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The Epilogue

"You're going to get us both in trouble if you keep undoing your tie, LT." Britt bent down and untied the silk blue. It was unsalvageable, as Lucas hadn't stopped playing with it. The knot was completely messed up. They'd have to start over. "Now. Show me how I taught you to do it."

Lucas beamed as he grasped the two ends of the tie. He took his time, but Britt was in no rush. In fact, this whole thing hinged on her appearance. It's not like the ceremony could start without them. Lucas' eyes continued to dart up and down for Brittany's approval. He wanted to make sure he was doing it right. Britt nodded in encouragement. He paused for a second. His determination to do it correctly increased as he got stuck. Britt loved the way his brows furrowed in deep concentration as he tried to remember the order. Brittany bent down to help, but a second later, Lucas figured it out. There was no way to contain the way he made her smile or how joyful she felt.

When he finished, LT looked up once again. "Done! How'd I do?"

"Let's see." Britt tugged at the blue tie and tightened the knot. She pressed it down and straightened the sides of his suit jacket. "Pretty good. I think that's the best one you've ever done, Lucas. Now you always want to make sure it's straight. You don't want to look sloppy. That's never attractive."

"Now we match."

Britt stood up and readjusted her own tie. She wasn't used to the stiff confines of a real suit jacket, but it was a special occasion. One that she thought she'd never see. So the stuffy jacket was worth it. "Uh-oh. Looks like you're missing something important."

Lucas glanced down, frantic to find what he was missing. He had been very careful to get everything right. Brittany informed him last night that he had the most important job today. Lucas had taken the charge with utter seriousness. He didn't want to mess up. "What?"

"You said you wanted to match, right?" Britt teased. She pulled out a small fedora, just like her own. It was identical, except for a slight addition Santana insisted upon. The first time she met Lucas had been at the hospital. He had jumped into Brittany's arms with that giraffe hat on and brought so much joy to Puckerman's room. She had asked for Kurt to add giraffe ears on either side of the hat. Lucas' eyes brightened at the animal ears. Kurt had it specifically made for him for the special occasion today, but Brittany had a feeling LT would wear it all the time.

"It's just like yours!" He yelled in excitement. The young boy eagerly plopped the hat on his head. He played with the ears and tilted it at the same angle as Brittany's. "This is the best gift ever."

"Make sure you thank your Uncle Kurt."

"I will! I will!"

"Didn't I tell you today would be fun?" Britt smoothed down LT's shoulders and once again straightened the jacket. She still couldn't believe Lucas was hers. When Santana had come clean about the reason why Greene had her arrested, she had been stunned. Working together, Santana and Terry had maneuvered Lucas out of Greene's custody without causing any problems in court. But the real miracle Terry worked was keeping Lucas out of the entire thing. He never knew about the legal proceedings or the details of Greene's permanent absence. Britt intended to keep it that way. "Okay. Do you remember everything you've got to do?" He nodded enthusiastically and lifted the white pillow in his hands. "Alright…it's show time."

Britt knocked on the heavy church doors. They swung open to a congregation gathered and waiting. They turned to watch. Lucas paused with only a moment of doubt, but instead of turning around for assurance, he touched the brim of his new hat, just like Brittany would. It was more than enough. He took one confident step after another. Ooohs and awws accompanied him down the aisle. Older women whispered to each other and complimented his dapper attire and that charming smile. Britt felt her heart swell with pride. All familiar faces looked back at her. Britt even spotted Tim as he stood near the front. He wore a baseball cap down low and sunglasses. He was convinced that his disguise would keep people from recognizing him as a famous actor. His excuse for attending the wedding was for romantic comedy research. But there was one face in the crowd that instantly caught her attention. Bright blue eyes, the same shade as her own, were smiling back at her. Britt couldn't believe that Allie had come. She didn't have to, but the little things were what made a day like today special.

For a moment, Brittany forgot that, she too, had something important to do.

An arm linked with hers.

A shiver went down her body.

This was happening.

Brittany turned and her heart stopped. She had spent a life time admiring the face before her and yet, those eyes never faded and that smile never failed to inspire the skip of her heart. It wasn't just her beauty, because anyone could see how gorgeous she was, but it was everything underneath. It was the bright sheen in her dark eyes that sparkled with intelligence and flashed sharp wit. It was the curve of her lips that invited the eye to imagine illicit passions. It was the way her neck tilted at the slightest angle and hinted at unbendable pride. But for Brittany, it was the round neckline of her dress that revealed the greatest of her strengths – how loyal, fierce, and courageous her heart.

In short, Santana was stunning.

Her pearly white teeth smiled back and she didn't mind the way Brittany spent a lifetime admiring every inch of her. They hadn't seen each other in a few hours. And what a few hours it had been. The girls had done her hair in a fancy up-do. Ringlets hung around her face and they strung beading through the long locks of her dark hair. Mercedes and Quinn had done the girls make-up with special attention to the eyes. Britt had diplomatically excused herself from the dress selection as Tina and Kurt had fought over the dress styles and colors – they settled for elegant and the blue of the bridesmaids' dresses matched the blue of the groomsmen's ties.

