~ Lucky


Two years later

Thirteen-year-old Jack and seven-year-old Elizabeth sat patiently outside the courtroom. Their parents were inside, going over the final preparations to adopt Jack. Reba, Brock, Anna, Kyra and Jake were there for support.

A year ago, the Montgomery's had gotten a call from the State Department. Jack's mother had died from an overdose. The State Department also sent all of Jack's paperwork to the Montgomery's.

What seemed like an eternity later, Cheyenne and Van walked over to where their family was waiting patiently.

"The adoption went through! Jack's ours!" Cheyenne squealed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Everyone hugged both Cheyenne and Van. They then turned to Elizabeth and Jack. Every single adult hugged the children.

"To Jack!" Brock toasted once all of them were at Kernigan's – their favorite restaurant. Everyone raised their glasses and toasted Jack. Jack smiled and toasted everyone.

"So, what's my full name, mom and dad?" Jack asked once everyone was done eating.

"Your full name." Cheyenne started. "is Jackson Ellington Montgomery."

"I like that!" everyone responded.

They had dessert before going back to Van and Cheyenne's place.

"Van, I think my water broke!" Cheyenne announced when they were half-way home. Cheyenne was in her final trimester and was a week away from delivering twins – a boy and a girl.

"Are you sure?" Van asked. Cheyenne nodded while Van did a U-turn and headed for the hospital.

"Where's Van going?" Kyra asked, looking up from texting, the blue screen reflecting on her face.

"I don't know, but we better follow them." Reba said, turning the car around.

Cheyenne was already in her hospital room when Brock, Reba, Kyra, Anna and Jake joined them. Cheyenne was asleep after having an emergency C-Section. Van was putting a blanket over Elizabeth and Jack when the family entered the room.

"The twins are in the NICU and will stay there for at least ten days." Van started, his voice slightly above a whisper. "The little girl is Jade Alexandra and the little boy is Michael Xavier."

"Can we see them?" Jake asked. Van nodded and led the way to the NICU.

"Only two people can come in the NICU at a time." Van told the family. Reba and Brock would go first, followed by Anna and Jake. Kyra would wait until tomorrow to see her niece and nephew.

"They are so precious!" Reba whispered as Jade was placed in her arms. Michael wasn't breathing on his own, so he was hooked up to a ventilator.

"Who was born first?" Brock asked, looking over Reba's shoulder at his sleeping granddaughter.

"Jade, then Michael." Van whispered.

"How's Cheyenne doing?" Reba inquired, carefully handing Jade to Brock.

"She's extremely tired, but doing well." Van answered.

Reba and Brock stayed with their grandchildren for another ten minutes before Anna and Jake wanted a turn. Anna smiled from ear-to-ear as Jade was placed in her arms.

"Kyra, are you sure you don't want a turn?" Van asked as they exited the NICU. Kyra nodded and followed her family to the hospital room that Cheyenne was in.

"Have Jack and Elizabeth seen their new brother and sister?" Reba asked.

"Not yet, but they will sometime tomorrow." Van answered.

The Hart family hugged Van as they exited the room. They wanted the new family to have some space and would see them the following day.

Ten days later, Cheyenne, Jade, Van and Michael piled into Reba's car and headed for the Montgomery's house.

"I want to see the animals." Cheyenne croaked as she and Van put the babies in the nursery.

"Babe, you just got home. Don't you want to rest?" Van asked.

"Okay, I'll rest for a little bit, then I want to see the animals." Cheyenne told Van. He nodded and kissed her forehead. He then walked to the door and closed it slightly.

"Dad, is everything okay?" Jack asked as he played with Pygmy Puff – his chinchilla. Van nodded and saw Elizabeth brushing Hagrid in the middle of the aisle.

"Can I go for a ride, please, daddy?" Elizabeth pleaded.

"Sure." Van answered. He turned to Jack. "You wanna ride Oreo?"

"Yes, please!" Jack answered, placing Pygmy Puff back in her cage.

Fifteen minutes later, both kids were on their horses and heading towards the outdoor arena. The hot Texas sun beamed down like a light bulb on the sandy ground. Van knew that it was extremely hot and told the kids to ride for ten minutes then have something to eat.

"Okay!" Jack responded, already dismounting Oreo. The mare nudged Jack's shoulder lovingly. Jack smiled and patted her shoulder.

Elizabeth reluctantly dismounted Hagrid and put him in his stall. The two of them just walked around the arena, so the horses weren't too sweaty.

As Elizabeth and Jack ate their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Van went to check on Cheyenne. He found her in the nursery, nursing Michael. Jade was asleep in her crib.

Van felt like they were the perfect family – they had Jack, Elizabeth, Jade and Michael. He also included their animal friends, which included:

Vernon, Dudley and Petunia the Mules

Dumbledore the Great-Horned Owl

McGonagall the Red-Tailed Hawk

Cho, Cedric, Harry, Neville, Hermione and Ron the Skunks

Lily and Severus the Deer

Tonks and Remus the Rabbits

Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin the Dogs

Wormtail the Opossum

Voldemort the Wild Turkey

Lucius the Llama

Draco the Albino Ferret

Arthur and Molly the Mallard Ducks

Luna the Swan

Fleur the Hen

Viktor the Rooster

M & Ms, Butterfinger & Oreo the Horses

Lucky the Cat

Ginny and Hagrid the Welsh Ponies

Sirius and Kingsley the Zebu Bulls

Bellatrix the Zebu Cow

Dobby and Winky the Pygmy Goats


Pygmy Puff the Chinchilla

Heaven was the right place on Earth. The Montgomery family didn't need anything else to keep them happy.