Title: Tutor Me, Mathew Williams!
Author: SYNdicate 930
Summary: Who cares about if they have history together? It's all about chemistry, right?

NOTE: Sorry about the wait. I thought I would just let this fic sit and gain a little popularity on its own while I posted/updated my newest work; a Spamano fic called Building Blocks and Condom Boxes.

Here's the summary I wrote for it:
AU. Romano, a young kindergarten teacher, is finding it increasingly hard to come up with rent money by the ends of each month now, so he decides getting a roommate to help alleviate the stress of paying for everything himself would be the best solution. However, all he needs now is a solution for handling his new roommate, Antonio, the pornstar. Spamano. Rating will most likely go up at some point. Smutty-fluff.~

So, yeah. Check it out? Anyway, please enjoy chapter 6 and sorry for any mistakes!

Chapter 6: Poutine.

"Alfred, my man!" Antonio greeted Alfred with a pat on the back.

The two shared the same gym period and, naturally, their similar personalities clicked instantaneously, the two bonded over their love for sports and mutual respect for one another. Francis followed Antonio slowly to place a welcoming hand on the boy's shoulder.

With his hands in his pockets, Gilbert took a deep breath as he trailed after his two friends. There was a strange feeling that poked hard in his gut. He recognized it immediately as the feeling of nervousness and uncertainty Antonio would mention whenever he'd talk about Romano. The albino hadn't felt anything like that in a long, long time.

He schooled his pale features into a calm expression, making sure he hid every single ounce of excitement that began to flutter in the pit of his stomach.

"Hey, guys!" Alfred, who had been walking with a hand clamped loosely around Matthew's thin wrist, smiled to the trio while he tugged on his little brother, who followed closely behind him like a scared child, softly. His smile faltered a little as he looked at Gilbert. It didn't bother him too much; he was used to it already, along with the cold stares he would shoot Gilbert if he ever came into a 5 feet radius of Matthew.

If the guy didn't like him, he didn't like him, and Gilbert accepted that. Though, he wasn't sure what he did to make Alfred dislike him so quickly, but he didn't think about too often. Alfred looked over his shoulder, and Gilbert watched him as he spoke to the shorter boy. "C'mon, Mattie, don't be so shy!"

"Let go of me, Alfred!" Whined Matthew, who tried to free himself from his brother's tight, but gentle grasp.

"So how is everyone?" Said boy asked, his blue eyes beaming from behind his glasses, ignoring his brother for a quick second.

"I'm good."

"Bonjour! I'm feeling fine."

"I feel great!"

Surprisingly enough, Gilbert was the first to answer. It was more automatic than it was sincere. Alfred glanced over to Gilbert quickly, before shifting his attention to Francis and Antonio. He didn't acknowledge his response one bit.

"Whatever." He thought with a less than noticeable shrug.

Through the corner of his eye, he saw Matthew poke his head from behind Alfred to scan the colorful and brightly lit interior of the spacious lobby anxiously. Gilbert's eyes followed Matthew's, leaving him to do a full 360 absentmindedly on his heel. He looked around curiously in search of anything he assumed Matthew would find unsettling or bothersome. In the end, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion as nothing seemed to be wrong or peculiar.

"What's wrong with Matthew?" Antonio asked, leaning on one side to look past Alfred. This made Matthew hide completely behind the older boy, before he poked his head shyly from behind him.

"Is something bothering you?" Francis asked in concern.

Instead of Matthew, who opened his mouth ready to reply, Alfred was the one to answer the French teen. "Oh, he's just nervous since he's wearing one of my shirts. He really doesn't like having to wear my stuff. "

"Huh?" Antonio was bewildered. "I don't get it. Why couldn't he just wear one of his shirts if he doesn't like wearing yours?"

"Well, he did, but I spilled my Coke on him in the car, so I let him borrow a spare shirt I had lying around in my trunk." Alfred looked back at his brother encouragingly. "Come on, Mattie. You look fine."

"N-No, I don't!" Matthew's face was already flushed, even without the three boys seeing him.

Gilbert wondered how bad the shirt Matthew had on was. Maybe it was one of those shirts with the stupid sayings on them. Alfred seemed like the type to own a few 'Keep Calm and blah blah blah' shirts, or those ones with sexual innuendoes. If the latter were the case, the albino could see why someone as pure as Matthew had a problem with being seen in such a thing.

