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Warnings: Taboo material (BDSM) that might be weird for some people, and of course, Harry's potty mouth.

Notice READ ME PLEASE: So I got his idea when I did my term psych paper on BDSM. Yea, i had the most interesting paper ever. But anyways, I did a lot of research, it was such a crazy topic, and I'm generally really curious, and I'd like to think I have an open mind and was pretty fun. I learned a lot of things conducting my research, and idk, the idea just literally popped into my head; a BDSM story about Tom and Harry. I think it's going to be fun. I'm just going to say up front, I going to be dealing with different aspects, stereotypes and events that circle around the lifestyle. I'm strickly speaking from opinion and imagination, however i will be honoring what I feel like is the essence of the BDSM lifestyle; trust. It's different for different people, and there is NO one correct view on what the lifestyle is or should be. So, lets go on this journey together, and I hope you guys have fun and tell me what you think! the good the bad, the questions the comments, i want to know it all!

Chapter One:

"If you can even call that scrap of material you're wearing, panties."

Harry Potter sighed. He couldn't believe he was doing this. How the hell did he end up in these damn situations? His friends once accused him of having a 'hero complex.' W-what the bloody knickers did that even mean? When people needed help, he helped. He liked helping! That shouldn't be a bad thing. Or, if it was a bad thing, then maybe…just bloody maybe people should getting themselves into stupid predicaments (like the one he had just involved himself with) and give his so called complex a much needed break. Because really, if his friends knew that he just lacked the self control to stop helping people, then they were really taking advantage of him in his weakened state. Yep that sounded about right. He'd talk to Ron and Hermione about his epiphany later. First…he had a girl to save.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Harry asked dubiously. It wasn't that he didn't trust the intel because although a righteous prick when he wanted to be, Draco Malfoy was always one to keep his word. Coupled with the fact that his father (an even grander prick) was some major businessman, and therefore hand his hand and eye on everything that went on. And that meant so did the younger Malfoy. Harry knew his blonde (albeit aggravating) friend's connections and information was limitless. But still…this place?

Well perhaps 'place' wouldn't be the right way to describe it as there wasn't really a place that he could see. What he was looking at was a dark shabby alley, complete with an eerie stray cat…and that was all. Diagon Alley was the epitome of empty. No entrances, no windows. Not even a bouncer. And assuming that, what did Draco say it was again…oh yea, the Chamber of Secrets! Assuming that the Chamber of Secrets was supposed to be a secret like it's name implied, didn't that mean that a secret place that need protecting would have a few fucking bouncers protecting the joint. For what seemed liked the millionth time in the span of just half an hour, Harry sighed. Loudly. So loudly in fact that the blonde prat smacked him on the back of his head. "Owww!" he whined. Draco merely scoffed.

"I'm out here, freezing-" it was only 60 degrees out, "did all that work finding out where the place was-" Harry was sure that Draco's unfortunate man-slave Dobby was the real person that did all the work, "and all you can do is bitch and moan. Harry Potter you are quite inconsiderate." Harry just stared blankly at Draco's pale scrunched up face.

And sighed again.

"That's it, I'm leaving! You can find your own bloody way in!" Draco scowled irritably before turning around. Harry would have liked nothing better than to get rid of Draco at the moment. He was insufferable on a good day, but completely unbearable when he was filled with (what he thought) righteous indignation. But Ginny Weasley, sister to his best mate was supposedly in the Chamber of Secrets, and Harry meant to rescue her. And if that meant sucking it up and stroking Draco's ego while simultaneously putting up with his shit, then so be it.

"Ok, ok," he said quickly, grabbing on Draco's coat jacket to prevent him from deserting him. His grip wasn't firm, but the aristocrat stopped anyway and allowed himself to be pulled back next to Harry. The displeased scowl was still on his face, but there was a hint of mischievousness in the gray eyes that let Harry know Draco hadn't really been about to leave. This time Harry resisted the urge to sigh. No one would have ever guessed that Draconis Malfoy was one for theatrics and melodrama. "You're right, I'm being a prat, and you're helping me. Thanks for that by the way," he added sincerely. Because without Draco, Harry would have been as lost as he had been on his Algebra II midterm. "I don't doubt your information. It just that," he gestured down the dank alley. The eerie cat was still looking…well eerie. "This doesn't seem like a place where the elite of Britain's society would spend their night. I mean, I couldn't imagine you coming to a place like this."

