One day Johnny Test looks at his watch. "IT IS 7:30!" screamed Johnny at the top of his longs twords Duke the dog. "I AM GOING TO HAVE TO EAT MEATHLOAF TODAY YOU DOG NOONE LIKES LOAF!" Johnny also screamed. Johnny did not like loaf even though he had to eat it usually. Johnny sighs and walks down the stairs. Dad yell "JOHNY MEATLOAF" and Johnny say "no". Then he ran away from home and ADVENTURE BEGIN!

Johnny begins to live on the street and eating scraps of paper. "AT LEAST IT IS NOT THE LOAF" yelled Johnny in his head. Johnny walks for kilometers and kilometers until he reaches farm. Farm was nice with no loaf. Johnny walks to big red barn and opens the doors for naps. He opens the doors and suddenly THERE IS A COW MAN TALKING TO HIM! "WHO ARE YOU COW WHY DO YOU SPEAK" yelled Johnny and Cow Man said "My name is Cow Man I am a cow from Back at the Barnyard." "Oh okay" says Johnny. Cow Man introduces Johnny to other animals like Pig Man and Dog Man. After a nap Johnny says "Cow Man how would you like to be my crime solveing partner?" and Cow Man say "yes lets get our guns." Then they got their guns and prepared for ADVENTURE!