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Sleeping Beauty

Smoke rose off the city. Though the battle was done the damage to Republic City was substantial. Fire and water benders alike worked together to put out each and every fire while the Earth benders repaired the streets to allow the emergency vehicles through.

On Air Bender Island Tenzin and his family settled back into their home free to return now that the battle was won. Luckily the island was left mostly unharmed as it had been evacuated before leaving Amon with no reason to further attack it. It was now being used as a place of refuge for many benders and non benders alike.

General Iroh descended from his ship stepping foot onto the island for the first time since his fleet's arrival. Tenzin waited at the top of the steps watching as Iroh came up to him.

"General Iroh welcome to Air Bender Island. Thank you for coming so promptly without you Amon would have kept his hold on the city," Tenzin thanked holding out his hand to Iroh.

Iroh took it shaking his hand firmly. "You have nothing to thank me for. It is my duty to protect the people and to stand by the Avatar when she calls. Speaking of the Avatar I would like to formally introduce myself to her."

Tenzin sighed sadly. "She was injured during the battle I'm afraid and has not regained consciousness. The Healers have already been to see her. They said she should regain consciousness soon."

"I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which room she is staying in," Iroh requested.

Nodding Tenzin provided the General with directions allowing him to go on his own.

The room was not difficult to find and when Iroh opened the door he was surprised to find the room empty. He had expected to find at least one of her team members that he had heard so much about sitting at her bedside. Perhaps they had been injured in the battle as well.

He pushed these thoughts away instead taking a step into the room. He walked consciously like a wrong step would suddenly cause her to bolt. Standing above her his eyes traveled over the Avatars unconscious form. His heart stopped in his chest.

He had never seen anyone so beautiful. Her hair like a hallo flowing out on the pillow. He wasn't sure what he had expected, what he had imagined her to look like. Whatever it was it wasn't a woman so beautiful he could not even imagine her in a battle against an entire army. Yet she was a surprise. She was more dangerous, more powerful, than Amon himself.

He swallowed trying to push all the feelings down. He hadn't even spoken to her. He hadn't even gotten to know her properly and all he could imagine doing was pressing a soft kiss to those incredible lips. He reminded himself he had more self control than that. After all he was the grandson of Fire Lord Zuko.

Instead he pulled up the chair to sit by her bedside to wait for her to awaken.

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