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Chapter One

I've seen this several times. The alpha trying to intimidate me, break down my barriers and force me into submission. But just because I am a submissive, doesn't mean I should give in so easily. I've taught my pack that. I had three rules that abided with my pack. One: never state the obvious, just because we smell exactly like submissives, doesn't mean to act like one. Two: embrace our abilities and make sure that whatever a dominant tries to do to break us down, stand your ground, show them that you're worth fighting for. And rule number three: pick your dominant, don't let them pick you.

So far, with the seven packs we've met so far, none have attained to these rules, and none seemed strong enough for us to pick a mate. Two of the packs already had submissives, both to which that were trying to claim Brady and me. None of them seemed to claim my interest, or Brady and Collin's for that matter. So we continued on. It's not our mission to look for dominants, shit we knew who we were, but that didn't mean that we couldn't still do the one thing we were created for, and that was killing leeches. Of course it was explained to us through our dad that we wouldn't be capable of bringing any down without at least one dominant in the pack, but we've proved him wrong over and over again.

In fact, we just killed one. Before these dominants arrived. There are six of them, all dominants, raging with hormones, and every intention to mount one of us, if not, all of us. There eyes as dark as the pitch-black nights, teeth exposed like razor sharp knives dripping with the drool of tasting our scents. They were hungry, not to satisfy their starvation for food, but their obligation to ease the itch of lust.

'I think I see what I like.' Brady sat to my right, staring down the silver wolf that seemed to be hissing and snarling uncontrollably. In fact they all were.

'The alpha and the beta seem to crave you Seth.' Collin snickered.

'Remember the rules boys.' I reminded them, sitting at a halt, calm and collected.

The alpha, tall and a russet brown color approached me with the beta, a black scruffy wolf, tagging not far behind. They both circled me as everyone backed away to make way, even Collin and Brady watched carefully. They were challenging me, and I wasn't backing down. I stayed in my position, sitting and watching the two as they tried intimidating me with every snarl and growl. I shrugged it off and let more of a chuckle at their attempts to make me submit. Apparently it angered them more as they continued to move in closer, nipping at me and snapping their jaws closer to me.

'I think this pack is too big for us Seth.' Brady began to panic as the dark brown wolf and silver wolf circled him. I looked to my left as the greyish-white wolf and chocolate-brown wolf circled Collin.

'Stand your grounds you guys, they think they can take us.' I reminded them. 'Move closer to me, I have an idea.'

As they slowly paced closer to me, keeping their backs pointed away from the dominants, and me moving back slowly to stand closer to Brady and Collin, I gave them an order. 'Now howl as loud as you can.'

With the command, all three of us tilted our heads back and let out a howl each, warning the pack that we were calling for back-up, the dominants we wanted them to believe we belonged to. They moved back slightly with a hint of panic in their postures, fidgeting to comprehend that we might have already been taken. But to no avail, the alpha and beta weren't convinced. They more of chuckled at our attempt, but that didn't stop us.

'Now run!'

We fled, bolted and maneuvered through the pack of wolves before they could realize we were gone. It didn't take long for them to start chasing us, and we weren't giving in so easily. One of the pros of being a submissive, speed was on our side as we literally left them in our dust.

'What do we do now?' Brady cried out.

'Mom and dad are at the reservation close to here, they said meet them there, we just have to convince them we need to get out of here.' I tried to plan it out, hoping our parents would get us out of here.

It was dad's idea to let us test our abilities, to travel by foot to get to the reservation known as La Push, apparently the place we should be calling home for the summer. But after this, I wanted nothing to do with this place, especially after finding that we were constantly defending our virginity, well Collin's more of, seeing how I actually lost mine to some easy chick back in Seattle. Brady bragged about his first time with some girl I haven't even heard of.