Draco looked down the alley way before nodding sagely. "You're right. I wouldn't be caught alive or dead here." He turned to look at Harry, all former playful irritation gone. "But this is the right place. So we're here, we just need to find the front door." Against Harry's desire, together the dynamic duo walked down the alley looking vigilantly for any signs of people. Or a door that would hopefully lead them to people. He'd take either at this point.

But five minutes later the whole alleyway was scanned and they found nothing of use. Disgruntled and depressed Harry agreed without a fuss when Draco suggested they should head back and do a little reconnaissance. Translation; let's go to the ritzy hotel they passed down the street so I can call Dobby, send him into a downward spiral with my mean words, and hope that something turns up.

The walk down the street was done in a defeated silence. The tense air being broken only when Draco went to the front desk, demanded the most lavish room and room service. Then the elevator ride up was done in silence. A loud 'ding' alerted Harry to the arrival of the floor and they exited, tiredly trudging to their room.

As requested the room was beyond lavish; fit for a king, which the Malfoy heir truly felt he was. But all the splendor, beauty, and comfort of the room only made Harry feel worse and more despondent. Here he was trying to save his best mate's baby sister, only to not save her and wind up laying face down on the softest bed he'd ever thrown himself on, waiting for (Draco's) lobster to be delivered to the room. He couldn't imagine how Ginny must be feeling at the moment.

Actually he could.

Wherever she might be, Harry imagined that she was scared and lonely out of her mind. That right then at that very moment, she was mentally scolding herself for talking to men online, and for being a stupidly romantic sixteen year old girl who was naïve enough to agree to meet with them in person. After being hard on herself, she would then no doubt be wondering frantically when Harry was going to come and save her, because that's what he did.

Except this time he couldn't. This time he didn't. And so while Ron and Hermione were pretending to be out hanging with Ginny so as to no alert Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Harry was supposed to be finding their daughter and bringing her safely home. But damn, he couldn't even find the place where he thought she might be! It was all so frustrating and-

Knock knock, "Room service." Reluctantly Harry pulled himself off the bed and went to go answer the door knowing that Draco wouldn't.

Standing at the door was an oddly peculiar looking blond young lady in the hotel staff uniform. Oddly peculiar because she had sunflower seeds hanging from her lobes like earrings. There was also this weird smile on her face. Not creepy weird, but like maybe she was a little touched in the head. He was instantly glad it was him that opened the door because Draco would have been merciless to her. Especially since she didn't have a tray lobster with her. Odd.

"Hello," she said pleasantly. Her voice even sounded odd; dreamlike like she was somewhere else, not the same reality Harry was in. "I hear you're searching for a secret."

Harry didn't really know how to respond to that, so he said nothing.

"I know. It's really hard to find apparently. At least that's what the nargles tell me."

He wanted to call 911 and get the girl some help, but he also wanted to keep listening to her. As loony as she appeared to be, she was rather intriguing. And really, it's not like he had anything better to do at the moment then indulge a stranger by playing along.

"So this…secret. Do you know what it is by any chance?"

"Oh yes," she said with a bright smile before cryptically adding, "it's your secret. The one you're looking for."

Harry was floored and he felt his breath hitch. The girl just continued smiling on, either really oblivious to his sudden almost panic, or just uncaring that she close to making him hyperventilate. Suddenly this didn't seem to far from reality at all.

He cleared his throat and his head before asking her in a hushed tone. "Do you…is it possible that the…nargles know where they can find, um…my secret? I seem too have…forgotten where it is."

"Oh of course! That's why I'm here. To tell you where to find your secret. The nargles want to help you. After all, it's no coincidence that you're here tonight, right now. Do you believe in coincidence, Harry?" He felt like he should have been weirded out that a complete and utter stranger knew his name but there was no time for that. He was all out of options and if the only lead he had was from some stranger who might or might not be crazy, he was going to jump on it.

