She sighed, staring at her ceiling. Aoi just got off of her duties in the hospitable, and she was bored already-which she assumed weeks ago would be impossible, but I guess not. Today was an easy day, no injuries, no emergencies, nothing. She did a few checkups and mostly cleaned the place the whole time-once again, impossiably boring.

She brushed her hair out of her face, it was getting too long. She gave her self a mental note to get a hair cut soon. She sighed again, watching light reflect off the ceiling. It was from a certain silver chain on her wrist, one that Amon gave to her a couple of days ago.

"Amon, how's your arm?" Aoi smiled as she closed the door behind her.

"Better." He sounded, striding up to her. They embraced for a second until there lips met once again. It felt as though each of his kisses held so much passion, so much love.

"What's wrong?" He asked, his thumb rubbing over her cheeks. She was frowning, and she knew why. He loved her, but the feeling wasn't mutual. And, for some reason, just the thought of that, broke her heart.

"Hm, nothing." She smiled flatly,

Lately they've been getting even closer, a little to close. She was supposed to be a under cover spy for the Chief of Police. With everything happening, she was starting to actually have feelings for him, which she needed to destroy. Lin would be furious. Absolutely furious.

"Aoi, this mission will have a great toll on you if you are careless." Lin said as she watched Aoi slid into a tight dress, her voice sounded so strained and far away.

"I am a healer." Aoi smirked, putting on her heels.

"I mean mentally."

Aoi chewed her lip as she adjusted her hair, it was odd for Lin to address her before a mission. She usually gives her farewells as she leaves or most of the time she doesn't even give a farewell.

"If you get attached, it will be hard to detach yourself." Lin's voice was soft.

Aoi smiled at her as she gave the women a hug, "It's ok. I don't attach." She winked.

She frowned yet again. Since when does she become attached, heck, Aoi cant even remember the last time she was even attached to anything. Anything at all. Or even remember loving anyone, sure she loved her friends and family…and of course her dog. But actually loving someone as a partner, she never has.

She sighed as she heard someone knock at her door.

"Come in." She whistled, still staring at the ceiling, maybe it was good to have someone come and stop her from thinking.

"Aoi." The low voice sounded as a shadow of someone entered her room.

Her eyes narrowed as the door shut, "Lieutenant." His pale green eyes burned holes into as she sat up staring at him-she's been wrong before, maybe thinking would've been better.

"Don't you think it's odd…" He said slowly, observing a picture frame on her nightstand, "That you just happened to be outside when the intruder water bender escaped?" His eyes holding a smirk.

Aoi looked at him, almost finding the situation amusing. He was blunt and got straight to the point-it was challenging-she liked challenges.

"Don't you find it odd that I was ordered to go scouting when the water bender attacked, sounds like a set-up." She cooed, gracefully standing. His smirk didn't fade as she grew closer to him, pushing him towards her by his shirt.

"Now, you wouldn't be trying to frame me? Would you?" She asked seductively, breathing into his ear as she tug on it with her teeth. She could feel his heart rate increase as she licked it, whispering more, "Odd, don't you think."

He grinned as he grabbed her shirt, tugging on the bottom, "Odd, indeed." He smiled, his hands soon finding her bottom.

He frowned as she pulled away, spinning around him to the door, "Yes, indeed." She winked before leaving-yes, thinking would've been much better.

Aoi quietly made her way to the hospitable, using her key to unlock the door, she whipped her head back and fourth as she sticked her tongue out,the Lieutenant was indeed a blunt and creepy man.

She scanned the area before franticly going threw cabinets and drawers. She cursed as she crouched down, ripping open the bottom cabinets, maybe it was a good thing he stopped by her room, it reminded her what she needed to do.

"Where is it?" She whispered, tearing threw objects desperately-concluding that the Lieutenant had indeed cursed her.

She gritted her teeth as she couldn't find the desired object, her stomach flipping as she was filled with fear-no he dammed her.