"Even if it's baggy, it should look fine, Matthew." Said Francis, the more or less fashonista of the Bad Touch Trio. He was always a step ahead and starting trends amongst the people in the East Riverstone area, what with his mom, who worked at a fashion company, and overall interest in the subject. It was rare to ever see Francis in anything that wasn't designer.

"T-That's the thing…" Stepping out from behind his brother, Gilbert was astonished.

Instead of a shirt with an over-used saying or vulgar pun, the boy sported a tight red t-shirt that hugged the Canadian's thin frame and slightly feminine curves. Well, he sure as hell didn't expect that.

Unconsciously, he opened his mouth slightly to let his tongue lick his lips on their own accord while Matthew continued. "U-Usually my clothes are baggy, but apparently Alfred decided to hand me a shirt he's had even before he knew how to drive…"

"You mean before Alfred's balls dropped?" Francis joked. Antonio laughed along with him, and Gilbert couldn't help but snicker into his hand as the boy's face turned red.

"Shut up, Francis!" Alfred stuck his tongue out. "I bet my balls are way bigger than yours!"

As the two argued, a group of boys strolled by. They looked to be about Gilbert's age, with an ego twice the size of his, and spared Matthew a few glances while Alfred wasn't looking. Matthew felt eyes on his back, and he turned to look behind him. Gilbert could tell their eyes met, as the Canadian noticeably tensed.

Gilbert's jaw clenched and Matthew tugged on Alfred's sleeve frantically. "Alfred… Are you sure you don't have any other shirts I can borrow?"

His older brother turned to look at Matthew apologetically.

"I'm sorry, Mattie!" He hugged the younger boy. "It was the only shirt I had in there, and we couldn't go back home. Did you see how packed the parking lot was?"

"Yeah, this place gets real busy on weekends." Antonio said. "Luckily, we've already bought tickets for the five of us before they sold out."

While he handed a ticket to both boys, Gilbert found it nearly impossible to take his eyes off Matthew. The way the red fabric clung to the boy's body like a second layer of skin was like a gift from the heaven's to Gilbert's wandering gaze.

"Oh, yeah. I'll definitely do anything once." Gilbert joked internally with a grin a more or less mischievous grin.

While he had been introduced to the idea of actually dating someone just earlier that day, the unsure feeling that gnawed at the back of his head began to fade the longer his eyes lingered on Matthew. If being in a relationship meant getting the chance to see what exactly was hiding under those tight clothes, then all doubts Gilbert had about dating the Canadian were out the window.

His grin quirking sideways into smirk as he turned to Antonio with a hushed expression in his normally booming voice. Quietly, he whispered to the Spanish boy. "Okay, so, what was the game plan again?"

There was a slight enthusiastic undertone in Gilbert's voice that Antonio caught onto. He was unable to let it go without pointing it out with a good laugh. "Well, you seem eager!"

"What's wrong with that?"

"You looked like you wanted out just a few minutes ago."

"Well, that was before he walked in that." He nodded his head in Matthew's direction. The teen was busy talking to Francis and Alfred about the movie they were about to see. "Man, I never even noticed how tight his jeans really are; usually he's in something long enough to cover that a—"

"Haha, you're such a pervert." Antonio couldn't help but laugh some more.

"Last time I checked, it wasn't illegal to appreciate his bod—clothes." A light blushed formed on Gilbert's milky cheeks. They shared a look, and his face burned. "I said clothes. You heard me!"

"Barely." He grinned. "If Romano every came to school wearing something as tight as that…" He trailed off distractedly, mumbling things Gilbert couldn't quite understand in Spanish. Gilbert swore Antonio was drooling by the way his mouth hung open.

He cleared his throat into his fist awkwardly. "Anyway, can we go over the plan again? I don't wanna fuck up."

"Follow my lead." Replied Antonio, who turned to the other boys. "Hey, Alfred, come here, I need to tell you something!"

"What is it?" He asked.

"Did you see that thing on UFO's the other night?"

Alfred smiled. "You saw that too? Wasn't that sick? I was like, 'whoa!'"

Gilbert furrowed his brows in confusion.


"Are you sure you don't want anything to eat or drink or something?" Antonio asked Gilbert, who shook his head 'no'.

