At last here's the final chapter of Gohan's Adamance, enjoy!

"Ready?" Gohan asked. Videl nodded in response, though she was still unsure.

"Change!" A beam of light shot out from his mouth and connected with Videl's, a moment later everything appeared as if normal again.

"Did it wor-" Videl spoke but covered her mouth in surprise.

"Wow it did!" Gohan exclaimed, now in Videl's body and Videl in his.

"I can't believe I agreed to this" Videl said.

"Wow, your body is" Gohan said, feeling Videl's body from a new perspective. They had decided to try having sex in a new way; Captain Ginyu's body switching technique had just found a new use.

"So Videl, how does my body feel?"

"Invincible, holy cow!" Videl could hardly believe how much power she felt, even though she probably couldn't unleash its full potential, it sure felt like she could destroy just about anything. She looked at Gohan now in her body, she didn't usually get this close to herself even in the mirror, it was like she was looking at a clone up close.

"I'm used to seeing my body in the mirror but I agree, I'm very sexy" she said from her new perspective.

"I-I think something's happening down there…"

"I can feel what you mean, so this is what it's like to get aroused in your body…well, want to do it?" Gohan asked.

"I suppose…" Videl was still hesitant. For one thing she didn't want to hurt her actual body, so she had agreed to let Gohan do most of the moving. He was already on top so he adjusted Videl's body to accept his body's member…all at once.

"Oh, wow!" Gohan spoke. "It's like getting punched through the chest…but with the opposite of pain."

"Leave it to someone who's physically defended the planet to put it like that." Videl replied.

Videl in his body looked like she was in pain.

"It's like the warmest and best hug I've ever had" Videl said. "If you don't start moving, I might have to."

"I know that feeling" Gohan said and they started moving together. Neither lasted very long ands Videl gave out in seconds.

"Oh my god…that was like doing one of those beam attacks you're able to do but using up all your energy. I feel like I just orgasmed into another dimension!"

"I'd say for me it was like eating an ice cream sundae, but slowly. I haven't ever eaten one slowly though."

"We should change back now" Videl said and Gohan agreed. Back in their normal bodies again, Videl laid her head on his chest.

"So which body do you like better?" Videl asked.

"Yours is pretty nice but to be honest, I love having to cuddle someone as soft as you afterwards" Gohan replied.

"Hmm, and I love having my firm mattress here" she said nuzzling his chest.

Gohan trained hard in the time he had remaining in the chamber, Videl reminded him that overdoing it wouldn't help if he was exhausted every now and then. Gohan knew that approaching death was the way that Saiyans powered up the most dramatically. He thought to himself that maybe Videl's presence was preventing him from doing that, she wouldn't like to see him in pain but it didn't matter when he had only hours left before he had to leave.

"Videl, I want you to stay here, it's not going to be safe out there. Come out after a lot of time has passed, just to be safe, that monster should be dead by then."

"Ok Gohan, and please, be careful" Videl said, seeing the door close behind him had her terribly worried. Buu had caused far too much damage already. Upon exiting, Gohan felt the emptiness of the planet, there was no one left on the outlook. What had been such a thriving world had fallen prey to an all consuming evil. That evil was easy to pinpoint, as was another large source of energy that reminded him of Goten. Conserving his energy, he took a big leap up and let himself fall more than fly towards the enormous sources of power. What he found when he arrived was unexpected. Goten and Trunks had shortly unfused and Majin Buu hadn't killed them yet.

"Sorry I'm late. Where is everyone?"

"They're all dead! Buu ate them, and killed everyone in the world!" Goten yelled, obviously upset.

"Gohan, there's no one else alive on this planet besides us!" Piccolo clarified.

"He what?!" Gohan had been too late, much more time must have passed than he anticipated due to his being enthralled with Videl. What was supposed to be only two months had turned into much longer. Now it was about saving the handful that remained. 'I'll find a way to bring everyone else back, but right now it's about ending this threat.'

"He's finally out!" The old Kai looked on in Baba's crystal ball.

"I was worried something was wrong, he was in there more than twice as long as he needed. Could there have been difficulties in mastering his new power?" Goku wondered.

"Yes, considering it was incomplete when he left here...but there may be hope yet, now that he's out" Shin stated.

Majin Buu looked at Gohan with his usual angry expression, not especially concerned. "I waited for you to finish, but your power is like a baby. Like these two babies."

"Hey who you callin-" Trunks started but was shushed by Goten.

"Yeah, we'll see who the baby is after this" Gohan let loose some dust in an instantaneous power up and flew straight towards Buu.

