Sorry this chapter took so long i was haing terrible writers block but like always i hope you enjoy.

Chapter Two: Date With Danger

Kagome woke up the next day as Sesshomaru brought food in for her. She smiled and thanked him. Once done eating he explained what her job would be. She would be a spy, she was to attract the attention of Naraku. Naraku was Sesshomaru's rival. She nodded as he told her the plan. Then told her that the place she was staying was ready. After she was set up in her place he told her she could call her brother.

She smiled as the phone rang. "Hello" the young voice of her brother said

"Sota?" She asked softly

"Kagome are you alright? You didn't say goodbye to me I got worried" Sota said

"I'm sorry everything was moving so fast. I had been setting money aside for a while. You know I had been working three jobs. I didn't want to worry mom too much. If I need anything I'll make sure you know. So just go have fun" Kagome said

"Okay Kagome. Hey mom met a guy last night. He is really nice; I think his name is Naraku. He is taking me to play ball in an hour. He is like a big brother. He wants to meet you soon. Mom said maybe we could all have dinner tomorrow. Mom said I have to ask though. So will you come, please?" Sota asked

"Anything for you buddy. I'll be there at five. Tell mom, I don't want her to be surprised." Kagome smiled and looked at Sesshomaru.

"Okay well I got to go." Sota said "See you tomorrow." He hung up

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru "attracting Naraku might be easier then we though. He meet my mother last night. He wants to meet me; we are going to have dinner tomorrow. Sota said he is nice. I'm going to need Inuyasha to go with me tomorrow, so he can keep Sota busy." She said

"Okay, Lets go get lunch." Sesshomaru said offering an arm. I smiled and took it and we went to lunch.

~next day at 5~

I stood just inside the door of my mother's house. I quickly took off my shoes. I was dressed in a green skirt and white shirt. Sota smiled at me and pulled me along into te dinning room. I forged a smile and hugged my mother.

"Its good to see you again mom." I said then pulled back and saw a man standing and smiling at her.

"You must be Kagome, Sota told me all about you." He said "What he told me of you made me want to meet you. You are quite a beauty."

"You must be Naraku, Sota gave you high praise. He dose not open up very well so he must really like you" I said.

"Dinner is ready." My mother said

Dinner was long with Naraku sitting next to me and Sota. Sota talked threw most of te meal. My mother kept bringing up how good Naraku and I look together. I laughed and smiled at some of the things Sota told me. Dinner quickly turned to dessert and soon we were done eating. Naraku pulled my seat out so i could stand.

"Dinner was lovely but i should be going." I said looking at the time.

"Well okay, Sota will you help me with the dishes. Naraku can walk you to your car okay Kagome." She smiled

"That would be wonderful." I said

Naraku smiled as he walked me down to my car. I smiled at him and opened my car door.

"Thank you for walking me to my car. It was a pleasure to meet you." I said

"The pleasure was all mine. I hope we can meet again some time" he said as i climbed into my car. "Maybe lunch some time."

"How about tomorrow at the Sacrad Jewel Cafe. Say around noon ill meet you there." I smiled

"Its a date then, Have a safe trip" he said closing my door and stepping back as i pull away.

"yeah a date, A date with Danger." I laughed