Gilbert and the rest of the boys were now approaching a teenage boy in a red, white, and black uniform, who asked for their tickets. Alfred handed the man his, and he and Matthew reached into their shared popcorn bag. Matthew ate one piece at a time, while Alfred stuffed his face with a handful of popcorn. The ticket boy grimaced at the animalistic manner in which Alfred munched down his popcorn, and received a light scolding from Francis.

"That is not very gentleman-like, Alfred." Francis chided the boy, as he handed his ticket as well as Antonio's and Gilbert's.

Alfred stuck his tongue out. "Crying like a girl that one time we watched The Notebook with our moms on Mother's Day isn't very gentleman-like."

"That was a sad movie. Only real men can cry over The Notebook." Francis replied, a little annoyed that the memory was brought up at such a time. "Isn't that right, you guys?" He turned to Gilbert and Antonio, who were laughing uncontrollably beside one another.

"You cried over that kind of sappy crap?" Gilbert snickered into his hand. "Real and awesome men don't do that, bro."

Antonio laughed openly, his hands full with his bag of popcorn, and his drink. "You actually cried over a chick-flick? Whoa, man, that's really funny!"

The ticket boy handed Francis back the tickets and the group began to walk towards the assigned theatre. They said their thanks, but were stopped almost immediately. "I'm sorry, but the boy in the red didn't give me a ticket."

"Didn't I give you two tickets?" Asked Alfred. He frowned when the boy shook his head.

"You only gave me one."

"Huh…" Alfred turned to Matthew. "I must have dropped it. Sorry, Mattie."

The boy shook his head. "Oh, no. It's fine, Alfred. I'll just go buy another."

"You better hurry!" Called Antonio. "They might be close to selling out!"

With a reluctantly expression, he watched as his brother turned on his heel. Matthew was on his way to the ticket counter near the entrance, with his arms crossed nervously over his chest. The urge to run after him and walk with his brother was strong. Alfred didn't like the idea of his brother going off on his own, so he decided to give into the urge that bit away at his mind.

It was only when Antonio brought up the topic of the UFO documentary Alfred had watched the previous night that Alfred's impulse was forgotten about. Antonio asked question upon question all the way into their seats near the front. Alfred sat on the very end between Antonio and Francis while Gilbert at off to the side beside the aisle.

In between he and Francis sat Alfred, who was watching the movie previews like a young, eager child, eating his popcorn and sipping his large coke obediently. Surprisingly, he didn't ask about Matthew, or even turn to look for him. He was a pretty one-track kind of guy, who was only capable of really focusing on one thing at a time, or on whatever seemed to grab his attention the way the previews did. Occasionally, he would make comments about a preview to either Antonio or Francis, who sat on Alfred's right.

Neither seemed to notice the robotic way he ate his popcorn and out-of-character slouch in his seat. The seats behind them were beginning to fill quickly. Suddenly the lights dimmed, and the movie began to roll. Antonio smiled in the dark. Balancing his bag of popcorn on his lap, Antonio pulled out his beat up iPhone to text Gilbert.

Okay go find matthew now, alfred isn't playing attention

Without a reply, he heard the shuffling of feet, and glanced over his shoulder to see Gilbert leaving. With his hands in his pockets, he walked out of the theatre doors, and down the hall past the other theatres, playing with the unripped ticket he pulled out of Alfred's pocket while he was busy talking about aliens and UFO's with Antonio.

"Nice thinking, Antonio." He thought with a sly grin.

When he reached the lobby, he bit his lip and gave the spacious area a quick once over. Matthew wasn't at the concession stand, and, to his surprise, he wasn't anywhere near the ticket stands. It was odd, where could he have been? Furrowing his brows, he searched the area once more.


"Awh, you're so cute. What are you doing here alone?"

Matthew stepped back. He was met with the hard concrete wall outside beside the entrance, and replied nervously. "I-I told you, I didn't come h-here alone."

He gasped as a hand found its way to his hip as the other pressed against the blue surface beside his head, their violet orbs meeting one another.

The other boy stepped closer to Matthew, and he gulped. He made sure their eyes didn't meet as his violet orbs stared down at the cracked pavement, scared, and clueless as to what to do and how to get away. They were out in public, and the sun was still up, so Matthew doubted rape would be a possible scenario. With that in mind, a small part of him eased.

