These Truths I Hold

Pumyra sat in her small, utilitarian room. Her simple tunic showed the wear of a weary traveler. The day's previous events spun in her head creating a whirlwind so violent she could barely think. Today had been the day that she left the Thundercats and rejoined her master. Though she felt, though she didn't know why, that she had done the right thing, a small part of her felt otherwise. Had it been there all along? Through all of her rage, hatred, and thirst for revenge? Or had it only begun to grow while she was in the company of her now enemies?

The feline shook such traitorous thoughts away, only to wonder if they really are traitorous and then promptly threw all thinking from her mind before she went crazy. Her confusion had clouded her mind more and more as she spent time with the other cats. Now, sitting in the small, allotted space given to her by Mumm-Ra, she only wished that one or the other had perished up in that accursed city if only to quell her frenzied thoughts.

She took a deep breath and started to recite the truths that she did know...

Lion-O abandoned me. Was that even true? She had been under a large piece of rubble when she called out to him. Surely he would've helped her if he had known, and he had helped her once he had found her and the other slaves...No! Lion-O abandoned me! He was, is, my king and he left me when I needed him most!

Mumm-Ra is my master. That much she was sure of. The Ancient Spirits had resurrected her through Mumm-Ra, and she was sure that her second life could be taken away by him whether she liked it or not. Don't think like that! You should be grateful to him! Though sometimes, especially now, Pumyra wondered if Mumm-Ra cared at all about her.

Once they had gotten back to his lair earlier that day, he struck her across the face for 'hesitating' when she had said Lion-O was her king. When she asked him if he needed her to follow the Thundercats, he brushed her off. In fact, she wondered what would've happened if she had given Lion-O the stone...Stop that you stupid child! Mumm-Ra is your Master and he can tear you to shreds. What more reason do you want to follow him? She silently reprimanded herself.

However, there was one thought, one truth, that no matter how many different ways she spun it always came to the same end. Mumm-Ra hadn't been very specific on how to infiltrate the Thundercats. In fact at one point during their meetings he said that he didn't care how just as long as it was done. Therefore her actions, all of her actions around the Thundercats, despite her ruse, still had an authentic quality about them.

Pumyra stared at her hands, so scarred by war and the fight for survival and closed her eyes. I wish to be free, to choose to be with the choose...She blocked the very name from her mind and lashed out at the air. No. No matter how much mercy, compassion...or That those blasted cats had shown me, I still hate them. I must hate them, I despise him. She stared at her hands again, and thought of Lion-O. Seemingly so naïve in his quest for unity yet at the same time showing the maturity it takes to make such a vision true. And yet I love him.

The feline simply shook her head and ran her claws through her fur. She was now even more confused than before. Not only was she unsure about her feelings, but her mind now was trying to formulate a plan of escape or a plan of murder. Not too mention she didn't even know if there was any way for her to escape from her situation if she wanted to.

She thought this second chance would let her enact revenge, and all it had done was put her in a state of unease and unrest. If Mumm-Ra lived, would her usefulness be over with? Would she be thrown away once more? And if the Thundercats somehow destroyed Mumm-Ra, would they show her mercy? It seemed that with either one, she was on the short end of the stick.

Pumyra curled into a tight ball as she tried to will herself to sleep. She wished that for one more night, she could hear the soft breathing, and someone's snoring, echoing through the Thundertank. To hear the soft padding of Lion-O's feet as he took his watch. Or that she could wake up to another carefree morning of jokes and stories of far-off places until the gravity of the situation hit everyone like a ton of bricks. Eventually sleep came to her as her dreams were filled with her fellow felines; whom she hated, yet loved.