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Hades was enraged. A mortal had killed Lily Potter and his daughter, Angel Potter, was missing! This was exactly what he had been trying to avoid, and wouldn't have happened if Lily had agreed before this morning to stay in the protection of the Underworld. His daughter was probably dead, or soon to be dead, so he clenched his fists, and went back to his Underworld empire.

He had truly loved Lily and Angel.


Angel sniffled, as she leaned against the kitchen sink. Her arm was bruised where Dudley had hit her, and she was so tired. The lights seemed much too bright, and she glared heatedly at the sun from the window. With a frown that seemed out of place on a four year old such as herself, Angel stepped back, into the comforting shadows cast by the open door.

She lent back against the wall with a content sigh, only to give a shriek, as she tumbled backwards into nothingness. Everything was dark, that she didn't mind, but she did hate the feeling of free fall, as she always hated being high up in the air. Suddenly, she landed with a thump on a cold, black granite floor. Angel pulled herself up with a huff. Oh, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were going to be so angry.

"Who are you, child, and what are you doing here?" A powerful voice boomed.

She looked up, and saw a giant man sitting on a giant black thrown, wearing black battle armor, a black cape made up of shadows, and a black helmet. His skin was the same ivory white as hers, and his hair the same black curls, but his eyes were so black that she could not tell were or if there was a pupil.

"I-I…Im sorry, sir, but I don't know where I am," She said quickly, "If-if you could just tell me where to leave-"

"I asked you you're name, girl," The man thundered.

"Angel Potter!" She squeaked, covering her head with her arms, "Please, my Aunt must be wondering where I am-"

"Angel Potter…" The man's voice was so quiet, she had to strain her ears to hear it, "No… It cant be…Look at me, girl,"

Gulping in fear, Angel looked up, meeting the giant's eyes. They widened in shock, before softening into a caring look.

"Angel," He whispered, "Do you know who I am?"

Angel shook her head, "N-no,"

"I am Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld, and," He gave her a piercing look, "You're father,"

Angel's mouth dropped open, "But Aunt Petunia said my Mummy and Daddy were dead,"

"Well, your mother is, and so is your Step father," Hades nodded, "But I am you're father. Had I known where you were, I would have taken you with me,"

Angel cocked her head in childish innocence, "But if you're my Daddy, then why arnt I really big, too?"

Hades chuckled, something that looked very weird to Angel, "Ah, child," He stood, and shrunk to that of a normal size, "I can apear to be anything I want to,"

Angel's eyes widened, "Really? Can I do that, too?"

Hades shook his head, and picked up Angel, holding her on his hip, "No, but you can do many other things, Angel,"

"Cool," Angel whispered, before getting worried, "I got to get home, to cook dinner, before Aunt Petunia gets mad,".

Hades' lips thinned, "Cook dinner?"

Angel nodded, "Mm-hm, if I don't, I'll get in trouble,"

"And what happens when you get in trouble, Angel?" Hades' expression was slightly darker now.

"I get locked in my cupbord for three days," Angel informed him, not aware of Hades' temper rising.

"Angel," Hades began, "Would you like to stay here, with me, and not go back to you're Aunt's?"

Angel looked at Hades with wide eyes, "Can I? Its so nice here!"

Hades gave her a small smile, "Of course, Angel, you are my daughter, after all,"

Angel gave him a dimpled smile that she'd inherited from her mother, "Then I'll stay, Daddy!"


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