Summary: Kagome lives with her mother her brother Sota. One day when out with her friends she is kidnapped and given to the Yakuza boss Sesshomaru. But was it really a kidnapping, or does her mother have something to explaining to do?

Chapter One: Trust Destroyed

Kagome smiled at Inuyasha as he climbed up a tree quickly. Koga looked up at him and growled. Songo just laughed as Koga climbed after Inuyasha. Miroku sat near Songo shaking his head at them. Kagome sat down next to Miroku and closed her eyes. Songo looked over at her and sighed.

"Kagome what's wrong" she asked softly

"My mother took out another loan. The debt keeps building. I can't keep up. I'm already working two shifts at the café, one shift at the inn, and now I have to find something else to do. Her debt is out of control. I'm doing everything I can to keep Sota happy. He doesn't even know about the debt. I've been working on keeping it down, and she just went to some loan sharks for more money." Kagome sighed then looked at her watch "well I got to go, I'm at the Inn for a few hours to day." She said standing up "See ya guys later." Kagome walks off

"I wish we could help, but she insists that she takes care of it. It's only been three years since her father left and now she has her mother's debt to worry about" Songo sighed

"I miss her smile, her real smile" Koga and Inuyasha said at once. As they dangled from the tree.

"As long at Sota is happy she is." Miroku said "She just wants to make it so he doesn't have to worry about it like she does."

"yeah" they said

Kagome sighed and rubbed her head as she left the park. The Inn was not too far but she left with plenty of to get there. Her mother might not have been the smartest, but at least she tells Kagome when her work called to tell her to go in. Kagome rubbed her eyes when a black car pulled in front of her. Next thing she knew a cloth was placed over her mouth and nose. Then she was out cold.

-A couple hours later-

Kagome woke up and sat up. Her mind was hazy. She closed her eyes and shook her head. She used her hand to brush her hair back. The haze in her mind cleared as she looked around the room she was in. Fear shot through her as she remembered what happened. The door to the room opened and she looked up. There stood Sesshomaru a Yakuza boss, and Inuyasha's older brother. Kagome had never met him before, but Inuyasha always kept a picture of him. Kagome looked away from him, and at the ground.

"Are you sure this is the girl?" Sesshomaru asked

"We have the women here to make sure sir." One of his subordinates said

"Bring her in then." Sesshomaru said then turned to look at Kagome. Her eyes were on the floor, and she looked scared. She must know who I am then.

"Sir, the women" someone said.

"Well is this he or not" Sesshomaru asked growing impatient.

"Yes it is sir" Kagome's mother said

Kagome looked up at the sound of her mother's voice. "Mother?" she asked softly.

A single tear fell down her face. She looked down again and relaxed slightly. She knew her mother and sold her to settle her debt. Kagome was not going to fight them. At least she would know that her brother was happy. She quickly whipped the tear away, and looked up at Sesshomaru.

"May I speak to my… Mother for a second before she leave" Kagome asked Sesshomaru nodded confused by the girl. Kagome stood then slapped her mother. "That's for the debt" She said "You are no longer my mother "You better make sure Sota is happy. If you don't I will do whatever I can to take him away from you. Do you understand? That means no more debt and you are not to tell him what happened to me. Tell him I left after I got enough money to leave. He doesn't need to know about the debt." Kagome said anger in her voice. "I'll tell you now, I knew about the debt all along. All you had to do was tell me and I would have come here on my own. I never want to see you again" Kagome said then turned and walked away.

Her mother stared at her in shock, and then looked at Sesshomaru. "This takes care of the debt then?"

"Yes" Sesshomaru said then waved her away and turned to Kagome

"Don't worry I won't try to run away. What would be the point of trying?" Kagome turned and looked at him "I know who you are, and what you do. I know that it is better for my brother if I stay here. At least that way there will be no debt for him to worry about. I just as that you let me call once a week. Then he won't have to worry about me." She said looking into his eyes.

"Very well, how is it you know of me though?" Sesshomaru asked "and why don't you fear me?"

"Fear has nothing to do with this, you terrify me. Your brother told me about you. He said that he would not introduce me to you because he doesn't want me to get involved. I knew that if my mother's debt kept growing I would eventually meet you anyway. I know that you are the Lord of the West; I know how you got that title. I also know what caused you to join the Yakuza. You did it to protect Inuyasha, though you would never admit to that. I know everything about you. I wouldn't have gotten involved with my mother's debt if I didn't know of every possible way to get out of the debt." Kagome said "I also know that as long as I don't fight or try to run away that I will be kept safe. Inuyasha was sure to make sure I knew what would happen if my mother sold me to you. Tell him I said hello net time you see him." Kagome sat down.

Sesshomaru looked at her be withered "You are right, I will not harm you." He sat down next to you "I wish to make you an offer. You can join the Yakuza under me and I will set you up with a nice place to live, or you can make up the debt in… other ways." He said looking at her "I give you a choose because you choose not to run."

"I am willing to join, but Sota will never be touched by the Yakuza." Kagome said "He will be free to live with me if my mother ever creates a debt again"

"Of course." Sesshomaru said "Rest we will set everything up tomorrow. We will have your things move into a secure location tonight so we can move then to your new place tomorrow. Tomorrow you can speak with Sota" he said standing to leave

"Thank you" Kagome said laying down and falling asleep