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Frostbite's realm 10 hours after visiting clockwork

"Oh great one, it would seem your ice powers are growing at an extraordinary rate. Even with the constant training we are giving you, your ice powers along with a lot of your other powers are growing much faster than before. I am sorry oh great one, but you will have to find help elsewhere for this." Frostbite said in a out of character glum tone. "However, I do know of someone who can help you with your powers. The only problem with this is that they aren't in the ghost zone or Amity Park."

'That is a problem, what would my family say if I told them this? What would happen to the town if I left? I know Valerie is a good hunter, but since she learned the truth she cut down on her ghost hunting.' Danny thought only for his a sudden heat wave to appear causing the frozen tundra around them to start melting.

'Oh great, now I have heat powers? This isn't funny in the least. I thought I was supposed to haveā€¦ What the hell now there is freezing rain? Oh great one of the ghosts who gave me powers similar to vortex's now I need to keep my emotions in check.' Danny thought trying to calm his nerves.

"Great one what was that? I remember the last time we met you had ice powers, but not heat and water power." Frostbite while it still rained.

"I had something similar to this when I for Vortex. I absorbed some of his power, and my emotions gave me the power to control the weather. But this time I think it is more than that." Danny said just before a super strong wind came, "This is becoming too much for me to handle on my own even with your help. If I don't get my abilities under control, I might end up hurting the ones I care for." Danny sighed, causing Frostbite to smile not at the thought of him hurting people, but the level of maturity he is showing.

"Spoken like I would expect the great one would. I don't have much, but put this necklace on, it will not only guide you to the one who can help you, but it will also let them know that I sent you. This being like you needs to constantly train to keep their powers in check as well. However first I think you should go talk to you family and friends to let them know you are leaving." Frostbite explained to his ally and friend.

"Thank you Frostbite, and don't worry I will be back when I gain control of my powers." Danny said just before he felt himself accidentally let out a strong wind.

'I better find this person quickly before I end up doing what I fear most.' Danny thought as he took off towards the ghost zone portal.

Fenton works 1 hour later

"So Danny tell us what is going on with you?" Sam asked in a concerned tone.

"I have some bad news and worse news. Which do you want first?" Danny asked in a somewhat sad mood.

"Isn't it good news and bad news Danny? Not bad news and worst news?" Tucker asked hoping to correct a mistake.

"Just tell us little brother. There is no way both pieces of information you have can be bad." Jazz said trying to be optimistic.

"Trust me it is both. But since you won't answer I will start with the bad news. The bad news is my ghost powers are growing." Danny said causing everyone to release a breath they were holding.

"How is that bad news? I mean we saw what you did to Skulker. All you need to do is keep your powers under control, and you will be able to beat any of your enemies with ease." Tucker said with a smile.

"I know but that is just it Tucker. My powers are out of my control. When I went to go see Frostbite today to try and train my ice powers, I let out a heat wave, freezing rain, and a strong wind one after the other." Danny stated.

"It sounds like you gained Vortex's weather powers again. Just keep your emotions in check, and you should be fine." Sam said trying to calm down her friend/crush. (AN: Just in case you didn't get the message there will be no Danny/Sam in this one)

"So tell us little brother how did you gain these new powers? From what I can tell and studied these new powers aren't a part of the set you originally gained." Jazz asked.

"That is just it. Remember when I was zapped by all those ghosts before I helped save the planet from the anti ghost asteroid? Well when I was getting zapped for that period of time while I gained my ghost powers back I also gained some of those ghosts' powers along with my own power growing stronger. I mean remember when I unleashed my ghostly wail on them? I didn't revert back to my human self like I normally do. In fact ever since then I stayed in my ghost form like my evil self did when he used it." Danny answered.

"Not to change the subject, but unlike you Dark Danny is all ghost. Besides if you stay as your ghostly self it only means that you did get stronger. But seriously Danny whatever powers you have we will help you gain control of them." Jazz said while hugging her little brother, "I mean, what'd you think that friends and family are for?"

