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Chapter Four:

The Escape

*Arcadia Kingdom*

Blood leaned up against a wall as he and Shoutmon had to wait for that damn mad scientist be finished with his work on the time-space transmission unit. He gave a grunt of disgust as Opis gave a chuckle over something he must have discovered; really Blood would like the man to just tell him what it was so he can get the hell out of there and report it to the Emperor. "Well now this is interesting. Due to how vast space is it would be unwise to simply travel through the transmission unit as we do throughout Zi's history. However if we input the data of our … guests (Shoutmon had to be stopped from a swift kick from Blood from whipping out his mic over Opis's head) … we can perhaps pinpoint the location of three new worlds. A presumably 89.674 percent chance," With that the two took no time hesitating to leave before Opis stopped them. "Oh and be sure to keep your pet under control little man, after all with that little stunt your underlings have done you might not be so favorable with the Emperor," the blueish slate haired man turned around. "And I suppose you are mad scientist? You know he wouldn't appreciate the low percentage; perhaps he would suspect you of doing other works when you should be more focusing on the time-space transmission unit,"

"I HATE THAT GUY!" the rookie level yelled as they headed down the halls. "Shoutmon, stop yelling," "That bastard called me a pet! Just where does he get off, huh? I don't recall seeing HIM doing anything!" Blood merely rubbed his temples as Shoutmon continued. 'Figures I would get the loud one.' He thought before recalling that other digimon. "Shoutmon, did you knew Reapermon by any chance?" this instantly shut the dinosaur up. "…No but there is no one in the Digital World who doesn't know of the Seven Great Demon Lord's serial killer. They where the first of their species to ever exist and each member holds one of the Seven Deadly Sins. They where to be sealed away due to being too powerful to be destroyed but their minions where suppose to be as well," 'Yet one is out and about. Just what kind of power do digimon hold anyways?' He pushed his thoughts in the back of his mind as he entered the throne room.

*With the others*

"We're dead if they figure out," Izaya rolled his eyes as he started out the window. "We're dead any damn ways!" He made sure not to lose his footing as he scaled the wall with a rope they had Stiletto pick up. Shortly after he started making his way down Alicia came with said neopet on her back as the digimon where in Izaya's Xros Loader. "Careful not to fall, kyu!" Cutemon's voice came before Patamon's. "Don't worry! I'll catch you!" They did not have the heart to tell him how uncertain they where… With no time, and thankfully with no one plummeting, they had managed to reach the ground before slinking off to the nearest shadow. "Okay, Stiletto where did you say you came from?" the blue gelert paused for a moment while sniffing the ground before pointing in the direction infront of them. "This way!" the trio took off in a heartbeat, Alicia and Izaya was not going to wait for Blood's punishment.

*Blood and Shoutmon*

Shoutmon gulped as the small red digimon looked back from the empty room to his partner and back again before inching away from the zodian. "When I find those two… YOU!" Blood immediately began ordering random patrol soldiers to and fro all the while was probably traumatizing more than half of them. Shoutmon only sighed; he liked his partner but liked the others as well. 'Wonder if Blood knows its probably due to how scary looking he is to them.' Still he leapt to his partner's call as they went to find Alicia's group. 'Just hope it won't get too ugly…'

*Alicia, Izaya, and Stiletto*

"Almost there!" He called to the two humans as they headed to the northern entrance. It seemed almost too good to be true as all the soldiers where rushing about which made it easier to remain unseen but at the same time it made their heart choke them as they knew Blood realized they where gone. "ROCK DAMASHI!" They all yelped as Shoutmon (who then yelled a quick "Sorry!") hurled a flaming musical note a little ways in front of them with Blood coming up from behind. "RUN!" With the two humans darting around the fire and Stiletto putting his legs to good use with a strong jump over the flames they all headed out of the kingdom with an enraged Lord Captain and mon giving chase. "Crap, if Blood decided to borrow a different zoid we're doomed!" Due to both the battles with Athle and Reapermon the Geno Saurer was in need of repairs and (no doubt demanded by Blood) an upgrade.

Fortunate for them Blood had too much pride to think of turning around yet at the same time he can trigger Shoutmon's digivolution if fed up with the pursuit or provoked. 'Also the only reason why he's not doing so now is because he knows we'll wear out faster! Need to think of something…' Already Izaya was breathing harder and she tried to ignore a stitch in her side, even Stiletto who had to keep a pace they can keep up with can't go on in this condition. However as luck would have it the northern entrance held the forest as oppose to the southern and eastern's wasteland, also the western had mountains. "Turn a bit to the west," "Won't he notice that?" Izaya snapped which made her pause; they could fake it and act like they're going east but there is the case of Shoutmon…yes, if it seems they would do anything to make it the least bit harder to capture he will order Shoutmon to stop it. "Give me Terriermon and Lopmon once we're in the woods, Stiletto I need you to be out of sight and away from us," The gelert nodded before leaping into the woods and dart out of their sight. "Alright but you better know what the hell you're doing!" Izaya held his Xros Loader.