"…Sometimes," he said truthfully. "But not right now." She seemed pleased by his answer, and her smile became even more radiant.

"That's really good Harry. The nargles were right about you. You need to go back the way you came. Look harder. Look for the platform."

Harry's brow knitted together in confusion. "What platform?"

"The platform nine and three quarters. Look for it. And when you find it, don't be fooled by its appearance. Go back…all the way back. And then go down…all the way down. And finally go straight…all the way straight. And when you see the two ogres guarding the red door, give them the name of the greatest snake that ever was or ever will be. That's how you find you're secret Harry. Goodbye," and she turned around, long blonde hair swishing behind her. He was about to call out for her when he realized she hadn't told him her name.

"What are you still doing at the door Harry? Has my food arrived? I'm quite famished," Draco complained, totally unaware of the cosmic exchange he had just missed.

Without a shred of hesitation or disbelief, Harry turned to look at his friend. "I know how to get there. I know how to get to the Chamber of Secrets."

"Really? Well that's great? How'd you figure it out?"

"…A nargle told me," Harry responded solemnly, to which Draco just looked confused before looking unconcerned.

"…Ok, let's get down to business."

Harry couldn't resist the temptation. "To defeat the Huns." The blank stare he received informed Harry that he needed a new friend/roommate; someone who got all his cheesy Disney lines. As a person who was just now experiencing the joys of old man Walt, it was kind of a necessity that he had someone to share that with. And as just witnessed in exhibit A, Draco wasn't cutting it.

"Pay attention Harry we've got a lot of work to do." Well this didn't bode well. Nothing ever boded well when Draco talked in his mother-hen voice. "First, new clothes! Give me a second, I'm going to text Dobby and tell him to pick us up a few things."

"I don't think new clothes are necessary. It's just a club. I walk in, find Ginny, and we walk out together. No big deal. I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that this was going to be some James Bond or Mission Impossible thing."

An irritated look crossed Draco's face as he sent his message and slipped his phone back into his pocket. "You see, and THIS is why you need me Harry. Did you honestly think you'd just be able to walk in the Chamber of Secrets?" Harry nodded. "Walk in dressed like that." His attire wasn't that bad. Did he look like was going to smoosh it up with some upper-class snobs, no. But his jeans were nice, his trainers were clean, and he was wearing his favorite shirt. The one with the lion in it. He looked like any other university student. So Harry nodded again.

Of course he did.

It was Draco's sighed turn to sigh. "Of course you did. Well it doesn't work that way. The Chamber of Secrets isn't just some club. It's a well known fetish bar for the elite."

"…Wait, what?"

"Dammit Harry, keep up! How could you not know Ginny was going to a fetish bar, if you were the one that was going looking for her?" Draco asked incredulously. Harry managed to look offended.

"Why on earth would I know that? All Ron did was tell me the name of the place. Said it was some club Ginny was apparently trying to get into."

"And then you just came to me, asking me to find it? Tell me something Harry, tell me…how do you think Ron knew the name of the club, hmm? Because even he was smart enough to actually read the emails that Ginny had been writing. But it's obvious you didn't since they clearly state that the Chamber of Secrets is in fact, a fetish bar! A BDSM club! And if you're going to a fetish bar, you need to look the part."

The next thirty minutes while they waited for Dobby to arrive, the Malfoy heir ordered Harry into the shower to freshen up. By the time he emerged, the parcels were there along with a rather red faced Dobby. Just looking at his countenance made Harry fearful about what Draco had asked him to purchase.

He just could not believe that it was that bad. So it was a fetish bar (whatever that meant) or BDSM club (whatever that meant too) for rich old snobs. Harry still didn't see why Draco thought he needed to play dress up to get in and he said as much.

The expression on Draco's face was murderous. Thankfully looks couldn't kill. His friend stalked over to a petrified looking Dobby and the parcels he'd bought and began rummaging around in them like a mad man, muttering some colorful words that Harry didn't even know Draco possessed in his vocabulary. Deep in a bag, Draco finally stopped tossing around its contents and walked back to Harry with a book in his hand. Just by looking at the cover, Harry understood what had made Dobby's face heat up. His own face was doing the same thing.