It all came together in the perfect way. Santana radiated.

"You look beautiful."

"Stop." Santana playfully commanded Brittany, but a light blush still rose to her cheeks.

"Are you sure you're supposed to be walking with me?" Brittany's eyes were sparkling.

"Not the way you're dressed." Santana turned. No matter what Santana said, Britt knew that her tie was straight and her jacket impeccably pressed. There wasn't a thread out of place and she had spent extra time making sure her hat was perfectly set so it wouldn't mess up her long blonde hair. Yet she didn't argue with Santana. In fact, Brittany's secretive smile tugged at her lips as Santana re-straightened her tie and pressed down the sides of her jacket. It was a ritual very similar to the one she had just done with Lucas and one Santana had started a year ago at the commendation ceremony.

When she was done fiddling, Santana tilted her chin up. The distance between their lips was much shorter as Santana wore heels. But, Britt had noticed, her heels were never high enough to be the same height as Brittany. She wasn't sure if Santana did that on purpose, but Brittany never failed to notice the way her heart would beat just a little faster as Santana arched her whole body to reach her lips.

Britt leaned into Santana. She wrapped her free arm around her waist and pulled her in closer. Santana's eyes were closed and waited patiently, but instead of kissing her, Britt hovered a half an inch away from those luscious lips. Santana's left eye opened just a little to see what was taking Brittany so long. She was met with a smirk as Britt teased. "You're going to ruin your lipstick."

Before Brittany could wink or tease further, Santana smashed her bouquet of flowers against Brittany's jacket. She grasped at her lover's jacket and pulled her down. Britt's arm around Santana tightened. Sensuous and full of love, Santana's lips parted against Brittany. Their bodies molded at the top of the aisle. Both of them forgot where they were and what they were supposed to be doing. As they kissed, a few of the crowd started to clap and holler for them. A voice that sounded incredibly familiar, probably Artie, called out for them to get a room. Tim clapped the loudest of anyone. His enthusiastic hoots were just so Tim. But it was all noise – Britt could barely hear anything over the emotions Santana's attentions demanded.

Lipstick be damned.

Santana eventually released Britt's jacket and didn't even bother to smooth it down this time – now that it was messed up and probably needed to be straightened.

Britt flashed the crowd a cheeky smile which gained the congratulations of Artie, who shouted something to the effect of 'Get it, Pierce'. She held her arm out once again for Santana. "Ready?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

Music accompanied their walk down the aisle. Tears were already flowing down most of the congregation's faces, but it was Allie's loving smile that made a lump stick in Brittany's throat. Santana was already teary eyed. At the altar, Britt squeezed her lover's hand for a brief second before they split apart and took their places across from each other. It was hard to pay attention to anything under Santana's undivided attention. A hot flash of anticipation and excitement ran down her body as Brittany watched the priest fiddling with his book.

This was it. It didn't seem real.

Puck leaned over and whispered into Brittany's ear. "You're the worst."

"What?" Brittany shrugged and feigned innocence.

"What?" Puck let out an exasperated groan. The priest side-eyed them over his book as a warning to be respectful and quiet at the altar. Puck mouthed sorry and then turned right back to Brittany. He talked out of the corner of his mouth. Britt was going to tell him that he looked funny when he talked like that, but he did appear a little annoyed. "You are literally the worst wingman ever. I don't know why I thought you'd be a good best man. What was all that back there? People are going to think this is your wedding!" He glanced to the crowd. "Even my mother looks confused."

Britt followed his eyes and flashed his mom a toothy grin. Mrs. Puckerman giggled appreciatively. Britt took it a step further and tipped her hat to her best friend's mother. "Is your mom upset you're not doing a Jewish wedding?"

"No, why?" Puck shrugged. "She's just happy I finally found a girl."

"Helps that Jocelyn's totally hot, has a job, smart, and that she's hot-"

"You said that already."

The priest glared at them.

"And to top it off, you didn't get her knocked up like the last hot, smart girl you got with." Britt gave Puck a nudge with a grin, except Puck didn't nudge back. In fact, he turned to face his bestman with a sort of guilty grimace.

"Oh my god." Brittany's mouth dropped.

The priest bristled at Brittany's loose tongue with the Lord's name.

She didn't even bother to apologize; she was sure God was in shock too. Her eyes darted to Santana across the altar. The dark haired beauty was giving her a look; Brittany wished she had time to tell Santana about Puck's big news. No time. More importantly, not the right place. Britt turned back to Puck. "You got her pregnant!?"

"Shush!" Puck clamped his hand over Brittany's mouth. A few people in the church threw them disapproving stares. The detective realized they were gaining attention and lowered his hand. Beth and Shelby were making their way down the aisle. Noah flashed his baby girl a big smile – well she wasn't a baby girl anymore, but she was still his angel. After Beth and Shelby took their place with the rest of the bridesmaids, he turned back to Brittany. "No one knows. We just found out."

