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You gently kissed Beyond on his forehead as he slept, trying not to wake him as he was peacefully dreaming of the horrors he had inflicted on the humans of the world the night before. You knew what he did to get the money to pay for the rent was wrong, but you didn't care as long as you were together.

You met a long time ago when you were nothing but orphans at The Wammy's House For Gifted Children, he was different from the other children there and you loved that about him. His eyes were red like the blood that pumps through your veins, his hair as dark as the coal that burnt in your fireplace and that made you adore him more, he was perfect.

You lived in a cheap apartment on the east side of L.A, you rarely left this place because Beyond wanted to keep you safe away from the world. He always told you ' The world will eat you alive if you let it ' I guess he was right.

Your lips pressed gently on his forehead and you pulled away. You saw a sweet smile appear on Beyond's lips and he whispered your name.

' My sweet strawberry jam... ' Said Beyond as he stirred in his sleep.

It always made you smile as he always knew it was you even if he was sleeping, stroking his dark hair away from his eyes as he slept to reveal his handsome face always gave you butterflies. He meant the world to your and you wanted to keep it that way forever.

Leaving Beyond sleeping you walked over towards the fridge and opened it wide. Looking to the middle shelf of the fridge you saw 4 jars of strawberry jam.

Beyond's favorite treat, you sometimes watched him eat the sweet sticky red liquid with his hands. Scooping it up with his finger tips and pouring the jam into his mouth always brought a smile to your face as the jam trickled down his chin, you never had the heart to ask him to use a spoon.

You picked up a pot of strawberry yogurt, then shut the fridge door behind you as you walked over towards the cutlery draw to get a spoon. You rummaged around in the draw and you felt something sharp cut into the skin of your finger tip.

' Ouch.. ' You said as you removed your hand from the cutlery draw.

Holding up your hand you saw blood trickle down your finger tip. You put your bleeding finger to your lips and you felt a hand gently touch your hand.

You looked down towards the hand as it gentle removed the bloody finger tip from your lips. The hand belong to the man you loved, you watched as he gently kissed your bloody finger tip and gave you the most delicious grin.

You smile back as he reached out his other hand to stroke your cheek, his touch was warm upon your cheek and it made your knees feel weak. His hand slowly ran down to your neck, he gently led you forward by the neck towards him and leant forward to kiss your cheek.

' I've been dreaming about about you...' Whispered Beyond.

You let out a giggle as you wrapped your arm around his neck and rested the yogurt pot upon his shoulder. You ran your bloody finger tip along his bottom lip and leant forward for a soft kiss.

Life was perfect, but it was all going to change as he had found a new game he wanted to play and you enjoyed every minute as you let him play away.