On the cover of the book was a woman what looked like a shiny latex suit. There was something in her mouth that looked like a ball, and her hands were held over her head, cuffed at the wrists. Standing behind her was a strong and dreamy looking man with a…bloody hell, with a whip! Harry's vibrant green eyes bulged out his head. This was what a 'fetish' was? This was what Ginny was trying to get into? Oh for fucks sake.

While Harry took in the cover of the book, Draco took in his visage which only seemed to grow more bewildered by the time the raven haired boy started reading the back of the book. Finally, it looked like Harry was really starting to understand what they were dealing with.

"Glad to see you're taking this in. It's about time. I've been practically carrying all the weight of this operation; it's time for you to do your part." Draco stared at Harry with steely grey eyes that broke for no argument. "Now you're going to try on those clothes, and save Ginny or by gods I'll tie you up and drop you off at the front door with a ribbon on your neck and card that says 'Christmas came early, love Santa.' Do I make myself clear?"

Harry just gulped. "Draco, you really can't expect me to do this. It's utter madness. Madness!" Harry wailed, albeit non to manly. He'd find another way to save Ginny. Any way that didn't require him wearing whatever Draco had in those bags!

"Well Harry I don't see any other options."

"That's because we haven't thought of all of the options yet!"

The blonde growled in frustration, his patience waning in the face of his stubborn raven haired friend. "Then don't do anything Harry; just leave her there!"

Harry paused in his tirade, mouth agape with a look of bewildered disbelief on his face. "Draco?" he gasped affronted. "How could you even suggest a thing like that! Of course we can't just leave her to those wolves, she'll-"

"She will get what she deserves!" Draco interrupted hotly. "This is all her fault. Who told the Weasel's little sister to start chatting it up with men over the internet, hmm? No one. Who persuaded her to actually go and meet with those people? Nobody. There was no one, and nobody that held a gun to her stupid little head and made her do those things. She chose to make those decisions and she should suffer the consequences for her actions. Face it Harry, Ginny all but walked into the den of those so called 'wolves' in a red cloak, asking to be devoured alive. We're nineteen year old sophomore college students at university, with a test tomorrow that, I for one, am not ready for. We should be in our flat, studying, not out gallivanting around on one of your 'save bloody everyone missions!' Especially ones that some little ditz literally walked right into like some sacrificial red-colored lamb sent to slaughter."

Harry was utterly floored by his friend's passionate dismissal of Ginny's plight. People made dumb choices. In this case, Ginny made a really dumb choice. He blamed it on the secret stash of romance novels she thought were cleverly hidden under her bed. But Harry didn't believe that she should be condemned for it. She deserved the chance to learn from her mistake without being traumatized in the process no matter what and he'd do whatever it bloody took to make that happen, else his name wasn't Harrison James Pot-

Understanding dawned on Harry like a new day. He looked at his accomplice in a new light. "Oh, I see what you did there."

Draco smiled, "Really? You got it?"

"Yea, you were doing the whole reverse psychology thing that we learned last week in psych class, right? Trying to make me realize that I'll do anything to save Ginny."

"Correct. I find that class notoriously inflexible. Father suggested I try a practical approach to gain a better understanding of it. Nice to see that my hard work has paid off," he finished with his trademark gloating sneer. Well at least Draco wasn't sitting in with a shrink for a 'practical approach.' Resigned to his faith, Harry went into Draco's capable hands.

For the next forty minutes, Draco played fetish dress up with Harry, going through all the clothes until they found something they could both agree on. Unwilling to waste any more precious time the pale blonde shoved his reluctant friend back into the bathroom with strict orders to change. "The sooner you're ready, the sooner you can save the Weaselette, and we can be on our marry little way."

That sounded like a really good plan, but Harry wasn't really keen on saving anyone but himself at the moment. Wrapped in his towel and sitting on the edge of the tub, Harry looked at the clothes he was about to put on with distain. They were ridiculous! The least outrageous outfit Draco had made him try on, but still utter ridiculous.