"Aoi, you missed our last meeting point." Lin whispered, the two of them with there backs to each other as they nonchalantly scanned multiple food options in a concealed mini market.

"It's hard to get out now a days, the security's been upped." She smiled, turning to another under cover cop posing as a friend, when in reality she was talking to Lin. Her friend mouthed Lin's words, "What's going on down there?"

"Nothing at the moment, just suspicions of the water bender." She spoke again happily as she fakely laughed with the other girl.

"Good, here-" Lin spoke as she looked at produce opposite of Aoi, the girl handing Aoi a small necklace. "It has special metal in it, I'll be able to locate it anywhere. I want you to conceal it somewhere within the base." The girl lip spoke as Aoi examined it. It was odd, a small circle shaped metal with a purple shine to it attached to a rope necklace.

"We're planning an attack soon." Lin spoke again, picking up a pound of ham and moving to the cashier. Aoi didn't respond as she shoved into her pocket, her and the girl bowing to each other before going there separate ways.

Aoi franticly looked threw the cabinets again, it was her hiding place for that special stone, a place she knew no one would ever look threw, or even notice. Yet, somehow it was missing.

The pit in her stomach grew as she even went as far as checking every box, ripping open every blanket, and even checking in test tubes.

She was to busy fretting over the lost metal to hear the door open and shut quietly with footsteps stopping behind her.

Aoi relunctically gave up her search by throwing a roll of towels at the cabinet, she sat on her legs and starred at the non-metal necklace space with agony. Her eyes were down casted as she thought of every possible outcome: the stone was lost, a killer whale ate it, an Equalist accidently found it and moved it to somewhere not in the base, Lin would kill her...painfully...and feed her to the sharks.

"Is something wrong." She jumped hearing the deep voice, automatically turning around to see the intruder.

"Amon?" She questioned, looking up at him, his mask tilting down towards her.

A laugh erupted from his chest as he knelt down, his hand caressing her neck as he held a piece of her hair, running his fingers threw it.

"Your hairs always so soft." He admired leaning in, Aoi inwardly rolled her eyes as she followed his movements, removing his mask just enough for a kiss-something of a routine now.

He deepened the kiss just enough before pulling away and adjusting his mask, Aoi could see him smirking as he pulled back to readjust.

"Now tell me, what's wrong?" He asked smoothly, sitting Indian style in front of her, she laughed as she copied.

"Nothing, just lost something." She smiled, blushing at her own stupidity-trying to desperately hide her anxiety.

Amon titled his head, making Aoi almost imagine a smile on his face. "I can help you." He offered, crawling over to her until he was on top, pushing her against the cabinet doors.

"This isn't helping out." She pointed out sarcastically, making him chuckle.

"Ok, I'll help you out…after this." He opted, removing his mask. Aoi held her breathe as she watched him raise it higher and higher, yes, she indeed never did she his whole face. And-she decided for the better-it was about time she did.

Anticipation grew as he lifted it up high and higher, she could see him smirk as he started lifting it slowly, purposely irritating her.

Her eyes grew wide as she saw a scar along side his face as he lifted it even high-"Amon-oh." She jumped as she heard the foreign voice at the doorway-it was an Equalist. Amon swiftly stood up pulling the mask down.

"We need you in the war room." The Equalist spoke awkwardly avoiding eye contact before bowing curtly and leaving.

Amon looked down at Aoi, chuckling as a small blush was across her face.

"We'll finish this later." He said soothingly, before walking out.

Aoi sighed in relief after hearing the door close, she really wasn't in the mood to be intimate with Amon at the moment, her number one priority was finding that damn necklace.

And as if to make matters worse, the door opens yet again, and to make it even worse the Lieutenant was standing at the door way, with a stomach turning grin on his face.

"I hope I'm not intruding but…I happened to find this the other day, is it yours?" He asked innocently, a rope necklace dangling from his fingers, it's metal piece shinning purple in the light.