Unlike her and Loki's chambers that were a whore's den of green and black with quite a few feminine touches (scented candles, flowers, her vanity table, all their scented lotions and whatnot), Thor's was a massive ode to red and that thick brown bear fur comforter he always stuck with. Sigyn didn't even want to return to her and Loki's chambers alone, it gave far too many false expectations. Loki would not come to bed, he couldn't come to bed…it was too much to sleep in there without him.

"I cannot go to Daddy and disturb him and Mama at this hour, but in the morning I will most certainly make haste…" masking the great flood of tears from on top of Thor's chest, Sigyn sniffled and allowed her supine brother––propped on goose feather white pillows so he was at a bit of an incline––to comb thick fingers through her tresses of mussed raven hair splayed over their piled bodies, over the fur of the blanket, and almost trickling off the edge of the bed since Thor slept to the right; nearer to his massive golden terrace much like hers and Loki's.

His chambers carried the same layout with the marbled bathtub in the far left corner nearer to open-air windows, golden steps leading up to his unfathomably huge bed, torches on each end, and Asgard's glimmering night sky. Thor had gone to bed, but she crept in, removed her gown since he slept in the nude as well, and crawled right in with him. He hadn't lit the torches since dawn was taking over and she had woken him from a deep sleep.

"Little One…" groggy, but pleasant to have her, he took a deep breath that had her entire body rising and falling before swallowing and massaging her scalp, "it has already broken dawn."

He smirked. She frowned, crawling further up his body and folding short arms so her head rested inches from his face; staring at him and reaching to stroke that below-the-shoulder thick, straight blonde hair that was slightly sleep-tousled and waved. His skin, despite all the brutal beatings it had taken, remained so smooth and warm she wanted to drip hot wax onto it just to watch the liquid harden. They hadn't made love yet, but doubtless it was heading in that direction. She slinked in to accomplish more than crying to her older brother about her time in the dungeons. Shadows embraced them, early morning's light creating a pale blue glow off of the two of them since he did not typically close the wall near his windows at night. He liked to look at the stars. Sigyn and Loki always stargazed at night while engaging in pillow talk…but she was so angry with him. Beyond tiny, Sigyn's legs parted over his cut torso so she could feel the contractions of super tight abdominals against her exposed flesh that heated at the thought of his solid frame sculpted from smoothest granite ravishing her. Large breasts against his pectorals did cause the Thunderer to tense below the waist. He did lean up and kiss her, keeping his eyes closed and breathing slowly to keep under control. Groaning almost contentedly, she welcomed the desired distraction from what she was itching to have done, but then had to pause mid-kiss and speak quietly against chiseled lips with a furrowed brow. Long fingers stroked her hair and down her obliques to rest on her waist.

"You have…" curling trembling lips that he raised fingers from her waist to cease until she kissed them and he smiled softly, she sniffled and blinked tears with a sob, "no idea what I witnessed when I went down there, Thor he was…" sniffling and whimpering, she petted his very short groomed blonde beard and shivered while dripping tears onto his skin, "bleeding everywhere––they tortured him, Thor! I could pinpoint at least three different horrible weapons used against him! And then they just let him bleed out, my sweet husband…" sniffling and allowing famed eyes to drift, she started shaking like a leaf when soothing lips pressed to her temple and he rubbed her short back.


Breaths growing sharper and higher pitched, she hiccuped and began to lift her hands; shaking them in an erratic manner with the fluctuation of her tone. "They tortured him they tortured him, Thor! That's my baby we're having a baby he's mine down there he's my husband and I love him and I cannot just…" she sniffled, "sit by and condone this! He is Prince of Asgard and I his wife! I love him! And I," her teeth clenched as she balled a fist and slammed it down to Thor's completely sturdy chest so he didn't even feel the impact, "fought with my baby before I left him alone and I yelled and cursed him and threw a fit and abandoned him-"

He lifted a single index finger to plump red lips. "Loki knows…" the corners of his lips twitched and he smiled, "Loki will always know how lucky he is to be graced with you as his eternal mate…" fingers gently sifted lengths of soft raven waves and brushed stands back from those bright eyes that nearly glowed in early morning's light without her activating Imaginaerum. "I will go with you after morning meal to Father…" wiping her tears with large thumbs, he kissed her nose repeatedly until she smiled, "I wish…" parting his lips, he hugged a single arm around her neck and tried not to break her neck with muscle mass, "I wish I had half the patience as you to forgive him."

