Epilogue: We Are Family

Blood. The life force in everyone that controlled every muscle, organ and function that the body required to keep a person alive. Blood was a necessity for many things. It was responsible for the coloring of someone's face when they were embarrassed or felt affection. The common sensation known as blushing. Blood was also responsible for warming the body when it was cold outside.

Of course, that was only when the blood remained in the body.

Crimson liquid poured from the open wound, and it didn't look like it would be stopping anytime soon. A small pool had already begun to pool on the ground, growing larger by the second. The thick smell of copper wafted through the air like the scent of a rose.

And yet, nothing happened.

Danielle, with her eyes still held shut tightly, could only wait for the inevitable searing pain that she had expected from the bullet. But it never came. Nothing came. Not a single ounce of pain.

"Maybe I'm already dead?" she thought to herself. It would make sense. For all she knew, she was a full ghost now, floating high above her lifeless body. Danielle could feel her stomach tightening at the very thought of opening her eyes and seeing her own body, lifeless on the ground as her blood pour out around her. But she had to know.

Slowly her eyes opened as her form continued to tremble in fearful anticipation for the worst. Her head tilted forward as she lifted her hands and expected to find the black and white gloves she was more than accustomed to wearing when in her ghost form. Eyes fully open, Danielle could only gasp at the site before her.

Her hands were still normal. There were no gloves. There was no ghostly aura. There was no puncture wound on her body.

She couldn't believe it. Looking over her body, Danielle could feel herself preparing to cry out in relief before something caught her attention and caused her eyes to grow wide with shock.

There was no injury to her body, but there was blood. And a lot of it.

Slowly, Danielle raised her head, following the blood to the form in front of her; the form that had protected her from the bullet that would have killed her.

The first thing she saw was a pair of red sneakers, leading up to a worn pair of blue jeans. In the back of her mind, Danielle knew she recognized them, but her thoughts were just going too slow for her to be sure she was correct.

Her eyes continued to travel upward, going over the baggy white t-shirt that no longer could be considered white with the large dark red spot that only grew bigger as more blood was soaked up by the fabric. Danielle swallowed the bile that had started to come up from her stomach before lifting her head, staring at the black, messy top of hair on the person as his body shook and his breathing was heavy.

And all Danielle could do was scream.

"DADDY!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as tears spilled from her eyes freely. Her voice bounced off the walls, but no one paid mind to it as Danielle's screaming continued until her lungs felt like they were going to burst on fire and she couldn't hold it anymore.

Danny struggled to speak, but only blood came from his mouth as his grip remained tight on the firearm in Ray's hand. His left hand was tight around the barrel of the gun while his right covered the muzzle in an attempt to slow the bullet down upon exit.

Danny knew that he wouldn't have been able to stop the bullet, but putting his hand over the exit point was the only thing he could think of. Of course if he were being completely honest with himself, he knew that he hadn't actually been thinking when he had done this.

It didn't take him long to reach the warehouse once the kids had told him where to go, and he was determined to find his daughter and bring her back home. As soon as he found his destination, he phased through the roof and could only look on in shock at the site before him. Danielle, struggling to get up as some guy pointed a gun at her. Danny didn't hear anything he had said as he was too busy focusing on Danielle as she kneeled there, fear and tears in her eyes as well as a large bruise on her face.

He didn't have enough time to think about what he was going to do, though it wouldn't have mattered because he knew what he was going to do. Pushing his speed to its absolute limit, Danny threw himself in front of the boy, transforming as he grabbed a hold of the gun and pointed it at himself.

The bullet easily pierced his hand, passing through it and into his right pectoral where it stopped, not even exiting his body. Danny's body instantly went into shock as the adrenaline pumped into him, but that was nowhere near enough to dull the pain that was shooting from the gunshot hole. Blood came up from his mouth, spilling over and out onto the ground, adding to the already large puddle building around his knees.

Danielle could feel her body shaking as she looked at the horrific site before. Raising her hand out toward her father's still form, only to retract it as his arm went slack at his side and he tipped over. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as Danny fell, landing on his side with a thud. More blood start to flow from his mouth as Danny coughed and placed his undamaged hand over the wound while his injured one clenched into a tight fist. A sickening groan came from his mouth as he tried to endure the pain.

