Mitsukuni Haninozuka never thought much about anything else but cake and Usa-Chan. Those were the two things he cared for more then anything. After that came his family, his mother, fathers, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, especially his big cousin Takashi, and his grandparents, especially the one that was no longer around. No matter how many years passed, he would always remember his deceased Grandmother with fondness, for she was the same lady that had made him Usa-Chan, and introduced him to the world of cute things. . He had missed her so much when she had died, but somehow Usa-Chan had made her feel a whole lot better about it. He had been the one thing that bought him joy and made him feel better after she had passed away and he just kept doing it ever since. the toy had brought a glimmer of joy to Mitsukuni's life again, and simply continued to do so.

Of course now twenty years later he was older, and had more important things to do. He worked with his younger Brother, Chika to train the students, and Haruhi was his trusted legal advisor, but at the end of the day, there was still a lot of pressure riding on his shoulders. He took over his father's job as head of Haninozuka Clan and with that came the responsibility of running the family dojos, training the new students and take care of his family. He loved his family so much. His wife Sachi, who had cute light brown hair and blue eyes was a lot like him. She adored cute things, and loved cakes and sweets. However she seemed to still be a bit more carefree then he was. Hunny figured that was because the only thing she had to worry herself over was their five year old daughter Fukiko. Although Fukiko, who looked a lot like her mother, liked cute things like her parents, she seemed to always be a bit shyer and calm then they were. She didn't talk much and just watch things as they unfolded much like Mori did. However is didn't mean she didn't get excited when her mother suggested going somewhere like a toy store or a candy store. She was a normal child, after all. This is exactly how she was acting the day it all happened.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" she shouted as she ran into her father's office. Hunny looked up and giggled at her and she came and jumped on him.

"Guess what guess what guess what guess what guess what," she kept saying over and over again. taking her hands and holding her still, just long enough to get her attention."What what?" Hunny asked back,

"We're going to the toy store for a new tea set," said Sachi walking into the office holding up a picture of a beautiful, full sized, sixteen-piece, rose coloured tea set.

"Isn't it just the cutest thing Daddy?" asked Fukiko.

"Yeah, it's beautiful," said Hunny.

"Maybe when we get back with it we can all have a tea party," suggested Sachi.

"Sure you can do that," said Hunny looking back down at his work.

"I meant all three of us," said Sachi.

"Yeah Daddy you we can all have a tea party, you me Mommy and Usa-Chan," said Fukiko looking up at the bunny sitting high up on a shelf. Hunny looked up at his old friend as well.

"I don't know. Usa-Chan and I have a lot of work to do," he said. Though he didn't want to say no to his little girl, for the last couple of months Mitsukuni was restricted to his office almost twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Normally, he at least had some spare time every morning and afternoon, but as well as being tasked with completing the general affairs of the household as the family patriarch, he had started on a new project that seemed to be consuming every other waking hour of his day. He was working on a bunny sanctuary, something he had always wanted to do.

"Oh," said Fukiko as she got up and walked out of the room.

Sachi looked over at her husband.

"Was that really necessary?" she asked.

"I am a little busy. Haru-Chan's suppose to come over and help me go over some things regarding getting some land set aside as sanctuary for bunnies," said Hunny.

"Oh you're still doing that? That is so sweet!" said Sachi.

"I'm going to name the first two girl bunnies after you and Fuki-Chan," said Hunny with a smile.

"Well while I admit it's important, is it so important that you can't take some time off for a tea party with your daughter?" asked Sachi. Hunny thought about it.

"I'll try," he said.

"That's all I ask," said Sachi as she leaned down and kissed her husband. Hunny kissed her back deeply.

"Mommy Daddy, Haru's here," said Fukiko walking in on her parents kissing. Upon seeing what her parents were doing, she scrunched up her face in mock disgust and walked out to where Haruhi was waiting.

"You'll have to wait. They're engaging in intimacy," she said.

"Fukiko, you could have just told her we were busy," said Sachi running back out to her daughter.

"Sorry," said Fukiko turning and looking at Haruhi, "They were busy being intimate." Haruhi looked up at Sachi. Sachi just shrugged her shoulders.

"I'll just go into the office how about?" she said.

"Go right ahead," said Sachi. Both woman smiled warmly at each other as Haruhi walked past Sachi. The two had become really good friends ever since she first married Hunny.

"Hi Haru-Chan," said Hunny as she came in.

"Hi Hunny," said Haruhi, "So you ready to get started?"

"Sure," said Hunny.

"We'll just be going dear," said Sachi poking her head back in.

"We're going to get me a new tea set," said Fukiko.

"Oh that sounds nice," said Haruhi. Fukiko smiled before looking up at Usa-Chan still on his self. She looked up at her mother.

"Mommy, are you going?" she asked.

"Yes honey we're going. See you when we get back. By Haruhi," said Sachi.

"By," said Haruhi.

"Um how long is this going to take?" asked Hunny. Haruhi shrugged her shoulders.

"It depends," said Haruhi, "Why?"

"I may have a party later," said Hunny smiling up at Usa-Chan.

"Oh well okay, we'll just do what we can and call it good," said Haruhi.