Sniffling and shaking her head so subtly that he really had to be watching to notice, Sigyn lifted shapely brows, "There is nothing to forgive."

Taking a deep breath, he studied the gleaming heart necklace around her throat and trailed fingertips along that massive black diamond. "I never saw the value of material items…" he realized his mother's earrings were on her small ears along with that crystal butterfly he tactfully removed so it would not be crushed when she slept on it, "but if there were something I could give you-"

It was her tiny fingers that pressed to his lips. "I love you for all we are…you're my brother," dainty hands with skin like satin cupped his cheeks and lips met, "your love alone is all I need to get through each day. Loki likes to give me beautiful diamonds," she shrugged, "I love him I need no jewels, yet I wear them as a symbol."

"Please…" brushing back more hair just for the hell of it and he didn't know what else to do, Thor pushed up on his elbows and caught her lips in another deep kiss, "allow me to give you something. I will have the finest artisans craft you a token worth all your glory-"

Holding his chin and kissing him gentler, she trailed her lips along the corner of his mouth and smiled since there was no getting out of this. "I desire to wear your hammer on my wrist," holding up her dainty right arm, she grinned so he could pull the delicate forearm to his lips to kiss it. "I don't have a bracelet and I am right-handed…" their lips met and he could not stop smiling, "so all Yggdrasil will know how treasured I am by the Almighty Thor…and my love for my brother in return." Slightly tilting her chin back, she pouted sultry lips. "Enemies will fear the wrath of my brother should I come to any harm…"

He slipped a hand under her ear and stroked her lower scalp on the back of her head, whispering in a voice so intoxicating her breaths released in pants. "Our enemies will fear you for you fight with the strength of a thousand warriors and possess a heart greater than all Valhalla…and even the God of Thunder bows to his magnificent little sister…" his head nodded suggestively, shadowed deep-set eyes only on her as he remained on his back, "for she is his Queen." Searching that face with small features except those buggy rounder eyes with feathery long black lashes, a quiet smile graced his lips until she planted a firm kiss to them. "Thor would not have become half the man he is without Sigyn…"

"…and Sigyn would have drunk herself to death had her King and savior not come to lift her when she fell."

Tingling from unshed tears, he sprang forwards and kissed her hard as he could; sucking her upper lip while pushing his tongue entry and he sat up enough to really get an arm around her bottom, digging a large hand in her flesh as he lined her into position.

"Thor!" Tangling short fingers in his beautiful blonde hair, she crushed their lips and there had to be a moment of adjustment for his size. Her breaths left in short pants.

Groaning pleasurably at the sight of her on top, he pulled back the bear fur so he could watch.

"Sigyn…" only in bed could she get him to use her real name…as was the same with Loki, really.

"How do you like this, Brother?" Reaching small hands forwards, she curled fingers over his pecs and used them as leverage. "Change for you, no?"

Already gripping her hips, he started thrusting hard and fast; watching his blood-hardened flesh enter and leave her body at his discretion even from underneath. Pushing upright more while looking her in the eye, he kissed her breasts and pulled one nipple into his mouth at a time. Her eyes closed in darkness, but then tiny arms coiled around his neck and she rode him at a different angle.