"Oh, come on now, why won't you show me your cute little face?" The boy's voice sounded uncomfortably closer, and Matthew looked up quickly, through his blonde strands that fell and swayed in the gentle breeze, to see him leaning closer. Matthew's eyes shot back down instantly.

"C-Can you please l-l-leave me alone? I need t-to go back n-now…" He couldn't suppress the shakiness of his voice, or the stuttering on his words. He sucked at talking with strangers, and especially when people invaded his personal space.

He was ignored. "Why don't we go back in together, hmm? A boy like you shouldn't watch movies alone."

"Ah!" Matthew gasped once more as the hand on his hip shifted, and a thumb poked him from under his tight shirt, rubbing circles into his skin above the waist line of his. He flushed immediately. He didn't dare look up. "I-I told you, I didn't c-come alone…"

The boy moved his thumb to rub circles inside Matthew's jeans against his hip. He smirked at the Canadian's red face. "Oh? And who did you come with?"


"Mind stepping back?" Came an irritated voice from behind.

The boy turned to glance over his shoulder. Matthew looked up and saw Gilbert. The albino looked a little more than ticked off as he reached for Matthew's wrist.

Before he knew it, he was standing beside Gilbert, who looked more than ready to tear the other boy apart.

"Sorry, but he looks like he doesn't want to talk to you." Said Gilbert. He gritted his teeth, and put his arm around Matthew's frail shoulders. "We were supposed to see a movie together, so, if you can just leave, that'd be real awesome, bro."

The boy was about to say something, but the scowl Gilbert shot him left him shrugging. "Fine. Whatever."

When he was at a far enough distance, Gilbert turned to ask, "Who was that guy?"

Matthew's face hadn't returned to normal. If anything, his cheeks had gotten darker the moment Gilbert put his arm around the boy. "S-Some stranger. I d-don't even remember how he g-got me to talk to him o-outside."

Gilbert chuckled a little awkwardly. "Whatever. He's gone now, right? Why don't we go back in?"

Matthew nodded, and let himself be lead back inside by Gilbert, who frowned slightly. "Who the fuck was that dude?"

It was when they reached the front of the line that they realized the movie had been sold out for ten minutes already and that Gilbert's arm was still sitting limply around him. As politely as he could, Matthew moved Gilbert's arm off of him. Gilbert pouted ever so slightly at the lost contact, but covered it up with a look of false disappointment over the movie. "Awh, man. They sold out."

"W-What should I d-do? Should I just w-wait here until the movie is over?"

"Well, I obviously can't leave you here alone with that creep around." Gilbert said, annoyance bubbling his gut.

Antonio's plan only involved Matthew hearing the movie they were watching was sold out, and having Gilbert stay with him until the movie ended. The stranger showing up and hitting on Matthew was not part of the plan at all. There was a possessive feeling that took over Gilbert's system as he looked down at Matthew, who was looking at him with knitted brows. He pushed the possessive feeling away and as far as possible. He didn't really like it.

"A-Are you sure you don't w-want to go back and watch the m-movie with them?" He asked, almost as if guilty for keeping him away.

Gilbert shook his head and laughed. "Oh, no. It's fine. Besides, if Alfred's you're so called 'hero' who saves you and shit, that makes me, like, the awsome substitute when he's not around!"

Tilting his head, Gilbert's chapped lips curved into a suave grin. "How about we ditch waiting around in the lobby for them, and pass a little time in the mall? You hungry or something?"

Matthew nodded, unexplainably flustered and unable to take his eyes off of the smile he found so incredibly handsome and inexplicably captivating, his heart beating harshly in his ears.


So how are things going gilbert? OO:

Good. We're in the foodcourt rn he just left to go get some food

That's good, alfred hasnt even noticed that you guys are still gone lol

Rlly? I was kind of worried about that tbh. I'll ttyl when the movie is over matthew is coming back

Haha, okay. See you later (;

Gilbert quickly read Antonio's last text and then shoved his phone into his back pocket to smile up at the Canadian boy, who returned the smile with one of his own. It was shy, but endearing. Placing the red plastic tray on the table in front of Gilbert's, the albino furrowed his eyebrows as he took a bite out of his burger.

"What's that?" He motioned with his burger to the styrofoam bowl of French fries. Or at least he thought they were French fries. No, they were fries. He just had trouble deciphering what exactly was on them.

Matthew reached for his fork, and tilted his head at Gilbert before looking down at his tray. "What's w-what?"

