Child's Play

An Avenger's Fanfic

Natalia and Clint peek into their sons room. He sat in front of the TV screen, his brown eyes narrowed in concentration as he punches the buttons on his game controller. Gun shots sound from the speaker, as he was playing Call of Duty.

He only had his black shirt halfway on, his arm sticking out the neck hole. He didn't really notice.

"Chase," Natalia calls out. "Turn off the game and let's go, I told you to get ready an hour ago!"

"I don't want to go." Chase scowls. "I'd be the oldest and I don't know anyone."

"Get over it." She narrows her eyes and walks up to her 11 year old. "Your going and that's final."

"I'm not leaving this spot! What's the point of going there anyways?"

Clint hits Chase upside the head with a pillow, "Listen to your mom and get off that game."

Chase pauses the game and switches the TV off, muttering something about 'I'll be back' and puts his shirt all the way on. He throws a few clothes and handheld games into a duffel bag and throws it on the ground. He throws his hands up in gestures to the bag.

"There. All done. Can I finish playing now?"

"No, we're leaving now." Clint instructs. "Get in the car,"

"What about breakfast?" Chase scoffs. "Isn't that, like, the most important meal of the day?"

"Don't give me that crap." Natalia lifts up the duffel bag and takes it downstairs.

Chase groans and stomps downstairs after her, crossing his arms across his chest as he walks outside. He squints his eyes at the bright sunlight and looks away.

"It's too bright." He complains, covering his eyes completely.

"That's what you get for staying inside all the time." Clint pats his son on the back. "Now get in the car."

"Can I at least know where we're going?" Chase huffs.

He's answered with a few muttered no's. The car starts and the small family drives off and onto the highway. Chase slumps down in his seat and crosses his arms as he glares up in the basic direction of the sun. It was too bright to see his game screen, so he was stuck without anything to do for however long it would take to get to the destination.

Natalia leans back in her seat and props her feet up on the dashboard. She closes her eyes as Clint drives them to the secret destination. Clint glances back at Chase, surprised to find him sleeping soundly in the back seat.

'How long was he playing that game?' He wonders silently.

He parks in the airport parking lot and exit's the car. He slings Chase over his shoulder while Natalia gets his duffel bag. They enter the airport and go through security. They're soon on the next plane to New York.

Up in a New York skyscraper that cost thousands, was the Stark family. The original habitant was Tony Stark, the playboy, genius, millionaire. But… he soon started a family with his assistant, Virginia Potts. They had a child and named her Crystal 7 years ago.

Crystal stares up at her neon green ceiling and smiles. Today, Tony had told her she was going on a special trip. She would meet a lot of other kids that would like her for non-money related reasons. She rolls over and falls off the bed with a heavy thump.

She grunts and sits up, stretching before standing fully up. She checks the time and finds she has a little over 30 minutes to get ready. She grabs a towel and disappears into the bathroom for a quick shower.

After her shower, Crystal sits on her bed and combs through her hair. She puts it up in her usual style and goes through her drawers to put some clothes on. Her hazel eyes flicker in excitement, looking forward to meeting these new people, but not eager to show it.

She puts on a bright yellow shirt with shoes to match and black skinny jeans. She searches around the top of her dresser and finds her special gloves. She puts them in her bag and focuses on getting serious. She forces a frown onto her face and exits her room.

"Daad, do I have to go?" She whines.

"Yes." Tony rolls his eyes.




"Shut up, or else."

Crystal glares and stops talking, already knowing the 'or else' would be getting rid of her. Due to a very unique relationship, Tony had made it very clear to her that if she got too annoying, he'd ship her off. Sure, he was lying most of them time when he threatened it, but he said it a lot.

She innerly smiles as they get in the car and drive off. She puts on a pouty face and crosses her arms.

"Dad, I'm hungry." She announces.

"We'll stop and get you a burger." Tony waves his hand dismissively.

"I don't want a burger." She hides a small smirk.

"Well, what do you want?"

"Anything but a burger."

"Chicken nuggets?"

"Nope, I'm not in the mood for those!"

Tony sighs in annoyance and glares at the road in front of him. He takes a deep breath and continues.

"If you don't tell me what you want, your not getting anything-"

"Pizza." Crystal blurts out. "I want cheese pizza with sausage."


"No, bacon."


"Sausa…. No, bacon! Defiantly bacon!"

'This is gonna be a long ride.' Tony shakes his head.

Jaime ducks under the covers and closes her bright green eyes. She trembles as she peeks out at the squirrel that came in through her window and was now eating her sandwich. She was getting ready to go, but soon became scared of the intruder.

Bruce enters and scans the room. His eyes stop on the squirrel eating his 10 year old daughters sandwhich. He sighs and shoos it out the window before turning to his daughter.

"Jaime, it's gone." He announces softly.

Jaime pokes her head out from under the cover and smiles softly, "Thanks, Daddy."