Overtaken by the scent of his skin, she lifted his face from being buried in her breasts to close their lips. Thor lifted and lowered her extra slowly onto his erection so she could feel every inch of his manhood entering so slowly. Hard and fast Sigyn picked up her pace, actually slamming his shoulders to the bed and forcefully driving her hips forwards in rough grinding motions. Lengths of raven hair she tossed over her head, he didn't care about her extra weight not just from the pregnancy, and while on his back the God of Thunder dropped his neck back to expose his throat from the quaking pleasure of Goddess riding him like a young stallion. The way her spine arched all the way up as opposed to hunching drove the Thunderer mad, eyes following every curve of her body. He reached and cupped pert breasts to ease her rough thrusts. While watching that little body grind hard into his flesh while pulling on and moistening it, his breaths grew ragged; unable to even properly think of anything other than her as those frosty eyes locked on his. Lips pouted as her fingers remained dug into his chest and shoulders, rubbing very slowly as she rocked those hips harder every second. Riding him harder yet, she smirked; poking her tongue out and keeping her shoulders broad so he could see her chest bounce with each hard push of her hips.

"Your hammer is mine."

His breaths came out in gasps, "Always."

Increasing intensity, she felt him throb around her; the sounds he was releasing becoming inhuman so she growled and rode him faster.

"Come on baby, come for me! Come for me, Thor!"

Teeth clenched, he gripped her hips, and while really driving his shaft up and forwards so her clit was rubbed against, he released and hers came shortly after. Panting on his chest, she admired his sweaty body and nearly gasped when he flipped her onto her back and kissed her into the bed until they both fell asleep with her head under his chin.

Thor and Sigyn arrived late to breakfast for obvious reasons, but first stopped at the head of the table so Sigyn could kiss their father on the cheek and hug around his neck. Very grimly she whispered in his ear from behind and Odin nodded. Freki and Geri licked all over the pregnant Goddess' hands until she acknowledged them and smiled softly, lengths of hip-length raven hair neatly brushed out by a joint effort of her and Thor so it practically blanketed her petite frame with a growing bump over her belly that seemed to swell with each passing day. She had reached the ten week mark, but still had about thirty to go and Narfi had to grow far stronger. Already he gave her no rest…like his father.

Thor remained sullen, but Sigyn had brushed his long golden hair so pieces tucked behind each ear neatly. Silver studded sleeves were absent along with a lacking cape, but he did wear his usual chest armor. He greeted his mother, who sat to Odin's right in a bright orange jeweled gown with strawberry blonde curls pulled into their typical half-pony. Odin quietly informed Sigyn that the matter would be addressed after she fed Narfi and kept up her strength. Sniffling quickly, Sigyn brushed her fingers against Thor's before turning to Frigga and pulling her into an airtight embrace; kissing her cheek hard and grinning brightly to salute her mother and not worry her. Thor had helped the pregnant Princess dress into an ivory strapless getup. Crystals sparkled in gorgeous lace motifs on her elegant slim A-line gown. Sigyn was essentially sausaged in down to the thigh, large breasts creating that hard ridge from being pushed up by her corset that way. Loki's crystal butterfly had been slipped back in on her left side. The couple smiled meekly to the other as they held hands and quickly scanned the food-laden table while attempting to find their friends. Five blonde heads all sat in a row in various nude tone gowns, none like their baby sister in sparkling white and for that they stared daggers. It was out, Sigyn was Odin's daughter, and for that they loathed her with an even more fiery passion. Silver painted nails slightly dug into the Thunderer's hand as he moved along the table with a golden warship-like candle fixture above the center. Gold chairs on each side had been taken, but Sif quickly spotted them and raised a hand. Thick raven hair had been pulled from its usual long ponytail. Sigyn grinned and hugged Thor's arm as they watched the Warriors Three begin to make room for them by moving down chairs. Another unwanted voice caused the couple to turn.

"Did you sleep well, dearest siblings?" The soft-spoken Swede blonde antagonized from Odin's left, hair in wisps about his finely featured face of sun-glowing skin and piercing blue eyes. Balder was too fair a man for Sigyn to anger at…and he was her brother. There was that, too.

