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Where I Want to Be.

By/Par: Ja ne, Kat

It was one of those night where not much traveling could get done. The rain came down in warm sheets that made it hard to see, or hear and the mud was getting more slippery with every step. The group of weary travelers had found a single room hunters cabin with a fire pit in the floor and had decided to stop there for the night. He was having a hard time following the conversation going on around him, his thoughts all centred on the past. His mother had died on a night like this. He was finally drawn away from those dark thought as Kurando's voice came drifting across the fire at him.

"Did it always hurt?" The younger Harmonixer asked, confusion painted across his face.

Yuri blinked and decided to play stupid, for once cursing the boys inquisitive nature.

"Did what always hurt?" he asked with his own confused smile fixed safely and firmly on his face.

"When you fuse? Has it always hurt you or is it part of the curse your under? I have been wondered because you yell as though you're in pain when you switch. I myself have not experienced pain while switching and I change both form, and sex for one of my fusions."

By this point they had drawn every eye in the cabin to them, most filled with only curiosity, Karin's however filled with guilt and pain. She still held herself responsible of the curse that was slowly defeating him, erasing him.

"Yes," he said finally, after quickly dismissing several answers. "It did."

That said he stood up and, with the excuse of needing to answer mother nature, headed out into the down pour and away from their prying eyes and questions, leaving Kurando staring confusedly after him. The young princess noticed the look her crush had still on his face.

"What's wrong, Kurando?"

Her soft question seemed to startle the normally composed samurai, and it took him a second before he managed to turn to her with a smile.

"Nothing really Princess, only, in all the scrolls I read, I have never read of it hurting."

"So . . . He lied to us?" Karin asked, the worry and guilt Yuri s answer had just erased creeping back on to her face. Kurando could have slapped himself for being so stupid as to not remembering how they had told him Yuri had come to be cursed. Of course he would have given that answer, he would not have wanted Karin to worry or feel more guilt, for something the older man did not hold against her.

"I am sorry but, I do not know Karin-san. It could be something that affects just him, he has some very powerful monsters trapped in his soul." He stuck to truth because, for all he knew, the fact that Yuri had more fusions then anyone he had ever read about could have been the cause of his pain. They may fight each other or Yuri to get out.

Everyone seemed to let it drop after that. They really had no way to prove that Yuri was lying so there wasn't much point in arguing over it. Joachim, however sat up long into the night waiting hours for the fusionist to come back. He had seen with his own eyes Yuri transform without any sort of problems or sound, and his older brother had been standing at the young mans side at the time, ready to defend and bleed for the fusionist, as they challenged him for their families sword.

Yuri had lied.

Joachim even thought he understood why of it, but he wanted to ask the Fusionist himself. To hear the reason and logic from his own lips. His course of action decided upon the vampire followed the young savoir out into the storm that was still going on around them, silently so as not to wake the now sleeping group.


Yuri had long since become soaked through, when he first heard the blonde walk up. He had no clue how long he'd been standing on the cliff looking out at all the world laid before him, but he should have been paying more attention to the time that had past. That way they would not have had to send the vampire to check on him.

"You're getting soaked ya know?" Yuri tossed out before the other male could say anything to him, wanting to stall whatever questions they had sent him with. The vampire only nodded and moved to stand shoulder to shoulder with him near the cliffs edge. His own blues eyes also locked onto the view.

"It matters little to one like me. I can not catch cold, will you?" A bland voice, devoid of the usual cheer and arrogance. A voice of someone who had seen things even more terrible then even Yuri could imagine and had untold years of experience under his giant belt.

"Only on a ship . . . As you've seen." Yuri pointed out, careful to be just a formal as the vampire in front of him. The blonde's brother, Keith had badgered manners into him on the last journey. Though at the time he had been hoping to be able to surprise Alice with them.

"Did they always hurt? Your fusions?" Joachim asked him again, voice pitched just over the rain so the question would travel no farther then the pair of ears it was intended for.

"I thought I answered that question already." Yuri said, trying to make light of the question and the vampire's interest in it. He had hoped the vampire had forgotten their fight from years ago, in the dusty crypt where his family slept.

"You lied."

Joachim said it simply, but without a trace of doubt, turning to stare at the Fusionist as he did so. The smile did not so much fade from the others face, as it did turn sad and bitter. He nodded slowly, acknowledging the truth the blonde man had stated, and closed his crimson coloured eyes as though absorbing some great blow.

"Yes. Yes I did." A whisper of acknowledgement, in a broken voice that the vampire knew was wrong to come out of a soul that had stood so strong and proud all alone for so long.

"So that Karin would not feel responsible?" He asked wanting to know the reason for the agony that the question seemed to cause the other man.

"Partly." He said, still in that too quiet whisper.

"And the other part?"

The younger man shrugged his slim shoulders. Joachim often found it hard to remember that those same slim shoulders had held the weight of the entire world . . . going on three times that he, himself had seen, and according to his brother, at least twice more before that.