At first Draco wanted Harry in a leather cat suit like the women on the cover. Later, Harry would feel offended that his friend wanted to put him the girl costume. He wasn't bloody Catwoman for Pete's sake! Next it had been a pair of chap which completely exposed his ass. After that a pair of high wasted shorts that covered about as much of his ass as the chaps did, combined with a harness looking thing that he was guessed went around his torso. On and on they went, Draco growing frustrated at Harry's refusal. Some part of the black haired teen was beginning to think that Draco was having too much fun with all of this, and at his expense.

"Harry we need to go; its past midnight! Hurry up!" Draco pounded on the bathroom door yelling. Harry sighed. "And stop bloody sighing Potter!" Maybe the next time he was about to sigh, he should just hold his breath and drop dead. At this point, it seemed liked perfect solution.

Damn him and his hero complex. The next time someone asked for his help, he was declining. But he'd already come this far, and Harry James Potter was not a quitter, and he was not a deserter. He'd told Ron he was going to bring Ginny back safe and sound so that's what he intended to do.

With his last bit of hesitation momentarily forgotten thanks to his his passionate mental speech, Harry quickly grabbed the clothes and began adorning them before his courage ran out.

Outside, Draco began eating his lobster that had finally arrived when he heard Harry rustling around in the bathroom. Good. It was about bloody time. Not for the first time the Malfoy heir found himself contemplating his unorthodox friend.

How they even became friends Draco still wasn't sure. They'd actually been enemies since they first met in elementary school. Eternal rivals. They competed in everything. Harry called him a prick. Draco made fun of him for wearing huge hand-me-down clothes. Then Harry would say he looked like a frosty blonde popsicle. Which made Draco turn red and spout promises to tell his father on him.

Such good times.

But somewhere through their bickering and fighting, Draco discovered that Harry Potter was quite possibly the nicest person in existence. Which normally made him puke, but with Harry it was different. During junior year of high school, Draco's father was rumored to be doing business with some questionable people. The media got wind of the rumor somehow and the next day Draco's world was upside down. All of a sudden his family name was splattered on the front page of ever tabloid, his father almost lost the company, and his family had come close to being forcibly evicted from their ancestral home.

In a time when his world was being ripped at the seams, the only person that gave him a kind word of encouragement was Potter. At first Draco was sure it just some ploy. After all, everyone knew that no matter what was happening then, eventually things would be fixed, and the Malfoy's would be on top again. It would have been an opportune time for anyone to make connections with him. A very coy but fruitful strategy, one that Draco probably would have used if someone else had been in his position. It only took a few days for Draco to realize that Harry just wasn't like that.

Nope, Potter was the Golden Boy that everyone always claimed he was. What he thought was just a show for those around him, turned out to be truly just who Harry was. He was sweet, and considerate, and always willing to offer a helping hand. He stood up for the little guys, danced with ugly girls that no one else would, and was just well…quite perfect. The boy didn't have a mean selfish bone is his body. Draco found it all a bit sickening at times. Until he had been on the receiving end of it.

They'd been friends since. When graduation came along, they'd both been accepted Oxford, and agreed to share a flat close to campus. It worked out for everyone since Harry didn't want to live alone and Ron and Hermione wanted to get a place of their own, and Draco just thought it would be nice to live with a friend.

So far it had been great. Harry was always getting into something, and on nights when he wasn't doing anything of importance Draco usually tagged along for the thrill. Though he usually ended up helping somehow. It was all very fun- not that he'd ever admit that to Harry. But this little adventure Harry had dragged him into…it was by far the best. Draco was having the time of his life. Yes most of it was at Harry expense but that was to be expected because only Harry could manage to get involved as something as crazy as rescuing a 16 year old girl from an underground BDSM club. The sound of a door opening pulled Draco out of his nostalgia just in time to see Harry shamble out of the bathroom bashfully.

As a Malfoy, Draco was skilled in the art of keeping a neutral face in even the most dire of circumstance. But not even his proper upbringing could have stopped his jaw from hitting the floor when he saw Harry.

"Don't. You. Dare. Laugh," Harry hissed vehemently.