"I can't believe this is happening…again. Congratulations, Puck!" Britt reached over and rubbed the top of his head in excitement. "One day I'm going to teach you about condoms. When did you find out?"

"Like a week ago. We didn't want to tell anyone because the wedding was already crazy enough without the extra excitement."

"That explains why Jocelyn's been looking especially fine the past couple days."

Puck opened his mouth in disbelief. Only Brittany. "Seriously? Keep your hands off her! She's gonna be my wife in like an hour!"

"So? Isn't there like a clause or something that the best man gets a go with the bride? I thought that was the perk to doing this job?"

"I should have just let Jake be my best man." Groaning, Puck rubbed hard at the top of his head. "And that rule is only for the bridesmaids, but I'm pretty sure you've done that with one of them. Don't be greedy cause Tana is crazy scary when she's jealous."

They both looked over and smiled at Santana. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion even though she couldn't hear any of their conversation.

Britt did a quick survey of the bridesmaids - Santana, Beth, Shelby, Jake's Girlfriend, Quinn, and Jocelyn's younger sister. The look on her face said it all; her smirk increased twofold. "More than one."

"More than one?" Puck snapped his head back to the line of bridesmaids so fast, he gave himself whiplash. "How? Who? Shelby? Cause you know I went down that road too-"

"Pierce. Puckerman." The voice of an older man broke through their conversation. Macklin had worked his way from the line of groomsmen to where they were standing. His hands clamped down on both of their shoulders and pressed until they quieted. "It's a very important day, Puckerman, this will probably be your only chance at finding a woman crazy enough to marry you. Don't fuck it up on your first day. You should pay more attention to your soon-to-be wife than your best man. Jocelyn's coming out now." Puck flushed at Macklin's gentle scold. His gaze shifted to the back of the church and he forgot whatever he had been about to say. Macklin turned to his other wayward charge. "And, Pierce, shut your goddamn mouth-" He shook his head with a soft smile. "- just for once." And before the priest could take any more offense, Macklin nodded to him and sincerely apologized. "Sorry for my language, padre. They're all yours now."

Macklin didn't have to repeat his suggestions. Jocelyn did the rest of the work for him. Her gown flowed around her and pooled at her feet. Everyone stood and the music began. Puck was wiping away "something" under his eye before he coughed and straightened himself out. Britt never thought she'd get to stand next to her friend on such a momentous occasion, not like this. She always thought they'd be in trouble and fucked up for the rest of their lives.

How wrong she had been.

She touched his shoulder in camaraderie, but his attention was completely on Jocelyn.

Britt didn't mind. She, too, was preoccupied. Her gaze shifted ever so slightly. Santana's eyes were on her and those beautiful eyes were saying I love you.

Despite retaining the title of best man, it was Jake who gave the speech. It was a concession Puck had made to keep his half-brother happy. Britt didn't mind. She figured that Jake was the safer of the two best men for speech duties. Britt had a feeling Puck got nervous at the idea of a microphone and a stage to air all his dirty laundry. It would be too tempting for Britt and he was probably right. Jake gave a touching speech about how they had found each other when, separately, they had given up on family. He touched on how honored he was to welcome the first respectable person into their family.

Even their mother laughed.

They all raised their glasses and once again wished the newlywed couple all the love and happiness.

Everyone from the Glee club made it to the wedding. Noah convinced each of them to put together their own set list to sing. He told Jocelyn it was to cut down on the cost of the wedding because they wouldn't have to hire a DJ or a band. She consented, but only because she knew how important it was for Noah to have his friends sing. For as tough as Puck pretended to be, Jocelyn had seen through his guise from the very beginning. And even if she wouldn't have recognized his soft side and big heart, a few minutes spent in the presence of Brittany or Santana, and they reminded Jocelyn of how soft her husband actually was. It was one of his most endearing qualities. Jocelyn didn't mind.

After the traditional father-daughter dance and mother-son dance, Artie, Sam, Finn, and Kurt took the stage. The dance had had been beautiful and the audience had joined them on the dance floor directly after the traditional dances had been down. All eyes went to the stage where Noah's high school buddies and life time friends stood beneath the lighting. The New Directions' harmonies had only gotten better with age and maturity. The audience expected more of the same.

Artie fist pumped to the air and pointed to Noah. "Since we're in charge of the music, we thought we'd get the new couple started with their first dance as a couple together."

Puck shook his head as they started into Shaggy's "Angel" that rolled right into "It Wasn't Me". Luckily, both Puck and Jocelyn were prepared for the New Directions' sense of humor. Puck spun her around in his arms and started to sing the refrain with his old school mates. Everyone laughed and joined in with the jovial moment as Puck sang the back vocals against Artie. "It wasn't me!"

The party started.