"Why wouldn't I say it? For the most part it is true. Except for the very brief amount time I traveled with your brother until I met Karin, it did hurt. Oh God, did it hurt. Like all those souls that were trapped in me were fighting some epic battle to escape out of the cage they had been forced into. Only the battle ground that they were trying to tear apart with their teeth, claws and magic, was my body."

His answer given, silence reined for a few minutes as the vampire seemed to absorb the young man's answer. Before a question that had been lurking at the back of his mind was posed to the vampire.

"Why a golden bat anyway?"

Now it was Joachim's turn to lapse into tense silence. He was quiet so long that Yuri had to turned and see if he was still there. He stood, looking forward again as they had been when they had started, and seemed to be listening for his answer in the sounds the rain made. He looked so far gone into his own mind, that the sound of his voice caused Yuri to startle for a second.

"The position of golden boy was already taking in my family. I wanted to be golden something." Again that same bland empty voice that he had begun with, and Yuri wondered what he was thinking about that caused it. He nodded slowly, understanding in his eyes.

"Yea, I can see how having someone as perfect as Keith for a brother would make anyone feel second place."

The vampire returned the nod with equal slowness. His face slowly becoming a blank as his voice.

"Yes." He agreed after another few minutes had passed between them in silence. "Yes, I was always second. I had little to no interest in things they taught us when we were children and far too much energy to be proper vampire. The elders were furious when they learned that it was me and not Keith that had help you take out Rasputin. They had really sent my sister to find Keith so that he could replace me at your side for the rest of this journey. "

The normally bright and happy face was covered in bitterness and it bothered Yuri, more then he wanted to admit, that it was there. Joachim was not Keith. That very Keith look should not ever have been staring out at him from Joachim's face.

"You wanted to know something true?" Yuri asked softly not wanting to startle the vampire, who was clearly lost in his memories, but at the same time wanting him to come back to the here and now.

The vampire seemed to think about it for a second, maybe dreading the worst and thinking Yuri would agree with his elders and send him home so that Keith could come. After a few moments, he finally seemed to decided, a resigned look settling over him.

"Why ever not?"

"Your brother is a great fighter and, for the most part, a good person," Yuri watched as the other man's eyes turned bright with anger and pain at this point, so he hurried on to make the point he wanted. "but he only saved the world once. You've already topped him on that scored card Joachim, your working on victory number three." A small pause as he let the words ring in the silence left behind by the lessening rain. "Besides, for this journey I'm really glad that it was you and not your brother."

Yuri watched as shocked flashed across the other man's face as he seemed to splutter out an answer.

"Me? REALLY? Well . . . why for heaven's sake?"

"This journey has been so serious from the start and your brother would only add to that. I am really glad you're here to cheer everyone up."

The vampire was startled to laughter before they both lapsed back into silence. And they were quiet so long that Yuri almost missed his next words.

"I want you to know that I am truly sorry for your loss."

Joachim watched as, the smile the younger male wore again went bitter and a little bit broken.

"Don't be. If I was sad all the time Alice would never forgive me."

"I am sorry for that too, but it was for your loss of self to which I referred."

The rain had finished up and the was horizon starting to brighten, when suddenly the Fusionist nodded and spun back to look out at the view that was slowly becoming mist covered in the early morning light.

"A life without regrets is not a life worth living, Roger was trying to tell me that. I get that now, and I'm not."

"You are not what?" the blond asked in confusion, lost at the light that seemed to be shining out of those crimson eyes.

"I'm not sorry I'm going to disappear. I'm glad I was able to come along and help you guys out. This way I'll always be remembered by at least two immortals, three if you count Roger. How many people can say that?"

Joachim seemed to take him at his word and Yuri was glad for it. He liked that about the other male, sometimes he just got it. It probally had something to do with that fact that normal people treated both of them like evil monsters, even when they had just finished saving them. Gave the other a unique view on him sometimes.

"Did you ever want to fly into the sun?"

Suicide was the first thought that induced when asked by a vampire, even though Yuri knew it didn't actually hurt them. He thought it over a few minutes and couldn't come up with anything else, and that really didn't match Joachim's personality or wistfulness that had filled the question.

"Into the sun?"

Joachim smiled at the confusion in his tone. The other male was normally so very sure in his course of action.

"When I was younger I thought that if I could fly into the sun, which looks down on all the world, I would see the place that I was meant to be. I wasn't doing any good where I was and I knew I could be good for something. That all I had to do was find the right place, a place I wanted to be, and not a place the elders sent me."

"And do you still wish for that?"

The question had Joachim shaking his head as turned back to look in the direction of their camp.

"No. I have found recently that I no longer need to.

Yuri followed his gaze to where Karin was coming out of the tree line to collect them for breakfast. Eyes still worried but smile crossing her face as she saw them.

"Your right."


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