Kakuzu and Hidan wasted no time after I blacked out. Kakuzu picked me up, then turned to see his partner picking up the snakes head, "So Sasori can make an antidote" he explained to his partner. Kakuzu nodded, and then they were off racing against time to get to the hide out. They couldn't explain why the decided to help you; but both men felt that they owed you, for warning (and if Hidan's case saving) them about the snake. In no time at all they were at the hide out. "Hey, your back." Greeted Kisame, then he spotted me in Kakuzu's arms, "Who's that?" he asked. "We have no time to explain. Now were the f***k is Sasori?" responded Kakuzu, franticly looking around. "I'm right here." Answered the red head akatsuki member, as he walked over. His lazy red eye examined me. "So what's with bringing this girl to headquarters?" he asked. Hidan tossed him the head of the snake, which he caught, "We need you to make an antidote for her, she was bitten." Explained Hidan. Sasori examined the two immortal members who barley did anything considered noble; so he decided to go along with it. He held out his other arm to take her; but instead Kakuzu shook his head and headed to the 'infirmary'. It wasn't much of an infirmary; it was just a white room with cupboards filled with bandages, antiseptics, pain killers, and the only other thing in the room was a medical bed in the middle; if you needed to stitched up you would go see Kakuzu, if you were so unlucky to get poisoned you went to see Sasori. My body was placed on the on the bed, then Sasori started to examine the wound the snake had inflicted. As he pressed the gash, blood and a clear yellow substance, causing me to whimper. Sasori's eyes narrowed, he pressed his hand to my forehead, quickly pulling away in shock, I had a very high fever. He made the antidote and injected into me. By now I had started to come to, and the first thing that I noticed was that the pain was worse, but lessening; the next thing I noticed was that I was in a strange white room. I turned my head to the left to see a strange red head man working over the gash in my arm; his fetchers were strangely boyish and young. I winced as he started to wash the cut, causing him to look up; his eyes were stunningly the same vibrant red as his hair, "Sorry about that, how are you feeling?" he asked. "Well considering that I'm suppose to have died twice over now, and feel like I've been cooked alive, I guess I'm fine." I smiled weakly. Just then two figures entered though a door at the far end of the room; it was Kakuzu and Hidan. Sasori was just finishing wrapping my arm up as they stepped up beside the bed. Kakuzu had his arms across chest, "Are you sure that the antidote is working puppet?" he questioned. Sasori's eyes narrowed at the question of his, but I interrupted his response, not wanting a fight to break out, "Yes he did it correctly, although I'm curious as to why he bothered." The three eyed me like I had gone bonkers, "What do you mean your f*****g confused at why he bothered! He f*****g bothered because we told him to f*****g bother." Hidan exploded. I crossed my arms ignoring the flash of pain that shot up it, "I mean why did you save me? I'm nothing more than a liability to you guys." Hidan saw what I was trying to say and fell silent, but Kakuzu was the one to answer, "We saved you for two reasons; one you saved this j**k-a*s even though he would of got what was coming to him, and two do you honestly think that we allow our just newly appointed medical ninja?" he asked me. I looked down uncrossing my arms, "Well I didn't think that- Hey! Wait a moment what are you talking, newly appointed med-ninja!" I looked up to Kakuzu's face then at Hidan's. "Well you said that we could trust you, kill you or let you join; so we decided to let you join." Then the red headed man cut in, "Hey who do you think you are? Only Leader can make that decision." "That's right Sasori, only I can make the decisions." A voice spoke from the door way said, causing me to straighten up. From the shadows emerged and man, but he seemed to be nothing more than a shadow himself. I lock my muscles ignoring the scream of protest from my injured arm, this man was very powerful; I could sense his chakra capacity, and knew a once that he could kill me if I said one thing that he didn't agree with. He turned to Kakuzu and Hidan, "Well you two seem to have brought back a person whom I had been trying to locate; although I a bit shocked that her life was so recently threatened, I guess that I should be pleased that she's here." I stared at him wondering of what importance I could hold, then an idea hit me; could he know about my 'gifts'? The man looked around at the stunned look on everyone's face, "What haven't you introduced your selves? Let be a little civilized now." He said in a teasing voice. I spoke up trying to force myself to relax, "Kakuzu and Hidan introduced themselves to me already; so I guess that you are Leader, because you seem to be the one in charge and that the one who made the antidote must be Sasori, because Leader seemed to address you as so. I'm I right?" I looked over to the others nervously. "Ha ha, look at who the smart one is, hum" replied Leader. Then Sasori spoke up, "Well who are you?" he said casting a lazy look over me. I suddenly felt like a shadow passed over me, it got cold, and I couldn't seem to pull in enough oxygen. At that moment a scene flashed before my eyes; I was standing with my back to a cliff, it was dark, cold and snowing heavily. The scene ended and I was back in the room with the akatsuki. They were staring at me like I had sprouted wings from my nose. I gave myself a little shake, "Oh! Um a… my name is Yuzuki Asuka." I managed to mumble dumbly, while I felt heat rush to my face. I looked up and everyone; Sasori, Kakuzu and Hidan were staring at me in question, but Leader was looking at me with in trust. "What did you see Miss Yuzuki?" Leader asked inquiringly. I froze, my muscles locking, "I sorry sir but I don't know what you are talking about." I said evenly. He crossed his arms, "You don't have to pretend anymore, I know fully about your abilities." I felt cornered, and suddenly had the urge to hide. Too late I realized that my panic and fear had triggered my ability to make myself and things that I touch invisible. "Who! Were the f**k did she go?" I heard Hidan exclaim.