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A/N Numero Dos: This is actually the longest one-shot I've ever written. Sorry if it absolutely sucks.

You've got your ball
you've got your chain
tied to me tight tie me up again
who's got their claws
in you my friend
Into your heart I'll beat again
Sweet like candy to my soul
Sweet you rock
and sweet you roll
Lost for you I'm so lost for you

You come crash into me

And I come into you

~Dave Matthew's Band (Crash Into Me)


It'd been an accident, really.

The Time Lord had carted his cherry-haired companion off to yet another magnificent planet, with some long complicated name in a language Amy could not even begin understand. To the Doctor's credit, the planet was exceptionally beautiful, the skies were a muted purple and cloudless, and the grass a navy blue. The people were also very friendly, they had skin the color of orange peels and eyes the color of daffodils, and since the TARDIS possessed the blessed ability to translate every language spoken, Amy found herself able to communicate with the brilliantly colored people of the planet. They seemed to have some sort of grasp of the modern world of Earth, they continuously referred to the Doctor and Amy as 'Dude' and 'Dudette.' It was throughly entertaining.

The air of the planet was heady and thick, the humidity sent warm tingles through Amy, and the scent of the planet around her was taking a smell similar to the apple pies that her aunt used to bake for holidays back home. Amy felt content, and frankly sensed no impending danger.

It wasn't until after they had eaten dinner, they had dined at a small seaside cafe which served something that looked like the equivalent of pizza but it carried an odd tate that Amy didn't exactly want to dwell on, that things began to go wrong. The Doctor's sonic screwdriver had begun to go wonky towards the end of the meal, picking up some odd readings in the general direction of the brightly colored woods, in which the TARDIS had initially materialized on this peculiar planet, and the Doctor, being the Sherlock Holmes that he was, naturally wanted to investigate.

"Come along, Pond. The adventure continues." The Doctor had said, tugging at her hand. A stupid grin had graced his features, demonstrating once again that despite the near millennia the Doctor possessed in age, he still managed to revert back to a child when he smiled or was even remotely happy. He had proceeded to quickly lay down a few notes of money in the currency of the planet that he had somehow managed to acquire without Amy noticing, and dashed off, dragging his giggling companion behind him.

As the pair began to delve deeper into the forest, the sunlight began to slowly dissappear behind the canopy of tall pink trees with polka-dotted limbs that loomed overhead. Amy felt a chill spill down her spine as cool air nipped at her neck. She shivered and pulled the creamy white scarf tighter around her.

"Doctor, where are we?" Amy asked, when she felt her vision began to deterioriate, for the darkness had engulfed the duo like a wet blanket. She clung to the Doctor's hand like an anchor, feeling fear twist her stomach painfully. She was beginning to regret eating that third slice of 'pizza'.

"Just a bit further." The Doctor whispered reassuringly, moving his sonic from side to side in order to find the exact location where the reading had spiked. The bright green light glowed slightly in the forest, like an eerie lantern.

"What exactly are we looking for?" She inquired, beginning to become a bit fearful at what made the readings on the sonic jump off the deep end. It couldn't possibly be a good thing that had made it do that...

"I'm not exactly sure yet, but somethings got the sonic going wacky and I full intend to find out what that thing is." He said, taking a couple more steps forwards. "And perhaps have a lovely little chat with it."

Amy heard a hiss behind her, and when she whipped around to see what the source of the noise was, she was surprised to see a Venus fly-trap like plant instantly grow ten feet before her eyes. Before she could alert the Doctor, the thing spit some sort of goo out of it's 'mouth' coating Amy's body from head to toe in a green colored slime.

Amy screamed and stumbled backwards, feeling the gross mixture slip down her body disgustingly. "Doctor!" She cried, beginning to feel a bit unsteady on her feet. Her vision was blurring around the edges and she could feel her dinner making the same path it had taken a mere hour ago in reverse.

"No!" The Doctor shouted, pointing the screwdriver directly at the beast. He drew it back to determine what the creature was. "Damn-it." He cursed, spitting the word out between clenched teeth. The Doctor rarely uttered a swear, and when he did, you knew automatically that the situation was serious. This is extremely not good.

He watched as the creature approached him, looking for fresh prey. The Doctor backed away slowly, eyeing the thing closely.

"Where did you come from? What do you want?" He shouted at it, frustrated. "Why did you spit at Amy?"

"Doctor..." The voice was softer and hoarser now. "Hel-"A rustling of leaves told the Doctor that his companion had passed out and tumbled forwards on the bed of leaves. He leapt over towards her, ignoring the beast for the moment. He was relieved to hear it had slunk away in search of other things to spew slime on.