Draco just gulped. "Trust me Harry, for once, laughing isn't what I want to do right now." No, right now he just wanted to eat his best friend alive. Who knew the innocent little Golden Boy was so delicious looking!

From head to toe Harry looked like sin and sex personified. The black leather pants they had finally agreed on clung to Harry's legs and thighs, hugging his ass before ridding low on his hips. Next were the suspenders made of the same texture and color. With no shirt, they contrasted nicely against Harry's natural creamy complexion, calling attention to his rose colored nipples. And that was it. Well except for the-

"Are you wearing it?" Draco whispered hoarsely, partially in desire, the other in disbelief. The way Harry's face bloomed red was all the confirmation he needed.

"I- I couldn't get the pants on…you know with my briefs on. I didn't want to!"

"…Can I see it?"

"What? God dammit no Draco! No you cannot see the thong!"

"…Just a little strap?"


Draco pouted. "Fine then. After all my hard work and I can't even get a little flash. But whatever, you look good. You'll have no problem getting in, that's for sure. You look something straight out of that book."

Harry just folded his arms against his naked torso. "Whatever, can we go now? The sooner I find Ginny, the sooner I can drag her ass back here and get out of this horrible outfit."

Getting up, Draco circled around his friend, inspecting his work. "Just a couple more things." He snapped his fingers and Dobby bought over another bag. The aristocrat pulled out a little white bottle. "Some Paul Mitchell's should do the trick." He squirted its contents into his hands; lathering it up before running his fingers through Harry's jet black hair.

Naturally, Harry had this gravity defying hair that could never be tamed. Even short, there was just the hint of curl in it that prevented it from laying down flat. Utilizing the wildness, Draco just added the product to make it even wilder, only pulling away when Harry's hair looked soft and sex tousled. Wiping his hands on Dobby's shirt, he then pulled out some lip balm from his coat pocket. It was pink tinged and smelled like strawberries. Dabbing some on his finger, he swiped it on Harry's lips, accentuating his naturally plump Cupid 's bow shaped mouth. Drawing back, Draco admired his handy work. He liked what he saw, but there was still something missing. "Oh that!" he exclaimed.

Harry arched an eyebrow as his friend eagerly began digging in the bag once more. And then Draco pulled out a little black stick that looked like a smaller version of one of his charcoal pencils and-

"Oh hell no! Draco, I am NOT wearing eyeliner!" he roared. His poor masculine pride couldn't possibly stand for another blow. Especially one of this magnitude. He was already short, slender, and lacking the gruff manly appearance he coveted like the kind Ron possessed. And sure he was being coerced into dressing like a gothic love slave for the sake of rescuing Ginny. But bloody hell, he drew the line at fucking eyeliner.

Draco seemed utterly unfazed by the daggers shooting out of Harry's viridian eyes. "I don't care what you want. Haven't you figured that out already?" Harry's eyes just narrowed a bit more. "Fine, we can do this the hard way if you like. DOBBY! Hold him down!"

A minute later and Harry was pinned to the bed with Draco sitting on his hips and forcing his eyes open as he colored the bottom lids respectively. When that was complete, only then did he get off and order Dobby to relinquish his hold. Harry sprung off the bed like a cat doused in water, but Draco still thought he looked every bit a beautiful masterpiece. The black liner only furthered to draw more attention to Harry's eyes; which said something because Harry's eyes were attention getters any day. Draco wasn't even sure someone could buy contacts that came in the precise vibrant shade of green that Harry's did.

"Potter I've got say…you look almost as hot as I do. Almost," Draco commented proudly. Man he did some great work. Maybe he could take some pictures when Harry wasn't looking…

"Gee, thanks," he groaned. "Are you sure I can't wear a shirt though? It's cold outside."

"No," Draco said firmly. "You can take my trench," he said shrugging off said jacket. It was black and expensive; should go along perfectly with the look they were going for. He handed it over to the boy who wasted no time putting it on and wrapping it around himself like it was a protective blanket until only his head and feet were showing. Speaking of feet, those trainers were not going to cut it. Thankfully they wore the same size.