"No!" Danielle screamed, crawling over to him. Danielle's stomach only clenched tighter as she placed her hands over the bloody wound and tried to apply pressure to, but found it difficult to do as her body refused to stop shaking from the sight. "No! Daddy, please be ok!" she cried as the tears ran down her face and dripped onto him. "You have to get up! Please!"

Ray stood by, watching all of this while his mind tried to process what exactly had happened. This was not what he had planned at all. Danny Phantom was not supposed to show up and get in the way like that. Now he had even more of a problem to deal with. He'd have to kill them both, get rid of the bodies and make sure no one knew about this. There was no other way.

Pulling back on the slide once more, allowing the next bullet to enter the chamber, Ray pointed the gun down at the injured teen. Danielle's head snapped to him as she looked over at him from the other side of her father's body. Her lip began to tremble as he pointed the gun down at the teenager.

"What are you doing!?" she yelled at him.

"As unfortunate as this all turned out to be, I can't exactly let the two of you live," Ray said, face still calm. "So, this is where it all ends. Sorry it had to be this way."

"No!" Danielle screamed as her anger began to build. This kid not only had the balls to use her like some common toy for his own purposes, but then he goes and shoots her father and was trying to kill them!? "You get away from him! I won't let you hurt him anymore!"

"Goodbye, Danielle," he said, finger on the trigger.

"I SAID GET AWAY!" She screamed with all her might.

A surge of energy flooded her once scared form. Deep within her, Danielle could feel the familiar surge of power from her ghostly half as it pumped in veins her like a shot of adrenaline from a hypodermic needle. A large surge of electricity began to emit from the Specter Deflector as her body began to glow. Danielle paid it no mind as her eyes turned a shining green color, setting off a loud warning signal from the belt as it was overloaded with ectoplasmic energy. Ray took a step back in slight fear of the girl in front of him.

Danielle's body was soon lit up with a bright flash of white light as the belt exploded, falling to pieces around her. Her body transformed, changing her from human to ghost in less than a moment as she stood to her feet and took a deep breath.

"GET. A. WAY!" She screamed, letting all her anger and frustration build and release in one giant push. Her power continued to surge as all she could think about was getting this psycho away from her father. Without even realizing it, Danielle began to push more and more energy out of her as she screamed, causing it to become even more high pitched as small green circles began to pour out of her mouth.

The circles began to expand, turning into rings that grew larger in size as they charged at the stunned boy. The power began to push him backwards in a relentless onslaught as Ray attempted to cover his now bleeding ears from the shrieking of the undead girl. As the gun fell from his hand, Ray began to feel his feet sliding backwards, and before long, he was airborne, heading straight for the wall. His body began to scream in pain as he found himself implanted in the thick bricks that shook all around him, but Ray had little time to focus on that as the sound became too much for him to bear and he began to black out.

Danielle screamed until she couldn't scream anymore, until her face was red and until her lungs couldn't handle it anymore. As the attack slowly began to die down, Danielle's body flashed as her rings travelled over her. However she did not change back into her human clothes. Instead, she remained in her Phantom clothes while her hair and eyes turned back to normal.

Danielle gasped as she collapsed on her knees. Her lungs and her throat hurt a lot, and she felt like she might pass out from the lack of oxygen. She jumped as she felt a hand on hers, and looked down to see her father, a weak smile on his very pale face.

"That was some waling you did," he joked. Danielle could only sniffle as Danny raised his hand to her cheek and tried to wipe them away. "Dani…I'm sorry. We should have been there for you better."

"No! Daddy, no!" she said, shaking her head fiercely. "It wasn't your fault. None of this was your fault." Danny opened in mouth to speak again only to begin coughing up blood all over himself. Danielle's heart began jumping as he slumped over, not moving. "NO! Daddy!"

From there, things just seemed to slow down for all Danielle could do was focus on her father. She never heard the sound of the door slamming open or the sounds of feet as they stomped around her while someone asked what happened and gave out commands. She didn't see the police officers or the paramedics surrounding her and her father as they began assessing the situation. She didn't feel the strong officer's hands as she pulled her away and carried her outside to be looked at.

The only thing she could register was the bullet sized hole in her father's chest as they ripped his shirt open and began to try to stabilize him.

