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A/N This is the Phillips/Brit Chapter so we won't see the Boys for this one… or will we? Anyway, here's the story

"Say Taylor," Phillips asked noticing her silence as he biked towards his field, "Why so silent, my love?"

"I don't talk to scum Phill, simple as that," Brit replied. She secretly was thinking about how she had hurt Benny and her Team.

"I just told you something sweets, you disrespect me and your time doubles, you don't listen that well do you?" Phillips said to her, "Thinking about how you hurt your little Benny with your act."

"It doesn't matter, I'm leaving in two months anyway," Brit sighed listlessly.

At this, Phillips braked violently and spun around to face her. "Let me get this straight, you came back after four years of misery and heartbreak just to leave in two months to face it again, you confuse me."

"It is what it is." She replied almost coldly. "Take me to wherever but I gotta be home at six."

"Brittany, I'm being serious, I really do like you." Phillips said openly.

"Okay, What do you want me to do?" Brittany replied.

"You're so frustrating! Is everything just a game to you, Brit? Do you care about anyone else? You're a self-centered girl who throws her beauty around for everyone to dream about but when someone confesses their love to you, You throw them away like a baseball because of your precious Benny holds your heart. You know what, I'm in love with a heartless girl, an ice queen, a zombie but you know what Brit I love you and I can't do anything about it," Phillips was slightly red after saying this but he continued none the less, "Gawd, I'm the better one, I'm rich, I play for an actually team, I manage to steal you away from Rodriguez but yet here you are complaining about the dude. You never see what's in front of you.

"You don't get it Phillips," Brit said with hatred in her voice, "I'm the victim in this situation not you. Isn't it all about you, Phillips?"

She stared back at him with fierce determination. He answered, "That's what I like about you, you're feisty and you know how to give it back."

He returned to pedaling and she crossed her arms in defiance the entire way.

A/N Sorry! I know its short but I feel as if it holds power in the story. Don't worry Benny won't be pouty for long the next chapter will be really important I think. I know that I haven't been talking about the boys much but I'll get to that in future chapters We get to know more about Phillips feelings and Brittany's defiance towards him. So, I've been really sick with fevers and chills at the same time, another surprise update might come randomly but don't expect anything for a while. After this, I'm finishing homework, taking some meds, and going to sleep.