Csilla: This turned out to be more of a friendship than a romance oneshot but its still fluffy~ :D

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"Natsu, can we switch tables please?" Rosette locks looked over at his best friend, and co-worker, Lucy in curiosity that later morph to disbelief as he muttered, "Another cute guy you want to wait on?"

"Ah~ haha… You caught me," She playfully stuck out her tongue as a light dusting appeared across her cheeks.

"Did you forget already how pissed Fried was last time we switched tables and things got all messed up?" Natsu reminded her in a stern voice as he fixed his uniform and hair.

Last time the duo had switched tables because of a 'cute guy', Natsu was stuck with a very angry table of housewives who had been waiting for him to take their order. There was a certain order and it wasn't his fault that he almost always (at least daily) waited on a table with a cute guy; that table was always up for grabs although Lucy was usually the one who tried to grab it first.

Grabbing a small pad of paper and a pen, Natsu approached the table with his new customer: an untamable raven-haired teenager with a bored expression on his face as he stared outside the window. Clearing his throat to gain the customer's attention, he asked politely: "What can I get for you, sir?"

"Hn… Oh," locking gazes with the rosette standing before him, "Ah… A coffee, I guess"

"Anything else?"

"Not at the moment,"

Nodding his head, Natsu muttered a quick 'be right back' before turning on his heel to check up on the other table he was waiting on then onto the coffee pot behind the counter. Onyx drifted their gaze back to the scenery outside; meanwhile, the rosette waiter stepped into the kitchen to fetch another table's food when Lucy bombarded him with pleas: "C'mon Natsu~ You saw for yourself... He's really cute,"

"Yeah so? He's not worth getting lectured by Fried again," before she could chime in, "for me, that is..." The rosette knew his friend was willing to get fired just to wait on all the cute boys that entered the cafe but sadly for her: he was not!

Lucy pouted before going along with her work, leaving him to sigh in defeat before grabbing a clean coffee cup from the cupboard and mentally thanking Lisanna for starting a new pot of coffee as he poured some into the cup.

"Here you go," watching as the onyx eyes gazed down at the steaming cup before asking, "Can I get you any sugar or cream, sir?" Although it felt still felt weird to refer to someone as 'sir' or 'madam', Natsu bit back his discomfort as he waited for a response.

"Ah... n-no thanks," Something shifted uncomfortably inside him at the sound of the other's voice; he was used to helping his co-workers out with their problems enough so that he could pick up when something was bothering customers.

"Can I get you anything else? Something to eat perhaps?" The rosette pushed on, not wanting to leave the other there alone.

Onyx eyes glanced over to the window and with a mocking tone that gave off more than what the owner probably wanted to show, "Well, let's see... someone who actually wants to be around the real me," snickering as he went to inhale the sweet aroma of the coffee, "just kidding~ I'm not hungry but thanks,"

Fumbling in his apron for his notepad, Natsu scribbled a note beneath the bill total before ripping it off the pad and folding it slightly then placing it down. He walked away to attend to his other tables; the rosette felt no regret for the message he had left for the customer and one glance from his cobalt eyes told him that the other had saw his note...

/meet me back here at five/

"I'm ready to pay now," Natsu quickly walked over to the register before Lucy or any of the other girls that gutted for any male that walked in; he asked in a polite voice as he stepped behind the machine, "Did you enjoy your coffee?"

"Yes, listen about that note-"

Taking the cash that was placed on the counter, Natsu smoothly injected: "Because its too late to just walk away and ignore what you said... so I'd like it very much if when I got off work, we could meet up then" before handing the other his change.

"No thanks," Grabbing his change and then leaving without another word, the waiter sighed before going back to his work.

Without any more male teens walking, Natsu's work day sailed to a smooth finish; he was in the back changing out of his uniform and into his street clothes when his ears perked up when he heard the soft gossip behind him: "Ne~ Levi are you sure? That cute guy from before is back!"

"Yup~ Mira told me when she asked, he said he was waiting on someone~"

Could it be? Shaking his head of the thought, the raven had told him that he wasn't interested in his help but curiosity still triggered his feet to leave out the front door. Standing outside with his hands stuffed in his pockets stood one of the cafe's regulars - Loki; Natsu's shoulders sagged as he waved goodbye to the teen before walking past him. On his way past an alley, he was yanked by his arm; cobalt eyes widened at the person before him.

"You came,"

"Yeah... well, when someone offers to hear you out on your problems... I'd be a jerk not to at least take them up even remotely, uh..."

"Natsu Dragneel, and you?"

"Gray Fullbuster..."

"So Gray," motioning for the other to follow him away from the cafe, "want to tell me what you meant by wanting someone who actually wants to be around the real you?" Natsu asked as they walked side-by-side down the street.

"Well, let's say - I have some big shoes to fill and no one wants to ask about my aspirations and dreams," Gray muttered as they continued their journey down the fairly empty streets.

"I guess I can sort of relate to that," pausing in his movement and continued when the other looked back, "so how about I be that 'no one' and ask what are your aspirations?" before smiling.

"Promise you won't laugh," not waiting for a reply before adding, "I wanted to be a pastry chef,"

"Wait! Seriously! That's great~ I'd love to be able to do that but I'm kind of stuck at a waiter position," Natsu scratched his chin in embarrassment after realizing what he just blurted out.

"Wanna go at it together then?"

"That might not be a bad idea," chuckling a little before he wondered, "Is there anything else bothering you?"

"Aside from the much needed confidence boost to disappoint my dad... not really,"

"Your dad, huh? What does he want you to do? Take our his company,"

His joke was cut short when Gray muttered, "Correct,"


"Ice Make Creations, the leading architectural company-"

"Waaaait! You're the heir of that company," silence passed before Natsu sighed, "No wonder you want to be a pastry chef," earning a curious look from Gray, "A pastry chef is something you want to be because it makes you feel like you're being true to yourself,"

The raven began laughing; he was surprised that someone he just met by chance had been able to give him confidence to defend what he wanted to do instead of trying to fill in his father's shoes. Maybe something had a hand in him going to the cafe today...

And maybe that same something had decided that Natsu would be his waiter...

Then later would inject himself into Gray's life...

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