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Title: After Party

Rating: M

Genre: Romance?/Humor? (with slight angst?)

Paring: Vanitas/Ventus

The call of his name was whiny and drawn out, spontaneous but almost seemingly intentional; his tongue lingered on dragging out the end of his name- too loudly and too dangerously close to the door. Just like he loved to hear it. But yet, in an overcrowded and soundless broom closet- filled with bottled chemicals and a broken light bulb left dangling from the undefined ceiling- his voice of affection seemed magnified. Magnified to a level where anyone could hear the name if they cared to. "Vanitas…"

His name was sin when spoken like that, on his other's tongue. His back was forced against the chest of Vanitas, but no one struggled. Ventus wasn't strong enough to get away. Mentally strong enough. Physically strong enough; it didn't matter.

He'd never try to evade his other's force; he was weak enough to accept it too many times before. Ven rested back against Vanitas' tightening jeans and groaned at his hand toying near his groin then fingering up his shirt. He leaned into his fingertips- always so warm, rough, bruising.

"Vanitas, please…!" Ven gripped back at his darker self's thighs and squirming at the feeling of a palm rolling against his trapped need. A feeling that ended quickly due to his outburst.

A smooth hand moved from around his neck up to his jaw, jerking his head back into Vanitas' shoulder. "Do you want them to hear us?" His voice was a venomous hiss; another whine came to Ven's throat to be swiftly swallowed. His other's fingers squeezed against his skin. "Huh?" His nails leaving little, round indents where they held him in place.

The blond's head bobbed and shook from side to side, "…No….sorry. " In the darkness he could feel Vanitas smirk against his neck towards his meaningless apology and drag his teeth against the earlobe his words previously ghosted over. "You're not."

"I'm-" and before he could utter another senseless word, the hand was quickly around his lips. Breath stuttering out his nose as he was forced against the door, Ven's hands hitting against it with a force neither of them expected but one both of them liked to hear. His body- flushed but fully clothed- was sandwiched in between the door and his other behind him, whose wandering hand never stopped moving against all the curvatures and delicate spots on the other's body. Vanitas slid his fingers under his white dress shirt, curling around his waist, ghosting up his sides and onto his chest…so lovingly, like he'd never shoved him seconds ago.

He was thumbing a nipple with one hand and listening to Ven's muffled whine through the other. Venitas' lips, still reddened from the rough kissing they'd shared minutes earlier in the empty hallway, lingered just below where Ven's blond hair began. White teeth tasted the salt of his skin to nip at what he could before tearing Ven's shirt open; a few of the pearl-white buttons left to roll on the floor along with the shirt. The dark haired teen pressed his face to the sensitive area above his Ven's collarbone and bit down, harsh and dominating. Hard enough to leave a few reminders of what he was doing and whom he was doing it with.

His soft touch easily turned to nails raking down his chest in long scratches like a sharp prick; Ven jerked one of his hands away from the door in an instinctive wince. He felt them; the scratches rose above his skin, swelling, reminding him cat scratches. If he was bleeding, it was slight. And an unfamiliar part of him was growing to like this. Vanitas temped with painful affections that marred and bruised him, love that turned painfully attractive. Their attraction like a thorn-ridden flower.

The blond's hand overlapped his opposite's; moving with him against the fabric of his jeans, rubbing him hard. The biting had ceased and the low, dark voice was by his ear again, breathing out moans as he rocked his clothed arousal against Ven's backside. He was kissing him again- down his jaw- and Ven peeled his forehead off the door to bring his head back against Vanitas.

Sputtering his hips forward as Vanitas undid his jeans, Ven moaned from under his hand. The grip against his mouth was tight, uncomfortable. It felt cruel to breathe ruggedly; to hear his own voice cut off.

"Please...!" It was muffled but he would try.