"That power up…that's impure energy!" The old Kai let his chagrin show. "He should never have left here…I should have just performed the ritual in that time chamber."

"Impure? He seems pretty strong to me" Goku didn't understand.

"Perhaps you should sense it more carefully. Is that the same kind of energy your son always had?"

"…I'm not sure, it feels almost the same. But…"

"Something's off isn't it? It's that small amount of imperfection you feel that could determine how this fight goes. It depends entirely on his emotions, but the ability to defeat this Buu is there."

Meanwhile Buu was having a hard time for once. The new Gohan proved very capable and more than a match.

"You're telling me this blob killed everyone on the planet? What a joke."

"You call Buu joke? Buu show you joke!" Buu began powering up with what normally would have been an energy blast attack, but he stood still.

"You…this is…" Gohan remembered the last time he felt this kind of power. It was something Cell had done.

"Not this time." Gohan launched at Buu once again, hitting him with an overhand punch and knocking Buu to the ground.

"I'm stronger than you, you piece of shit. I'm not here to play games." Gohan recalled what he was capable of when he did just that. Within seconds of regaining the same powers that had defeated Cell, he had finished off the pirate menace Bojack.

Buu could feel the killing intent that suddenly spiked in Gohan, he really was about to deal a finishing move. Buu quickly liquefied himself and seeped into a crack in the ground, the rocky terrain proved useful.

"He's buying time." Piccolo commented.

"But for what?" Trunks asked.

"Probably trying to find a way to win. Pretty easy if you ask me, but he's falling for the challenge mindset."

"What are you talking about, Piccolo?" Trunks was still confused.

"Well you see, he could just blow up the planet and probably survive in space I'd guess. But he wants to kill Gohan personally because he's never had a challenge before. Seems Saiyans aren't the only ones full of themselves."

Over an hour passed before Piccolo detected something. "There's someone else still alive!" He said suddenly. He flew off towards that source of power. It was Dende, still alive.

"Dende, you're alive! That means the Dragon Balls are also usable!" Gohan said.

"Yes, Mr. Popo saved me as Buu killed everyone on the Lookout…I'm sorry I'm not much use."

"Nonsense, Mr. Popo might have just saved the world when he did that."

It was then that Buu also chose to make his return. He fired a shot straight at Dende.

"No!" Piccolo yelled and pushed Dende out of the way, taking the fatal blast himself.

"Piccolo!" Gohan yelled, but there was no time. Buu laughed and dashed straight for him. Gohan's fist met Buu's, punching his pink arm off.

"Grr! How did you do that!?" Buu acted infuriated.

"More like why did you kill Piccolo, you pink idiot!" Gohan retorted. A flash of light nearby blinded him for a second. It was Gotenks who appeared now.

"Don't worry Gohan, I'll get revenge for Piccolo."

"Pink idiot huh? Maybe this will look good on me?" Buu motioned toward himself.

"Gah, what is this?!" Gotenks was struggling with what looked like more Buu matter.

"You…you let me take your arm off on purpose!" Gohan realized. That encounter had felt a bit too easy, and there was reason for it.

"Now you will never see your friends again, hahaha!" The blob rejoined Buu and he began to transform. After a moment, the new Buu incarnation was revealed.

"How does it feel to be the last Earthling left on the planet, punk?" Buu spoke. It seemed he was gutsier and stronger but not much smarter.

"Oh, it seems I might have been mistaken."

"What do you mean?" Gohan said and then realized there was another presence.

"Shall we go say hi? Wouldn't want to be rude!" Buu then took off towards the Lookout.

"Get back here!" Gohan yelled as he chased after Buu. 'Damnit, why'd she come out now? It's only been…crap it's been several hours out here already' he thought. Videl had been in there for more than a month.

Buu stopped right in front of Videl. "Looks like Gohan's not the only one left alive. Now we can have some fun!"

"What?! Gohan's the…what happened to everyone else?!" Videl said, clearly surprised.

"I killed them of course, well I ate a lot of them too but that counts for kills."

"Well there's only four of you left, I'll save the small green guy for later."

Gohan had caught up and heard that much, he had to think about that for a second. 'No, it's not Piccolo, his energy's completely gone…'

"Oh don't tell me your senses are that dull, Gohan." Buu looked at him in minor disbelief.

"Gohan…he's talking about me, I'm pregnant. That's why I came out, I thought it'd be over and…"

Gohan wasn't quite sure how to take this news. Everyone but Videl and Dende were gone but was this the time for good news?