Finn pounded away on the drums while Artie continued belting out some of the greatest pop hits of all time. Occasionally, some of the other New Directions members would join him on stage for a number, but he wanted to own the mic. He felt it was his duty to make sure the songs were as fly as his buddy, Puck. Santana and Brittany were called upon to do a reprisal of Whitney's "Dance with Somebody". It was the perfect song for the occasion. Puck found Lucas on a chair. With little effort, the detective lifted the boy up and placed him on the stage with Santana and Brittany. Britt mouthed a thank you to Puck. Santana and Brittany grabbed his hands and swung him around on the stage while they sang. He laughed into the microphone and sang the refrain with them.

A few times Mercedes convinced Quinn to join her on stage. Kurt and his new boy toy from a competing stage company sang a duet from Kurt's original score. It was set to debut in August. He had already secured Brittany and Santana the perfect box seats for the opening weekend.

The whole reception was a mess of colors, lights, friends, laughter, and delight. Every moment, every song, and face were tinted with the actualization of love. It could be felt in everything.

It was during one of the slow songs that Brittany and Santana finally found each other. They had both been quietly and discreetly taking care of "emergencies" behind the scenes so Noah and Jocelyn could enjoy their night without any worries. They had run out of cake. Kurt thought he saw Blaine. One of Jocelyn's uncles had indulged a little too heavily in the open bar. And there had been a rather amusing wardrobe malfunction, but it was nothing they couldn't handle. They wanted Puck's special day to be exactly that – special.

This was the first time since the bells rang at the church that they had some alone time together.

They didn't speak.

Santana wrapped her arms around Brittany's neck.

One. Two. Three.

One. Two. Three.

Their bodies swayed gently in the middle of the dance floor. Lucas was learning dance moves from Mike at their table. In the far distance, Macklin was talking rather nervously to an inquisitive Shelby about his career. Tina was singing a slow song with Mercedes on the staging. Everyone was jovial – dancing, singing, talking.

She closed her eyes and leaned closer. This was perfect. After witnessing one of her best and oldest friends finally get married, it pulled everything into focus. She wanted to spend the rest of her life in Brittany's arms.

One. Two. Three.

One. Two. Three.

She was happy for him, but at this moment, here in her best friend's, her lover's, her partner's, her everything's embrace, Santana could only think of her own happiness. Brittany's fingers beat time against her waist. Her feet guided them through the dance floor. Couples moved out of their way until a small space cleared around them. Adoring eyes glanced their way and admired their intimate dance.

For a moment, everyone on the dance floored believed they were the newlywed couple. In ways, with each look that passed between them and through every breath they took, they renewed unspoken vows drawn with fingers so many years ago.

A warm tingle rose through her body and climbed her spine as Brittany pressed forward.

Santana could feel Brittany's dance steps tense. Her fingers gripped a little harder. She breathed heavier than usual. Pressed against each other, Santana could feel the rapid beat of her lover's heart. Santana opened her eyes. It wasn't often Britt displayed any sort of nervousness, especially around her. Tenderly, Brittany's mouth brushed against Santana's ear. Another shiver ran through Santana's body at the affectionate touch of Brittany's lips.

Soft and full of the deepest sincerity, Brittany whispered those unspoken vows aloud.

"Santana Lopez, I promise to have and to hold you, to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love and honor you all the days of my life."

Emotions ran rampant through her body. Her knees felt weak and her insides fluttered. She wanted to say so much, to kiss Brittany forever, and to repeat the same vows.

Britt bowed. The brim of her hat brushed the beads threaded through Santana's dark hair. Her right hand cupped Santana's chin and tilted her head up.

And she stole it.

She stole all the words and vows from her lips. She stole the overwhelming amount of emotions and took them with the simplest of kisses.

The music was speeding up again.

Her dance partner pulled back. Santana opened her eyes questioning Britt's sudden absence and wiped at the sides of her face to collect any evidence of the effect Brittany had on her.

If Brittany saw those tears, she didn't say anything. Instead, she tossed her lover a wink even as she disconnected their bodies. Britt pulled away and approached the newlyweds only a few feet away. Santana regretted they couldn't stay together longer.

"Can I steal your wife?" Britt tapped Noah's shoulder. Before Puck could protest, Brittany's confident hands were already taking Jocelyn away from him. Puck stammered trying to say no, but Jocelyn kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Don't worry. It's just Brittany. I think I owe your best man a dance."

"But-" Jocelyn twirled into Brittany's arms. With moves smoother than even Mike, Britt casually dipped Jocelyn. His jaw practically unhinged. "It's Pierce. That's the problem. You only owe her a dance! Anything beyond the dance is not to be given. She's my wife, Britt! Try to remember that." But whether either woman heard Puck's shouting over the music, he couldn't be sure.

"Noah." Santana cooed. "I don't think you have anything to worry about."

Puck rubbed at his head again before sighing. "Yeah, it's just Pierce. She wouldn't do anything like that." Santana quirked an eye brow since they both knew Brittany would definitely do something like that. Puck shrugged and offered Santana a smile. Britt was his best man for a reason. She'd take good care of his wife. The detective held out his hand. "Can I have this dance?"

