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Shelby's Pov:

I waited outside Rachel's dorm for her to come down so we could get to our audition. I moved back to New York two years ago. Rachel is excelling at NYADA, no surprise there. She'd already gotten some job offers but she hasn't jumped at any of them yet. I moved back not only to be there for Rachel, but to also attempt to revive my nonexistent acting career. Speaking of which, Rachel and I both have audition's today. Both of them are for the same director, but different musicals. Rachel is auditioning for a part in a musical about Marilyn Monroe. Naturally she's auditioning for the lead, Marilyn Monroe; her audition piece is called "Second hand White Baby Grand". My audition is for a 9 to 5 revival. I'm really surprised Derek Wills picked this musical to direct. My since I'm auditioning for Judy the piece I'm doing is "Get out and Stay Out."

"Hey." Rachel said as she finally emerged from her dorm. I quickly looked over her audition outfit. She looks good. Under her unzipped coat she is wearing a green top and long black pants, not dressing the part at all, but then again neither was I.

"You ready? This is you're first big Broadway audition." I smiled over at her as we walked down the icy streets of New York.

"I've been ready since I was 6 years old, and I won talent competition singing Don't Rain On My Parade."

"Of course you have been." I smiled

"What about you?" Rachel asked, tapping my arm. "This could be you're big break."

"I know." I looked down for a split second before looking back at her. "I think the thing that I'm the most nervous about is the character is very vulnerable. I've never really tried a character like that."

"I always saw you as playing a more ballsy character like Maureen from RENT, or maybe Kate from The Wild Party." I looked at her surprised. The first one I didn't mind, even agreed with.

"So, you think I'd be good at playing a whore on stage. Well I am so happy to know my daughter thinks so highly of me." She laughed, sipping her tea, or what I was assuming was tea. It's all the child ever drinks.

"No I meant to be Kate you have to be very…."

"Whorish?" I cut her off while she was thinking. I thought it was funny; her not so much.

"No mom, I was actually going to say very vibrant, but think what you want." She looked away.

"Oh, someone's pissy." I laughed to myself; she didn't look over at me. I put my arm around her shoulder. "You're going to be amazing today. You're going to get the part, and you'll be able to take me to the Tonys when you're nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical."

"I'll think about it." She shrugged smiling as she walked in front of me.

"Wait, what? You'll think about it?" I asked surprised. "Who would you take over you're mother." I said catching up with her.

"I don't know." She mumbles "But I'm sure I could think of someone. Oh what about Jesse?"

"Rachel that would quite possibly be the most awkward thing of my, our, lives."

"I guess it would be kind of awkward seeing as how we both slept with him."

"We both did what!" I demanded. I came clean to Rachel about my relationship with Jesse when we moved to New York. It was before he went out with her, which made that whole situation even weirder, especially since I basically set them up. I knew that they had dated, but I didn't know that they slept together as well.

"Oh shit."

"Little ass hole. I'm going to kill him."

"Mom, it wasn't all him."

"I told him to befriend you not fuck you." Rachel rolled her eyes. He knew I still liked him. I said to myself in my head. Oh God, I sound like a freaking teenager. I would've passed the building had it not been for Rachel interrupting my thoughts.

"Mom, we're here." She smiled at me. "Okay what ever happens here we remain the best mother daughter duo that ever walked the earth."

"Deal." I smiled as we walked in the building took the elevator up to the floor where our auditions were. Either we were the last auditions of the day, or we we're the only ones for the day because we were the only ones in the small waiting area that was provided outside of the room. We took a seat across from each other.

"Derek give me one reason why I shouldn't get this role!" Rachel and I heard someone yell from inside the room.

"Ivy, you need to calm down."

"Like hell I will," The door flung open. "I gave you everything." The blonde who was previously yelling now said more in a whisper. She silently let tears run down her beauty-clad face as she ran to the elevator in her heels.

"She was pretty." Rachel whispered over to me, and I nodded in agreement. Seconds later Derek Wills was in the doorway.

"Shelby Corcoran." He asked; I stood up and followed him into the room.

As I did my introduction I heard saw that Derek wasn't the only one in the room. There were three other people, two women and a man. Since 9 to 5 is a revival and as far as I know there won't be much that is new in this production, I assume that they're working on the original musical that Rachel is auditioning for. When it came time for me to perform, I put as much emotion as I possibly could into the song. Over all I think it went very well. At the beginning of my performance the three other's weren't really paying much attention, but as the song went on they looked more and more invested into my performance. When it was over, I could see Derek smiling, and the other three were clapping. I thanked them and walked out of the room. Faintly I could hear "She was perfect" in a British accent. I smiled to myself down at my feet. I smiled at Rachel.

"You're going to be great." My phone started ringing in my purse. I grabbed the phone out of the bag, picked up the purse and walked away from the room to answer the phone. "Hey Jesse. Can I call you back? I can't really say what I need to say to you where I'm at right now. "

"Rachel Berry" Derek came out and Rachel followed him in.

A few minutes later Rachel came out of the room with Derek he had his bag. I guess we really were the last to audition today.

"You ready to go grab some dinner?" I asked Rachel.

"You two know each other?" Derek said confusedly as he joined us as we waited by the elevator.

"You could say that." Rachel smiled over in my direction. The red haired girl who was sitting next to Derek during our audition came out.

"Derek, they're twins, they're probably sisters." She spoke up getting in the elevator with us. I smiled to myself; but Rachel looked horrified.

"You are amazing for saying that, but I'm her mother."

"You look in no way old enough to have a daughter Rachel's age." Derek smiled over at me. If looks could speak, the one the redhead was giving Derek right now would be saying "So rude."

All we talked about at dinner were our auditions. Towards the end Rachel brought up the comment the ginger had made about us possibly being sisters.

"Do I really look that old?" Rachel asked.

"Better watch out, worrying about things like this will give you wrinkles." I teased.

"I cannot get wrinkles before my mother." She stated.

I was just about to drop Rachel off at her dorm when I got a call from Derek.

"Hello, Mr. Wills?" I said as we continued walking Rachel let me go up to her dorm so I could hear him.

"Derek is fine."

"Okay, Derek," I hesitated. "What can I do for you?" I asked.

"I was wondering if you could come by so we could discuss you possibly getting the role."

"Yeah definitely. What time?"

"As soon as you could." He answered. I looked down, know being completely aware of what was going on.

"I'll be there."

"Alright, I'll text you the address."

"Okay, thank you." I hung up the phone call. Rachel was glaring at me. I swear if looks could kill I would've already been stricken down dead.

"You ever do this, I will kill you."

"What ever hypocrite…"

"I love you."

"Love you too. Have fun getting casting couched…" She added as I closed the door to her room.

I sighed leaving her dorm, not being necessarily proud of what I was about to go do.

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