Sitting on the floor Draco pulled of his black Chanel combat boots and headed them over as well. "Wear these instead." The easiest demand Draco had made all night; Harry didn't waste any time arguing.

When Draco had Harry's shoes on, he knew they were ready to go.


"What the hell do you think? Of course I'm ready!" And with that Harry walked out of their hotel room, heading straight for the elevator leaving Draco to trail after him.

"Clean up this mess and then meet me in the alley." Draco commanded is little man servant who squeaked, before leaving the hotel room.

As when they first came, the ride in the elevator and the walk outside was done in silence. And then they were back in the alley way. But this time, they knew exactly what they were looking for and had no time finding it. It was easy to find now that Harry knew exactly what to look for. He'd have to thank nargles later for their stupendous help.

At the end of the alley was the old abandoned looking shop with a rusty old sign hanging overhead that read 'Platform 9¾. ' Harry didn't even realize that they had passed by it the first time they had searched the alley. It seemed to blend in with the rest of brick wall.

Standing in front of the door, Draco waited for Harry to open it. Grasping the knob he was faintly surprised the door opened so easily. As decrepit as the place looked he thought the door would be stuck or have to be forced open. Then again if it really was the secret entrance, the door would need to be opened rather easily for its patrons.

Inside, the little store was barren and dark. No lights. It made the place look more uninviting and Harry's heart thud wildly in his chest.

"That hotel girl said that there's some door that leads to…a basement I think…near the back," Harry whispered in Draco's ear. His blonde haired counterpart just nodded and they continued towards the back of the shop. If there were a door that led to the basement, all the scary movies Harry had seen dictated that it was probably located in the back.

Together they made their way to the back and Harry wasn't disappointed when he saw the silver door. In such an old looking place, the door stuck out. It was the only thing new, and had to have been installed at a later time then the original stores construction. It certainly didn't match the whole rustic décor of the rest of the establishment. The boys made eye contact, and Draco nodded, prompting Harry to open the door.

Well that was…strange. It led down the way a staircase to a basement should. But weren't those types of staircases made of rickety wood that gave you splinters? He said as much to Draco.

"Potter, you need to stop watching all those damn movies of yours." Whatever. He liked his movies. Especially the Disney ones. But that wasn't the important thing at the moment.

What was important was going down the intricately carved, gothic looking stone spiral staircase. The 'basement' wasn't really what a regular basement looked like; just another room with no windows. Instead, the room was actually a cavern. All around were curved walls of stone arching up into what made a ceiling that. All in all it reminded him of the underside of an old bridge, or a small subway tunnel.

"Harry do you feel that?"

Harry was glad he wasn't the only one because for a second, he thought he was going crazy. It felt the place was…shaking. Not like angry tremors from an earthquake or anything, but a soft kind of rumble, like the ground underneath them was yawning, or like-

"Its music!" he exclaimed. It was music. The loud bass of some speaker. The walls were made of stone, which is why he figured they couldn't hear anything. But there was no hiding the thump of a good speaker system. Felling more encouraged and inquisitive, Harry grabbed Draco's hand and led him down the hall.

They didn't walk for long before they finally…finally reached their destination. The hall seemed to get smaller as they approached and at the end of it was a bright red door. It seemed so out of place against the dreary gray colored stone walls. But it also served as a beacon that they had reached their destination.

They approached with caution, and when they were about five feet away, the door opened and to burly looking men stepped out. Undoubtedly the ogres. Draco and Harry both froze. There had to be some peep hole or something, or else that shit was just plain creepy.

Harry looked at Draco, who was studying the men intently. As nerve wracking as the whole ordeal had become, Draco didn't seem the least bit frazzled. If anything he had pulled his Malfoy aristocrat face on. Moments like this Harry was happy his friend was naturally so haughty and domineering. While annoying to him, it really bothered and intimidate others. Harry was hoping that the two bouncers wouldn't have his immunity to it either.

"Are you going to just stand there, or are you going to let us in?" Draco demanded coolly.

The bouncers looked at each other, and then back at the two boys.

"And just who do you thinks yous' is tryin' to get into here, then?" Wow. Harry hadn't heard such butchering of the king's English since he was in primary school.