"Took you long enough." Santana took his hand, but smacked the other one. "And stop rubbing your head. You're gonna go bald by the time you're thirty-five and then what's going to keep Joce around?"

"Ugh." He groaned but spun in the same direction Brittany had just taken his bride. "I didn't see Terry. Everything good?"

"Terry's in the middle of securing the licenses for the new practice she wants to start here in New York." Santana answered with a smile. "Don't worry. She sent her well wishes and told me to invite you and Jocelyn to a meal whenever you have the time."

"That's nice of her. She didn't have to. Are you going to work for her at this new firm?"

"She offered." Santana shrugged. "I'm thinking about it." Her attention shifted just the slightest to her lover and Puck's bride. "As much as I love helping Britt, I miss the thrill of the court and even more the cutthroat atmosphere of settlements."

"You're way too good at what you do to give it up. Makes sense that you would take her job offer. Terry's got the resources and she knows how your work. It could be good."

Santana didn't have to respond or elaborate. Terry had done much more than offer her a job. She wanted Santana to head the New York branch of Matthews, Matthews, and Terrence. It was a big deal.

But it was Noah's day so Santana kept the job offer to herself. Besides, he kept looking at his wife with the strangest expression. Santana recognized it instantly. To confirm, she glanced once more to Jocelyn and Brittany. Santana innocently asked. "How long have you known Joce is pregnant?"

Puck missed a step.

"Ouch." Santana hissed under her breath.

He did a horrible job recovering and furtively glanced to his wife and Britt. "Did Britt tell you? She was supposed to keep it a secret!"

"Oh? Brittany knew and didn't tell me? I'll talk to her about that later."

"If Britt didn't tell you, how'd you know?"

"Noah…" Santana's amusement played across his name. "You forget, I've seen you like this before. Don't worry. I'm not going to tell anyone until you're ready to announce it. I couldn't be happier for you. You're already a wonderful father and I have no doubt you're going to continue to be one."

Puck's grip around her waist tightened and then broke. Instead of dancing, he pulled her all the way in. Unprepared for a bear hug in the middle of the dance floor, Santana let out an "umpf" as he popped all the air out of her lungs. She returned his hug as well as she could, but he was practically squeezing her to death. Over Puck's shoulders she could see Jocelyn and Brittany slow their dance to observe them. With a serious lack of subtly, Brittany pulled out her phone and snapped a few pictures. Jocelyn leaned into the blonde with a smirk on her face to check out the photos. The laughter that bubbled from her confirmed how ridiculous Puck and Santana looked.

Santana rolled her eyes, but didn't stop hugging one of her best friends.

The rest of the night was spent doing the chicken dance, limbo, Cupid Shuffle, and the two-step. They sang Sir-Mix-A-Lot's greatest hit of all time, did all the choreography from Outkast's Heya, and generally spent most of the night goofing around. The New Directions performed some of their greatest show stoppers and spent the entire night dedicating songs to Puck and Jocelyn. But it wasn't until Finn pulled the mic down that best song of the night was dedicated.

"We have a very strange song request and dedication. It's dedicated to our newlyweds and our groom's bestman!"

Jake perked up, but Artie shook his head to indicate that it was the other best man Finn addressed.

"A one, a one, a one two three."

"Peanutttttt." Finn crooned into the mic. Everyone in the wedding stopped. "Peanutbutter and jelly!"

"Jelly!" Artie repeated.

Were they really singing this song?

Jocelyn started to laugh hysterically. Puck blushed and Brittany turned to find the culprit of the song. Santana was hanging to the side of the dance floor and giggling into the back of her hand. Britt would have tipped her hat to Santana, but Lucas jumped onto the dance floor. He started singing the song and doing the hand motions.


"Peanutbutter and jelly."

Santana quickly joined him. She joined their hands together. Britt wasn't far behind. She danced with Lucas, but her eyes never quite left her lover.

It was late. Britt took another look at her phone to check the time. It was 10:29pm. She should have been home hours ago. But she had agreed to a late night meeting with a potential client. She glanced around the office. Renovating the studio had taken less time than when they first bought the place. And like the first time, most of their friends showed up to help with the spackling, the painting, the new carpets, and the general clean-up. Of course, unlike last time, they had spent a good amount of time digging out bullet rounds and repairing impact holes in the office. Allie had shown up and orchestrated most of the cleanup. She and Santana had only butted heads a few times daily, which was an improvement in Britt's opinion. The worst spat they had was when Allie had needed to get some cleaning supplies. She walked in on the two of them when they were supposed to be cleaning. Britt had insisted they were "cleaning" and Santana suggested that Allie get "cleaned". That started the two of them going back at forth.

Brittany leaned back.

They had dug the large office chair out of storage and called in a glass and mirror guy to fix everything that had been destroyed from years of wear and neglect.