"Hmm? What Ven?" Vanitas stroked his hand past his plaid boxers to grasp flesh on flesh. Controlled stokes felt worse than the burn of his scratches. He grabbed for the hand at his mouth, using his fingers to weakly pull at the other's. "You want to scream for me, yeah?"

Ven nodded hurriedly. Really, he had just wanted to kiss him

"You'd risk getting found out? You?" Vanitas gave a mocking 'tsk,' "And I always thought you were the good one…" But he let his grip go.

Neither of them regretted it- secrecy was a game to Vanitas and an inconvenience to Ven.

Maybe, someday, someone would open the door to the closet- or the bedroom, or the testing room or really anywhere that had been situationally convenient at the time- and get an eyeful of what ever the hell this was (was it technically an act of treason if you slept with the enemy but the enemy was technically a part of yourself?) Ven just hoped it would be Aqua. She seemed the most likely to handle the situation appropriately. Plus, she could logically reason out his question. Aqua had powers of logic beyond God sometimes.

Why was he thinking about this now? No one had even walked by the broom closet today. No need to clean a spotless castle, he supposed.

But yet, he found it necessary to remind Vanitas, "They'd find out about you too, you know."

"Let them. What do I care? Your idiot friends already know I'm a freak."

"You're not-!" Days ago, he would have scolded him for the "idiot" comment. What was he becoming?

"Just shut up, Ven." He grabbed at his shoulders and spun him fast, pressing his back to the door and landing pink lips on top of his own. Their mouths mingled and parted to welcome the heat of each other's tongues. Ven always found a strange sort of desperation behind kissing Vanitas, how with one hand still firmly stoking him, the other pulled him closer by his waist, as if afraid he'd disappear and leave him abandoned in the dark if he'd let go.

"Take this off," the blond tugged at Vanitas' dark shirt, soon after the last of his clothes dropped around his ankles. "It's not fair…I'm the only one-" Ven looked to the side, trying to reconfigure his wording, "…exposed."

Vanitas let a dark laugh slip from his throat. Only goodie-two-shoes Ventus would choke up on such a small word but have little to no second thought about bending over to be fucked. What it naïveté or just awkwardness?

"Ven, shouldn't you know best by now," his blond opposite swallowed heavily, "I play dirty, never fair."

He groaned towards the slick friction Vanitas' thumb provided against the head of his arousal and rocked forward, sliding his own hands near the hem of his shirt. If it wouldn't come off, Ven was determined to go under it. They kissed while his heated hands pressed against the cold chest he was too used to feeling, exploring his skin as he had his own but with far less pain. He pressed his face into the crook of his neck and licked while sweetly placing his lips along his neck. Gentle and unsure without much coaxing.

"You know, your not going to explode if you actually put your lips on me."

Ven cast him a dirty look that went unnoticed. "Take your shirt off and maybe I will." He spoke sweetly. Too sweetly. And none-the-less he got the stubborn dominant to back up and throw the shirt over his head and was met with rougher movements. He pulled at the blond locks while Ven bit downward to his stomach and back to his chest; teeth grated down on his nipple, tugging it between them. "Mm, yeah, Ven, like that," Vanitas groaned and continued to fondle the blond but stopping short giving release. He brought his hand around to squeeze his ass and felt the hands on his bare waist tense.

He threaded his fingers through his blond spikes and pulled far harder than Ven expected.

He released a small yelp, "Ahh, Vani-!" his head was pulled from his chest, forcing him to look in the golden eyes- the way they were heavy and piercing but watered at the edges from lust. Dark and intimidating appearance lessened marginally by the light tint playing across his pale skin. Ven didn't question what the harsh treatment was for, like he had their first time. Vanitas played rough when he wanted something.

"On your knees." The blond squeaked out compliance and allowed the hand in his hair to shove him down. Blindly falling to his bony knees, Ven landed on the dark cement with a thud, hearing the sound of some cleaning apparatus clank on the floor with him. He perched on his knees and waited as patient and good as always- and Vanitas smiled his usual cruel smile when watching him act like an obedient dog. He bent forward and stroked his smooth, young, face; thumb dragging over his cheek. Ven was leaning into the touch and licking his lips to willingly part his mouth.

