Warning: This contains corporal punishment. Discretion is advised big time.

Eileen Jacobson was bent over whilst clutching hard on the upper edge of the teacher's desk. A despodent realization adorned her face when conscious of her uncomfortable position.

Her skirt was pulled up, panties crumpled between her heels, feeling vaguely younger from this vulnerability. Only her dignity kept her awake within the mildly lit classroom, shared between the only two people, in existence, dubious of her crime.

"So you're sure you know how to handle the yardstick, Jason?" asked Miss O'Malley, anxious to see Jason was the one best apt to carry this task. He grasped the long ruler like a knave's sword.

"It's not my first time" he replied tranquilly, knowing he misinterpreted the meaning. Looking at the very tool made him recall the few but harsh instances he could never endure.

He wondered if it was a wooden spoon's match.

Then again, getting forcefully kicked in the groin was made to contrast the destruction his rocket launches did to his mother's living room. Equivalent exchange was on his side now, fully prepared to return at least half the pang.

"And are you ready, Eileen, or do you need a minute to reconcile?" asked Miss O'Malley, assuming Eileen had second thoughts about this merely from the regretful folds around the girl's frown.

"I…don't want to be expelled, Miss O'Malley" replied Eileen, hiding the desperation her teacher couldn't help but detect. With only ten strikes, this almost counted as a long owed birthday spanking.

And they knew Eileen never handed anything late.

The teacher nodded and lowered her arm for Jason to start. He looked down at her flashed hindquarters and couldn't help but shake his head at what he was about to do. Miss O'Malley went to assume again on the disgust her student had in carrying this punishment.

When in truth, all he denied was waiting until now to grasp this opportunity.


"RRGH!" yelped Eileen, scratching the surface of the desk to escape the sting. Her bottom twitched before Jason raised the elongated ruler again.

"Stop! she needs to count, Jason" instructed Miss O'Malley, instead of giving Eileen time to catch her breath. The thought of them spotting her nether regions distracted her more than the ruler.

"Oh…sorry...one" she said, closing her eyes for the next strike.




"AAAH! Th...THREE!" she almost bellowed, wondering how high Jason must've raised the stick. He was probably enjoying this to try and numb half her backside.


"F...f...fou! FOUR!" She tightened her eyes shut, constricting the rain of self-disappointment she'd hoped didn't have to appear. It was in vain as her tears would still fall once she forcibly opened them.


"NNNGH! Fi..." she tried to continue, but began choking on her sobs. Miss O'Malley halted the yardstick for an instant to aid her in this.

"Breath, Eileen" said Miss O'Malley, though far from comforting. Eileen's lungs felt so heavy upon flexing her body to resist succumbing to tantrums.

"SOB! Five" she said, letting her guard down once and for all. One more of this amount and it would be over. It was here when she finally saw how angry Jason was.

He really wanted to let her know how much she deserved this.


"Six, oh gosh! HIC!" she cried, truly starting to wish she could take it back, no longer hungry yet had a few more bites left to take. At least expulsion wouldn't feel like this.


Miss O'Malley cut Jason's swing short again. She saw how he went for the crease that faded between her legs and sit spots, inflicting a gratuitously heavier amount.

"Try not to aim for the thighs, Jason" she said to him, oblivious to Eileen's hardened scorn.

"Sev...ven! sniff!"


"Ouuww! EIGHT! SOB!" The semi bitter taste of her own tears woke her up from the passive despair. Two more meant something by now, even if Jason took advantage of this as well.


"NINE!" yelled Eileen before engaging in slow hyperventilation, almost impossible due to the phlegm. Miss O'Malley rested her hand on the yardstick one last time before allowing the finishing blow to release. The only reason for Eileen's penalty was because she let her emotions intervene, as Jason almost forgot.

"Don't forget Jason. This is punishment, not torture" she told him firmly. Jason nodded before peppering Eileen's already crimson skin with the last hit.


"RRRGH! SOB...T...sniff...ten" she said before collapsing into a state of constant sniffling.

It was over.

There was nary a chance for her to heal right away, no matter how short it was. If she was going to break down, it would be for everything. For harming Jason inappropriately, for almost facing expulsion, and for allowing not only her hindmost areas to become exposed but to let him beat her like a toddler.

The moment of suppuration lasted five minutes before the teacher saw she was finally silent, and sorry, enough. Miss O'Malley gave the girl two tissues with her demand.

"You can put your underwear back on, Eileen" said Miss O'Malley, allowing her to pull her skirt down before sliding panties back on. She faced the two of them, trying not to return a begrudging gaze at Jason, whom Miss O'Malley finally retrieved the yardstick from.

"Now then, do you have anything to say to each other?" said Miss O'Malley, facing Jason to make sure he turned in his share. He had to remember it wasn't as painful, for him, to look at Eileen's scowl encrusted face.

If anything, Miss O'Malley made them both yield to the woe.

"I'm sorry…for spilling cologne on you, Eileen" said Jason, putting his hands behind his back. He wanted to mean it yet wondered so much if she'd accept it.

"I'm...sniff...sorry for...kicking you" she replied generically, without a touch of sincerity. She wiped the moisture from her puffy eyes in desperation to abandon the moment. Miss O'Malley knew she could've done better yet went through enough as it was for the past few minutes.

This was a close enough situation and nothing more.

"Very good, you're both dismissed" she said, watching them both get out of the classroom. Eileen was in a hurry to reach the exit while Jason could only catch up with her by speaking.

"Eileen! Listen. It's not your fault-"

"Stay…away from me." She enunciated as she ceased walking. Her voice was a firm threat even without turning around "I...never want to...see your stupid face again..."

After that, she opened the door and vanished into the day's bright mist. Jason was discarded, absorbing the guilt an apparent loneliness left him within the dark.

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