The next thing Danielle knew, she was inside the ambulance, watching her father as a team scrambled to keep him alive while a female paramedic checked her over for any other injuries other then the large bruise on her face that was changing colors slowly, but was healing nonetheless. She never said a word to the woman who asked if she was ok or if she had any family that she needed to contact. She never said a word as her costume faded away, leaving her in a hoodie that was beyond repair or any actual worth. She never said a word as they pulled up to the doors of the hospital and her father was rushed into the Emergency Room. She never said a word as her body numbly walked to a seat in the waiting room, plopping down in a quiet corner away from everyone. She never said a word as she brought her knees up to her chest, burying her face in them.

She never said a word because she couldn't.

All she could do was cry.

Danielle didn't know how much time had actually passed since she had arrived. She never once looked at the clock that ticked away in front of her. She never spoke to anyone who came to check up on her. She never moved from her seat. She did nothing other than sit there quietly with her eyes glazed over.

That is, until she heard a familiar voice calling out her name.

"Danielle!? Danielle!?"

The voice was frantic and scared as it grew closer and closer to the waiting room. Blinking, Danielle turned toward the entrance just in time to see a dark haired girl charge through the door. It didn't take Danielle anytime at all to recognize the person looking for her.

"Mommy…" she mumbled.

Sam's head whipped around allowing her eyes to fall directly onto her daughter. Her eyes began to brim with tears, as did Danielle's, and before Danielle knew it, she was in her mother's arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Danielle held on tight as Sam stroked her back.

"Mommy…I'm so sorry…" Danielle said, sniffling as she sat in Sam's lap. "Everything I did…everything I said…and Daddy-"

"Shh…" Sam said. "It's ok, Danielle. Nobody blames you for any of this."

"But it is my fault. If I hadn't gotten so mad at all of you and runaway, Daddy wouldn't have gotten hurt and I-"

"Danielle Lilith Fenton, you will stop talking nonsense this instant!" Sam said in a firm tone as she squeezed Danielle tighter against her while trying to hold back more tears. As much fear as she had right now about Danny, she couldn't and didn't want to imagine what would happen if he hadn't shown up when he did.

The door opened again, grabbing their attention. Both turned to the waiting room doors as Tucker, Valerie and the Fentons all poured in, instantly spotting them and rushing over to the two girls.

Danielle was shocked at how worried everyone was about her safety. Why would they have cared about her so much? She had been nothing but an annoying, smart mouthing brat to all of them. She had been angry and hurtful to all of them. She had done so many things that were wrong and dangerous and stupid…

And none of them seemed to care about any of it at all.

Danielle soon found herself crying again as she hugged each person and apologized over and over, begging for forgiveness that had already been given to her. Sam even joked that she was glad that Danielle apologized because as soon as they got home, she was going to be grounded for so long, she'd probably forget what they all looked like. Everyone laughed at this, lightening the mood as they all settled in for the long wait on Danny's condition.

Hours had gone by, making it late into the evening, before the doctor come out of the operating room. Danielle was almost completely asleep, but was the first to spring to her feet and rush up to the doctor.

"How's my Daddy?" she asked as the rest of the family came up behind her, waiting for the doctor to answer.

"Well, the bullet had been slowed down a bit by his hand, which shattered the bone in it. However, the most damage that had been done was to his right pectoral muscle. The bullet ripped apart a lot of muscle and he had lost a lot of blood," he said, giving it to them as straight as he could. "By the time we got him in the ER, the wound had already started to heal up, and with the bullet still in him, that made it more difficult. But we were able to extract it without causing any extra damage as well as fix up his hand. Daniel is going to make a full recovery."

Every breathed a sigh of relief, a few even wiping away tears from their eyes at the good news. The doctor told them that he was awake and that they could see him but to keep the visit short so he could rest. After being lead to the room, everyone quickly filed in as Danny smiled at them, though it was clear that he was weak.

"Hey guys," he said.

"Daniel James Fenton, if you ever give me a scare like that again, I swear I will lock you in the Fenton Stockade for the rest of your life," Maddie said as she bent down and kissed him on the cheek.

Danny chuckled weakly as he looked at his mother. "Sorry, Mom. I guess I wasn't really thinking."