But after finding out my purpose in the pack, the reason of all of us, I was and still am pissed about it. Dad knew about our destinies, but he didn't know that we were all submissives. None of us knew what he meant until he explained our roles, how we were the quickest, smartest, and leanest of the pack. But he didn't mention that we were demeaned to the positions of sex slaves. Yeah, you heard me right. It seems that wolves are very horny predators, and since it's very uncommon for a woman to shift, the smaller guys are elected to please the dominants. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the sex part, in fact to have all these guys attention on us can be very uplifting, it still sucks that we are never allowed to fall in love with anyone, especially a woman. It doesn't really bother me really, I don't really abide by any labels to sexuality, I'm pretty open to any partner in the sack, and the same goes for Brady. It's Collin who's more into this, he's… well I don't like to label him, but he admitted to all of us that he's gay.

'Seth! Snap out of it bro.' Seth gave me shove.

'Sorry.' I said as we came into view of a small community. 'This must be La Push.'

'It better be.' Brady deadpanned.

Each of us phased and pulled on the shorts tied around our ankles. They both followed me as we tried picking up our parents scents before the pack chasing us could pick up ours. We didn't care when we passed a couple of girls gawking over us while walking to the house where our dad was unloading the last of the boxes.

"Well it's good to see you boys finally made it." Dad chuckled.

"We need to get out of here dad." Brady warned him, "this place already has a pack and we've overstayed our welcome as it is."

"I know." He smiled. "You boys are supposed to be apart of that pack."

"What are you talking about dad?" I asked. "They're after us, and we had to think quick to escape."

"You guys escaped?" Mom descended from the house in panic-mode. "Harry, maybe this isn't such a great idea."

"They'll be fine." Dad seemed calmer.

"Dad, I don't want to stay here and find out what those assholes were thinking." I hated begging, but under these circumstances, I wanted to get the hell out of here.

"Go in the house, I'll summon the council and discuss this with them." He practically pulled us in with him.

"What's there to discuss dad?" Collin asked. "These lunatics had lust imprinted in their eyes."

"You guys are worried over nothing." He chuckled.

"Ma?" We all whined at the same time.

"You'll be fine boys."

How the hell were they both okay with this? Our innocence was being put at stake, and they were all happy-go-lucky with it. Were we literally being auctioned of to the best bidder, married off to the most suitable mate? When the hell did we become the chief's daughters?

"What are you doing ma?" I asked, watching her light a small tree branch in a small metal bowl.

"Juniper branches are strong enough to drown out any smell, or for your guy's sake, your scents." She seemed skittish, fluently.

"What is it you and dad aren't telling us?" Brady asked.

"We told you everything we know sons." She continued, now brushing us with the branches.

We sat on the couch, skittish and reluctant to make our escape. Never in my life have I felt the fear of fleeing, not even when it came to vampires. But this was different, not subtle, not something that's usually surpassed. It wasn't much to face the other packs, but this one was different, this was more advanced than I've seen. As I continued to grip my jean cut-offs, as if I was trying to stretch them further down, I couldn't relieve my thoughts of ever escaping the piercing eyes of the alpha and his beta.

They stared deep into me, like if I already belonged to them, without question and without options. I didn't realize I was sweating until I brushed my forehead with my arm to find it soaked. I wasn't the only one. Brady and Collin were practically shaken. I figured we could handle this, which we could continue to live freely and actually enjoy killing off a couple leeches, but it seems that after today, it would be taken away, all of our privileges if we join the pack here. And that means I will no longer be the alpha of our little pack.

"If you boys keep sweating at that rate, your scents will overpower the medicine." Mom handed us a towel each to wipe off. Then brushing us again with the juniper.

Mom seemed to be the only levelheaded out of our parents, but dad seemed eager to get us in the pack. I never understood why traditions and culture were so damn important to dad, he practically shoved any knowledge of it down our throats, except the ones he really didn't want us knowing, the first example, us being submissives.

"The council meeting will take place in an hour." Dad announced walking in and hanging his hat on the hook by the door.

It's funny how quick mom was to settle in the house.

"Until then, you boys can grab your stuff from the U-haul and bring it to your rooms to settle in." Mom ordered. "Then you can eat your lunch before we head to the community hall."

"But ma…" we all complained.

"You'll be fine." She argued. "Lord I swear you three went from teenage boys to whiny little girls."

"This is bullshit." I grumbled as Brady and Collin followed with the same attitude.


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