, thinking them all a game. He'd proven it any number of times over the years when he had run several ANBU teams in circles around the village, and had managed to paint the Hokage monument in broad daylight, not getting caught until the vandalism had already begun, despite the fact that there were guards posted to prevent such things.

Naruto's training in ANBU had focused less on Chakra and Jutsu, and more on speed, and stealth, and observation, and a hundred other little things that one needed to survive a mission more than you needed fancy Jutsu that were usually little more than a distraction unless you were involved in a heavy Ninjutsu battle. The boy seemed to subconsciously remember his training at times, though the conscious memories of it was gone. Lost to whatever Itachi had done after he had taken Naruto home with him after that last mission and Naruto had come back without any memory of the fact that Lynx had died, or any awareness of the lost time between Lynx's death and then amongst far too many other things.

Beneath the tree in which he was perched, Sakura had joined the fight, siding with Sasuke against Naruto, turning the row even louder as she yelled at Naruto and attacked him on Sasuke's behalf despite the fact that Sasuke didn't appreciate such gestures. Sighing, he once again went down there to break up the fight before the team destroyed the garden they were weeding. He could tell that his students were restless, because he felt the same. The team would not be going on anymore C Ranks until they could get over their differences however...

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