Humming Witch: Yay, my first N x Touya fanfic! I'm planning on only making it 2 chapters long. I worked on this a while ago, but got too lazy to read over it again and again to make sure it was alright. This is waaay longer then I thought it would be, but, meh, whatever... :3 Hope you like it~

I curl up underneath the covers in my old home - I came here for a visit, I thought it would clear my mind. But obviously it hasn't.

Tepig rubs his warm face up against mine, trying to cheer me up. But it's not working.

"Sorry, little guy, but I just... Can't do anything right now..."

He gives a snort of protest before laying down next to me.

"I'm sorry, I know you guys are trying really hard to cheer me up. Believe me, I wish I could cheer up A.S.A.P, but obviously I can't at all..."

Tepig nods, understanding what I said. Soon, he falls asleep, and I'm still curled up, thinking about... N.

I close my eyes and hold back tears.

Oh, N... Why did you leave all of a sudden like that? I thought you loved me? Was it just a joke? To use me?

I have so many un-answered questions...

I try to think back about 5 months ago. It's been such a long time... It feels like years... But it wasn't even a half of a year...


We go on the Ferris wheel... My face is a bright red, I try not to show him how embarrassed I am right on a ride like this - and with a guy of...of all genders!

"Look, Touya, I need to tell you something..."


"I'm the ki-"

Before he finished whatever he was about to say I leaned my face in close to his and pecked his lips with mine quickly. I moved away from him a bit, and tried to form a "S-sorry". I looked away from him nervously, and blushed even more. I don't know what drove me to do that... I just... He looked so... Pretty... And kissable...

His hand softly caressed my cheek. Oh, because this helps my embarrassment A LOT. He rested his chin on my shoulder and his warm breath on my neck sent shivers down my spine. I want to stay here, like this, for a little while longer... But it doesn't last as he takes his mouth away from my neck to start to nibbling on my earlobe, in a teasing way.

I turn my head around to look at his face, and nervously say, "Wha-wha-what are you d-doing, N?"

He grinned at me, then crashed our lips together. He licked my lips and I gasped. Before I could even understand what was going on, he slid his tongue past my lips and started to taste and explore inside of my mouth. He urged me to do the same, and soon our tongues were intertwined and the need for air became too much for me to handle. I broke the kiss and gasped sharply. He licked his lips, and of course, my face went insanely red.

"N, wha-"

He pressed his finger up against my lips,

"The rides almost over, let's continue this somewhere else. I'll come by your house tonight, 'kay? Just wait for me." He quickly kissed my lips again, and took his face away from mine.

He smiled at me. And for the first time since we've been here I smiled back.

The ride stopped; it was over. I was a little disappointed, but, oh well... Hopefully I'll get to see him again.

"Touya, go, now, please..."

"A-alright..." I was about to go leave but stopped and turned back around,

"Wait, N, what were you going to tell me?"

"Just go! I'll tell you later..."

"Oh... Okay, then."

I left the park and started walking back home. I got lonely so I took Tepig out of his cramped little pokeball to put him on my shoulder.

"Hey there, little guy, how's it goin'?"

He grunted happily and smiled. I chuckled a bit and pet his snout.

By the time I got back home, the sun had started to set over the horizon. It looked beautiful. I went inside and was greeted by my mother.

"Back from your journey to come visit your mother, Touya? Oh how sweet!"

"Heehheh, yeah, mum. Is it ok if I have a friend over?"

"Well, sure. What time will they be here?"

"Oh, well, actually, I.. Don't know.. heehheeh...".

I laughed nervously and took my shoes off, as Tepig jumped off from my shoulders and landed with a 'thud' on the floor.

"Well, they're welcome to stay the night."

Tepig nudged his nose on my mother's leg.

"Oh, hi there! How're you?" She asked, swatting down to pet Tepig's head.

He gave a snort and smiled.

"Oh, Touya, your sister is in her room, let me go get her. All of my children came to visit me lately, how lovely~ It'll be like old times." she said, getting up and walking up stairs to go get my sister, Touko.

I'm not sure why my sister came back home, but she did. Oh well. I'll ask that later on.

I walked over to the table in the living room and sat down. Tepig followed and sat next to me.

He grunted. I pat his head.

"When do you think he'll come, Tepig?"