Draco merely scoffed before taking a threatening step forward, Harry right at his side. "I'm the person that is going to have you bouncing at Chucky Cheese for the rest of your lives if you don't allow my friend here entry." And that was real; Draco didn't make idle threats. He made life altering promises that had the potential to fuck up the rest of your existence. Moments like these Harry wondered how he'd ever escaped unscathed during his and Draco's rivalry. Probably had something to do with the fact that Harry's younger years were hell, and there was nothing even he could have done to make it worse. Yep.

The two men were smarter than they sounded (well at least a little bit) because they started looking at each other nervously.

"…Well if we was to let em' in, he'd still be needin' da passcode."

"Yea, da passcode," the second ogre-like man chimed in. "Ain't no one 'llowed in without it. No matta wha."

'And when you see the two ogres guarding the red door, give them the name of the greatest snake that ever was or ever will be'.

Finally, Harry spoke. "Basilisk," he said smoothly.

The bouncer looked slightly disgruntled; enough for Harry to know that he was about to gain entry to Britain's most secret elite (and perverted) hang out spot. Confident that the final step was going through the door, he turned to Draco.

"You going to be ok right?" he asked, genuinely concerned. It was a kind of long way back. And the place was creepy and dark. He didn't want anything happening to his friend.

Draco had the gal to look affronted by Harry's apprehension. "Save your feminine concern, Harry."

"I'm just trying to be a good friend and make sure you're not too scared to walk back to the hotel alone-"

"Me afraid? Says the person who can't sleep without a nightlight in the bathroom," Draco smirked. Harry's face reddened.

"That shit isn't funny Drake! I told you never to mention that out loud you spoiled prat!" Dear god, he just hoped the bouncers hadn't heard that. The chortling laughter behind him told him he hadn't been that lucky.

"Don't soil your little panties Potter…if you can even call that scrap of material you're wearing, panties. Beside I just got a text from Dobby, he's upstairs waiting for me in the lobby of that shanty." Harry's eye's widened in disbelief.

"…Wait, you have service down here?" He pulled his own phone out of the coat pocket. Not a single bloody bar.

Draco sneered at him."Duh. iPhone"

Harry just rolled his eyes before replacing his piece of crap 11th century Nokia back in his pocket. "Whatever. Just be safe ok. And text me when you back at the hotel."

His blonde friend nodded. "Alright Mother. Text me when you rescue the Weaselette. You know…if you have service." There was a cheeky grin as he turned around and started walking down the hall. Harry watched him go until he was out of sight, disappearing around the corner.

He then turned around and strode purposely up to the door. Everything they'd done all night; the humiliation, the attacks on his manhood, all of it had been for this moment right here. There was no going back. Not that he ever would regardless.

And so gathering his legendary courage and bravery, Harry crossed the threshold of the little red door, into a world he'd never known existed until almost less than an hour ago. Courtesy of Draco and that damned book.

Unfortunately, no amount of anything could have prepared Harry for what he saw when he stepped into the Chamber of Secrets.

1) Yay! So RR and let me know what you think. Like i mentioned before i'm writing from my own imagine, combined with some research i did for a paper. Right now im just layin foundation for the story, but later I'm going to be introducing a lot of things (phsyical as well as theoretical) things into the stoy that you won't be familiar with unless you know a little something about the BDSM lifestyle. So if you have any questions feel free to leave them in a reivew and i'll answer them in the next Authors Notes!

2) In case anyone was wondering, Harry and Draco are just friends. I'm all about intense bromances, so I wanted them to be pretty close. I like Ron and Hermoine, and they will be in the story, but they're together, and i didn't want Harry to be a third wheel. Also, i just feel like Draco and Harry compliment each other in the most opposite of ways, and their interactions jus work for me.

3) My story name was just a random choosing of words to match the acronym BDSM. How many of you caught it? ^_^

4) I like Ginny, but i always felt there was this sense of reckless abandon about her that was capable of getting her into sticky situations. She just seems like the kind of person who would be interest in finding out something, and going to extremes to meet her goal.

5) Next chapter we'll get to see out unfriendly neighborhood Tom Riddle!