"We're all just glad you're ok, Son," Jack said with a proud smile.

"Thanks, Dad."

"And don't worry, dude. The rest of us will hold down the fort on the ghost fighting til you're better," Tucker said, Valerie nodding her head. Danny smiled at them before looking to Sam as she stood next to his bed with her hands behind her back. Danny could clearly see his daughter as she held tightly onto her mother, reminding him of the day he had brought her home and she had done the same to try and hide from her family.

"You just gonna hide back there, Ellie?"

Danielle stepped forward, her head held down in shame. She couldn't bear to look at her father, someone she had always seen and looked to as a strong person who never let anything stop him. To see him so weak only hurt her more as she blamed herself for all of this.

"Daddy…I'm so, so, so sorry," she said. "I-"

"Have nothing to be sorry for," Danny said. Danielle looked up in surprise. He couldn't have possibly have said that, right?


"You don't have anything to be sorry for. This isn't your fault."

"What are you talking about?" she said as her eyes began to water. She was beginning to wonder if she was ever going to run out of tears. "If I hadn't gotten involved with that…stupid gang…I wouldn't have needed protecting and you wouldn't have gotten hurt."

"Danielle," Danny said, pausing to look her in her eyes. "If there's one thing you need to learn, especially about me, it's that I will always put myself in danger to protect the ones I love. Everyone in this room is important to me, and I would do anything to protect them. You are no exception. In fact, I will always try twice as hard to protect you. Because you're my daughter. My baby girl. And no matter how old you get or how powerful you get, I will always protect you and do anything to keep you from harm. Even if you don't need it."

Danielle stared at her father, at the loving smile on his face and in his eyes, and no matter how much she hated herself for what she did, there was no better feeling then knowing that he would always love her, no matter what she did. Danielle ran up to him and carefully wrapped her arms around him as her tears fell once more. Danny carefully wrapped his bandaged arm around her, relishing in the feeling of having his daughter back again.

They all stayed for as long as they could, but soon visiting hours were over and they all had to go home. Danielle wanted to refuse to leave her father's side now that she knew he was ok, but had Sam promised that she would bring her back first thing in the morning.

After everyone said their goodbyes, they all headed home. For once, Danielle didn't mind riding with her grandfather driving as she was much too tired to fly home. Her body was extremely exhausted from all the energy she had suspended, and her mind should have been just as tired.

But for some reason, it wasn't.

Danielle was hesitant to walk through the doorway of the home she had been in not even a week ago, but eventually found the courage to go inside. Without pausing, she said her goodnights to everyone as they congregated in the kitchen. She was rewarded with several goodnights of her own as she headed to her room to grab a change of clothes before heading to the bathroom to shower.

She noticed that Cujo's bed was empty when she entered the room, but figured that he was probably somewhere in the house and would worry about finding him later. Once the water was to the temperature she liked, Danielle stripped down and stepped under the water. The steam clouded around her but Danielle paid little mind to it as she watched blood as it washed off her body and down the drain. Her father's blood.

She had been so close to losing him today all because she had been stupid. What was wrong with her? Why had she done what she had done?

The obvious reason would be that she had been trying to prove something to everyone. She had been trying to prove that she was more than just a carbon copy of two people. That she could be her own person and make her own decisions. Decisions that had almost cost both her and father their lives, something that would have devastated her mother beyond belief. And that thought was enough to make her guilt rise.

As much as Danielle was grateful for her family's forgiveness, she didn't think she could ever forgive herself for all the harm she had caused.

"How did I fall so far?" she whispered to herself, waiting for an answer that would not come easily. With a heavy sigh, she turned the water off and grabbed her towel to dry herself off. Once changed into her pajamas, she headed to her room which was still void of her undead little companion.

Lying on her bed, Danielle curled up into a ball, holding her knees close to herself. Where did it all go wrong? Her life had been going so great. She had a loving family, she had great friends and she had a place to call home. And what did she do? She threw it all away for superficial reasons. She had hurt the people closest too her and it almost cost her everything.

"I used to be his baby girl," Danielle said to herself. "They gave me everything, and I basically spit in their faces. Where's that little girl now?" Her eyes fell upon her dresser mirror, and Danielle was disgusted by the girl she saw looking back at her. The person staring back wasn't the person she had seen all those months ago when she was first given a home here. No, this was a stranger trying to hide under her skin.

