Going to be the last chapter!:)

2 years later

Gregory House laid down on the couch, he hasn't done this in a while due to his very crazy life now. Crazy yeah something like that, a lot had changed it was only 2 years now but he feels his life completely flipped upside down.

"Daddy!" Sammie wined, House looked at her.

"Yes Sammie?" House asked sitting up, she sat next to him.

"Are you still sad?" Sammie asked, House looked at his daughter for 6 years old she could read him like a book.

"No not anymore." House said with a smile.

"Really?" She said shocked. House wasn't going to lie to his daughter that was one thing he promised her.

"Well I am a little sad but I guess because he was my best friend but I know he had a great life." House said smiling ignoring the tear that tried to form in his eyes.

"Daddy you're crying." Sammie said looking at her father whipping away the tear that fell. "I miss Uncle James to even though I didn't get to know him for very long."

"I know you do, so do a lot of us." House said, Sammie gave him a hug and he hugged her back.

"Can we please go to the park today?" She said with her cute adorable smile. House looked at his daughter if only she didn't have his eyes he would say no but if that was the case she would have her mother's eyes and he couldn't resist those eyes either.

"Of course let's just check with your mother." House said, getting up slowly from the couch. Sammie skipped down the hallway to find her mother in her brother's room. Cameron stood there holding baby Jamie who was just about 1.

"Mommy Daddy said we can go to the park today, can we?!" Sammie asked. Cameron looked at Gregory who was smiling at the doorway.

"We need a day out just the 4 of us." House said, never in a million years would he thought he was going to say that.

"There's 5!" Sammie said pointing to Cameron's growing belly.

"Yes but your baby sibling won't be here for a while." House said with a smile. Yup that's right he now is going to have 3 children with Allison Cameron, and Chase got none but he found his own happiness with one of the new doctors Jessica Adams. Cameron got Jamie ready to go out to the park while House helped Sammie find some clothes that wouldn't get ruined with grass stains. The family of 4 left about a half hour after to the park.

Never in a million years did Allison Cameron think she would see her baby girl again, never did she think she would be engaged to Gregory House, and never did she think she would be expecting her 3rd child with him. I guess that's the shock of life you never really know what makes you happy until you got till it's right there in front of you.


I really hope you liked it!:) Lauren!