"Videl, get to the only safe place left!" Gohan then launched toward Buu. Buu morphed a hole in his stomach to let Gohan pass through him. He then appeared behind Videl.

"Now if I turn you into candy, would I get two for the price of one zap?" He threw Videl off the Lookout.

"Actually, I'm not really hungry. Maybe I'll turn the planet into a giant gumball after I'm done though. That'd be sweet."

"Videl!" Gohan flew after her. Hitting the ground at that speed could kill her, and would definitely kill the new life inside her.

"Sorry, I can't let you do that." Buu hit Gohan off into another direction. He was unable to do anything now. Gohan's speed decreased suddenly, someone had caught him.

"Hey son, hasn't been long huh?" Goku said, he no longer had a halo.

"Dad?! Use your transmission to get Videl, but don't catch her suddenly she's…she's pregnant."

Goku looked surprised for a moment, but realizing he didn't have much time, looked toward the direction he sensed her in and disappeared. Appearing on the spot she would land, he realized he was too late to stop her safely from the remaining height. So he blasted the ground below to buy more time to slow her down before catching her, he took her instantly to the Sacred World of the Kais.

"Hmm, it looks like things got a bit more interesting…" Buu said, appearing behind Gohan now.

"It's about time you died, Buu."

"Oh really? I might actually prefer that to being blind" he said, pointing up. A pink blob descended on top of Gohan.

"Sonuvabitch!" Gohan struggled but to no avail.

"Gohan!" Goku came back just in time to see Buu transform.

"No!" Goku was blinded by the light, which was followed by an overwhelming surge of power.

"Ah, this feels good. Is this what it felt like when you were the strongest one in the universe, Goku?" Buu now sported Gohan's shirt, a visual presentation of having absorbed his power.

"Looks like I have no choice now." Goku said, and powered up to Super Saiyan 3. "I'll put an end to you yet!" Goku then charged at Buu. The ensuing fight was hellacious and Goku gave it all he had, but it didn't seem like enough.

"Damnit, I'm going to need more power!" Just then he felt a familiar presence, Buu must have sensed it too, but only Goku had the power of instant transmission. He found himself next to Vegeta a second later.

"Well if it isn't Kakarot, and living again I see."

"Vegeta, boy am I glad to see you! Listen we don't have time, put this on your ear." Goku threw him an earring.

"I don't swing that way, Kakarot."

"Stop your joking, Buu's gonna be here any minute now!"

"Fine, what does it do?" Goku explained to him the mechanics of the Potara earrings and how it would permanently affect their state of being.

"THAT'S JUST GREAT KAKAROT! TO HELL WITH THIS!" Vegeta was about to throw the earring away.

"Would you rather do the fusion dance again?" Goku teased.

"What do you mean again?! Wait, I feel like I have done that before, maybe it's just déjà vu. Well whatever!" Vegeta then destroyed the earring.

"Fine, fusion dance it is." They finished the dance just as Buu was about to fly right into them to stop it.

"Looks like Gogeta's back in town!" The reborn Saiyan exclaimed enthusiastically. Gogeta then pummeled Buu, clearly having the advantage.

"Grr, can't I hold onto the title of most powerful being for 10 seconds?!" Buu continued to struggle for a while. Finally, he had enough and employed the same absorption technique on Gogeta as he had on his sons. Time on the fusion wore off just as this was happening, and so Goku and Vegeta regained consciousness inside the monster. They had a new mission now: escape.

"We should wait it out a bit, so we can refuse right before we exit."

"To hell with that Kakarot. No more fusion!"

"Aw, c'mon!" Goku followed Vegeta, trying to convince him that it was the only way. Eventually, after fighting off the various monstrosities that attacked them, they found something unexpected.

"Those…those are our sons!" Vegeta saw them in cocoon like envelopments.

"This is how we beat Buu, we set them free, he loses all his power." Vegeta realized.

"Wow, I can't believe it!" Goku helped to free them. As they did, Buu quickly began to transform once again. They took the pods and escaped. Buu underwent his final transformation, but it didn't look like the fat one they had fought before.

"Oh no, this is the original, most evil Buu incarnation possible!" The Supreme Kai recalled how the other Supreme Kais had died at his hands a very long time ago.

The new old Buu, looked at his opponents, and instantly began gathering energy for a devastating attack.

"Oh no! He's going to destroy the planet!" Goku quickly grabbed the pods and Vegeta and teleported next to the Supreme Kai.

