Claraowl: Hello and welcome to my 2nd Shugo Chara! fan fiction!

Ikuto: You again?

Amu: I'm not going to have to give him any more s'mores, will I?

Ikuto: Come on, Amu, I'd like s'more s'mores….

Amu: *blushes*

Claraowl: *groans at attempt at pun* Anyway, this is a little something I'm doing for a friend as a welcome to this site and is a random songfic. This takes place while Amu's in her third year of high school. Utau is going to an in-town college.

Ikuto: What about me?

Claraowl: You'll see. Oh, and I chose this song due to the fact that it's been stuck in my head since my dance recital yesterday.

Ikuto: Let me guess… we have to dance?

Claraowl: Wait and see! Amu, disclaimer, please!

Amu: Claraowl owns neither Shugo Chara! or Rihanna's "Who's That Chick"

Claraowl: On with the show! Break a leg, everyone! Italics are lyrics!

Amu was out walking in the park after school one day with her charas. It had been the last day of school before summer vacation and they were all excited for the coming summer. The charas were bouncing around Amu's head, suggesting things for them to do when she got together with Rima, Yaya, and Utau later that night.

"You could all play Truth or Dare ~desu!" suggested Su.

"Or prank-call some guys," murmured Miki.

"Or do makeovers and runways, with lots of shiny jewelry," Dia smiled.

"I know," said Amu, thinking, "but we've done all of that so many times before! We should do something new - but what?"

Ran, who had kept oddly quiet until then, piped up, "Why don't you all go out dancing at a teen club? It'll be a good stress release and a way to burn off all that excess energy!"

"Yes," agreed Dia, "plus there'll be a lot of music!"

"Dance is a great art form," nodded Miki.

"There'll probably be interesting food there ~desu," added Su.

"Okay, okay," conceded Amu, "you've got me convinced. Now, I just need to okay it with the others!" After gaining permission from her mother (and hearing her father's call of "No boys!") she pulled out her phone, sat under a nearby tree, and dialed Utau's number.

"Yup," said Utau, answering at the fifth ring.

"Hey, Utau," said Amu, "Ran came up with a brilliant plan! Instead of us all doing the stuff we've done so many times on girls' nights, why don't we go out to a teen dance club? We can all still meet at my house before we go."

"Hey, that's actually a pretty decent plan. I know a good one. Okay it with the others, won't you? I've got to go. Bye." In the background, another voice was heard, shouting something.

"Bye," Amu said. She then dialed Rima's number.

"Hello?" Rima's slightly annoyed voice answered at the third ring. She listened while Amu explained Ran's idea. "Sounds alright, I guess. Better than prank-calling a bunch of guys. See you then."

"Bye," said Amu for the second time. She then dialed Yaya's number.

"Hi! This is Yaya!" Yaya half-screamed into the phone after half a ring, sounding slightly out of breath. After hearing a brief explanation of the plan, she squealed, "That sounds like so much fun, Amu-chi! I'll see you then! Bye!"

"Bye," Amu said for the third time, wondering why all of her friends were so anxious to get off the phone. Shrugging this odd occurrence off, she stood up and hurried home to get ready.

Back in her room, after talking with her family and playing with Ami a bit, she turned to Miki. The tiny blue chara nodded at her, to show that she had an idea. She held up a sketchpad.

"Looks great, Miki," chorused the other three charas and Amu.

"Draw, drew, drawn!"

"Thanks, Miki!" exclaimed Amu. She now wore a pair of black leggings and a loose blood-red knee-length dress, bound by a thick black belt at her waist. Her feet bore a pair of black jazz shoes and her hair was held back by six red x-clips.

"Amu, your friends are here!"

"Coming!" Amu called down. After calling to her charas to have fun with the others at the party, she trundled down the stairs, energy coursing through her body. "Ready?" she asked her friends. "Then let's go! Bye, Mama, Papa, Ami! I'll see you all later!"

As the walked along the street, Yaya asked, "So where exactly is this place?"

"It's about four blocks away, in the main part of town," Utau replied. She then warned them, "This isn't just a place for girls, though - guys can go there, too. You all might want to be on your guard."

A few minutes and many odd conversations later, Rima asked, "Is this it?"

"Yes," said Utau. "Is everyone ready?"

"Let's go!" Yaya shouted, heading in. The rest followed.