She looked back to the time on her clock. Her appointment was for 9:30pm. She should have left already, but she needed to build up a rapport with the community again. The studio ran two sessions a day and the only reason there was a waiting list for new students was a lack of instructors. Mike was still touring, but he promised to send some potential dancers to the studio to help her teach. Tomorrow, she would teach her first class ever with Santana. It was called Rising Stars. It was a combination dancing and singing class and was homage to the person for which it was named. It had been Santana's idea. Britt smiled softly to herself. It would give her another excuse to be with Santana. Not only that, but Britt had always harbored the secret belief that Santana would be a great instructor. She couldn't wait to see her teach.

10:45 pm.

Still nothing. Hopefully, the woman who scheduled her appointment with LT:PI was okay and hadn't gotten into an accident on the way.

The sound of the studio door echoed through the halls and penetrated the main office. Britt perked at the noise.


She waited patiently. There was something about the sound of heels clicking that piqued the senses with anticipation.

A soft knock at the door asked for entry. Britt straightened her tie and readjusted her hat. "Come in."

The door swung open. Britt choked. She quickly tried to recover, but her guest had already noticed her slip up.

"Can I help you ma'am?" Britt tipped the brim of her hat lower.

"I had an appointment with PI Pierce. I'd afraid I might have missed it."

Brittany rose from her chair and walked around to the front of her massive desk. Casually, she leaned against the wood. Her smile cocked to the side as she offered her services. "You didn't miss anything. I am Brittany Pierce, PI, how can I help you?"

Click. Click. Click. Click.

"Have you got a smoke?" She confidently requested as she sashayed across the office.

"Sorry, ma'am, I gave them up." The PI admitted.

"Too bad. I'll just have to sate my craving some other way."

The come-on sped the palpitations in Brittany's chest. Fuck. The woman's heels sounded throughout the room and caused a jolt of excitement in Brittany every time they connected with the hard floor. Her aggressive approach gave Brittany no time to move to the other side of the desk before she pushed aside the chair separating them. "Well, PI Pierce -" She stressed the name – each syllable rolled off her tongue. "-the reason why I'm late and the reason why I called go hand in hand."

"Hopefully, it's something I can help you with…" Brittany prompted.

Slender hands reached out. They playfully touched Brittany's black tie and circled around the plastic buttons of her shirt. "I really-" She tugged at the tie. "-really-" Her hand twisted the silk material and used it as a grip. Britt's body jolted forward. "-really think you can."

Before Brittany could ask about the specifics of the job, her client's free hand dropped between them. Her fingers danced around the long ties of her coat. Blue eyes stared at the rapidly heating space in front of her. Her face flushed. Anticipation crept through every part of her body.

The flaps of her coat bounced open as she released the band around her waist. It felt like a physical blow. The PI's mouth dropped. Her hands gripped the edge of her desk. Her knuckles turned white.

"Santana." Brittany lost her breath. She could barely whisper her lover's name.

Underneath the coat, Santana had been hiding a scandalously short dress – so short, it did nothing to hide the black and red garters with little bows. Blue eyes had no trouble climbing each and every inch of those perfect legs. Pleased with the response she induced in her lover, Santana took a half-step back, without relinquishing the tie, to give Brittany a better view of the reason she was late to her appointment.

"You look-" Britt started to say, but Santana pressed her index finger across the PI's mouth to stop her from talking. The silence echoed her heavy pants around them.

"Shhh-" Santana's eyes were giving off sparks. Electricity shot right through Brittany's center. A soft moan exited against Santana's dominating finger. "I'm the paying client tonight and I'm going to need you to really-" Santana twisted the tie in her hand; she tangled it between her fingers and dragged its silky texture through every dip and around each of her knuckles. "-really pay attention to my entire problem before you decide if you can fix it, PI Pierce."

Her aura smoldered. Her body radiated unbearable heat. She didn't pull back as she dropped the overcoat to the hard floor. Britt dug her ass back into the wood trying to grind against the almost tangible heat between them.


Her heel sounded like a crack of thunder as Santana took one step into that fiery blaze between them. She lifted her left leg. Their knees touched for a half second before Santana bent her toned leg up the outside of Britt's pants leg. Britt groaned. She leaned forward and tried to capture Santana's elusive lips. But her lover had other plans. She undid the knot around her neck and flipped the tie to the floor.

Britt was panting. The smell of her lover's skin was intoxicating. Her lips were shimmering and parted. She wanted nothing more than to part Santana's other set of lips with her tongue. But Santana bent her head down. She pushed at Brittany's shoulders. Her mouth pressed the softest kiss against her neck. Her mouth wrapped around the first clear button on her shirt. Britt looked down. Their eyes locked. With incredible skill and tortuous patience, her tongue maneuvered the button through the tight slit. Her dark eyes were daring Brittany not to react.

