Emma and Allison had found each other later in their lifetime. Allison had had the fortunate life and was adopted into a home, where Emma did not. Allison's parents say they were never told that there were two babies, and since the twins have found each other, they have welcomed the other with open arms…

So, Emma felt like she was finally getting that family she always wanted, what with Allison and her adoptive family and her own son, and her lady, who just so happened to be her son's other mother.

Allison is much the same way. She always felt like something was missing… then once she found Emma… and once Remy finally admitted that, 'life would be bad' without her, she finally felt whole.

"Hey… you know what would be kind of funny?" Emma said with a grin forming on her face. She looked over to her twin as she walked from the Mayor's and her bathroom.

"What?" Allison asked as she rolled over on the bed to look at her sister.

"If we swapped places…" Emma was trying to hide her grin.

"That wouldn't be funny…" Allison gave her a look.

"Oh come on! It would be fucking hilarious! You know why?"


"Because we could get away with it better than Lindsay Lohan could in that movie where she played twins…"

"The Parent Trap?" Allison asked in a way that told Emma she was an idiot.

"Yeah!" Emma pointed at her, "You know it's true! You know that we could really get away with it…"

Allison sat up on the bed, "… I suppose that's true…" She looked at her twin, "It would be kind of funny…" She relented.

"Okay!" Emma said excitedly, "So… We're going to straighten my hair and curl yours…"

"We should probably trade clothes too…" Allison took in Emma's skinny jeans, boots and shirt then her own classic wear of a button up vest and matching slacks with another nice button up underneath.

"Of course…" Emma nodded as she led her sister to the bathroom where they changed and re-did their hair.

As they looked in the mirror at themselves they both cocked their heads to the side, "Wow…"

"I look just like you.." Emma said.

Allison gave her sister a look, "That's kind of the point…"

"I know!" Emma turned and gave her sister the same look, "But… I mean… I thought that I would be able to tell the difference between us and not just know I'm me…"

Allison threw her curly hair back, "I guess you have a point there…" She said.

"Honey?" Regina called from downstairs.

Both of them grinned, trying to keep from laughing until Allison realized that Regina should be at work, "Why isn't she working?"

"I don't know…" She said before she realized what Regina might be back to do, "Sometimes she comes home from Saturdays for a little afternoon delight." Allison groaned, "Well… this is going to be extremely awkward!"

"Honey?" They heard Regina's voice closer.

"Wait? Am I supposed to kiss her and stuff?"

"Well…" Emma whispered, "With Regina there's really no choice… not that I'd choose differently ever, but uh.. Yeah kiss her if you don't want her to figure it out right away!"

"Oh dear Lord!" Allison stamped her foot and was getting ready to reply when Regina walked into the bedroom.

"Honey?" She called once more.

Allison and Emma both glared each other down before Allison relented, "H—Hey Baby in here!"

"Mmm just where I was hoping." Regina's voice held a tone of obvious flirtation as she entered, "Oh!" Regina looked at Emma, "Allison… I'm.. uh… Terribly sorry."

Emma bit her lip as she watched her lover turn red, "It's okay, Regina… I didn't say anything…" She looked over at her sister.

Regina looked over to her as well with a glare before she walked over to her and kissed her. The brunette pulled from her and stared at her, "You okay?"

"Yeah, Em… You okay?" Emma gave her sister a look.

"Fine! Sorry…" She grinned, "Hey why don't we got get Remy and all go out?"

"Sounds fine to me dear… although I am on my lunch break…" Regina said as her hand grabbed Allison's ass.

Allison's brows shot up and Emma bit her lips to conceal laughter. Allison then leaned into Regina's embrace, "I'll give you anything you want tonight… let's just go to lunch now…." She bargained.

Regina gave her 'girlfriend' a look telling her she didn't want to, but when the girl didn't relent, she finally nodded, "Fine."

"Okay, so.. I'll just call Remy and tell her to meet us at the diner?" Emma asked.

