I was just getting back from a mission and was exhausted, so I when home; which is not that far from the Kazkage. I had the rest of the day off so I got out of my mission cloths, into something more comfortable and made my way to my bed, for a nice long nape. I was just about to doze off when I heard an explosion. I raced to the door grabbing my hoodie and putting it on. Opening the door there was smoke, dust and people were running away from the area where all the secret ninja scrolls were kept, what the heck was happening? I ran as fast as I could, my pulse pounding, hoping no one was badly injured. I turned the corner to where the explosion had come from and was greeted with a shocking seen. Join lay all around bleeding and injured amongst the remnants, the air still thick with dust and smoke. Frowning in determination, I ran to the nearest of the men intent on healing him, but as I kneeled down to perform the jutsu he slapped my hands away, "You have to leave now… it's not safe for you… go before they find you… run." He choked out, and then he passed out. I glanced around looking for the danger the join had warned me about, wondering, who caused this? The dust and smoke were starting to subside, silence swallowing the area, and two silhouettes started to materialize out of the wreckage. I dashed as fast as I could behind a corner of the wrecked building, clutching my necklace, peeking around the corner at the two figures, who is that? My eyes widened as I recognized that they were wearing black clocks with red clouds, Akatsuki! I realized then that I was in danger; I may be a ninja but that didn't mean that I could take these guys on, I specialized in medical treatment. I shifted my weight to make a run for it, when some rubble by my feet moved, and rolled away making some noise in the sudden silence. Oh shoot, I had to get away before they found me. I turned around to make a brake for it and instead found myself facing a tall, white haired man with purple eyes staring at me with a mocking smile tugging at his lips, "Hello, and where the f**k do you think you're going?" he asked coolly. I froze to the spot refusing to even blink; this guy could kill me as easily as if I was a fly and not even care about it. His smile grew more pronounced at my silence, "Oh come now, your being f*****g rude." he teased. "Hidan what the hell do you think you're doing?" an angry voice shouted behind me, making me jump. The man 'Hidan' turned to the voice, "It seems that we have a f*****g witness to deal with." He spook loudly, so his partner could hear him. I heard the same voice cruse a couple of times, then to his partner, "We'll deal with it later, just grab and go." he ordered. Then 'Hidan' picked me up by my waist, tucked me under his arm and ran off after his partner.