He truly did hope she knew what to do as he had Patamon and Cutemon out with him. 'She's good with running so maybe she knows some tricks.' The dark haired male ducked behind some low branches, thankful his outfit was a grayish and none too noticeable however they gave Alicia a red one. 'This might be why she'll have the two bunnies!' Realizing exactly why she asked for them he began to think about his role in the act as it also explained Stiletto. "Cutemon! Can you pick up Blood and Shoutmon?" The small sensors twitched before the tiny fairy digimon shushed them as they all ducked a bit more in the branches. "Wait for it…" he mumbled as the red digimon appeared right infront of them.

Meanwhile another saw Shoutmon exactly when the three had as well. Hunkering down on his belly Stiletto prayed to all swift and nimble gelerts of the past for this opportunity. Shoutmon might have been a good digimon but he never had a neopet to confront thus would not know what to expect. When the rookie level gotten just close enough he gave a sudden leap and expected the microphone which the red dinosaur had summoned to keep the blue furred canine from landing on him. Hopping off the mic as fast as he came, Stiletto landed with a twist so he could kick sand up in Shoutmon's eyes as well as darting back the way he came. A few seconds later he overheard with his impressive ears Patamon's Boom Bubble and the sound of a large tree branch colliding with Shoutmon's head.

During this Alicia bolted back out of the forest to skid with her legs starting to flail under her, with Blood coming out shortly after. The Lord Captain of the Phantom Knights instantly grabbed her as the girl tried to dart back in the woods, not knowing the two small digimon watching. "TERRIER TORNADO!" "PETIT TWISTER!" The twins called their attack to knock the two humans away before using a move they can only use when together called Double Twister so as to hurl him in the air as they make their move to the mountains and regroup with the others. It wouldn't hurt the zodian but will knock the wind out of him so as to give them the break they need from the relentless pursuit.

*Blood after the Double Twister*

He no longer cares about what the Emperor or Shoutmon said; first they where hindrances to him when he could have been training himself or his men then they dared to attempt this escape act … twice. Instantly the pilot went back in the forest to find Shoutmon getting up. "Where are they?" With noting but a shock of the head and a shrug of the shoulders the small digimon had to instantly jump up and go with his angered partner. Blood knew while they where gaining controls in different main time streams they had nothing beyond the Arcadia Kingdom under control so as to keep from risking any major armies discovering the transmission unit thus if they get over the mountains they would be in another territory where he could no longer pursuit. This ends immediately! "Shoutmon! Super Digivolution!" Now instead of a beacon of hope the light of digivolution held an eerie sense of danger…

*Unknown Character*

"So the light of digivolution has activated once more?" A voice which had such charisma none could deny it. "Yes, my lord. It was one of the earlier ones, meaning this," the earlier voice interrupted. "Is a digimon with a chosen partner. I know this, unfortunately due to Reapermon's influence those two are becoming active. I thought that eight years ago we had settled this," a silhouette of a massive digimon hovered over a certain bird like mon. "Garudamon, there will be another rift which I fear Baguramon would already know of," the winged humanoid like creature only nodded to show he was listening. "I believe he may already know the source, meantime," Garudamon already knew what was asked of him by his lord and master. "Follow them into the rift," a swipe of a long arm gave the vaccine attribute permission to soar out from the rift made by the mysterious digimon from earlier.

*Back with the Main Characters*

"HEAVY METAL VULCAN!" OmegaShoutmon destroyed more of the different parts of the forest the two humans attempted to hide away in. "Damn!" Izaya swore as a nearby remain of a tree exploded from the assault before grabbing his own Xros Loader. "This bastard's gonna pay for earlier!" Alicia only peered out from where she hid with Stiletto. 'Why this again?' she only manages to return to reality from her nightmare world because of Stiletto's constant comforts. "Patamon! Digivolution!" Blood was anything but amused. "You honestly don't think you can win? OmegaShoutmon! Deal with Angemon, I'll settle this with him personally," With this the zodian leapt off his partner as he readied his sword. "Bring it!" Izaya instantly ducked under Blood's blade before attempting to hit the opposing male in the face only for it to be dodged and the next attempt blocked. In retaliation Blood twisted Izaya's arm before kicking the dark haired to the ground and had managed a good cut on Izaya's arm when he tried to stab the now on defense human.

Angemon was having just as much luck as his partner due to OmegaShoutmon being on a higher level and reached it with a higher version of digital evolution than the standard one he and Izaya used. "HAND OF FATE!" the golden armored draconic mon easily dodge before using an attack of his own. "OMEGA THE FUSION!" The angelic digimon smacked into a fallen tree as his opponent landed right infront of him. Using this as a hopeful opportunity, Angemon swiped his staff under OmegaShoutmon's feet who had caught himself from falling with a back flip yet it gave Angemon a chance to keep up with the attacks as staff hits the armor on the dragon humanoid's arms repeatedly. "You! HEAVY METAL VULCAN!" He tried to pull the staff back in to use as a shield from the ammo yet was unable to move quickly enough.

