Freshly graduated from CIA training, Chuck Bartowski is sent to work alongside Sarah Walker, who owns Walker corp., the most successful private security and Ops Company around. The beautiful Sarah Walker and her team demand nothing less than perfection, and Chuck will have to rise occasion.

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Chapter one: Not so Familiar Faces

Chuck Bartowski looked slick. Combing his hair back in the mirror, he remembered the time Ellie had guilted him into cutting his unruly hair. He was being recruited into the CIA, and Ellie warned him that they probably wouldn't take someone who had "funny animal shapes" in his hair very seriously.

Chuck smiled at the thought, thinking fondly about Ellie now. He glanced at himself one more time in the mirror, just to make sure he didn't look messy or rushed. This was his job interview, the start of what was going to be a hopefully long career at the renowned Walker corp.

He tried a friendly smile in the mirror. Suit? Check. Hair? Short and professional, thanks to Ellie. Phone? Right, like he could ever go anywhere without it. Glancing at the watch that adorned his right wrist, his father's very own watch, he realized he was going to be late.

Chuck sprinted out of his room, grabbing his briefcase and wallet. He slipped into his apartment kitchen, grabbing an apple. Breakfast would be on the go today. He stepped out into the parking lot, rushing to get into his silver Mercedes. Despite all the struggles the CIA had provided, its pay…..that was a gift. He chuckled to himself, thinking of the nerd herder, and how many times he'd driven to his part time job in that hunk of metal, back in his Stanford days.

Chuck took a bite of his apple, coming to a smooth halt at the red light. His phone rang and vibrated all at once, waking him from his half daydream. Immediately, he pushed the Bluetooth button on his wheel, listening as Ellie's voice filled the car.

"Chuck! Please tell me you remembered?" Ellie sounded somewhat worried.

Chuck laughed. "El, it's one of the biggest days of my life. Yes, I'm pretty sure I remembered."

Ellie's sigh of relief was audible. Chuck smiled to himself, knowing she did this because she cared. After all, with Mom gone since they were kids, and with a watch being the only trace of dad left….someone had to be the figure of authority anyway.

"Good…..good…..are you wearing the nice suit?"


"And did you eat?"


"Charles Irving Bartowski, I stopped a surgery for this! At least sound thankful!"

"You did what?" Chuck coughed. "EL!"

The sound of her heartwarming laughter filled the other end of the line, something that made Chuck's heart warm every time. He loved his sister.

"Just kidding, Chuck." She sounded as if she were grinning victoriously. "I had to get some reaction out of you….you were like stone there, for a second."

"It was probably the nerves." Chuck replied, making a left.

"What do you have to be nervous about? You're a trained CIA agent for the love of god."

"Yes, El, but these are THE CIA operatives. They don't lose, Ellie. I'm pretty sure they'll be selective."

"Even if they do, you'll be just fine, Chuck. Devon and I love you no matter what." She told him genuinely.

Chuck laughed. "Tell Awesome I love him too." He teased.

"Oh, shut up. Call me when you're hired." She spoke confidently. "Love you, and good luck….but you don't need it."

"Thanks, El. Love you too." He pulled in front of their gates, who slowly opened, as Chuck pulled into the parking lot of a large, heavily armed and guarded building.

Checking his phone, he glanced at the screen, which displayed a text from his best friend. It read: Morgan Grimes: One message.

Chuck smiled as he read the words on the bright glass screen.

-Hey Buddy! Good luck out there!-

Chuck never regretted telling Morgan about the CIA. In fact, it was heaven not having to hide anything from him or Ellie, for that matter. His best friend and sister would be safe. He could always guarantee that much.

Sighing, smoothing his hair up and back one last time, he stepped out, leaving his phone in the car. He was ready.


"Please remove all metal objects from your pockets, sir." The security guard requested, not far past the main doors of the administrative floor.

"Is this really necessary?" Chuck mumbled under his breath, setting out his wallet and then his watch.

Chuck stepped through the two detectors, slightly worried that he wasn't quite on time.

