Chapter 2: Life's Fate

Aden ran to the cliff next to his house and stared at the huge plant golem. Aden smiled and said, "Well Ymir, looks like we got work to do".

It was a beautiful day at sea, the sun was high in the sky, the sea gulls were flying without a care in the world and the seas were still.

"Hey Ymir, do you think this peace will last long?"

Aden took this strange habit of talking to Ymir while the travel. Since Sonia's soul was back in here body he had no one to talk to in his long journeys. Although Ymir couldn't talk back, he didn't mind, sometimes you need someone that just listens. In fact back in the island when islander's needed to share their worries or personal troubles, they would get on top of Ymir and just speak without any worries.

"Not that I don't like the tranquility, it's just I have been having these strange feelings that something is going to happen… Hey! Why you looking at me like that it's not my fault my guts tell me something is about to happen… O sure, ok be like that… Well while you walk to our destination I am going to check on the monsters." And walked down to animal shed, he started to laugh when he realized that he has just argued with Ymir even if he doesn't say a word.

After he finished with the monsters Aden walked outside and look at his sea chart, "one hour left, I guess I'll take a nap".

Aden fell to the floor and placed his hat on top of his face so that the sun wouldn't bother him. The sound of the ocean, the wind blowing lazily, all this made Aden fell asleep in seconds. But it didn't take long for Aden to start having a dream, this dream has been haunting him for some time, it was the fight against the masked man.


Aden did a double jump in the air and landed behind the masked man his masked was already on the ground and Aden already knew it was Sonia's body. He ducked as his opponent's sword swung a horizontal strike. Holding firmly his dual rune blade's Aden did a vertical dual slash, sending Sonia's body up in the air. And proceeded to attack his opponent from the air, but Sonia's body had blocked all the attacks. Aden let his guard down only for a second as he started to fall down to the floor, but that was all the time his opponent needed to strike.

"Aaaagh!", Aden rolled backwards and with one knee on the floor and his other leg trying to get up he realized what a deep wound he hap in his left side of his stomach.

"Hahahaha, do you not see how useless it is, I am not even giving it my all", mocked the voice coming from Sonia's body.

"Give up, and I promise I will kill you quick".

"W-well I wouldn't call it useless, it looks like you t-took some d-damage to, hehehe".

"Yes, some damage, but nothing like you. You look like a piece of shit".

"Damn you! I swearer I'll kill you!"

"Is that right, hahahahaha! Fool I will become a God no one will kill me, soon I shall rule over all, HAHAHAHAHAHA".

"Damn it I… I…Hum?" Aden felt something in his left hand.

What's this, an apple what, I mean were…? This isn't the time to be asking questions really, and I do need a little pick me up. Aden took a bite out of the mysterious apple. His opponent stopped laughing and looked straight at the apple.

"WHERE DID YOU GET THAT, NO DON'T EAT IT!" Sonia's body dashed strait at Aden who had already finished eating the apple.

Aden suddenly fell to his knees as flames started to surround him, not only that but the magic circle they were fighting in started to shake. From the ocean below the water started to shake. Boulders from under the ocean started to rise in the sky. I can't, what's happening to me.

The masked man swung his sword strait at Aden's neck. A smirk was visible when the sword made contact with Aden's neck, but to his surprise it didn't cut his head off, in fact it did noting, not even a scratch. Aden slowly looked up, anger in his face but what shocked the masked man the most was his eyes, he had no pupils. They were covered in blue.

Aden grabbed his opponents sword with one hand pushed it away and with his other hand formed a small wind circle next to Sonia's body. Sending her body strait across the magic circle, Sonia's body rolled through the floor. Looking straight at Aden the masked man screamed, "No, NO! I have come too far that power belongs to me you will…" Before he could finish a brown magic circle appeared under Sonia's body and earth pillars started to appear, spending Sonia's body high in the sky. Aden grabbed a hold of his dual swords and engulfed in a bright aura. He flew straight at Sonia's body and did a dual slash.

"Aaaaaaugh, h-he slashed me (aaaugh) b-b-but didn't even scratch the wind priestess body (aaaugh) such power… I… I…"

Aden caught Sonia's body before it fell to the floor. He realized he had to move fast the magic circle was starting to disappear.


So yea here it is second chapter hope you all liked it. Ok if any of you want to know more or like how Aden looked, look up in YouTube Natzu vs. Jellal, one of my favorite battles in Fairy Tail.