Another grunt from him as he spins around in a circle and drops to the floor to lay down.

"I hope he'll come soon..."

As we're all eating dinner, there's a knock at the door.

My mother stands up to go get it. She opens up the door, and calls me over.

"Touya, is this your little friend?"

I stand up and walk over to her. I look at the person outside of the door and blush.

"Oh! Uh... yeah..."

He smiles at me.

"Well, let him in, it must be cold out there." She chuckles.

"O-oh, um, N, please come in."

He nods and walks inside.

We walk back over to the table, and N sits next to me. Touko looks at N, and smiles at him each time he glances over at her. I felt jealousy rage in the pits of my stomach, but I ignored it.

"So, how do you know my little Touya?" Mother asks him.

He puts an arm around my shoulder and smiles.

"Oh, I've known him for a bit..."

"Ah, I see."

"... Look, ma'am, I need to tell you something. I love your son. And I don't know if I'll be able to ... "ehem", control myself tonight. So if you hear some loud noises, please don't be alarmed~"

"N!" I yelled, in shock of what he said in front of my mother.

Mother looked shocked. Touko looked crushed and angry at me. N smiled.

"You better not take my little Touya's virginity!"


"He's a virgin?" N asked.

"I hate you Touya, I wish you were never born!" My sister yells at me.

"Touko!" mother says.

"SHUT UP." I yell, looking at the ground. "Mom, I'm old enough to make my own decisions, if I wanna have sex with N then I will - I know you still want me to be your little boy, but, it's not going to last forever, sadly. I love you, mom, but I also love N and you have to understand that. And Touko, Wishing that I'm dead just because I got the guy that you wanted at first glance? Well, maybe you shouldn't be such a bitch! Get over it, there are a lot of other people out there! Why pick on me?"

Everyone was silent. I couldn't take it anymore.

"I-I'm going upstairs." I say, without looking at anyone. I look at the ground as I get up and walk up the stairs. I go into my room and sit at the edge of the side of my bed that's up against the wall. I hide my face in my hands and cry into them. I feel like a small child - alone and weak. I ruin everything, don't I?

A while later my door opens up a bit.

"Go away," I say, my face still in my hands.

"Touya, it's me." I recognize N's voice.

I hear him walk into my room,close the door, and walk towards me. He sits next to me on my bed. He embraces me and I start crying on him instead of my hands.

"N, I hate everyone! They make me feel like i can't do anything... I hate it, N..."

"...It's alright..." He starts to stroke my hair gently.

My crying starts to fade away, as he comforts me. I sniffle a bit and sit up to look at his face.

He chuckles a bit, and get's a tissue from his pocket. He wipes my face with it.

"You're so cute, Touya."

I blush and look away, like always. He lifted up my chin so I could look at him.

He kisses me on the lips a bit and smiles.

"Touya..." He says, in a gentle voice, "I wanna make love to you. Let me?"

My faces gets as red as it can, and my eyes widen.

"B-but, I just confessed my love today and I don't know if we should, but..." I looked away from him.

"Oh, ok, I understand. We can take it slow, if you want." He kisses my cheek.

"N-no, I want to, it's... It's just... I don't know i-if I...can..."

N chuckles once more, and takes off my hat. He then slides his hand up my shirt and onto my back. His hand is cold, it gives me goose-bumps.

He starts to kiss my neck. He bites down and pierces trough my pasty white skin, then kissing it, leaving his mark on me. I'm definitely his, now. He then starts to kiss all over my neck, and I can't help but moan a little.

"N-N..." I close my eyes for a while, as he continues to kiss my neck all over.

"How cute, you really are a virgin, huh?"

"S-shut up..." I say, smiling a small bit. "...I... I love you, N. A lot."

"I love you too, Touya."

He continues to kiss my neck, then, takes my shirt off. He licks my chest.


He grins.

"You sure you want this?" he asks me, pulling me into his lap.


He kisses me on the lips quickly, and continues.

Soon, we're both naked and holding each other. I can't stop my intense blushing.

He keeps touching me in places - places that I've always wanted him to touch. Everything feels so nice - everything is nice.

-(end of flashback)-

I stop trying to remember what happened. N and I made love that night... But I don't want to think about that right now... All of the pain that I had after all of the sweetness is too much for me to bear.

I fall asleep and hope that I can forget about things for a while...