The four girls were hit with sound and flashing lights the moment they stepped into the club. While the others were momentarily stunned by all the noise and lights, Utau seemed quite used to it. She walked over to the counter and came back with four glasses of soda. The others recovered and chorused their thanks, watching the people on the dance floor and chatting.

"So how are things going with Kukai, Utau-chi?" Yaya asked, already fully caffeinated.

"I keep telling you, it's just ramen!" Utau exclaimed, blushing violently.

"Then why are you blushing?" Rima asked.

"I - I… wait, what about you and Nagihiko? What's going on there?"

"Absolutely nothing," said Rima, a light pink dusting her cheeks. "Nothing will ever happen between that cross-dresser and me."

"Of course nothing will happen with Nagi, Rima," Amu teased, "because it's already happening! I saw you two together the other day, eating crepes."

"He lost a bet and owed me a crepe," insisted Rima stubbornly.

"But Rima-tan," giggled Yaya, "Yaya was with Amu-chi, and saw you wipe some cream off his face!"

Rima, in a wild attempt to change the topic of discussion, asked, "What about you and Kairi? I noticed that he walked you home the other day."

"Yaya likes Kairi-kun!" Yaya announced, "However, he keeps calling Yaya 'Yaya-sempai'! Yaya wishes he would just call her 'Yaya.'"

"I'm sure he'll get the hang of it eventually, Yaya," soothed Amu. "He's stopped calling you 'Ace,' hasn't he?"

"That's true!" Yaya smiled. Suddenly, she switched topics, "What about Ikuto-kun and you, Amu-chi? Has he visited your balcony recently?"

Amu blushed and decided not to answer, taking a sip of her soda.

Suddenly, the DJ announced a new song. Amu's eyes lit up at the name; this was the perfect song for tonight, along with being one of her favorites! It was fast-paced and had a good beat, so it was be a great stress release. "I'm hitting the dance floor!" she announced to her friends as she put down her glass and stepped onto the floor.

Feel the adrenaline moving under my skin

Finding an empty piece of floor, she began moving to the beat. She ran her hands over her arms, making shimmying motions with her body.

It's an addiction, such an eruption

Amu saw her friends step onto the floor after her, splitting up so that they could each have room to dance. Spinning on the spot, she could already feel the music entering her veins, taking over her body.

Sound is my remedy, feeding me energy

She let the music take over; it engulfed her, chasing all thoughts from her head. The noise and the lights that had stunned her when she entered the dance club were now one with her, becoming part of the dance.

Music is all I need

Spinning again, she bumped into a stranger. He caught her hand to keep her from falling and was drawn into her dance. She could not see his face; he was silhouetted in the lights. He spun her once; he then decided that it would be best just to attempt to follow her movements.

Baby, I just wanna dance

She grabbed his other hand and held them both above her head, then shimmied her body again. She released his hands and took a few steps back from him, blushing slightly, having realized herself. The music took over once more a moment later, but not before she noticed that the stranger seemed oddly familiar….

I don't really care,

Rima, too, was dancing, though much less enthusiastically. Dancing had never really been her thing, especially after middle school. Now, whenever she thought of dancing, it reminded her of 'the cross-dresser.'

"Ow!" exclaimed someone; she had not been paying attention and had bumped into someone.

"Sorry," she said coldly, turning to see who she had bumped into. "Oh," she blinked, "hello, cross-dresser. Why are you here?"

I just wanna dance

"Well," said Nagihiko teasingly, "this is a teen dance place. I'm a teenager and I like to dance, so I'm here. Also, it is now break. In addition," he added, "I heard you talking to Amu earlier while I was walking with you. I decided that it sounded like fun, so I gathered some people and went to one. It's not my fault that we wound up at the same one." He smiled, then added, "Just a happy accident, Rima-chan."

I don't really care, care, care

Rima glared at him. "It's not very happy at all. Also, do not call me that."

Nagihiko shrugged. "Whatever you say, Rima-chan. But as long as we're here, let's dance."

Rima nodded almost undetectably. "I'm going to step on your toes."

Nagihiko just laughed.

(Feel it in air, yeah)

Rima glared at him again. "Why are you laughing? Nothing's funny."

"You are!" Nagihiko answered, laughing harder, "You're always acting like you're mad at me, but you came to visit me when I was sick and made me soup."

Rima just stated, "You're going to have to teach me how to dance."

"It'll be my pleasure, Rima-chan."

She's a mean and crazy dicta,

"Don't call me that!"

"Fine, Rima."