"What are you talking about? She's right here." The eyes of her reflection said to her with a cruel smile that she knew only she could see. "She just tried to force everyone to think that she was tough. That she was all grown like a big girl. But you know what? She's not. You're not." Danielle couldn't believe it, but even more tears started to build in her eyes which she tried to close and block out the mocking look, but her thoughts only grew stronger with resistance. "That's right. You tried to act your age. You tried to act like a typical thirteen year old girl because you wanted everyone to believe that you were one. But it was nothing more than a big, bold faced lie. One that you even tried to fool yourself into believing. But you never could, could you? There was always that doubt that your body tried to fool your mind into believing, but it never fully did, did it?" Danielle wanted to scream or to break something; anything to distract her mind from the thoughts that only grew louder and stronger the more she fought them. "You liked to pretend, but you're nothing but a scared, helpless little girl who started acting like a stupid, spoiled little brat. And do you know what it all lead to?"

Danielle could feel her lip trembling as the words tumbled out of her mouth before she could stop them.

"I almost lost my Daddy…" she whispered before she began crying into her pillow.

Two hours had gone by before Danielle could pull herself together enough to start moving again. She knew that by now everyone was fast asleep and wouldn't hear her as she moved across the room to her closet. Pulling out her backpack, Danielle moved over to her dresser and started putting a few changes of clothes into it. Once that was done, she grabbed a blanket and a jacket to keep warm with.

Satisfied with what she had, Danielle changed into her normal clothes, switching out her usual skirt for a pair of jeans. Once she was dressed, she quietly slipped into the bathroom, cautious of the fact that her mother had left the bedroom door open and that she was a light sleeper. Grabbing her necessary toiletries, Danielle went back to her room to check for anything else she wanted to take with her. Looking over her things, Danielle's eyes fell upon a small object resting on the floor next to her bed.

Danielle picked it up with the most tender of care that she could. It was a toy. But not just any toy. It was a teddy bear. Or more accurately a panda.

The fur was the same colors as any normal panda, however what set it apart were the shining green eyes and the black Phantom logo on the white of its stomach.

Her parents had given it to her on for her birthday, and though she had been given lots of gifts, this one had been her favorite and meant the most to her. She could recall many a night when she would hold the small creature and just snuggle with it, or when she would have to play tug a war with Cujo for it because he seemed to be just as attached to it as her.

As much as it made her feel like a big baby, there was no way she was going to be able to go anywhere without her teddy.

Stuffing the bear, which she had named Phanda, a cute shortened version of Phantom Panda, into her bag, Danielle gave her room one last look over. Once she was sure she had it all, she walked over to her desk, pulling out a sheet of paper and a pencil as she prepared to write.

But what was she going to say? How was she going to put her feelings and the reasons for her leaving in a letter to her family?

Slowly, her hand began to move as the pencil scribbled across the page.

Dear everyone,

I don't exactly know how to put this, but…I'm running away. Once and for all. I know this is going to be hard for you to understand, but I have to go.

Please, don't blame yourselves for this. You've all been so loving and caring and…

I just don't deserve it. I don't deserve you. I don't deserve a family as loving and as forgiving as all of you, especially not after what I had done. Like everything else, where ever I go, I only seem to cause more and more trouble, and that was made even clearer now more than it ever has before.

I've caused you all so much worry and so much stress, and you don't deserve that. That being said, I'm renouncing both my last names. It's not fair that I continue to drag both the Fenton name and the Phantom one through the mud.

Dad, you made me understand something: that so long as I'm around, you and Mom are going to constantly put yourselves in danger to protect me. And that's not something that I can deal with. Almost losing you was enough to bring me back into my sanity, but I couldn't imagine what would happen if I had actually lost either of you.

You deserve a daughter so much better than me, and I won't let my actions hurt you anymore.

I'm sorry for everything.

I love you and will miss you, but this is for the best.


Danielle "Ellie" Lilith.

Danielle read over her note once, holding back her tears, before folding it and placing it on her bed. Picking up her back pack, Danielle placed her cell phone onto her bed; it would be too easy for them to track her with it and it would be too much of a temptation to call them. Taking a deep breath she quickly turned intangible and invisible. Now completely out of site, she hopped through the wall, transforming in midair and lifting herself high into the sky.