"Thanks Haru-Chan," said Hunny.

Fukiko didn't say anything on the way home. Instead she just smiled as she held the box with her new tea set.

"You like it honey?" asked her mother. Fukiko smiled brightly.

"Yeah I do, but Mommy?" she said.

"Yes honey?" asked Sachi.

"Are you going?" asked Fukiko.

"What do you mean honey? We're going home aren't we?" asked Sachi.

"No I meant are you going away from me and Daddy?" asked Fukiko.

"What do you mean sweetheart?" asked Sachi.

"You're going away and you're never coming back," said Fukiko.

"What made you think that honey?" asked Sachi.

"Usa-Chan told me," said Fukiko.

"Who?" Sachi asked when they suddenly felt the car stop moving. Sachi looked out of the window in fear to see a small red sports car come flying onto the round-a-bout, cutting two other cars off, the driver talking on his mobile phone, not even paying attention to the road. Mother and daughter looked at each other for a brief second, before Sachi whispered something to her daughter and threw herself onto her little girl.A moment later, they collided, and Fukiko screamed. Suddenly out of no where both felt the car jerk to the side followed by a loud thud that shook the car and made it fall over. Fukiko could see glass falling all around her and in a brief second she saw her mother twisting and tumbling around with a scared and confused looked on her face. That was the look Fukiko continue to see long after as she herself tumbled over, but remained in her seat, still holding tightly the box with the toy her mother had just gotten her.

"Mommy?" she said. Her mother didn't say anything. Her mother just looked at her with the confused and sacred look. What she as necessarily scared and confused about no would ever know. Was it from the sudden crash, or did it have something to do with the last thing her daughter had told her?

Back at the family estate, Haruhi and Mitsukuni were just starting to pack up for the evening, when his personal mobile phone started ringing. "Hello, this is Mitsu.. kuni..." A look of utter horror crossed his features as he dropped the phone and ran out of the room.

Three hours later, Honey, Takashi and Haruhi sat in a waiting room. Takashi and Haruhi were sitting quietly, watching as Mitsukuni paced around, holding Usa-Chan to his chest tightly. Soon after a while Kyoya walked out with a gurgan both looking grim.

"I'm sorry but there was nothing we could do to save your wife," said the doctor.

Hunny took a deep breath doing his best not to cry but it was no use. The tears came as started to cry loud, "WHA!"

"I'm so sorry Hunny," said Haruhi trying her best to comfort her small friend. Mori also put a hand on his cousin's shoulder.

"Was there really nothing you could do to save her?" asked Kyoya. The doctor shook his head sad.

"She was on the side car the other car hit and took most of the impact. She was practically dead before she even got here. From what I can understand, she suffered serious spinal, lung and brain injury. When she arrived, the paramedics said that they were surprised she hadn't died from blood loss already. Unfortunately, the internal bleeding from her lungs being punctured several times is what claimed her. I'm sorry We did try though," he said.

"I see what about the girl?" asked Kyoya.

"She is physically sound, aside from a broken arm. It seems that your wife used her own body to shelter the child from the debris. It could quite possibly be what saved her life. She has some scratches on her from the broken glass, and broken arm but she'll be fine," said the doctor. Hunny looked at the talk of his daughter.

"She's okay?" he asked.

"Yes, she's fine physically. However I don't know how she'll feel mentally. It can't be easy watching a parent die in front of you. I don't know how much of the crash she actually saw, or how much she saw of her Mother in the aftermath," said the doctor.

"That's true," said Haruhi. Everyone looked over at her.

"What did you say Haru-Chan?" asked Hunny.

"Oh it's nothing," she said.

"Oh okay," said Hunny, "Can I see my daughter?"

"Yes right this way," said the doctor as he led Hunny to Fukiko's room.

"Looks like she's asleep," said the doctor.

"We should probably wait our here," said Kyoya.

"Yeah," said Mori.

"We'll wait for you Hunny," said Haruhi.

"Thanks, Oh Takashi, do you have Usa-Chan?" asked Hunny.

"Yeah," said Mori handing him the bunny.

"Thanks," said Hunny.

Closing the door quietly, Hunnny pulled a chair over to his daughter's side. He didn't sit down straight away, but instead leant over the bed, stroking her cheek and hair. There were several cuts on her face, and her right arm was in a cast. Mitsukuni couldn't bring himself to look at it more than once, out of concern that he would throw up. After a while, he finally sat down, taking Fukiko's good hand into his own, he kissed it softly and inhaled shakily.

"Fuki-Chan, it's me Daddy," he said softly, "I, I don't know if you can hear me but I'm sorry Mommy's gone and she's never coming back. I'm known it's sad but, I'm going to do my best to make sure you're still happy from now on, I promise. And that's why I want you to have him." He gently laid Usa-Chan down next Fukiko.

"I want you to have Usa-Chan for now. He'll help look after and protect you from now on, just like he did when my grandmother died okay?" He kissed his daughter's forehead before walking out of the room sad.

Fukiko slowly opened her eyes after her father left and looked at the pink bunny next to her.

"So that's what you meant when you told me she was going away and never coming back," she said. "No its okay, you can tell me anything you want to from now on. I'll listen I promise."