Odin glared at his oldest son and even Frigga lifted her eyes from the fruit tray in front of her to tilt her head maternally and inform Balder subtly to cut it out.

"What's it to you?" Sigyn poked her tongue between her teeth and flipped lustrous raven hair at him before squeezing Thor's enormous arm tighter.

His profile did dip down so they could exchange the most vomit-inducingly cute smiles, eyes shining like no one else was present in that Banquet Hall. Frosty eyes of Sigyn lifted to gently stare out the pillars and see their sky had significantly faded to pastels in the morning…Loki couldn't see, but she wished he could. He would have liked to see the sky once more.

Grimacing slightly, the Dashing made a single cone with a lithe hand and smirked to Hogun and Volstagg before calling out to everyone's favorite duo, "If you two birds would not mind getting a move on things before Volstagg devours your morning meal, it would be most appreciated!"

Blush stole cheeks of the porcelain-skinned Princess and Thor flared his nostrils playfully at her before pulling out the chair on the left so she could take her seat next to Fandral, but first thing was first. She hugged Fandral tight around the neck and nailed him with a hard kiss to the cheek, quickly combing fingers through his hair and taking his right hand in her left as Thor acknowledged Sif, Volstagg, and Hogun with warm salutations and claps to the shoulder. All that had happened over the course of the past year turned him a bit bitter and he knew Sigyn was no different. She kept her usual charade as not to cause panic. It had been very strictly dictated not to utter a word of Loki to Sigyn or she would most definitely lose her shit. There were safe topics of conversation and then there was concerns regarding Loki. Thor and Sigyn helped each other to obscene amounts of food until Fandral brought a special jar to Sigyn's attention. Wrapped in a pink bow under the lid of the glass clear jar was a note that read 'Siguna' in front of the contents. With a furrowed brow she lifted the jar and then the note to almost scream from glee. It was Odin's handwriting. Flashing doe eyes and leaning almost entirely over the table, she squeaked 'thank you Daddy' about a thousand times before opening the jar and crunching on the pickle her father had ordered that the cooks learn how to prepare.

"It must be a small comfort to sit at your own table again," Sif smiled rather unusually warmly from across the table, but kept thinner lips tight as usual.

Sigyn's tongue poke out at first and she nodded, resting her head to the right on Fandral's shoulder until he turned and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

"Oh, yes! I missed you all so dearly, I could not wait to return!" Quickly glancing to her wedding rings, she noticed Fandral's light blue eyes locked on them and took a deep breath before snuggling his right arm closer and playfully twisting his golden plate around so he could watch his reflection distort like a mirror in a funhouse. She knew what they all were thinking, so very quickly she did not ask permission from anyone before squeezing Thor's left hand in her right underneath the table. "Guys…"

Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three exchanged rather confused glances before nodding.

"I…" mouth hanging open a moment, she curled her lips and grimaced before taking a deep breath and removing her left hand from Fandral's to spear a sausage link and take a bite, "I am sorry…" feeling golden tears run, she quickly batted thick black lashes to wipe them away and tried to smile meekly at her friends, "for everything. I am just as guilty as my Loki…" her chin tilted back and her head shook, "I wronged you and I wish for you to know that no, I do not regret helping my husband and keeping him safe from harm…" she swallowed, "but I am sorry you were all caught in the crossfire. The four of you are far better friends than I deserve…"

Fandral lifted her left hand as she was about to bite more sausage and kissed the fingers, "Princess, there is nothing to forgive-"

"Ah!" Brows lifted pointedly and Thor dipped his head even lower to smile; stroking her fingers with his thumb until she leaned and they kissed on the mouth quickly. "Another thing!" Lifting shapely brows, she frowned to each and every one of their friends before slicing the air with a wrinkled nose. "I care not I am Princess, nothing between us has changed—" her head leaned all the way forwards to the right and she grinned at Volstagg, "once my Loki and I are settled with our baby boy, I will most certainly come out with you on our grand adventures again!"

"How far along are you?" Sif motioned with her fork towards Sigyn's small bump and to that the princess beamed and hugged herself.