"Danny, what's the worse news?" Tucker asked thinking they found a way around the bad news.

"Ok the worse news is I won't be having a 16th birthday." Danny said causing everyone to gasp in shock. "That's right, because of what happened to me that day in the ghost zone, my human half is breaking down. Soon I will be a complete ghost like everyone in the ghost zone."

"You can't be serious Danny. It isn't fair at all. You save the planet only to find out you are going to die because of it. Is there any way to reverse this?" Sam asked hoping there was one.

"No there isn't Sam. I spoke with clockwork when I noticed my powers were acting up, and he was the one who gave me all this information. He also told me that getting my powers under control is the only way to extend the little bit of time I have left." Danny answered.

"Man this sucks. My best friend won't be with us when we graduate. Also I was so hoping that I could be the best man at your wedding." Tucker said in a down tone.

"Who said I can't still be the best man at your wedding? Just because I may not be alive doesn't mean I won't exist." Danny countered.

"Danny you know the GIW along with many others are trying to beef up the ghost laws. In fact the only reason they are leaving you alone is because you are half human. When you become a full ghost, then the law that is protecting you won't apply. If they wanted they could make you their weapon, and no one could do anything." Jazz replied causing Tucker to frown.

"Not while I am the mayor of Amity it won't! Remember, since Plasmius has been booted out I am in charge. So don't worry Danny, as long as I am the mayor, and the people here support you, then there will be no way that they can do that to you. I will make sure there are laws that will protect you when this happens." Tucker replied sincerely causing Danny to smile.

"Thanks Tucker, I knew I could count on you." Danny said with a smile.

"So Danny, how are you going to gain control of your growing powers?" Jazz asked.

"Frostbite gave me something to lead me to someone who can help me. He told me that like me this being has to consistently work on keeping control of their powers. Hopefully this being will be able to help me as well." Danny said with hope only for a strong very unnatural wind to show up tearing the roof off of Fenton works.

"Danny what did you do?" Sam asked.

"It is one of my ghost powers acting up. I don't know why, but I can't control it. I need to go before something else happens." Danny said to his sister and friends.

"Danny at least let me come with you. If mom and dad come back and see that you aren't here they will get worried." Jazz said with great concern.

"Sorry Jazz, as much as I would love to do that, I don't know what the full extent of my new powers is. For all I know I might accidentally fry you or something while I'm carrying you. I think it is best that you stay here with Sam and Tucker." Danny responded, "Besides you can let Valerie and the rest of the town know that the only reason I am away is to home my powers so nothing bad happens to them."

"Danny, please come back to us." Sam replied in a sort of worried tone. "I don't know what I would do if something happened to you."

"Sam you make it sound like something is going to happen to me that we don't know off. I am already going to become a full ghost soon, so what else could happen to me? Tucker I am counting on you to make a law so that the ghost hunters, especially the GIW, don't try to capture me when this happens." Danny replied.

"You can count on me Danny. Besides since most of the people in this town are pro Danny Phantom, you won't have a problem getting the voters on your side." Tucker said just as Danny went ghost.

"Danny, I'll explain this to mom and dad when they get back," Jazz said as she pulled her brother into a very affectionate hug causing Sam to turn red with anger and Tucker to start snicker at the sight, "and Danny I believe in you, so when you come back tell us all about what has happened ok."

"Sam you should see the look on your face. I can't believe you are getting jealous because Jazz is hugging Danny." Tucker said before outright laughing.

"See you all later, and be safe okay?" Danny said just before he flew through the ceiling and high into the skies of Amity Park.

'Ok now which way do I go? Frostbite said that this gem would lead me to the person who would help me so which way?' Danny asked himself as he placed the gem into his hand and rotated his body in a 360 motion until he got a reaction from the gem. 'So this is the way I need to go? Well here I come read or not.' Danny thought to himself as he took off at full speed which happened to be over 330 miles per hour, which was a shock even to him.

'I better cut down on the speed before I accidentally hurt someone, or myself.' Danny thought as he continued to follow the gem into the direction it reacted the most.