She leaves her cover, revealing her bright pink dress that went down below her hips and baby blue shorts. She flutters her eyes and closes her windows to prevent anymore 'intruders'.

"You ready to go?"

"Yeah." She nods, leading the way to the car. "Where're we going?"

"New York." He simply answers, starting the car and driving to the airport.

Jaime falls silent as she stares out the window, the blurry objects keeping her content. As the car rolls to a stop, she chews on her lower lip nervously. She stares up at the large planes and frowns.

'Those things can fly?' She gapes up as one takes to the sky.

She clings to her dads shirt as he enters the busy airport. Their both silent as they board the plane, each for their own reasons. Bruce glances at his daughter and shakes his head slowly.

Jaime stares at the boy sitting across from her. He smiles and she begins to innerly freak out. He leans across the row and waves.

"Hi." He grins.

Jaime stares bug-eyed as her breath quickens. She stares wordlessly at the boy talking to her.

"You okay?" The boy pokes her forehead.

Jaime gasps and jerks away, horrified at the new person. She wasn't really good with people, being too shy to even leave the house a lot of the time. She curls up into a ball and tries to calm down.

Jhonny sits inside a Starbucks, swinging his feet idly. His dad, Steve Rogers sighs and closes his eyes as the waitress comes up to take their order.

Jhonny smiles eagerly, "I want a hot chocolate with extra whip cream. No foam and a little bit chocolate syrup, 'kay?"

The waitress rolls her eyes and writes down a simple 'Hot Cocoa' before turning to Steve.

"Nothing, I'm fine." He grunts.

The waitress leaves the two people in peace. Jhonny was only 8. But he knew a lot. His dad, also known as Captain America, had taken him here to tell him something his mother doesn't know about.

"Jhonny, I have to take you somewhere. It's a secret, but important." He explains. "There's a few other kids around your age, but otherwise, I can't tell you more."

"….Am I in trouble?" Jhonny frowns.

"No no, I just can't tell you what it is until we get there."

"The let's go!" Jhonny huffs, forgetting about his drink.

Steve leads the way back to the parking lot and gets in the car. Jhonny hops into the back seat with an eager laugh. He peeks out the window and watches as the town flies by.

"Dad, we're in the desert?" Jhonny questions.

He now wondered even more where they were going, and why it was so important.

Thor and his 7 year old daughter, Ashley land in the desert with a boom of thunder. They weren't too far away from their destination. Ashley shakes out her dirty blonde hair and sighs softly. Her deep blue eyes scan the area.

"Sand, sand and even more sand." An even younger child who didn't belong to Thor giggles. "We must be in the desert, right daddy?"

Her 'daddy' glances at her with a bored expression, "That's right."

Zeena was Loki's first(and hopefully last) daughter. He claims it was a pure accident, but no one is really sure. Zeena was 5 and acted like it, unlike all the other kids she'd met.

"Ash…Ashley!" Zeena runs up to her cousin. "I found you!"

"I've been here the whole time." Ashley sighs, being patient with the 'off' child.

"Really?" Zeena gasps, Ashley nodding in reply.

"Brother, was it really necessary for me to accompany you in this idiotic trip?" Loki frowns and rolls his eyes.

"Yes. Our world is in danger also, and your monster is very clingy." Thor begins to lead the way to their destination.

"She is not."

"And she's a danger to herself as well as others."

"Alright, that part might be true."

Ashley glares at Zeena, but the child stares back unfazed by the look. She continues her ramblings on cartoons, questioning where they were or where they were going every now and then. Ashley groans loudly and clamps a hand over Zeena's mouth.

"Look Zeena, let's play the quiet game." She says with forced patience.

"I like games!" Zeena nods so fast, Ashley thought(read:wished) her head was going to fall off.

"Okay, so you have to stay extremely quiet until we get to our place."

Zeena crosses her arm and pouts, "I don't like this game."

"If you lose, you'll get a bigger version of this," Ashley thrusts her hand into the air, a loud boom of thunder roaring through the sky.

Zeena squeezes her eyes shut and wraps her arms around her head in a defensive position. She falls to her knees and goes into fetal position at the noise. That's right. Zeena is afraid of thunder.

Thor and Loki look back to see the child freaking out on the ground, Ashley standing triumphantly and observing her hand. It takes a lot to do that, but she finally found something to trigger it: shutting up Zeena.

Zeena stands, slightly shaken, and narrows her eyes at her older cousin, "Don't do that."

"What?" Ashley smirks. "You mean, this?" Ashley summons more thunder, this time closer to Zeena.

"Stop it!" Zeena shrieks, using one hand to hold on ear, the other hand pointed outwards and sending Ashley flying across the desert.

Thor catches his own daughter and sets her on her feet. He gives her a look to stop torturing Zeena and keeps walking. Ashley sighs and mutters something under her breath and follows hastily.

Loki picks up Zeena, whom refused to uncurl from her ball-shaped form. He holds her bridal style and walks on into the night.

"You need to get over this whole thunder thing." He mutters.

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