"Oh no, Dende!" Goku was about to go back, but he no longer had a planet to go back to, Earth was gone, and the Dragon Balls and Dende with it.

"Kakarot, the Namekian Dragon Balls."

"Of course, Supreme Kai, Buu's going to come here eventually because of my energy, but you can go and call on Porunga can't you?"

"Yes, Kibito lets go, we haven't a moment to waste!"

"Wait, only bring back the good people on Earth…we need less people like Gero and whatever else might be buried in the planet" Vegeta stated. The Supreme Kai and Kibito then teleported away, Porunga was the final hope.

"Gohan…" Videl looked at the pods and attempted to help him out first. Eventually, all of the victims were freed.

"Videl, how did you get here?" Gohan asked after waking up.

"You dad teleported me here after he saved me, I guess Earth wasn't safe anymore."

"Yeah…WHOA what the hell?!" Gohan noticed fat Buu among those recovering.

"The Supreme Kai told me about him, apparently that's the new form of another Supreme Kai that Buu absorbed long ago. It's not the same Buu you fought."

"Well if you say so, but I'm on guard, you and our child will come to no harm."

"Gohan…" Videl looked at him meaningfully.

"Hey dad, can you take Videl to Namek too? If Buu's coming here then…"

"I understand." Goku then did just that. Videl looked at Gohan one last time before disappearing. It would still be a while before Kid Buu reached them. Vegeta had clearly taken notice of Gohan's relationship with her, probably during the tournament if not before.

"You know, it took me a long time to admit it, in fact maybe it was just a couple days ago right before I fought that fat Buu for the first time. I finally figured out that I didn't hate the life I had." Vegeta told him. "For most of my life I killed those weaker than myself. There was no concept of something 'precious' to me, even though I didn't always like it, I did it under Frieza's command. I took so many lives. Me and evil men like me."

Gohan wasn't sure how to respond, so he just listened.

"But then that threat was gone, I was in this strange state of being on Earth, something called peace. I didn't hate it, even though I still wanted to keep fighting, mainly your father. But Bulma was there too, and she became that something precious. It took me this long, after my own son had already turned the age of eight, to see it." Vegeta looked over to his son, who was talking to Goten.

"After this is over, I'm going to stop training so damn much, I'm going to be a better father. I'm going to be a better man, the kind that Bulma deserves."

Gohan was about to say something but just then Goku returned.

"You just missed a hell of a statement from our friend Vegeta."

"Let me guess more threats?"

"On the contrary." Gohan said, but Vegeta would never say those things to Goku's face.

In the time it took Buu to travel space, Goku decided to address the apprehension he had felt in his son since he had come back.

"Gohan, I've noticed how you've changed during the years I've been gone…do you think what I did was a wrong? Leaving everyone I mean."

Gohan thought about it and recalled the feelings he had in the years following the Cell Games. "You weren't there. You chose to run and leave us because you didn't want to be bothered anymore…and it's my fault."

"How's that?" Goku questioned, concerned but not entirely following his logic.

"You saw what kind of idiot son you raised, I had the power to defeat Cell but I didn't do it. Not until it was too late. You saved us one last time and left."

Goku considered that with a serious expression. "It was clearly a horrible mistake I made, you still needed a father. I'm sorry I let you down son, but I didn't think that way at all at the time. I wanted the planet to be safe, without more enemies seeking revenge coming after me. But clearly Babidi didn't consider my presence or lack of it at all."

"Dad I didn't think you let me down or anyone down, you're the hero. I let myself down."

"You were a child, Gohan, I put too much responsibility on your shoulders, which was a burden I should have shouldered."

"Well the past is the past, as long as you're not going anywhere now. How about we beat that thing, it's almost here."


It wasn't long before Kid Buu reached them, he knew in which direction to head, clearly his ability to sense power levels was still intact.

"This ends here Buu!" Goku launched at him, he had taken a Senzu bean during their downtime and had enough time to come back to full power, as had the rest of them.

"The people on those planets didn't do anything to deserve extermination. You'll pay for each one Buu!" Goku had gone to Super Saiyan 3 and went at it 100%, but like on Earth, his power didn't obey him the same way it had as when he was dead.

"Looks like you could use some help." Gohan then powered up and they double teamed Buu, who was very much on the defensive, unable to take on two Saiyans of this power.

"Gohan, he's weak, but we'll need something big to finish him, I'm going to switch out with Vegeta and use the Spirit Bomb!"

"I can hold him myself, don't worry."

Vegeta entered the fray regardless "It's not my style of fighting either, boy, but this is a threat that needs putting down."