No more hesitation, the PI's hands found Santana's thighs. She gripped them hard and rocked their hips together in one thrust. Both of Santana's legs wrapped round the blonde's waist. Buttons flew as Santana ripped open the rest of Britt's shirt. The PI grinned and bit her bottom lip at Santana's aggression. Exposed, Britt watched as Santana bent lower over her chest. Her mouth kissed and sucked at the valley between her breasts. Santana's hands worked their way down. They squeezed and kneaded at the soft tissue underneath Brittany's dark blue bra. Her nails dragged through every rung of her ribs and pushed against her dancer's clenched abdomen with vigor. Santana took advantage of Brittany's vulnerable position, pressed completely against the desk. With very little coaxing, she urged Britt's ass completely onto the flat surface of the desk.

Fuck the paperwork.

It was much easier to straddle the PI this way. Brittany certainly wasn't protesting. She tried to undo the dress still covering much of Santana's body.

But Santana threw her weight and tossed Britt's back to the table top. Her eyes were fiery and playful. She sucked the air right out from Brittany's chest. Helpless, from lack of wanting to change their situation, Brittany gazed up. Santana placed her right hand down in the center of Brittany's chest. Their eyes locked once more. Her hips rolled into Brittany's core. The blonde moaned. Her hands gripped harder at Santana's side. She pushed the material up. Her body rolled again and dropped lower. Her lips retraced the path her hands had just taken. Her hot mouth remembered every touch and playful caress. Finally, she hovered over Brittany's mouth. She leaned down a fraction and flicked her tongue across Brittany's lips.

"You're terrible."

Santana's eyes sparkled. She canted her hips just a little harder into Brittany's aching core. She grinned as Brittany's closed her eyes at the pleasure mounting between her legs. "You won't be saying that in a few minutes."

"Santana…" The PI practically begged for some release.

Santana unhooked Brittany's bra and tossed it and her shirt to the floor. She reached up and took the hat from those perfect blonde waves. Santana played with the brim before she placed it on her own head. Brittany clenched her thighs hard as she started to throb. Her hips rocked hard and harder as Santana made her orgasm without even unbuckling her belt.

"Fuck." Britt squeezed her eyes shut and moaned. Santana bit her bottom lip and helped her lover by riding her. She reached behind her back and slowly unzipped her dress. She pulled if over her head and tossed it to the side. The black and red lace bra matched her panties. Santana unlatched her own bra. It quickly joined the rest of the discarded cloths on the floor. She readjusted the hat on her head and tilted it to the perfect angle. With one hand, she held onto the fedora and with the other, Santana's braced herself against Brittany's chest.

Britt could barely function. Her eyes watched as her lover's breasts bounced. Her body dipped and Santana's hand slid between their bodies. Fuck. Santana looked so fucking hot wearing nothing but panties and Brittany's hat. Santana undid her buckle and pulled at the button. Britt did her best to wiggle out of the confining clothes. Santana ripped away the last of her clothing. The PI's pointer fingers hooked into Santana's sides and dragged the black and red lace down. Santana smirked and shimmied out of the last of her own clothing. When she sat back down, she hissed and bucked her hips. "Fuck, B." Her hands pressed down into her lover's shoulders for leverage. She bit Brittany's lip before completing the overdue kiss. Tongue, lips, and heat exchanged. Santana's hard nipples dragged over Brittany's perky tits. The friction was maddening. Santana pressed her fingers between Brittany's legs. "You're so fucking wet, babe."

Already sensitive, Brittany could feel her walls clenching again. She moaned and kissed Santana harder. In one swift move, she toppled the brunette over. More papers flew off the desk. They scattered around, but Brittany didn't care.

She dropped between Santana's legs and licked her straight up the middle. Santana frantically gripped at the edge of the desk and fisted blonde hair. Britt glanced up to see how her lover enjoyed getting some attention. The hat had flipped up.

Britt grinned. She could keep the hat for now. She wanted something better. Santana's hips squirmed against the hard wood as Britt opened her mouth and her tongue ran up and down. "Britt-fuck-Britt-uh-uh."

She closed her eyes as Brittany's tongue worked magic. She came so hard that when Brittany emerged from between her legs, Santana could see herself all over her lover. Panting, "Fuck, Brittany, that was so hot-" Her words cut off as Britt slipped her fingers in her. Santana threw her head back. The hat popped off her head. Her hips canted at the same pace as Brittany's fingers. Her stomach clenched and her thighs squeezed harder and harder. It felt like she would die from the pleasure racking her body. She was shaking as Britt's thumb started to rub her cilt. Another orgasm sent her throbbing. Her eyes couldn't open. All she could do was moan Brittany's name again and again.

All of Brittany's paperwork for the studio and LT:PI rested carelessly on the concrete floor of the office. She had no idea how long they had spent exploring each other's bodies, but after all the sex and the lingerie and the orgasms and role playing and appointments, this was what she missed the most. She couldn't believe how soft Santana's skin felt.

Her finger traced over the naked space above Santana's left breast. It was a familiar shape. It had always held meaning between them, but it felt different now. It wasn't a promise between two frightened teenagers. It wasn't confusion or unrequited love. It wasn't unspoken because it was forbidden. It wasn't the faded and unrecoverable memories of two broken women. It wasn't loved failed.

