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Sam and Michael were sorting through files in the loft, trying to find any information as to where Anson could be hiding. They were having no luck and beginning to argue.

"Mike, there is no way he would hide there. It's too open, too obvious. He knows that he is a wanted man. He's going underground and that's where we need to focus."

"No. He's too egotistical to go underground. He wants to be seen. He's going to find a place, blend in and contact me again. I figure out where he's going to end up next and that's what is in these files."

Sam slammed his beer down and was going to protest more when Michael's cell phone rang. He didn't greet them. He simply started speaking.

"Whatever you have for me to do Pearce has to wait because I'm going through Anson's files that you had delivered to me."

Michael lets Pearce talk and then hands Sam his cell. Sam noticed how white Michael has become.

"Pearce, what's going on?" Sam asks.

"Short version is there was a fight in prison. Fiona was stabbed multiple times. They rushed her to the hospital. She needs major surgery. The doctor said that if she has any family or loved ones they need get to the hospital as soon as possible. I worked it out so Michael can stay with her until she's able to go back to the prison infirmary."

Sam took down the information he needed to get Mike to the hospital and onto the floor to see Fiona. He hung up the phone and handed it back to Michael.

"I'm sorry Mike. Let's go check on her. I'm sure once they fix the wounds she'll be fine. She's a fighter." Sam tried to be as positive as he could, but both Michael and Sam knew that when you are in prison, most injuries that land in you a regular hospital do not have a happy ending.

The ride to the hospital was a quiet ride. Sam took the keys and drove. Once at the hospital, they met Pearce in the lobby and she took them up to ICU.

"You guys can sit in the chairs over there. She's out of surgery and on the floor, but the doctors want her to rest since surgery was rough." Dani said.

Michael nodded his head and walked off.

Pearce stopped Sam for a moment. "Just so you are prepared, she received 5 stab wounds to her stomach and back. The missed all the organs, but she lost a lot of blood. Surgery did not go well. She coded on the table two times, but she came back. If she lasts the night Sam, it'll be a miracle. The doctor said that if you wanted to have a priest come and give Last Rites, it might be a good idea to do it soon."

"Jesus Dani. On top of this whole Anson debacle, we are adding Fiona's possible death to the mix?"

Dani continued "That's not the worst part. When you go in to see her, you'll see her face was badly beaten, bruised and cut. Her left arm is broken and so is her right leg. Several cracked ribs too. I saw her. She has tubes and she's on a respirator."

Sam rubbed his face with his hands. "So what the hell do we do now? He sees her and he is going to want Anson's blood more now more than ever."

"I have to bench him. Once he sees her in the bed, he's going to be insane with anger. If she dies, he will be nonfunctional. I've been there. You know I'm right." Pearce said.

"If you are benching him, then who is going to run the op? He's not going to let you turn this over to just anyone" Sam asked.

"I know. That's why I am handing that case over to you."

As Michael sat in the ICU waiting area, watching doctors and nurses walk back and forth. He heard felt his cell phone vibrate. Seeing the caller Id, he rushed out the ICU doors, with Sam and Pearce following.

"Anson now is not the best time."

Anson answered back with his usual icy tone "Fiona is in the hospital. I truly send my deepest sympathies. Maybe now you will stop your pursuit of me."

Michael's jaw immediately tensed. "If I find out you had anything to do with Fiona ending up in the hospital, you will..."

Sam snatched the phone from Michael's hand. "Anson, Sam Axe here. Mike is out of the game right now, so you are dealing with me. Let me tell you, you little psychotic psychiatrist that you are going to wish Mikey was still hunting you down because I have nothing to lose and frankly you have gotten me pissed off right now. So you better watch out because I am coming for you." Sam ended the phone call.

Michael was beyond furious. Grabbing Sam by the collar, he pushed him up against the wall. "What do you mean I am out of the game? Anson is mine. No one else gets him. I can handle this. I'm running this operation."

Sam pushed Michael into the wall and began to yell at him "You've been benched Mike. You are out of control. You can't even think clearly. If you were OK, you wouldn't be trying to be a one man army. You wouldn't be threatening Anson and you wouldn't be slamming me into walls. Your vendetta against Anson is over. Your job now is to take care of Fi!˝

Pearce was about to step in when the doctor emerged. Michael and Sam froze when they saw him.

"If you two don't stop fighting I am going to kick you all out and not update you on Ms Glenanne's condition." the doctor said with a gruff voice.

Sam let go of Michael's shoulders, but Michael still held onto Sam's shirt. "I want to see her." Michael said, in a barely audible voice. Sam figured the doctor didn't hear Michael so he asked "Yeah, when can he see her?"

"You can see her now, but I want you to be prepared. Her face is cut and swollen from the fight. Her left arm is broken and so is her right leg. We had to put her on a respirator to help her breathe. The surgery was touchy. She lost a lot of blood. Luckily they missed her vital organs."

The doctor would have continued but Sam interrupted and asked "What are her chances Doc?"

He was quiet for a moment. "If she makes it through the night, she has a decent chance of survival, but it will be a long recovery."

Sam knew Michael was focusing on the first part of the doctor's sentence 'If she makes it through the night'. He gently pushed Michael along, leaving behind Pearce to talk to her team.

"Come on Mikey let's go see our girl. She's alone and she needs you."