It wasn't long however before it became apparent that Vegeta was who Buu was concentrating on, being the weaker of the two Saiyans in front of him. Gohan ended up trying to cover him but this only weakened his offensive.

Goku felt a familiar life force "huh, that's…Earth's back! Dende too!" Hercule was able to convince the people of the planet to offer up their energy, after some coercion by Vegeta as well. The bomb was finally ready, but there was no way Buu wouldn't see it coming. Perhaps that was the key. Buu launched at Goku, having taken notice already.

Gohan didn't have enough energy to fight off the now desperate Buu "Damn, the sun isn't bright enough here otherwise I could…wait" Gohan didn't see the Sun of this planet, but he did see something else quite bright.

"Eh, it's worth a shot. SOLAR FLARE!" Gohan used the Spirit Bomb itself as a makeshift sun, it worked, on Buu and Vegeta both.

"Graaah, damnit warn me first!" Vegeta yelled, the Spirit Bomb was already on the way however.

"Vegeta lookout!" Gohan yelled in warning at him, but it was Buu who heeded it faster. He flew up, out of the way of the bomb's path.

Goku who was also drained, didn't have enough power to force Buu back down toward its path. But there was another solution. Vegeta recovered in time to be face to the face with the attack, but he recalled the same technique had been used against him nearly a decade before, this time it was his turn to bounce it, and at the same time prove his heart was no longer evil. He redirected the bomb up with ease. Buu clearly hadn't thought that possible, and was caught this time. Gohan and Goku joined Vegeta below it, and all three bellowed upward with their hands raised, forcing the Spirit Bomb to complete it's decimation of Buu. The sky lit up and settled back down after several moments.

"I-is that it?" Vegeta said, unable to detect any signature of Buu.

"…Yeah, he's finally gone." Goku said. "C'mon, lets go meet everyone."

They reconvened with their loved ones, the ones revived by the Porunga and those who helped summon him.

"Well I have to admit, Videl did one hell of a job." Chichi said, proud of her.

"A regular Dragon Ball hunter. And yeah, you didn't do bad either, honey." Bulma winked and grabbed onto Vegeta, who blushed.

Goku glanced at Gohan, who in turn looked at everyone around him, finally resting his eyes on Videl who was beside him. It was a long and hard journey, but he had his father back, and three new additions to his family including Hercule, Videl, and his unborn child growing inside her.

Gohan remembered something he had intended before he left the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. "Oh yeah, I meant to do this before but between the Training and Buu fighting…well Videl…"

"What is it Gohan?"

"Videl, will you marry me?" Gohan said, getting down on one knee.

"Of course I will silly, I love you!" Videl said, barely containing her enthusiasm.

"OH MY GOD, he said it!" Chichi exclaimed, hugging Goku. Everyone rejoiced at the news.

"You know..." Krillin had an idea. "Everyone's here…and technically there's no higher authority on this planet than Dende. What say we do the Wedding right now!"

"Normally I'd say I need to get a new dress and shoes but, the timing's perfect! What do you say Gohan and Videl!"

They were both surprised but looked at each other and nodded. But there was a pause before they turned around and realized there was one more person whose approval they might need.

Hercule looked back and them with a confused expression. "Huh, what are you all looking at me for? It's my daughter's heart and heck you all saved the whole world…again. Daddy's on your side, Pumpkin!" He said giving a thumbs up. And with that, they had their makeshift ceremony. They exchanged a kiss to make it official, then Gohan took off with her onto their honeymoon.

"So, where should we go, Mrs. Son?"

"You know, right now I don't really care to see anyone else, surprisingly enough. I thought of nothing but you in the chamber, Gohan. Let's go somewhere we can be alone."

"I already know where you're thinking." Gohan took them to the place he had trained her.

"Goten knows about this spot but I don't think he'll suspect it."

Gohan turned back around to face his wife, just in time for her to embrace him with a passionate kiss.

Several hours later, she lay atop of him with only his shirt covering them and the small fire next to them to keep them toasty in the night.

"Think of any names, Gohan?"

"Hmm, I think we're having a daughter, I think she'll look a lot like her mother. How about Pan?"

"I love it. Our daughter will be named Pan!"

Gohan looked up to the stars, he had remained adamant for a lot of his trials, but some things had changed for the better. And he held two of them in his arms on this very night.

I'm glad a lot of readers wanted me to finish this story. In between real life and motivation to write, it was you guys who reminded me that you still wanted this and that I did too! I hope you enjoyed it! And Happy New Year!