Danielle watched as the town passed her by from below, her memories kicking in and reminding her of a different event from every spot. The park when her mom got her powers. The amusement park where she spent her Halloween night fighting ghosts. The mall where she got to see Santa Claus and spend the day with her parents.

Danielle could only close her eyes. If she continued to look at all the familiar places, she'd probably turn back, and she couldn't do that.

Soon, Danielle reached the town limit with the all too ironic sign that lead to the town. She lightly touched down on the ground, looking over the horizon. This was her last chance to turn back. Once she left the town, she could never come back. Self banishment or not, there was no returning.

Danielle took a deep breath, preparing to take a step forward, when she heard a sudden rustling noise coming from behind her. She quickly turned around, searching for the source of the sound as she began to wonder if someone had seen her or if she had been followed. Maybe her family had already discovered the letter and were there to stop her.

Her thoughts were interrupted at the sound of whimpering. Danielle knew that sound, but was still surprised when the small green dog walked out of the bushes, eyes sad as he looked up at his master.

"Cujo!" she whispered as she kneeled down and began to stroke his fur. Cujo leaned against her hand, loving the feeling that he had missed from her for so long. "What are you doing here? And do you know how worried I've been when I didn't see you at home?"

The dog barked quickly before running back off into the bushes. Danielle stared at the shrub in confusion until her reemerged with something in her mouth. She quickly gasped as she realized that it was Phanda, and was even more shocked when Cujp dropped the toy into her lap, something he never did.

"Phanda…he must have fallen out of my bag while I was flying," she said as she picked him up and examined him before looking at her puppy. "Did you follow me so you could bring him to me?"

Cujo barked happily, and Danielle couldn't help but give him a small smile and a pat on the head.

"God boy, Cujo. I wish I had a treat to give you, but I don't." Danielle got to her feet, preparing to leave. "Now go home." Cujo's face fell and he began to whine again, a noise that always pulled at her heart strings, but she was going to have to be firm with him. "No, bad, Cujo. You can't come with me. You need to stay here and make sure Mom and Dad are safe, ok?" But the green puppy did not move from his spot in front of her. Danielle could feel her resolve breaking, so she quickly turned around to try and ignore him, but Cujo simply grabbed a hold of her pants leg, refusing to let her go without a fight.

Finally, she caved as her shoulders slumped and she looked at him with his big, sad eyes.

"Jeez. You stupid mutt. You're just as stubborn as I am, aren't you? No wonder I love you so much," she said. Placing her beloved toy back in her bag and making sure it was secure, she bent down and picked up her newest travelling companion who happily licked her face. "Yeah, yeah, you're welcome. But you better behavior yourself, mister. It's just you and me now, and I don't want anything happening to you, ok?" Cujo barked back to her, bringing a smile to her face. Maybe having him with wouldn't be so bad. Especially considering now she wouldn't be lonely.

With one last look over her shoulder at the town that was once her home, Danielle took to the sky, flying off in the night to never return.

Danny flipped through the channels, bored out of his mind. How could anyone stand daytime television!? All that was on were stupid, over dramatic talk shows, soap operas and constant news coverage. The only thing he had seen that was interesting was that the kid who had shot him, Ray, had been caught and was going to be charged with gang related activities and attempted murder, meaning the kid was going to be locked up for a long time. But as good as that was he'd feel better when Sam and Danielle came to see him.

Right one cue, the door opened, bringing a smile to Danny's face as Sam walked in. However, the look on her face told him something wasn't right. It didn't take him long realize that someone wasn't there with them either.

"Sam, where's Ellie?" Danny asked, and he could instantly tell by the look on her face that something wasn't right. "Sam? Where is Danielle?"

"Danny…" Sam said slowly, tears coming to her eyes. Digging into her pocket, she pulled the letter out, holding it in her hand for a moment before handing it over to him. Danny gripped the paper in his good hand and read over the note. With every sentence, his eyes grew wider and wider while his face became paler and paler. His hand trembled as the page fell from it and his eyes travelled up to meet Sam's. "Danielle's runaway."

To Be Continued…

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