"Eager, bitch." As soon as his touch was gentle, it was mean. Vanitas' fingers tightened under his jaw, thumb digging into Ven's cheek once again. "You like sucking me off, don't you? Using your innocent mouth to make me come. To defile yourself." His sweeter self was silent, red in the face listening to the rugged breaths and dark words Vanitas told him as he stoked his own need through his opened black jeans. He was staring at him still, forcing him to look back when his blue eyes darted elsewhere. His arousal rested right near his cheek, close enough to lick. "You wanna suck me off, Ven?"

"Y-yeah." His voice was weak and embarrassed.

"Too bad."

Ven's heart skipped; humiliation for the sake of humiliation? Yet, his words went straight to his groin.

"I've waited long enough for this today." Vanitas moved around behind him, and with a firm push to Ven's back, he had him toppling to the floor, ass in the air, and hands underneath him. "On your hands." He did as ordered; hands and knees with his head looking to the floor. Vanitas dropped to his knees and pressed slick fingers into Ven.

He started with two, ignoring Ven's whine of initial discomfort, and prodded around the tightness. Leaning back against the fingers, he moaned, relaxing to feel looser from their thrusts and not minding the slight twinge of pain. He relaxed onto his forearms to comfortably spread himself further. The black haired dominant took this as a sign and inserted another. Not that he needed a sign- he did what he damn well pleased. He could have started with three; hell, if he was mad, he would have started with three. Three had Ven squirming a little more, groaning a little more. The thought of something bigger filling him had him pushing back and Vanitas calling him various obscenities.

The fingers pulled out of him sooner than anticipated and there was a small hesitation while Vanitas smoothed slick liquid over his hard appendage. He lined himself up against the panting blond. He clutched his sides enough to leave round marks in their wake.

"I'm going to fuck you, hard. Scream. Wake all of your little friends, I don't care; they should see this."

The voice he heard in the darkness behind him was venom. Deadly serious words to match his actions. He pushed in, harsh enough to elicit a brief shout, and moaned at the tight heat enveloping him. "God, Ven…"

He pushed all the way in- Ven let out a sharp, gasping breath. "Wait." And Vanitas did; he liked to hurt him, not break him. He needed his toy as long as he could. It wasn't long before Ven backed up again and without plea, Vanitas pulled out, nearly all the way, only to thrust back in. The blond's back tensed up to an arch; heavy breathing and quiet moans filled the silence. Only Ven became vocal when the pace became faster.

"Aa-a, Vanitas," the words pooled out of him, despite how he wanted them to stay inside, "don't stop…!"

His boyish voice strained and breaths made his words choppy- losing control of himself to another, to Vanitas, was exactly what his dominant other loved to see. He wasn't so sickeningly sweet when he was slumped over, taking it.

One thrust collided with the spot he wanted too feel set off, and the rest followed, Vanitas forcing Ven's hips back to meet his thrusts. "There…!" he covered his mouth in his arm, surprised at how loud he sounded. Vanitas scratched down his sides in response and took his firm appendage into his hand, stoking with the thrusts. Ven was light-headed and Vanitas, feeling somewhat overwhelmed himself, thrust in one more time before he was met with a broken cry of his name. White liquid spilled out onto his hand, some dripping down his hand and onto the cold floor. The feel of Ven tightening around him and quivering in release, knowing he made him this way, had Vanitas spilling out inside of him.

He pulled out, noticing the liquid leak out of him and the dark red marks on his back leading into the ones on his chest and smirked, running his fingers along them when Ventus collapsed onto his back. Their breathing was labored and near in sync.

Ven rubbed at his side, "Those hurt, by the way." His voice was drowsy and though he was complaining, Vanitas could see the dazed enjoyment on his face.