Back at Fenton works.

"I still can't believe you were going to let out the green eyed monster for Jazz hugging him of all people." Tucker said still laughing.

"A normal hug is one thing, but that hug looked a little more affectionate then a normal one." Sam spat out.

"Sam you are so easy to get riled up. Besides if I wanted Danny that way, I could not only beat you to him, but you would never know I took him." Jazz said, getting the desired effect.

"Jazz, he's your brother for god's sake! I think you need to have your head examined." Sam said still pissed off only for Tucker and Jazz to laugh it up more.

"I told you she would react this way Jazz. Oh god, I needed a good laugh." Tucker said still snickering.

"That isn't funny at all! In fact Tucker, since the principal owes me a favor I think I will have them remove all meat products from the school menu again, and replace them with meat substitutes." Sam said in a vindictive tone.

"If I was still eating lunch at Casper high, that would have been good, but since I am the mayor of this town now, I get my meals brought to me from the nasty burger by my girlfriend." Tucker said causing both Sam and Jazz to gasp.

"You have a girlfriend Tucker? Jazz check outside I think the apocalypse is happening." Sam said in a sarcastic yet joking tone.

"Very funny Sam, But I do have a girlfriend, and nothing you can say can change that fact." Tucker said defensively.


"Captain Anderson! Where is my report on our newest weapon!" The GIW leader asked in a demanding tone.

"If you are talking about the ectoplasm neutralizer, it will be ready in 2 weeks." Captain Anderson said in a somewhat calm tone.

Captain Anderson is a man who is in his late 30's. He stands the impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches, has a body that is well toned and muscular from previous military service. The only thing that is on him that isn't white would be his jet black hair and his black service boots.

However, upon hearing the answer Anderson gave her a vein of irritation appeared on her head.

"You fool, I was talking about Danny Phantom! Where is he, and what is his current status?" The GIW Leader asked.

"I left all Danny Phantom matters to agent Benny ma'am. Shall I call him in ma'am?" Anderson asked with a bit of fear in his voice.

"Well go and get the information about how far he his human half has degenerated, and his location now! The GIW leader said in a tone that scared Anderson. "Unless, of course, you want to go ten rounds with me in the ring Agent Anderson."

"No Ma'am I will get the information from agent Benny right away. Please don't make me go into the ring with you." Anderson said extremely scared for his well being.

"No instead take me to him now! I want to make sure personally that none of you are slaking off!" The GIW leader said causing Anderson to gulp knowing what would happen if that was the case.

'I wouldn't want to be the person caught slacking off in her presence.' Anderson thought to himself as he took his leader to Benny. 'Last time she caught someone they had to go ten rounds with her unless she knocked them out first. The last guy was lucky he lasted 8 rounds or he would have lost his rank along with his raise.'

A room for the lowest of the low

'Danny Phantom has left Amity Park? I better keep track of him for my queen. I don't want to have to explain to her how I lost him if I did.' Benny thought to himself as he began gave his command to his computer.

"Julia, keep track of Danny Phantom for me. Also let me know if anymore strange power spike come such as the sudden burst of wind from before." Benny said in a calm tone to his computer.

"Yes creator, it shall be done. Is there anything else you desire my creator?" Julia asked in a sweet tone.

"No Julia, just do that for now. As long as I do my job, and keep my queen happy with my success, I can keep up with your upgrades." Benny said to his creation.

No sooner did Benny say this did he hear his queen scolding some grunts causing him to laugh inward.

'I warned them not to slack off but they wouldn't listen since they consider me under them.' Benny thought to himself.

"Julia go back to your hiding position until they leave. I can't have them finding out about you." Benny said causing Julia to change into a glowing 01001 code (Think of the upgraded Technus from flirting with disaster if you can't picture it) and hiding in Benny main computer just before Anderson and the GIW leader came in.

"How may I serve you my queen?" Benny said in the most respectful, yet humble tone.

