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"It is said that at the dawn of time, man, beast and all magical beings lived together under Aiglin the Father Tree." Abe began and lifted a hand. I let him place it to my forehead and I closed my eyes, seeing only darkness until... "But man had been created with a hole in his heart, a hole that no possession, power, or knowledge could fill. And in his infinite greed, man dreamt of expanding his domain over the entire earth." I sucked in a breath as red light bloomed under my eyelids. It flickered and danced until it faded and was replaced with a vision. I saw an army of humans charging down a slope. At the bottom was the opposing force; a battalion of fairy folk. The front line of elven warriors readied their weapons and I flinched as the humans slammed into them. The scene faded and became a hill covered with the slaughtered bodies of the magical army, "The blood of many an elf, ogre and goblin was spilled in their war with man. And King Balor, the one-armed king of Elfland, watched the slaughter in dread and despair."

Atop the hill were Aiglin and the elf king. The king laid a hand over his eyes and he shook his head with despair. I was glad when that vision ended; I couldn't stand to look at the bodies a minute longer. Now I saw a small, limping creature bowing in front of King Balor, "But one day, the master of the goblin blacksmiths offered to build the king a golden mechanical army, seventy times seventy soldiers that would never know hunger and could not be stopped." Prince Nuada whispered into his father's ear and the king addressed the goblin, "Prince Nuada begged his father to agree. 'Build me this army,' the king said." Many goblins toiled and labored until, finally, the army was finished. The master goblin presented King Balor with a crown. "So a magical crown was forged that would allow those of royal blood to command the Golden Army if unchallenged."

Prince Nuada placed the crown on the king's head, "'I am King Balor, leader of the Golden Army. Is there anyone who disputes my right?' And in his throne room no one challenged his word." The Golden Army raised their swords in a salute. "So the world was changed, and the next time the humans marched, they felt the earth tremble beneath their feet and saw the sky darken with monstrous shapes." Once again I saw a battlefield, but instead of humans and fairy folk, the humans were being savagely massacred by the Golden army. But the worst of all was the image of a single human crawling to a spear and one of the machines, slicing straight through the human's stomach. The body hung limply on the blade, "The Golden Army had no remorse, felt no loyalty or pain. And King Balor's heart grew heavy with regret."

"So he called a truce and divided the crown in three pieces, one for humans, and two for himself." King Balor kept a side piece and the middle piece, the one that Nuala carried. King Balor and the human leader met face to face and the human leader dropped his weapon and shield, shaking hands with the king, "In exchange, man would keep to the cities and the magical beings would own the forests. This truce would be honored by their sons and the sons of their sons until the ends of time." Prince Nuada however turned and walked away, "But Prince Nuada did not believe in the promises of man. And it is said that he went into exile, vowing to return the day his people needed him most." The Golden army was then placed inside a chamber and the door was pushed shut, "So the golden Army lay dormant, locked inside the earth, waiting. And there it is to this day, awaiting the day the crown is made whole again, silent, still and indestructible."

I lay still as Abe's voice faded and I became aware of the silence that enveloped the inside of the truck. I opened my eyes a crack and quickly shut them again; the bright silver and blues of the truck were a large contrast to the reds and blacks of the vision. Slowly, I let my eyes readjust and I opened them again. I lifted my head which felt heavy from exhaustion and looked up at Abe, "The truce has been forgotten by the humans. I always wonder how the world would have been if they didn't." He said sadly and returned my gaze. I hardly breathed as he bent his head just a fraction closer to mine as though he was going to... An obvious cough interrupted us and I snapped my gaze upwards, blushing furiously as I realized that the entire truck was watching us. Red was staring straight at Abe and I and had the smallest of smirks on his face although it was rather grim at the same time. "Father told me that story a long time ago. I'd almost forgotten it. " Red muttered. Nuala's head was bowed and she was staring at the crown piece resting in her hands. No one spoke another word the whole way home.

The dawn sun was just peeking over the horizon when we arrived back at base. We unloaded from the truck, silent and tired. Red and Liz left for their room, Liz with her hand wrapped supportingly around Red's waist. I understood. It had been quite the night. My flower, a blue-bell, was still clutched in my hand and Abe's hand was twined around the other. "Our agents should have a room for you, Princess Nuala." I addressed her. "Thank you. You are very kind, Jennifer." She said and I took the compliment with a tired smile. "You are always welcome to our library. Would you like us to show you where it is?" Abe offered politely. She agreed and followed us to the study. We left her on the first level, scrutinizing the map to the Golden Army, and climbed to the second level.

I wearily removed my belt and tried to pull the hair tie out of my now tangled hair. Abe chuckled as I became distressed when my hand also became entangled in my messy hair and gently removed my hand. "It'd be best if you kept both of your hands." He said amusedly as he easily removed the tie and ran his fingers through the locks. I closed my eyes partway in bliss at the feeling of his cool hand on my embarrassingly sweaty scalp. I knew that I shouldn't let myself do this; I should step away or stop him.

It was over as quickly as it started and I turned around to face him. "The least I can do is return the favor." I gave a small smile and reached up to his respirator. He was silent as I unlatched it and the only noise was the quiet hiss from the apparatus. As I was sliding it off his neck, our eyes met and held. The gaze seemed to intensify with unspoken words and I knew we were both remembering our moment in the truck. When he stepped closer, closing the already small distance between us, my breath caught. He wrapped his hand tenderly around my neck, ghosting it up to cup my cheek. Her ran his thumb over my bruise, "Even with bruises and scars, you are..." He murmured. My brain was in a fog and my stomach was twisting and jolting. I had no clue what was going on, but hell if I was going to stop him.