"Oh, shut up and show me what to do, Nagi!"

"Oh, so I'm Nagi, now?"

"Argh! Infuriating cross-dresser!"

disco diva and you wonder

Yaya was enjoying herself immensely, dancing with anyone who was fool enough to come near her. She had eaten one of her stashes of candy earlier in celebration; this, combined with the caffeine from the soda, made her extremely hyper and a force to be reckoned with.

The poor guy she was currently dancing with felt a tap on his shoulder. A voice asked, "May I cut in?"

Who's that chick? Who's that chick?

Yaya noticed this and squealed, "Kairi-kun! Come dance with Yaya!"

"That was my intention," he stated as she grabbed his hands and started dancing again.

Too cold for you to keep her,

"Yaya is wondering why Kairi-kun is so stiff. Has Kairi-kun never danced before?"

"Not in this way, Yaya-sempai."

Yaya pouted, "Why does Kairi-kun never call Yaya by her short, cute name? Call Yaya 'Yaya'!"

Too hot for you to leave her

"A-all right, then, Y-Yaya," stuttered Kairi slightly, "will you teach me how to dance?"

"Yaya would be honored to teach Kairi-kun!" Yaya beamed as she began to do so.

Who's that chick? Who's that chick?

Utau was dancing off in the middle of the floor, attracting many looks due to her star aura. She felt a tap on her shoulder.

"You look a lot different now than you did earlier at the ramen shop. Who're you out to impress?"

Back on the dance floor

"Kukai!" Utau exclaimed, whirling around. "I didn't know you liked to dance."

Better not to take me home, base kicking so hot

"Please," Kukai laughed, taking her hand and spinning her, "Nagi wanted to come and insisted that a bunch of us guys came with him. You know I'd rather be kicking around a ball or beating you in a ramen competition."

Blazing through my beating heart

"Hey, I won this morning, kid!" Utau protested, grabbing his other hand and yanking him towards her.

French kissing on the floor, party's getting hardcore

He grinned, "Two this morning and one now equals three."

"Oops," she smirked, leaning in for her 'punishment.'

Heard everybody is getting low

There were gasps from all of the people who had been watching during this exchange; many of them were Utau's fans and were therefore shocked to see the idol kissing someone in the middle of a crowded dance floor.

A little sexy on the crazy juice

Utau broke the kiss and stuck her tongue out at Kukai. "I think we've got an audience."

"With a girl like you, it's hard not to."

"Oh, shut up and dance."

This will end up on the news

One gaping fan had taken a video and had sent it to a news station. This was going to be a major story… but it didn't matter that night. For that night was a night of dance.

Baby, I just wanna dance

"So you somehow convinced a bunch of guys to go out dancing, Nagi?" Rima asked as she was spun under his arm.

"Yeah," he answered. "It wasn't that hard."

I don't really care,

"Really?" Rima asked incredulously.

"Yup. All I had to do was convince them that there was a chance of running into you girls."

"Wow," Rima stated, rolling her eyes.

I just wanna dance

"So what made you agree to go out dancing? I know it's not one of your favorite things to do."

I don't really care, care, care

Rima shrugged. "Like you overheard, no doubt, I figured it was better than prank-calling people."

(Feel it in air, yeah)

Raising his eyebrows, Nagihiko asked, "Am I one of those people?"

"So what am I supposed to do with my feet, again?" Rima asked, abruptly changing the subject. Nagihiko took her answer to be affirmative.

She's a mean and crazy dicta, disco diva and you wonder

"Stop smiling, Nagi, nothing's funny."

At that, he burst out laughing, causing Rima to become highly annoyed.

Eventually she sighed, "Nagi, let's just go get something to drink. I'm tired."

Still chuckling, Nagihiko allowed himself to be led off of the floor.

Who's that chick? Who's that chick?

Many songs later, Yaya had finally gotten Kairi to loosen up slightly. However, the effort had managed to exhaust her. Kairi noticed this.

Too cold for you to keep her,

"Yaya-semp - I mean, Yaya, why don't we go get something to drink? You look a little tired."

"Yaya likes that idea, Kairi-kun! Yaya is also happy that Kairi-kun is calling Yaya by her cute, short name!"

Too hot for you to leave her

"You're welcome, Yaya," Kairi said as he led her off the floor. They sat down at the counter and ordered two glasses of water.

Yaya gave Kairi a hug. "Thank you for dancing with Yaya, Kairi-kun! It was a lot of fun!"