"Grunt Benny, can you tell me the location on our target? Also has he completely destabilized yet?" The GIW leader asked.

"As of right now, Danny Phantom is leaving Amity Park and heading east. As for where he is exactly heading, I don't know yet my queen. As for his breakdown, he is now 55% ghost, 45% human. From what I learned in the past few hours his growing ghost powers is what is causing his human half to degenerate. The stronger his powers become, the faster he will degenerate." Benny answered.

"Is there anything else that you found out that we should know?" Anderson asked.

"Sir the only other thing I can think of is that, while the degeneration of his human half can't be stopped it can be slowed down. If he can control the rate in which his powers grow, then he can slow down the process by a max of 45%. However, even if he does manage to do this it will only extend his human life by 6 months at best. Otherwise he won't last 1 month." Benny added.

The GIW leader upon hearing this information once again smiled before she gave out her next order.

"Anderson, get Major Spook, and lieutenant colonel Brain's divisions on capturing him immediately! I don't want to have to wait 6 months for a weapon when I can have it in less time! GET MOVING NOW!" The GIW leader replied in a very commanding tone.

"Yes Ma'am! It shall be done now!" Captain Anderson said just before hi tailing out of Benny's lab as fact as his legs could carry him.

"Is there anything else you would like for me to do for you my queen?" Benny asked in the same professional and humble tone.

"Just keep track of Danny Phantom's movements so you can give them accurate directions on our new weapon. Do I make myself clear?" The GIW leader said with authority.

"Yes my queen it shall be done." Benny said just as the GIW leader turned walked out of his lab.

'Soon you will be mine Danny Phantom, and when you are there will be no more free ghost hunting for Amity. If they want your services or ours they will have to pay.' The GIW leader thought to herself with a wicked smile on her face.

2,000 miles away from Amity and several hours later

'Hmm, the pendent's glow is getting stronger. I can't believe how far I have gone in the past few hours.' Danny thought as once again his powers began to act up. 'Oh no, not now!'

Within moments a stronger tornado came from out of nowhere while Danny is screaming pain. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, since Danny was out in the middle of the ocean, but at the same time a city was close to where Danny is, and from the looks of it a heavy populated one at that.

"No, darnn it, not again," Danny thought as the same feeling came over him causing an entire chunk of the ocean to freeze while the twister broke up the ice in its path, and sent it flying toward the city.

Danny was about to go and try to correct the accident that happened when every single ice shard and the twister became incased in a black aura. Instantly the twister vanished, and the shards feel down towards the icy part of the ocean.

"I don't know what you are trying to do, but we won't allow you to trash our home." Said a voice belonging to a young woman in a blue hooded cloak.

Danny took a look at the glowing pendent in his hand, and saw it glow extremely bright causing him to smile and the girl to gasp in shock.

"How did you come across that pendent you have now? I gave it to a friend from the realm of the dead, and none but a few can go there." The girl said causing another in her group to frown.

"And everyone calls me dumb, Raven that's Danny Phantom the guy who saved the world when we were all on that mission in space. Of course he would be able to go to the realm of the dead since he's half ghost!" The green skinned boy said causing the Raven and the others to calm down.

"Hero or not, you can't just go and do whatever you want because you can!" Spoke a mask wearing boy with an R on his chest.

"Ok circus boy, do you think I would create a strong wind, to send ice shards flying on purpose? I came here because Frostbite said that the owner of this pendent could help me with my out of control powers." Danny answered causing the green skinned boy to laugh, and Raven to move in closer before she touched his face.

"He is telling the truth everyone, but from what else I saw you will need my help and fast. From what I saw he doesn't have long to live." Raven responded.

"That is one of the reasons why I came to find you... Raven is it?" Danny asked getting a positive response from Raven.

"Hi Danny Phantom, my name is Beast boy, and I am a big fan of yours. The others with us are Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg." Beast boy said in a ecstatic tone.

"So, Raven, can you please help me?" Danny asked in a pleading tone, "I don't want to end up hurting those I care for because my powers are out of control."

Stage out

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