Alcohol tainted there breathe. There cloths reeked of liquor. Toxication glazed there eyes.

"Please, leave me alone." The woman pleaded, her voice cracking as they stalked closer.

"I have money. If you leave you can have it. Even my bracelet, it's diamond." She said softly, as if speaking to a child.

The men laughed obnoxiously as they cornered her in. She slowly backed up as they neared, her stomach turning as her back the wall.

"Honey, we dun want chu monlah." One of the men slurred, licking his lips as his eyes landed on her exposed skin."Show us a fun night." Another man smirked, making the others laugh.

"If you leave now...I won't hurt you." The women threatened, clutching her purse.

The men looked at each other, all bursting into fits of laughter. The woman's eyes narrowed as one of them suddenly staggered closer, pieces of rock levitating around his hands.

"You benders think you can just harass me because I'm a non-bender, you're all scum." The woman said harshly. The men laughed more as one of them bended the earth under her feet, making her fall forward.

"Bitch." One of them slurred, pushing her to the wall with there foot. His dark eyes holding an evil glint as he brought his foot back, readying for another kick.

"Do it!" One of his friends shouted. He turned back smirking at them. Moving his hangs in the air, motioning them to cheer louder for him.

"Yeaah-woah!" One of them shrieked, his drunken state making him even more fearful.

"Wha?" The man asked confused, trying to keep his balance, when suddenly he felt light taps on his back.

"Argh!" He yelled, falling to the ground women smirked, wiping her mouth, placing her foot on top of the man. Kicking him forward as he did to her.

"You wrench!" One of the men yelled, charging at her, his fist on fire.

She ran towards him, dodging his drunken attacks hitting his arms, making his bending useless."Sh-Shit!" He stuttered, as she kicked him in a major pressure point, between the legs.

The other men staggered back, fully scared of the women."Take this!" One of the last three yelled fearless, the earth in front of him converging upwards in spikes. The women took a sharp breathe, flinging herself to the side, avoiding the attack, and then running towards him from the corner, she was about to hit one of his pressure points, when he fell to the ground suddenly. She stopped, confused, seeing his other friend fall as well. Her eyes narrowed again as she heard footsteps aproching.

"You looked like you needed some help." A low voice sounded in the dark. The women smirked, realizing what happened.

"You know how to block chi." She pointed out, seeing his figure materialize as he came closer.

"All of us do." He said, coming into the dim light of the lanterns hung outside, his was face shielded by a mask. Multiple men were behind him, wearing mask as well.

"You share hatred for benders as we all do, and possess the ability to take them down. Join us." Amon offered, his hand outstreched towards her, the women looked down at the drunken men from before, debating the offer, her anger quickly resurfacing as she saw one of them move a little to get up, groaning.

"It would be an honor." She declared, kicking the man back down.

"Tenzin, your answer." An elderly women said. Tenzin sighed in frustration, seeing all the council members hands risen. He never won in debates like this.

"Tenzin, we need your answer now." He took a deep breathe, there was no way of escaping it either way.

"Fine." Lin smiled, "Good, because we already sent out our undercover agent."