"You'll be meeting with the team, Agent Bartowski." The guard told him with a nod, handing him his items back. "That's over-"

"-I'll take it from here, Greg." A smooth voice came out from behind them, Chuck turning to be met with Bryce Larkin. Chuck recognized him instantly. Though they'd never met in person, Bryce and the others being Harvard students, Chuck had done his fair amount of research before coming.

"Woah, nice watch, Bartowski." Bryce smirked, picking it out of Greg's hands. "Armani?"

"It's my father's…" Chuck replied. "Agent Larkin, it's a pleasure to meet you…..I've read all about your missions, you have an excellent-"

"-track record. I know." Bryce smirked, shaking his hand firmly. "Be careful…" Bryce chuckled, handing him the watch. Chuck noticed how sharp his blue eyes were, and how they took everything in. "Wouldn't want this to get…lost."

Chuck accepted the watch, putting it back on.

"Right this way, Mr. Bartowski….."

"Look, my friends call me Chuck…" he began.

"-I'm sure they do." Bryce replied evenly, Chuck immediately figuring him out.

Opening the door to the conference room, Bryce led Chuck to what must've been the hall of fame.

There sat Carina Miller, famous DEA agent and recruit. Beside her was John Casey, NSA's finest. Then there was Jack Walker, the owner and king of Walker corp. At the sight of Sarah Walker, however Chuck froze. She was beautiful. She had golden hair framing her angelic face, and she, like the rest of them, was clad in business attire.

"You must be Agent Charles Bartowski." Jack Walker announced, shaking him from his reverie.

"Uh, Yes. Yes sir." Chuck replied, shaking his hand.

Casey grunted in approval. "Unlike this stud-"he jerked his head in Bryce's direction, who had come to sit beside Sarah. "-He's got respect."

"He was late." Bryce pointed out.

"Fashionably so." Carina smirked with a predatory grin. "Finally, some fresh meat."

Sarah finally spoke up, her voice as smooth as Chuck could've imagined. "Leave him alone, guys. You'll scare him off."

"Come on baby, we're just screwing around…. "Bryce tried to ease her.

"You were….like usual." Carina commented dryly.

"Settle down, kids." Mr. Walker shook his head in amusement. "Have a seat, son."

Chuck took a seat calmly at the long table, trying hard not to go red when he saw Sarah take him in slowly.

"So, you're s Stanford boy, are you?"

"Yes sir, tech and engineering." He clarified.

"Oh, look." Bryce commented. "We can finally get our computers fixed."

"Shut up." Casey grunted, tired of the pretty boy's constant commentary on all things.

"And you think you're qualified for this….because?" Jack asked, watching him. Sarah propped her head up, listening carefully.

"Well, for one ….the CIA selected me as the most capable and compatible candidate for your company, sir."

Jack nodded, liking his confidence.

"I want to live for something….rather than die for nothing." He finished bravely.

"Ah, a George S. Patton quote." Jack smirked. "I like your guts, Bartowski."

"Uh…thank you, sir?"

"Call me Jack."

Chuck shook his head. "Thank you, but Sir is just they way I was brought up."

"Interesting story, I read your files. Your father, he's-"Bryce began.

"Gone. Has been for almost ten years."

"And your mother, she'd been AWOL since-" Bryce pressed.

Sarah stepped on his foot under the table, something Chuck accidentally caught.

"Welcome to Walker Corp." Jack shook Chuck's hand, and Chuck actually grinned. "Miller, why don't you show this kid the office next to yours and Sarah's?"

"That's mine." Bryce commented.

"You kept on saying you wanted to move….so I had the guys move your stuff down the hall." Jack laughed.

Carina smirked, rising. "So….Charles, is it?"

"My friends call me Chuck." He supplied kindly, slightly daunted by her overly flirtatious attitude.

Sarah watched, unknowingly narrowing her eyes.

"Chucky…..that's cute. Has anyone ever told you how good you look, Chucky?" She bit her lip teasingly.

"Chuck, this is your office." Sarah interrupted, pointing to the one in between two doors.

"I'm on the right, and Carina's on the left…." She offered, holding out her hand. Chuck shook it, and the two froze for a second, a spark seeming to shoot through both of them.

Sarah smirked. "Welcome to my team."

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