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Have you ever gotten the feeling that you weren't normal? That deep inside, you were bizarrely different from everyone?

I guess I had had those sorts of thoughts, mainly through high school. But I had never dwelled on it. They were completely out of my mind by the time I finished college.

I was tall, awkwardly so. I almost reached six feet. I had red hair that was disastrously frizzy on the best of days. My mom told me that my vivid green eyes used to sparkle mischievously when I was little. Now I was so shy, I had ten friends at most friends.

I lived in North Carolina, in a little town called Old Fort that took a 30 minute drive through the mountains to Asheville.

I had lived there for twelve years and had no desire to move. I loved hiking along the trails and visiting the ruins of forgotten buildings hidden in the mountains.

I went to UNC, a college settled in Asheville. I didn't go until I was 20 though. I had to stay to care for my father who had cancer for two years.

When I got my degree, my parents gave me some cash they had saved and convinced me to take a celebration trip up north. With reluctance, I agreed; I was hardly enthusiastic to go somewhere that had no forest, mountains or lakes.

We planned the trip for months. I was to leave July 17th at 12 o'clock, drive for six hours and arrive in New Jersey the next day.

July rolled around and I packed my suitcases. I took care to make sure that my scrapbook lay on top of my clothes and wasn't crushed.

We stuffed the bags into the back of my rusted old jeep. I drove away with my parents waving goodbye in the rearview mirror.

After four hours on the road, I pulled into a deserted rest stop. I dug through the mini cooler and popped open a coke. The bubbles burned on my tongue as I lazily scanned the parking lot.

Soon I was back on the road. The sun was beating down, but I had the cover up and it was nice and cool.


"Oh man, I think that the seat may have melded to my butt." I complained. I had reached Trenton, New Jersey and had just pulled into a Holiday inn.

I hauled the bags into the lobby after parking the jeep. I checked in and rode up the elevator to the third floor. My room had a view of the pool behind the hotel.

"I should go check out downtown." Soon I was back in the jeep and heading downtown.

The skyscrapers cast shadows over me, broken every now and then by sunlight. I stopped and ate lunch at a Mellow Mushroom and then went window shopping.

I stopped outside the library. The building had a few people in it. I assumed everyone was enjoying the weather outside.

Pausing at the counter, I inquired on where I could find the history and biography section. The woman directed me to the lower, underground level.

It was a bit dark in some areas where the lamps didn't reach. I found a book on the history of New Jersey and settled myself down in a chair.

The library must have been next to the subway. Not a minute later, the books and desks began to rattle and I could hear the train hurtle past. It happened a few times, but not enough to annoy me.

Suddenly, instead of the roar of a train, I heard a faint rumble. I cocked my head and strained my ears as it got louder.

I screamed as the wall across from me exploded. Bricks flew in all directions and one hit my shoulder. The momentum carried me and I fell to the floor.

The dust hung in air and I could make out a silhouette. Then the air cleared and before me stood a man with red skin, a stone hand, and a giant gun. He had circular stumps on his forehead, like he had horns and had filed them down.

He was standing over an unrecognizable bloody mass. With a grunt of satisfaction, the man holstered his gun. He looked over the now demolished room.

He gave a low whistle and said, "Damn. I don't envy the guy who has to clean this up."

"Neither do I." I clapped my hand to my mouth as I realized that I had said that. The guy spun around and stared at me incredulously, "Aw crap..."

Before I could say anything, he turned and ran back through the hole in wall. "Hey wait!" I don't what came over me, but I heaved myself off the ground and followed him.

The hole led out right to the subway tracks. I stopped just in time, right on the edge. Water hit my neck, falling from the surprisingly high ceiling. The man had jumped down and was running down the tracks.

"WAIT!" I yelled. He finally paused and hesitantly faced me. "Who are you?" I asked.

"I guess you must not live here, if you haven't recognized me by now." He remarked. I shook my head, "I'm from North Carolina." I lowered myself onto the tracks.

"Well I guess you'll hear soon enough. The name's Hellboy, you've probably seen the comic books." He sighed.

"Nope." I replied. "Wow, must be a small town then."

I opened my mouth, when the distant blare of a subway horn interrupted me. A light was growing in the distance behind Hellboy's shoulder.

Hellboy was now charging back down the tracks. I scrambled to get back up off the tracks, but algae covered the wall, and I had no traction. I wasn't going to make it. The only way I could is if I jumped ten feet into the air and went over the train.

Sudden pain erupted in my back. I forgot where I was and what was going on. I fell to the ground, writhing and clawing at my back. What felt like bones, started to grow out of my back, pushing aside skin and muscle.

Darkness lurked at the edge of my vision. I tried to give into it, but my body stubbornly held on. I was aware that Hellboy had picked me up and jumped up over the six foot wall just as the train barreled past.

He let out a sigh of relief, and then noticed me still in pain. "Hey Abe, I'm coming back now. I got a girl with me; I don't know what happened but she's hurt." He said into a walkie-talkie.

He picked me back up and made sure to not touch my back, before he ran alongside the tracks. I pressed my lips together, trying not to scream or puke.

We reached a ladder that led up to an open grate. He held onto the rungs with one hand and kept the other wrapped around me.

An open garbage truck was waiting for us when we clambered out of the hole. Hellboy carried up the ramp, into the truck and lain down on my stomach.

I was practically sobbing from pain. "Do not worry, we are going to help." Smooth hands lightly touched my shoulders. Then something, most likely a needle, ejected liquid into my arm.

"I have given her anesthetic to relieve her pain." The voice said. "Will it be enough until we get back to Headquarters?" Hellboy asked from my right.

"Yes." was the reply. Parts of my body tingled before going numb. The agony in my back subsided to a dull ache.

I peeked up through my lashes and saw a blurry Hellboy and a blue man. My eyelids grew heavy and I fell unconscious.