Regina rolled her eyes but Allison nodded enthusiastically. The brunette looked at Allison and shook her hand, "I'll never understand why you two love that diner so…" She said as she exited the bathroom.

A grand total of fifteen minutes later Remy was running behind the trio headed for the diner. She grabbed Emma's hand and pulled her from the other two women who already had hands to hold.

"Hey Baby." Remy said as she pushed Emma into the wall and kissed her with all kinds of passion.

Once Emma finally gained her breath she stared at Remy, hoping she had kissed like Allison did. Remy seemed only slightly phased, but ignored it and only tried to move in once more, "Hey, Hey!" Emma held her still, "They Mayor and the Sherriff are right inside!" She tried to mimic Allison as best she could.

"And?" Remy asked as she so obviously tried to persuade her 'girlfriend' into another kiss or twelve.

"And one of them happens to be my sister…" Emma scrunched her face.

"Oh come on! I hardly think Emma would care if we were making out…"

"Then in steps her girlfriend…" Emma tried.

"Regina…" Remy grumbled.

"Hey, hey… Regina isn't evil… she just doesn't like it when people mack in public…in front of her.."

"Yeah, yeah…" Remy grabbed her hand and walked them into the diner.

They sat down and Remy pulled Emma under her arm as she greeted the other two. Remy sat across from Allison and Regina sat across from Emma. They all had pleasant conversation for a while as they ate and went about their lunch.

At one point though, Emma looked to Allison and gave her a wink. Just after Regina scooted as far back as possible from Emma and stared at the woman like she was about to get in trouble. Allison immediately picked up on the fact that Emma was totally playing footsy with Regina just to mess with her… She decided two could mess with their girlfriend's at the same time. So, she started playing with Remy.

"What the fuck-? Fuck!" Remy jumped back as well and stared at Allison.

Once this happened, Regina immediately stared at Emma as she tried to rub Remy's back lovingly to see if she was okay. She looked over to Allison then back to Emma. Remy caught on to Regina's gears turning and did the same thing.

"Wait…" Regina started but had no words formed.

"This is not funny ladies!" Remy stared in between them both, "Are you fucking with us?" She stared Emma down then looked into Allison's eyes. She leaned in and grabbed the real Allison's hand, "I know that guilty face like the back of my hand."

"Yes, and I know that devilish face like the back of mine…" Regina shook her head and glared at Emma, "I grabbed your sister's ass!"

"Hey!..." Remy looked over to Regina.

"I know!" Emma laughed at the same time Remy spoke.

Regina glared at her real girlfriend, "I'm so sorry.." She turned to Allison next to her.

"It's okay!" Allison held her hand up.

"I'm sure Remy did something to Emma as well…"

"Hey!" Remy glared at her girlfriend.

"Did you?" Regina asked with a glare to the other brunette.

"Hey!" Remy pointed at the Mayor, "We have to stick together if they're going to start doing this…" She gestured between the two of them.

"Yeah, You really should Regina… Besides all she did was kiss me…" Emma said, "You know like you kissed Allison as you grabbed ass?"

Regina turned bright red, "You are in so much trouble!" She grit out through clenched teeth.

"Oh come on, Babe! We weren't going to let it go too far! We just… wanted to see if we could pull it off…" Emma shrugged.

"Excuse me this was not my ide—"

"Okay, I wanted to see if we could really pull it off… and we could for about three hours…. Congratulations you both get gold stars for telling apart your identical to every freckle girlfriends!" Emma clapped her hands in faux excitement.

"I have to get back to work." Was all Regina said before she left.

"Oh!" Remy turned to her lover's sister, "Somebody's in trouble!" She sing-songed.

"Nah… just gonna let her cool off…" Emma sat back and relaxed, "That was a pretty good one though, right?" Remy and Allison were holding hands from across the table giving her a look, "Oh come on! Now you both know that Remy knew there was something wrong! She'll always know who the real you is… just like Regina… I think that's quite commendable."

