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Upperton, Middleton, and Lowerton; all three combine to make the tri-state area that we all know and adore. Middleton has served as the glue that held our cities together in times of great hardship, especially during the infamous Lorwardian Alien Invasion. This middle town was home to several heroes who gallantly flitted and fled all around the world to foil madmen's evil schemes. One of these crime-fighting fanatics was the known as the world-famous teen hero, Kim Possible.

Along with her partner in fighting crime, Ron Stoppable, their tech-kid, Wade Load, and their pet naked mole rat named Rufus, Team Possible has put a stop to many villains' dastardly deeds as well as saved the world on numerous occasions. Since her crime fighting days, she has married and has settled down with her partner "in crime". They are currently raising a family in the quiet suburbs of Middleton, the town where they grew up together. One has to wonder, however, is this really the end of Team Possible? Or, is it possible there is a new trio of teens working together to avenge evildoers everywhere?


Rain poured down on the tri-state area. On the outskirts of one of the towns, there was a building that seemed that it would stick out like a sore thumb, but no one seemed to take any notice of it. The downpour of rain could be heard as it drove into the high rooftop of the strange-looking building. Located on the flat roof was a ventilation system, just like any other venting system. The pitter-patter of rain continued it's decent and could be heard through the vents. There, it was coupled with the slight shuffling noise of hands and knees of bodies traveling though the narrow tin passageway.

Three figures carefully crawled their way through the bowels of a super villain's latest lair. There was an obvious male-looking figure in the lead, though, through the darkness, his features were unidentifiable. The male figure was followed by two female-looking figures who followed close behind.

The pitter-patter of rain and the occasional clang of thunder cut through the ridged silence that permeated the air among the three. The parade of intruders was abruptly stopped by the male who signaled and whipped out an odd-looking, futuristic device.

The device illuminated the boy's face allowing his bright auburn hair to glow and his chocolate brown eyes to sparkle with concentration and slight confusion. After a moment of studying the screen, the boy put the thin device back into his pocket, and the trio continued their journey.

"Look, I said I was sorry," one of the girls blurted out in a harsh whisper. She just couldn't take the silence any longer. "Would you stop being so stubborn and just accept my apology already?"

More silence filled the space between them.

"Ya know, being quiet is a key part of being sneaky."

His sarcastic remark irked the already perturbed girl to no end. She was about to retort when an all too chillingly familiar cackle echoed through and around the air vent.

"And zhen, ZHEN, zhey will not know what hit zhem and zhe world will be MINE! MuhahaMUhahahHAHA!"

It was then that the trio knew they were near their destination. A few hundred feet ahead, they saw a vent where the light from the lair below was shining through. After a bit more shuffling, the trio gathered around the vent as best as they could, considering their tight confines.

The girls watched as their leader took out a pen from behind his ear. He pushed down on the end of it, and instead of a pen clicking into place, a bright red light illuminated their the cramped space. For a brief moment, one could tell that one girl had light hair and one had dark. The light quickly morphed into a thin beam of hot light. In silence, the boy used the red beam to outline the vent, causing it to melt away from its hinges.

Before the vent could clatter to the floor, one of the girls, the one who hadn't spoken up yet, reached out and grabbed it. As she was putting the grate to the side, the other girl spoke up again, "Laser pens. This year's must-have school supply."

The boy snapped his head up to meet the girl's eyes in a contorted manor, one eyebrow cocked as if to say 'do you try to be annoying?' The girl, in turn, fixed him with a searing glare.

The other girl just rolled her eyes at their antics and stated, "Moving on now…"

That seemed to snap the boy out of it for he said, "Right. Okay, on three. One… Two…"

"Three!" the "annoying" girl finished for him. Before he could even retaliate, said annoying girl jumped down through the open vent and into the main part of the lair.

The boy just rolled his eyes and, for a brief moment, looked over at the dark-haired girl who only shrugged and smirked in response. Mere seconds transpired before the boy made his grand entrance followed by the brunette.

All three dropped down into a fighting stance, ready for anything.


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