"Ten weeks! Loki and I are so excited," the way she was giggling told Thor this was an act, but he stroked down her back and hugged around her waist to kiss around her hair anyway.

When they mutually agreed their meal was finished, the couple had to apologize for their abrupt leave and laced their fingers tight while approaching Odin at the head of the table to move with Frigga, the Asynjur, and Balder into the Throne Room to discuss and decide what to do with Sigyn's accusations.

Eyes were sore from not sleeping, though Loki would not showcase such. In the shadows against the far left corner of his cell he remained; off the stone cot, but expertly masked by shadow so none could even spot his fiercely handsome eyes. Sitting really hurt so he lay with a bit of a slump on the side and knew his feathered raven hair had become slightly frazzled from Sigyn not being there to comb it. Manacles cruelly cut into his wrists, but he did not demonstrate pain. Eyes trained forwards, large bare feet tapped every so often to keep from falling asleep, but he did not say a word. Hate and hate only ruled his mind. He hated and loved his family, loathed and adored his wife as paralleled his relationship with his own self. He had listened to the guards very quietly conversing in fear of Sigyn's possible actions come morning and lo and behold, as Loki very silently watched from the darkest shadows of his cell, a fleet of Einherjar seized each and every guard stationed in the dungeons and placed them under arrest for direct violation and disregard of Sigyn's Law.

Running his tongue along his lower lip with a hanging serpent-like jaw, Loki grinned and watched with utmost satisfaction as those guards were led away for what he knew would be the last time. He didn't have to think twice about who opened their mouth in his place and stood up for him…bless her. Allfather bless her. If sweet Sigyn were to so much as breathe near any harm, those shackles and chains would not hold him back. What a woman.

The guards were led through massive double doors covered in rune marks to quite possibly the most intimidating setup that royal family could muster. Even as a speck in the distance, Mighty Odin in that great horned and winged helm with a built-in eyepatch stood firm in all his armor, Gungnir in his right hand as he remained frighteningly passive as always. He showed no emotion if he felt any, but the royal family scattered about the staircase spoke differently. Queen of the Asgardian Gods in that bright orange frock stood absolutely stone-faced on the top left step with her only daughter on the step below her in winter white. Sigyn, most of all, stared with eyes of January embers at each and every prison guard led in by the semicircle of armed Einherjar in flowing yellow capes. Across the steps on Frigga's level was Balder the Brave who did not appear to even be moved by the alleged events while Thor stood a step below him, furious but trying very hard to mask it. Huginn and Muninn cawed from their respective perches behind the throne while Geri sat on the step below Sigyn so the top of the white Dire Wolf's head could be petted. Freki sat below Thor.

Torches were lit from each pillar and from behind Odin's throne even though the day had long been welcomed to stream between the enormous golden pillars. The Asynjur remained on the floor near the royal family, but they could not cease their scorn towards their former baby sister standing united with her family as almost a replacement female Loki figure. They looked more related than anyone else anyway. The way Sigyn was mauling each and every guard with her eyes alone…it was almost a surprise that they had not begun glowing baby blue. The Princess was notoriously defensive over Loki and now each and every prison guard whether they were involved in assaulting and torturing Loki or not was at her mercy.

Each guard and Einherjar was forced to bend on one knee for their King. Gungnir slammed to the golden pedestal on which Odin's throne rested and necks all craned to face the Allfather. White bearded lips parted as he prepared his first word, also quite angered, but hiding his feelings well. Part of being King was not being governed by the heart, but the mind.

"As members of the Einherjar guard, you all swore oaths to defend the realm, the palace…" his good eye scanned each and every face to seek out the potentially guilty (though he already knew, this was all a test for someone else), "and the royal family…"

Heads of the prison guards nodded in agreement, eyes of all different colors locked on Odin as he paused. Sigyn and Thor exchanged glances from across the black steps.