"Yes because there are going to be so many situations in which I will have to decipher Allison from the millions of clones…" Remy said sarcastically.

"Hey…" Emma raised her hands, "Don't bitch at me when that really happens."

Remy and Allison shook their heads, "So… are you going to be grounded?" Allison asked.

Emma thought about it, "I'm guessing at least a month my tail will be between my legs, yeah." Emma had a grin on her face.

"You like being in the dog house…" Allison realized.

"I like getting to follow her around like a puppy in trouble, yes… I don't like actually being in trouble… But I do like the fact that I still get in trouble… 'Cause if I didn't get in trouble then it'd be time to abandon ship…" Emma shrugged.

They both shook their heads again, but Remy leaned over and whispered, "I know exactly how you feel."


That evening Allison and Remy had Henry with them. When Henry walked through the door his first words were, "What's Emma do this time?"

"Well.." Allison started.

"Al and Em switched places… tricked your mother and myself." Remy kept herself composed.

"Seriously?" He looked to his aunt.

"It was your mom's idea… I just simply went along with it…"

"Man, that would be so cool if had a twin to do things like that!" Henry said.

"Right?" Remy added. She laughed as she looked up, "You know what would be funny… If I had a twin and you had a… well you have Emma… and I switched and you switched so it ended up being my twin and Emma trying to trick each other?"

"Rem…" Allison shook her head, "Sometimes I think you should be related to Emma…"

Henry nodded, "You and Emma do tend to think along the same lines…"

"Would you rather there be two Regina's or three Emma's?" Remy asked.

"I think one of my mother is enough for a town…" Henry laughed. He loved his mother, he really did… but everyone knows how type A and completely uptight she is…and a town can only handle so much…


Regina came home to a very quiet house. She looked around for her son, but found he wasn't home. Then she walked into her and Emma's room to find candles lit and Emma sitting on the bed with her apology face and apology nightie.

"You can't get out of it that easy." Regina said, "I'm absolutely mortified that I grabbed my future sister-in-law's ass… and kissed her like I kiss you… and you didn't do nor say anything!"

"Wait! Hold the phone… future sister-in-law?" Emma asked.

"Well… you know eventually!" Regina reddened as her slip.

"Eventually?" Emma was obviously feeling all fluffy inside.

"Yes." Regina turned her chin up, "Don't think you're getting out of the fact that you switched places with your twin!"

"Fine, but…" Emma crawled on her knees to the edge of the bed, "If you had a twin that literally looked like a carbon copy of yourself, wouldn't you be curious to switch places? I just wanted to see if we could pull it off… and we couldn't even make it a day! We couldn't even make it three and a half hours… And you knew something was off instantly… And… I fell for you even more because of it…"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that… no matter what happens, you will always know who I am. You will be able to tell the difference between me and a clone if for some reason that happens… You love me that much that you've taken the time to notice the little things and imprint them in your brain… like my 'devilish' face…"

Regina bit her lip, "Wow, you really can just wear that nightie and that puppy face and be fully forgiven no matter what…"

"Oh please… I think you just got mad at me so that I would be wearing this when you came home."

"Baby… you owe me some sex!" Regina didn't try to hide the fact that those were her intentions completely.

"And when you know you're in trouble, you get Henry into his aunt's place or with Mary Margaret or Kathryn… someone you can trust and you wear that and I get to hear the words, 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you'… and I get to make love to you… So, yeah… I might have played up how embarrassed I was…"

Emma pulled Regina into her once she finally got close enough, "I do love you. And I am sorry you were embarrassed…"

"I know."

"I'm not sorry that you called Allison your future sister-in-law though…" Regina said nothing. She only looked at the bedding under Emma's knees, "When are we gonna make that official, hmm?"

"After you pick out a ring, and you let me pick out a ring…" Regina whispered.

"I am so not sorry we switched places." Emma grinned.