The blond laughed and ran a hand through his locks, making them worse.

"Only you could laugh while bleeding."

"What else am I gonna do? Cry?"

"I'd prefer it." Ven raised his eyebrows lazily at that, blue eyes as pleasant as if he'd told him he loved him. "Have fun hiding them."

Despite being worn, Ven always saw Vanitas still held that devious, pushy energy in him. Just as Vanitas still found Ven to be a total fruit.

Vanitas sat next to him, gold eyes cast downward to stare at his other half- eyes lowered, hair askew more than normal, and a slight sheen of sweat to his body. His breathing returned slowly to normal. He turned towards him and rested his head in his bare lap; a thin arm draped over him. With Ven's eyes closed and body curled up against him, Vanitas sighed.

Ven was one of those sleepy-cuddly types after sex. It made him want to throw up. But he let him anyways. At least for a little while.

He was being delicately shaken by something.

"Ven. Veeennn…?"

Or rather someone.

"Huh?" His eyes slowly opened and he blinked a couple of times at the newfound light filtering in behind the figure in front of him. The room around him was clear in the light and the figure was becoming clear in his sleep-induced mind too. "Va- Aqua?"

"Good morning to you too." She managed- kind of oddly put…it wasn't every day she woke Ven up from a closet.

Ven's eyes went wide, so wide, and he backed up defensively. Three full seconds of panic flashed by before he realized his clothes were on and he was simply sprawled out on the floor with only the company of mops, brooms, and chemicals.

He sighed at seeing her face- eyebrows knit together in brief analyzation, lips quirked into a small line- well, he got his wish. It was Aqua who'd see it first. Yet somehow she wasn't looking displeased.

Aqua turned her head to the side, thoughtfully, and extended her hand out for him to take. "Why are you sleeping in here?" She sighed like a mother sighed at her child's antics, "In somehow, and in someway, Terra put you up this." When her young friend was up on his feet- nearly wanting to collapse again but holding himself together- she crossed her arms, "Didn't he?"

Leave it to her to reason it that way; chalking it up to some stupid game Terra had him playing.

Ven smiled bashfully towards her and blushed, wanting to lie but having difficulty doing so. Aqua had her mom-face on. That was hard to deny.

"Um, I just… after the party last night I was heading to bed, and I- um- I got sidetracked-kind of. It was unexpected and I didn't actually mean to pass out in here-! I just-"

"I'll never understand the games you two play...wait." She stopped again in quick thought, "Passed out? He didn't have you drinking last night did he?" Oh god, there was mom-mode. "Ven?"

"No! Aqua!" He grabbed her arm, laughing a little. "It's fine. I'm fine. Look?" She did. "See, I'm good. I'd breathe on you to prove it but I don't think you want that."

"No, I trust you."

Ven was certainly the trustworthiest of her children. "It wasn't Terra's fault, I promise."

She frowned, "It better not be…" and then smiled too at her own attitude, "he knows better. At least I think he does…"

Aqua tucked some of her blue hair behind her ear and fixed the strap back up on her pale nightgown, signaling to Ven he had woken up early morning. She perked up, remembering why she was there in the first place. "Oh! Can you hand me that stuff? The orange bottle behind you. To the left." He grabbed it while she stole the mop he had been using as a pillow. "Thanks."

"No problem," he headed towards her, out the door he'd been well too acquainted with the night before. "I can't believe you actually made a mess."

"People aren't always perfect, you know. Except maybe you. You're too good for, well, your own good." She winked like she had no idea about anything. And from some dark place inside him, he heard Vanitas laughing at her "idiocy" as he'd coin it. But Ven knew she had her suspicions as motherly figures always did- whether they were biological or a friend 5 years your age, they knew.

The bruises on his neck were visible for anyone with a good eye. He supposed Aqua chose to let it go. She'd know about Vanitas soon enough.

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