*Alicia and Stiletto through this*

"Don't you think you should help? Even Terriermon and Lopmon had run to join!" Stiletto pointed towards the twins who tried to even the fight amongst Blood and Izaya as Cutemon hung with Angemon for support. "What does it matter? It's pointless," the gelert sighed; he tried to understand her yet. "Why? Why is running the only answer?" "Because all other options leave you dead," If it was not for her lips moved he would have never guessed such venom came from the shy girl.

"You left me! Fine! But why did you take him away too?"

Shaking her head, Alicia pushed down all of the past bitterness down as the fights had all ended with Blood and OmegaShoutmon as the winners.

Izaya groaned a bit from where he was at on the forest floor as he held his wounded leg from the sword which gleamed sinisterly from Blood's left hand.

"You could never be good enough. No wonder…"

Snapping at the voices from the past to shut up he sat up and glared at OmegaShoutmon from where he stand. "I thought you where friends with her!" The digimon looked at him in surprise. "This will force her to kill or be killed! She'll be in the army for a dictator that she doesn't even know!" "Enough!" Blood commanded before turning his attention back to the girl and neopet. 'Is this seriously my fucking limits? Can't even beat this…!' his thoughts trailed off as he stared at Patamon from where the small mammal was on the ground with Cutemon next to him then at Terriermon and Lopmon who where in front of him. "Damnit…" he called them all once more in the Xros Loader.

Alicia didn't know what to do as Blood monitored her for any signs of resentment; he would not be caught off guard by something like last time. "OmegaShoutmon, take the neopet and the Xros Loader," Figures he would be extra cautious. Stiletto growled as the regretful mon came towards him first instead of taking Izaya's Xros Loader. 'Why? When we was in the forest…' a sudden earthquake made them all fall or attempt to hold onto something sturdy (which was hard to do due to OmegaShoutmon shooting everything and the fight between him and Angemon).

*Arcadia Kingdom*

Flam was careful about losing her footing for a second time as she hurried to where the time-space transmission unit was to see the Emperor, Gale, and Opis all there as well. "What is going on Opis?" The masked man demanded to know. "Well, well! This reaction is similar to the previous ones when the digimon and neopets had arrived," another fierce shock had them all on their knees as they where holding on to the nearest bolted down object. "Although this one will only be a mere burst which will instantly leave; and whether it leaves or take something behind, hee-hee-hee, would be quite interesting to see," The sole female Heavenly King had a deep sinking feeling this was more of Opis's influence on the machine than a natural occurrence … which meant Blood would be in trouble.

*Blood, Alicia, Izaya, OmegaShoutmon, and Stiletto*

They all could no longer hope to stand as the shakes got worse and could only hang on the nearest stump while trying to avoid falling trees. "NOW WHAT!" Izaya yelled in frustration as Blood called OmegaShoutmon back inside the Xros Loader as something told him nothing of this was natural while Alicia held onto Stiletto and buried her face in terror. Before any of them could react the ground between each of them seemed to tear and instead of seeing deep inside the planet's crust it was something completely abnormal. However before any could have a fathom as to what it was a light and fog erupted out, consuming them as it rose upward like a mushroom cloud. Then as quickly as it had came it was no more; the hole, light, and smoke was gone … as well as the previous three figures from earlier.

*Arcadia Kingdom*

"Opis! Where did this energy erupt from?" Gale demanded to know as did the other two. "Why it appeared to have come from … the wasteland, back on the eastern side," As to prove correct a tractor on the energy showed it had indeed came from the wasteland. "Flam, go to the forest and retrieve Blood; with or without the other two. Gale, go and start investigating the wasteland. Opis, find out what caused such a powerful yet sudden burst of power," the three saluted as their leader strode off with a swish of his cape. Flam took no time to hurry to the forest; there was no doubt Opis had lied but finding Blood was her top priority as she hope Gale would be able to prove the mad man was up to somethin.

*Opis after everyone's gone*

"Well that was quite noisy!" the pink haired man gave another crazed laughter as he turned attention back to the computer. "Thanks to my programs as well as 'hitchhiker' data they will all believe me to be telling the truth. Besides even if they did suspect it would hold all 'necessary' data … necessary enough to keep them from doing anything!" Little did anyone know Blood was not the only one who wasn't truly loyal to the Emperor. With another chuckle at his victory he continued on with his important work, one of which the Emperor and the other Heavenly Kings must not know of. Now the one which was the biggest thorn in his side was gone with the other two which Opis did not dared to see grow and develop into a legit menace to his plans. "Farewell Blood! I am personally giving you a one-way ticket straight back to Hell! HAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!"

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