It was more.

It was forever.

She could spend the rest of her life learning to trace and retrace her love onto Santana's skin. Each time felt new and every heart was another affirmation so strong, labor only existed when either of them tried to accurately express how deep their love. They had found no measure, no sign, no scale to match its depth, except in the few inches their fingers claimed over the surface of each other's body. The curve slowly connected. It touched the imperceptible dot like it had the first six or seven times she had drawn the heart shape on Santana's bare skin; this time Santana's finger met hers. Their fingers connected. They completed the heart above her own heart together. It seemed impossible that she could melt with such a simple gesture. Santana turned to face her. She reached out and repeated the lines over Brittany's heart.

But it wasn't Santana's finger that made Britt's breath shorten or her pulse quicken, it was the look in her eyes.

"I love you." Britt tried to capture everything she was feeling in those three little words.

Santana laughed lightly as if Brittany had just told her the sky was blue or the ocean wet; as if their love was endless and its permanency could never be questioned. She laughed like a school girl who just discovered her crush shared her same affections. She laughed like she had been thinking the same thing. Santana's smile brightened the dark office and the soft kisses on Brittany's neck said it before Santana reciprocated the words out loud. "I love you too."

Curious, Britt asked. "Where's Lucas tonight?"

Santana grinned. "He wanted to spend time with the animals tonight. Miss Patty said he could spend the night at her place."

"Sounds convenient – too convenient." She ran her fingers up and down Santana's arms. "How long have you had this planned?"

"Mhmm." Santana closed her eyes and enjoyed Britt's extra attention. "You're so good, PI Pierce, such a fine investigator. Nothing gets past your keen skills. I might have arranged this a few days ago with Miss Patty. Maybe I just wanted some extra time with you."

"You didn't have to open a new law firm with Terry in New York." Britt teased. "I offered you a job here in the studio. I'm still trying to hire a secretary to do the books. I think you have all-" Britt stressed the word. Her fingers left the surface of Santana's arms to move to more stimulating territory. Her lover's body instantly responded. "-the right-" Her fingers circled around Santana's pink areola. "-qualifications. You would be perfect for the job."

It was hard to concentrate on anything. Brittany had a way of clouding her judgment when they were fully clothed. With an argument like this one, it was growing harder and harder to refuse Brittany's tempting job offer. Santana playfully nipped at the bottom of the other woman's neck. "Then neither of us would get any work done."

"But spending all our time doing what we just did…" Her body shivered from the small nip. It was amazing how fast Santana could turn on her with just one little bite. Britt trailed off. Their bodies were already craving to relive the past hour. Brittany's hand grazed Santana's inner thigh. Unconsciously, the brunette widened her legs and closed her eyes. Sensations ran rampant throughout her body. God. She wanted Brittany's fingers to travel just a little higher.

"…Would be like heaven." Santana completed.

"It already is." Britt turned back into Santana's body. She cradled her lovers face and pulled her gently into a sensuous kiss. Her tongue graced Santana's parted lips. It slowed and deepened. They had always been good at kissing, but when they kissed each other, Brittany could feel it throughout her entire body. Desires and love mixed. They fell into one another.

But before Brittany could take their kiss a step further, a knock on the door stopped what would have been a fourth round on the desk.

They looked at each other.

"Are you expecting someone?" Santana asked.

"Well I had an appointment…when you showed up, I thought you had made a fake appointment to surprise me."

Santana shook her head. "I didn't actually make an appointment, B. I was roleplaying…"

From beyond the door, a voice called out. "Hello? I have an appointment with PI Pierce. Sorry I got delayed. My car broke down."

"Oh shit! I think that's a real client!" Excitement bubbled through her voice as Britt scrambled to find her shirt and straighten herself out. It was her first chance to get work for the second reincarnation of LT:PI. "I gotta take this."

Santana had destroyed most of the buttons on her shirt, but Britt still managed to get it on and look decent. She pulled on her pants and started walking to meet the woman outside the office.

But Santana's hand against her chest stopped her from opening the door. Britt looked down. "Don't forget your hat." Santana stood on her tiptoes and crowned her with yellow lined fedora. Still on the tips of her toes, Santana's lips pressed against hers. Warmth flooded Brittany's body even as Santana pulled away. "I love you and I'm proud of you. Good luck with your first case. If you need a partner, you know where to find me."

She didn't know if she'd ever get over Santana calling herself Brittany's partner. Even a year after the Strangler and since they started living together, partner just had a way of sending a shiver of exhilaration through her body. It still felt surreal to say. "I love you." But it felt even better knowing that Santana said it too. "I'll be back soon."

The PI tipped the brim of her hat and threw Santana a wink as she opened the door. Santana felt like she was sixteen. Her heart fluttered at Brittany's wink and her face flushed. She rolled her eyes and tried to pretend that Brittany didn't have such an effect on her, but it was pointless.

They were desperately in love.


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