"Pond." He said, turning her over. She was covered in the sticky gooey mess that the beast had vomited onto her and the exposed skin on her body was beginning to turn a fragile shade of pink. He knew he had a limited window of opportunity to keep Amy safe. "Oh Amelia, nothing is ever simple as I make it out to be, is it..." He asked, more a rhetorical question, considering the state of the person being asked.

He shed his beloved tweed suit jacket and rolled Amy to her left side, carefully avoiding the sticky stuff as he slid it beneath her inanimate body. He brought his companion into his arms as if she was his infant daughter, cradling her so close that he could smell the strawberry shampoo she had used in the shower that morning. He inhaled deeply, savoring the scent.

And then he began to run.

Sprinting through the forest, deftly avoiding the various limbs and bits of trees strewn about the forest floor, he headed in the direction he knew the TARDIS had landed. He pulled his sonic out of his pants pocket and hit a button, and a sound similar to one a car would make when it was unlocked answered in response.

He was in the homestretch now, he could see his beautiful bright blue police box. He was a few feet away and snapped his fingers, the door flying open at his command.

"Just hang on, Pond." He said, kissing her forehead, just as he had done when she was without sight in the forest of the Weeping Angels.

She began stirring in his arms. "What happened? Where am I?" She asked, her voice thick and hoarse.

Her green eyes popped open, taking in the fact that she was secure in the Doctor's arm like a child, and it felt...nice.

"Well, a green bean-stalk creature spit this goo like thing on you. It's toxic, but I think I may be able to reverse the damages as long as I can wash you down with some quality soap." He said darting inside the TARDIS.

"Okay." Was all she could manage, feeling herself drifting off once more. It was an endless battle against her eyelids to stay awake.

He burst through the door, ignoring the console room and heading for the short flights of stairs that lead to a corridor inside the TARDIS. He dashed a few more feet before coming across the door he was looking for. He kicked it open swiftly with his foot, not wanting to lose his grip on a now fully conscious Amy. The room revealed just what he needed, a small bathroom equipped with a shower. He said a silent thank-you to his blessed machine, and he felt her hum in response.

"Are we getting in the shower together, Doctor?" Amy asked, smiling slightly. Even in her delirious state she still managed to put a sexual edge on everything. Bloody typical, Pond. He noted, dryly. He was already dreading the situation he found himself in, and fighting against his more primal, manly urges.

He promptly ignored her, and he threw back the sky blue shower curtain and turned the silver dial. Not bothering for temperature or comfort, he jumped into the shower as soon as the water came pulsing through the pipes.

Amy shivered when the water came in contact with her skin, but fought back a complaint about it. What she was more concerned with was the fact that they were both standing in a shower, fully clothed. The Doctor eyed her warily, and she found him utterly sexy in his drenched state, his plaid shirt clinging to the slight muscles of his chest and arms, and defining the growing bulge in his... Ooh, shouldn't go there. As she forced her eyes back upwards, ignoring the lust that floored her.

He leaned her against the metal pole in the shower and stripped her of her jacket and scarf, tossing them over the shower curtain, before Amy could even register what he was doing. He raised her arms above her head and deftly brought her grey long sleeved shirt over her head, leaving her in her pinky colored bra and pants. She couldn't help but feel another surge of desire in the fact that the Doctor was currently taking her clothes off.

Without hesitation, his fingers quickly made there way to the button on her black pants. He snapped it open and brought them down around her ankles, squatting down to untie and remove her shoes before taking them and her pants and depositing them outside the curtain with her other clothing.

Next he leaned forwards, close enough to inhale her scent and notice her fully dilated irises, snaking a hand around her back to where the clasp of her bra was. He met her eyes for a fraction of a second, his light blue eyes betraying the desire he was experiencing right now for his companion. He leaned her onto his chest, and with the ease of an experienced man, undid the clasp and brought it off her shoulders. He couldn't help but notice the fact that his plaid dress shirt was the only barrier between him and Amy's hardened nipples. He fought back a shudder.

The final obstacle remained, and the Doctor once again crouched to slide the black panties off of Amy's delicate legs, trying desperately not to notice the fact that they were slightly damp, not just from the water inside the shower.

He tossed the two undergarments outside the shower and deftly picked up a bottle of peach colored soap, which claimed it smelled like daffodils and apples. He opened the bottle and squeezed a sizeable amount into his palms.