"What is that stuff on your fries?" He asked in confusion. "That is a plate of fries, right?"

Matthew took a sip of his Coca Cola slurpee, unable to supress the giggle or smile that poked at the corners of his lips. Gilbert felt himself smile, too. Why Matthew was laughing, well, he didn't really know. But it was cute.

Unwrapping the plastic around his fork, he gathered a forkful of the strange food, and held it to Gilbert's lips. He leaned away from the fork with a small frown immediately. "N-No thanks, dude."

"Are you sure?" Gilbert nodded, and Matthew ate it instead. The Canadian boy ate in silence, with Gilbert watching him and the unusual food Matthew seemed to be enjoying. He absentmindedly finished his burger, and began to munch away at his fries.

"W-What's with that look?" Matthew said shyly. "I-Is there something on my face?"

He shook his head. "No, it's just that… Well… The hell is that?" He pointed to Matthew's food with a snicker. "I've never seen it before. I don't remember any places here selling that stuff."

"Oh. I-I got it from that new place down there. Apparently it j-just opened." He smiled as he pointed to a small little booth behind him. "This stuff is c-called poutine."

"All I heard was 'poo.'" Gilbert found himself laughing along with Matthew, who dropped his fork onto his tray to laugh into his palm. He'd never really heard him laugh as much as he did now. Truthfully, Gilbert didn't find anything funny in what he said. But, apparently, Matthew did. "What's so funny?"

"I-It's nothing." Matthew was still grinning into his hand. "I k-know, weird name, r-right?"

"Oh, yeah."

"But it's a-actually really good." He said. "L-Lots of people back in Canada eat it. It's really p-popular up there."

"Oh, really now?" Asked Gilbert, a little skeptically.

Matthew nodded.

"I don't know about that. Food with the word 'poo' in its name doesn't sound very awesome tasting to me." They both laughed. Gilbert took a sip at his canned soft drink, watching as Matthew scooped up a gravy covered fry, wondering exactly it would taste like, and as Matthew brought it to his lips once more.

"Say, 'ahh.'" Said Matthew encouragingly as Gilbert continued to back away. "C-Come, Gilbert. It's only gravy and cheese curds."

"The cheese looks more like clumps of marshmallows. Are you sure?"

"Yes, I-I'm sure." After pursing his lips, he scanned the Canadian's innocent features. The mixture of fries, gravy, and cheese looked grosser than it sounded to him. But, if Matthew liked it so much, he thought he'd give it a try. Opening his mouth, he let Matthew feed him a fry.

He couldn't figure out why, but Gilbert felt a wave of heat clash against his cheeks, his face turning a light shade of fuchsia, as he chewed the peculiar food. Didn't couples feed each other stuff?

"H-How is it?"

Gilbert swallowed with wide eyes. "Shit."

"W-What is it?"

He looked down at the food in surprise. "It's actually really awesome. What's it called? Poo something… Uh, poo… poo… poo…"

"It's 'poutine', s-silly." Matthew giggled and brought another forkful to Gilbert's mouth.

"Are you sure I can have some more?" He asked.

"O-Of course. I asked for a s-second fork, just in case." Matthew replied. He handed Gilbert his own fork, who ripped the plastic around it, and dug in.

As they ate, they talked about many things. It took a while for Gilbert to get Matthew to finally talk about himself. It was when Gilbert learned the few things Matthew was interested in, that the Canadian boy started to really talk on his own. There was a little spark in the way they spoke to each other, Gilbert wondered if it was really there, or if he was reading too far into their conversation. Like most talks he'd had with Matthew in the past, their attention had fallen onto the topic of school.

"Are you ready for the Chemistry lab n-next week?" Asked Matthew curiously.

He watched Gilbert purse his lips with a shrug. "Not really. Chemistry isn't really my strong point."

"Y-You're being too rough on yourself." Said Matthew encouragingly. "I'm sure you're doing j-just fine."

"I've failed each test so far."



"Well, if you want, I could t-tutor you?" Offered Matthew.

Gilbert shot Matthew a crooked half-grin, letting his mind wander on the idea. Things had been going well between them so far, and he figured spending more time around Matthew would only make things better, and the Canadian's feelings for him ignite.

"Why not?" Gilbert pushed himself back in his seat, and stood up. "We better get going; I think the movie's over and Alfred's freaking out over you."