Several Years Later…,

"I was thinking of calling the baby Sachi if it's a girl," said Fukiko rubbing her belly with her baby bump.

"Oh that's so sweet," said Haruhi rubbing Fukiko's belly as well.

"Thanks," said Fukiko.

"How are you feeling with this?" asked Haruhi.

"Just the usual pregnancy symptoms," said Fukiko, "Although I do like having these new excuses for eating cake!"

"Your father did his best to make me eat a lot of cake when I was pregnant," said Haruhi.

"Speaking which..," said Fukiko looking around nervously.

"Yes, he and your brother are outside with your husband," said Haruhi.

"Every time you come over," said Fukiko, "They're going to wear him out again!"

"I know," said Haruhi, "But it's either that or your husband loose face with your father."

"Tough choice," said Fukiko, "Well did you want to come see the nursery?"

"I'd love to," said Haruhi as she and Fukiko walked off, holding hands.

"You're not upset that I want to name the baby Sachi if it's a girl are you Mom?" asked Fukiko.

"No, of course not," said Haruhi.

"I just thought you know, naming her after my real mother instead of," Fukiko started to say.

"Honey its fine really," said Haruhi, "For one thing she was your real mother and I would think it'd be nice to give it some homage. Secondly this is only your first baby. Who's to say you won't have another baby you may want to name after me. And thirdly, you have a brother and sister who may like the honor of naming a baby after me. So don't think I would be upset over the idea that you didn't want to name this baby after me. I really would rather see you name this baby after your real mother." Fukiko threw her arms around her.

"Thanks Mom," she said, "Oh here's the nursery now." She opened to door to show a huge room, bright and colorful filled with all sorts baby items and toys, all mostly of bunny and open meadow décor. "So, tell me what you think?"

"I think it's amazing how much you think like your father," said Haruhi walking around exploring the room.

"But do you think it's cute?" asked Fukiko.

"Yes honey of course it's cute," said Haruhi, "I think the baby's going to be really happy here." Fukiko giggled and rubbed her belly some more. She looked around, really happy about the idea of her baby soon coming.

Ever since her father married Haruhi, and they had her little brother and sister, it seemed like her life had been nothing but happy. Granted they had been some rough times and some sad times, like when Fukiko would start to think about her real mother, or when she and her parents had difference of opinion. Other then that, nothing else ever seemed to happen to really make her life miserable.

Even when she got to high school, she and some of her friends had formed a hostess club in honor of their fathers, under Ana's leadership of course. After high school she went on to collage where she decided to study law like Haruhi to someday become a lawyer herself.

It was in collage she meant her husband who was a history major, particularly historic battles. The two of them spent many happy years dating before finally marrying and now ready to start their own family.

"Do you have any names picked out for if it's a boy?" asked Haruhi who was looking over the crib in the center of the room.

"No, not really, we keep throwing names around but so far we can't seem to decide on one we both like," said Fukiko.

"Oh I see," said Haruhi, "Well you know your father and I ran into similar problems when I was pregnant with your sister."

"I remember that," said Fukiko, "I wasn't sure if the two of you were ever going to pick out a name for Ayumi." Haruhi giggled.

"Well you still have some time to help figure it out," she said.

"Yeah that's true," said Fukiko.

"Oh, I didn't realize he was in here," said Haruhi walking over to a shelf where at the top sat a familiar pink bunny.

"Oh yeah," said Fukiko reaching up and pulling Usa-Chan down, "I figured since he was such a comfort to me as a kid, he can do it again for this baby."

"Wow he looks amazing," said Haruhi, "You'd never know he's almost 50 years old now."

"I know Great-Grandma did some amazing stitch work on him. There's sometimes I even forget Dad had him as a little boy," said Fukiko.

"Well maybe that's a good thing. It means that he'll be around for a lot longer for your children and their children and so on."

"Could you imagine this bunny lasting that long?" said Fukiko smiling at her old toy.

'I wonder it it'll ever talk again like it did back after Sachi died,' thought Haruhi to herself watching Fukiko enjoy her old toy again. Then she noticed Fukiko's smile flicker a bit.

"Wait, what, are you sure?" she said.

"Fukiko, everything alright?" asked Haruhi.

"Oh here you are!" the two suddenly heard Ayumi say running into the nursery, "Oh nice nursery Fukiko."

"What's wrong honey?" asked Haruhi.

"Oh right, Dad did it again, make him pass out," said Ayumi.

"Of course he did," said Haruhi, "Well be right out there to help carry him in."

"Thanks Mom, I'll let Dad and Hide know," said Ayumi running back out.

"Fukiko are you coming?" asked Haruhi. Fukiko looked up from her bunny.

"Huh, oh yeah," said Fukiko. She gently put the bunny back where he was originally.

"Everything alright?" asked Haruhi as the two hurried outside to help Fukiko's husband.

"Yeah, it's just you know how I was telling you I couldn't deicide on a boy name? Well let's just say I don't think I'll have to worry about that this time around," said Fukiko.

"Oh really, and what made you say that?" asked Haruhi. Fukiko smiled and rubbed her belly.

"Can't you guess Mom?" she said, "Usa-Chan told me." Haruhi smiled and nodded her head.

"Good," she said, "I can't wait to see little Sachi when she's born then."