"Thank you for teaching me. It is the well-rounded samurai that prospers."

"Yaya is very happy!" she exclaimed as their water came and she re-hydrated.

Who's that chick? Who's that chick?

"Whew!" Kukai exclaimed after a few solid hours of dancing, "I don't know about you, Utau, but I'm ready for a glass of water or something! How about we get a drink?"

"So you admit defeat?" Utau asked, looking equally worn-out.

"You want to dance more?" he challenged.

"Not particularly. I guess it's a tie," she conceded.

Ultrasexual, the night has got me love sprung

"Sounds good to me!" Kukai smiled, slinging an arm around her as they exited the floor.

"Actually…" Utau said, stopping.


I won't stop until the sun is up,

"I'm good for another half-hour."

Oh yeah

"Is that a challenge, Miss Idol?" Kukai asked, grinning.

"Oh, yeah, soccer boy."

My heart is a dancer beating like a disco drum

"You're on!"

"On the dance floor, you mean!"

Oh, oh, uh oh

Half an hour later, they were both completely exhausted and exited the floor, agreeing to a temporary tie.

Ultrasexual, the night has got me love sprung

Amu was slowly regaining her senses from the music's grip. She had been dancing with the same person for several hours and had recently seen all of her friends leave the dance floor.

I won't stop until the sun is up,

She was unwilling to leave the dance floor, but she knew that she must head home soon. Maybe one more dance… it really couldn't hurt….

Oh yeah

Her companion was still a silhouette; she had not seen his face all night. However, she felt that she might have an idea who he was.

My heart is a dancer beating like a disco drum

She danced until the end of the song, then excused herself, saying that she must find her friends and head home. The stranger kissed her hand and let her go. She blushed madly as she left the dance floor, eventually locating all of her friends, who were waiting for her near the door.

Beating like a disco drum, beating like a disco drum

Later, when Amu was preparing for bed at home, her heart was still beating as rapidly as when she was dancing with the stranger. Thoughts of him filled her mind; she wondered if he had been who she thought he was.


She's a mean and crazy dicta, disco diva and you wonder

"Ikuto!" she exclaimed, whirling around. "What are you doing here?"

"Visiting my little strawberry, of course," he smirked as she blushed. "You really should start locking your balcony door."

Who's that chick? Who's that chick?

"I'm not a little strawberry!" Amu protested as he walked over to her and hugged her.

"Oh, so you admit that you're mine?"

Too cold for you to keep her,

"Ikuto, you perverted cat, let go of me!" Amu complained half-heartedly, barely attempting to escape his embrace.

Too hot for you to leave her

"Aw, Amu-koi, why aren't you letting me hug you now? After all, you let me dance with you all night," he smirked.

"So it was you!" Amu exclaimed, rather relieved. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought you knew, Amu-koi," Ikuto replied, hugging her more tightly. "After all, you let me touch you like that."

"I was dancing!" Amu protested, "When I dance, the music takes over! I had no control over my body!"

Who's that chick? Who's that chick?

"Oh," pouted Ikuto. "Does that mean the music made you kiss me during one song?"

Amu blushed again. "I-it was a song I've danced to before, here. I'd made up a little dance to go with it, and -"

"- and you imagined you were dancing with me?" Ikuto smirked.

Amu's blush deepened. "I - I - I - mmmph!"

When Ikuto pulled away from the kiss a few moments later, he said, "You need to practice that part of the choreography more, Amu-koi, so I volunteer to help."

"O-okay," Amu sighed, "how about I meet you at the park tomorrow?"

"Sounds good," Ikuto winked. "How about underneath that tree you sat under earlier when you called my sister?"

"Sure - wait, how do you know where I was sitting?"

"I was napping in the tree and you woke me up. Why else would I be at some teen dance club? That's the same reason why the other guys were there - Kukai, Nagihiko, and Kairi were with the girls when you called them and overheard the plans. You see, it was a conspiracy so we could each get you alone for a bit."

"That is so creepy!" Amu stated; she then added, "However, it's also sweet. I'll see you at the park tomorrow then, my baka neko."

"See ya, Amu-koi," Ikuto smiled at her, released her, and left through the balcony door.


Claraowl: Done!

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Amu: Don't call me Amu-koi!

Miki: You're a bit late on that, Amu.

Ran: I had so much fun at the chara party!

Su: There was so much good food.

Dia: And there were a lot of shiny lights!

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