"And yet it has been brought to my attention that a team of you have abused such an honor in a manner most heinous…against a member of the royal family worse yet—" his face reddened, "and without any permission to do so! There are many great things your Princess is…and not one of them is a liar. When she paid my son a conjugal visit last night, she returned to my heir," Thor, "in hysterics…" he watched the guilt sink in for each guard that poor Sigyn could possibly allow such deep eyes to rain gold, "for the condition that she found her husband and my son in was unacceptable! He was beaten, raped, neglected, mocked, and tortured against any will of a higher authority than yourselves!" His good eye stared each prison guard down as Sigyn's fists clenched and Thor chewed on his tongue. Frigga appeared on the brink of tears so she very carefully began gliding long fingers through Sigyn's hair just to ease herself. "Loki is beyond reason, but he is my son! You have wrongfully placed your hands and weapons upon Asgard's youngest Prince." He eyed each guard and took a deep breath, knowing only eight of them were responsible and waiting on the honor code. "I will now ask for those of you responsible to step forward or I will be forced to pass judgment on each and every one of you."

Swallowing and lifting her eyes to Thor, Sigyn took a deep breath and licked plump lips. Balder's head tilted to the side, highly amused with Odin suddenly defending Loki so ravenously when it was indeed darling Sigyn's tears that pushed Odin over the edge. She cried to him, started trembling and begging for him to get rid of the animals who tortured and violated her husband in a fashion most unnecessary. Odin never would have jumped to Loki's rescue had Sigyn not come to him the way she did, completely distraught. The guards nervously glanced about, waiting with bated breath for the first man in silver armor to step forwards, but alas no one did.

Wizened eye narrowed disbelievingly. "None of you claim responsibility…" he had not moved an inch as he tried to guilt them into confessing, "you dare consider my child a liar?"


Blonde brows of Balder lifted and only to himself did he tsk, "Do step forwards, you cowards, or face a sentence worse than death at her mercy."

Odin was not feeling so magnanimous. "None of you are man enough to take responsibility for your crimes? So be it. Each and every one of you has been tried and found guilty of violating Sigyn's Law to a most irreconcilable degree." Without a single hint of expression, he craned his neck to face his youngest. "Siguna, come here my child."

Tapping Geri atop the head, Sigyn moved up the steps with that ivory lace train flowing from the back of her gown and approached her father with the white Dire Wolf at her side. A long arm was wrapped around her and he took a deep breath.

"Siguna, as Princess of Asgard, what form of punishment do you believe would be just for such a crime?"

Stiffly looking her brothers, mother, Dire Wolves, and each guard in the eye as they awaited their punishment, she licked plump lips and fiddled with her wedding rings before stepping forwards so she stood in front of the golden throne with Odin directly behind her.

"I sentence you cads to death by removal of the hands and genitals, but require the bloodied stumps be compressed with salt before I personally will witness a fleet of blood eagles. I care not where your carcasses are displayed…" shapely brows lifted, "I am sure my Loki would not mind to see your remains around his cell for decoration. May you never enter Valhalla…may you never feast with the Gods. Any oath sworn must be honored and kept…" viper eyes flashed about the legion of Einherjar that were to carry out her sentence upon the prison guards, "let this be a lesson to the rest of you regarding the treatment of my husband or any member of my family."

Thor's eyes widened from shock, but not surprise. Frigga found Sigyn's sentence to be harsh, yet justified. Balder smirked and nearly applauded. Odin actually played with the ends of her hair as the guards began to plead for their very lives.

"I, Odin Allfather, approve of your sentence, my dearest…" his gaze shifted to the Einherjar surrounding the prison guards, "take them away."

As the Einherjar surrounded the condemned on all sides to lead them to the dungeons so Loki could hear their screams of agony, Sigyn gulped and was joined by Thor so the pair could follow hand in hand with Freki and Geri at their sides. Balder's eyes switched between the Prince, Princess, King, and Queen before looking back to the Princess and smiling softly to seal his approval.

"It is not a King this realm requires…"