And now, as he turned back to face his dripping wet companion, he realized the gravity of the situation. Ms. Amelia Pond, the girl who waited for him for fourteen years, was standing before him, as naked as the day she was born. He skimmed his eyes over her pale, glorious body. She was slim, with elegant hip bones that seemed as though they were meant for his hands. Her breasts were a perfect size and had been neatly concealed under long flowing shirts. Her legs seemed to go on for miles, so long and delicate. The Doctor felt the presence of the tightening in his trousers making itself even more known. He cleared his throat, swallowing heavily as he teared his eyes away from her.

"Turn around, Amelia." He asked. His voice was husky with audible lust.

She obeyed his wishes, turning so only her back and rear were visible to the Time Lord. He let out a breath he wasn't aware he had been holding and began to lather the delicious smelling soap into Amy's shoulders, working softly as to not damage the already delicate skin. He moved up and down her arms, feeling himself fight a moan as his hands came in contact with her smooth skin. He worked her way down the small of her back, earning a muffled groan from his companion as he hit the small of her back and glided his hands over her hips. He spent as little time as possible lathering soap on her bottom before moving on to her legs. He once again moved into a squat, the tightening in his pants escalating to a full scale throbbing now.

Once he reached her feet, he asked her to turn to face her.

Her face was flushed in desire, and there were droplets of water dripping down her cheeks to her neck and chest. The Doctor found his willpower crumbling as he traced the tracks of the drops of water with his eyes.

He gently cupped her face, washing it as delicately as possible before moving to her neck and breast bone. As he began to cup her breasts, drizzling soap over them, Amy could no longer contain her desire, and felt a moan slip past her lips. As he soaped his way to those lovely looking hips, he felt that could no longer restrain himself. He bent down to kiss Amy on her mouth, his hands resting on the protruding bones of her hips.

Amy, sensing the Doctor's intentions, met him halfway, wrapping her arms around his neck and groaning into his mouth. He slipped his tongue in, meeting hers, and began the erotic duel for dominance. The Doctor swiftly lifted her up, and pressed her back against the white-tiled law, and he could feel her heat radiating through his trousers. He allowed Amy's eager hands to push the suspenders off his shoulders, making quick work of the buttons on his soaked plaid shirt, and the Doctor soon found himself standing bare-chested. Amy ran a hand over the skin of his chest and torso, and he moaned in response. He repeated the same motion on her, tweaking her already harding nipples, earning a similar moaning reply from the withering ginger.

"Doctor." She cried, as he kissed both her breasts, before moving his attention to her neck. He kissed a line up to her cheeks, nipping and biting a pattern on the flesh there. His hands skimmed down the sides of her body until the reached her hot center. He slipped two long fingers inside, finding that tiny bundle of nerves that drove all women wild, and smirked when he heard the cherry-haired girl groan loudly.

"Doctor." She spit out, breathily. However, not wanting to be out done, Amy snapped open the button on the Doctor's trousers and slid down the zipper at an agonizing pace. He was down to his TARDIS blue boxers, and her hands ghosted over the bulge in his pants demanding her attention, this time it was the Doctor's turn to wither in lust. She grinned devilishly.

"Careful, Pond, or this will be over before it begins." He hissed as she placed a hand in the short pants, running it up the fully erect shaft of the Doctor's manhood experimentally. She smiled against his lips, and slid the boxers down his slim hips.

She wrapped her legs down the Doctor's waist bringing them impossibly closer. Amy felt the Doctor's erection enticingly skid over her heat.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Amy?" He asked, pulling back and looking at her seriously.

She brought her head up, and kissed his lips passionately. "A bit late for that, don't you think?" She whispered in his ear as she nibbled along the lobe, earning yet another cry from the Doctor.

The Doctor, needing no more confirmation, delved into the sweet world of Amy, groaning as he filled her. Amy winced slightly as her muscles moved to accommodate the largeness of the Doctor, feeling a flash of pain whip across her body. The Doctor pulled back, but Amy simply shook her head and assured him she was alright.

The lust-bound pair quickly found a rhythm that suited both parties, and they both steadily began to climb their way towards their climaxes. He kissed Amelia passionately over and over, whispering her name into her ear. Amy was soon spent spiraling over the edge and the Doctor followed, emptying his seed into her.

He pulled out, breathing heavily as he slid down to sit in the tub. Amy soon followed suit. The Doctor reached up for the bottle of soap once more, squeezing more into his hands.

"Turn around Pond, I'm not quite finished with you." He said, his voice a sexy whisper.

She found herself fighting a smile. She'd certainly hope not.


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