"There's been something I've been meaning to say... something that's been weighing on my mind lately." He said and I struggled to pay attention to his words instead of his touch. "You can tell me anything," I said, the words slipping of my tongue without much thought. "I don't think I can tell you... I have to show you." he whispered. My brain completely shut down as he leaned over me and lowered his head. My eyes drifted shut as he stopped an inch away and I realized that he was waiting for my permission. "Then show me..." I breathed and instantly his lips came forward and pressed lightly to mine.

Some people might express a kiss as magical or accompanied with fireworks, but none of that described what I felt. It was like a bright flash and every trouble that every bothered me vanished and all that I knew were his lips against mine. They were warm, soft, and molded to mine. He tasted like the sea and I had to resist the urge to sweep my tongue across them. I had put down the apparatus, but my hands slid back up to his neck and they trailed over his gills before settling on his shoulders. He moaned, making a low humming noise deep in his throat when my fingers touched his gills and it sent vibrations up through his lips to mine.

I kissed back harder, pulling him closer. I was just about to deepen the kiss when Nuala's voice broke the silence that was around us. I suddenly remembered where I was and what I was doing. I broke away with a small gasp. Abe hadn't been expecting it and his eyes shot open. "I... I should- I need to go!" I stammered and ran for the stairs. "Wait! Jenny!" I didn't look back as I tripped down the stairway. Nuala was at the bottom bending over the map from one of the books and glanced up in alarm as I stampeded past her, "Are you alright?" She called out. I didn't answer and ran out the doors.

My feet didn't stop moving until I had a stitch in my side and I was wheezing. I had unconsciously run close to the dojo and I made split decision, shoving the door open and climbing up the ladder to the roof. Since it was only mid-February, a bitter wind blew around me and I let myself shamefully remember Abe's hand in my hair. I shivered, wishing I had brought my jacket with me last night. Ignoring my goosebumps, I clenched my teeth and sat down on the edge. "What the hell are you doing, Jenny?" My inner voice shouted at me. "What's it look like? Sitting on the roof." I replied aloud, snarkily. "You ran! Why? You wanted to kiss him didn't you?" Inner me said. "Well, yeah. But..." I trailed off. "You're afraid of being hurt, even by Abe." Inner me said quietly.

"You're an idiot. You. Are. An. Idiot." I said, softly at first and then grew louder with each word. "IDIOT!" I shouted suddenly, my voice projecting outward and to a small satisfaction, a few birds took off in distress at my yells. "If you're such an idiot, then go and fix this." My inner voice urged, but my legs wouldn't move. They were frozen in fear at just the thought of Abe changing his mind. "And I bet running didn't help." I sighed and settled back against an air-conditioning duct. My sense of time slipped away as I numbly watched the city life go on beneath me.

Abe's POV

I stood there, stunned. She... ran away? I sat down heavily in a nearby chair and buried my face in my hands. "What have I done?" I muttered. I had just ruined everything and I had no clue how to even begin to get it back. Her friendship, her laugh, her scent, all of it was gone. "Abraham?" Nuala's voice broke my reverie. I pulled my face into something other than an expression of grief, "Oh, y-yes?" I stuttered. "Forgive me, I didn't mean to startle you." Nuala came to a stop beside me. "Oh you didn't. I was just... I was merely... well, I have no idea what I was doing." I groaned. "You and that woman, Jennifer, you have fought?" She asked, hesitantly, not wanting to pry.

"No, not exactly. I... well I tried to..." I attempted to explain, but only ended up sighing again. "...You admire her, don't you?" Nuala concluded, reading my face. "... Yes, I do. Quite a lot. I told, actually I showed her my feelings, but I'm afraid that the feelings are mutual." I shrugged in a failed attempt to act as though it was no big deal.

"Did she kiss you back?" Nuala asked, rather bluntly and it surprised me. "Well, yes. But..." I said. "But what? Truly think about it. If the attraction was mutual, then why would she kiss you back?" Now I remembered past her running away. She had given me permission, asked me, and she did not step away from the start.

"Then why did she run?" I implored. "I felt her as she came past me. She was afraid mostly." I gaped openly, "Why would she be afraid? Was it of me...?" Now it was ten times worse. "She wasn't afraid of you. She was afraid of being hurt. She has an innocent heart and she guards it, terrified that if she doesn't and she loves someone, they will be ripped away." Nuala said gently. "Like her father..." I realized. "She really feels this way?" I asked. Nuala shook her head, "Not entirely. She feels this deep in her heart and she does not know of it yet." I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally, and I decided that I would seek Jenny out when we had both rested and thought things through. I was still scared stiff at the thought of eventually facing Jenny; she may have felt this way, but that didn't mean that she wouldn't turn away from me.

"Thank you, Nuala." I said. She returned it with a smile and held up a book that she had in her hands, "I borrowed this book. I hope you don't mind." I shook my head, "Oh no, please, this is your home now. You are safe now." She glanced down quickly with a frown, "My brother will find me. He always does." I was sure that she was mistaken, "How could he? Our location is a highly classified secret."

"Yes, but I know of it now, which means that he does too. We're twins. Even as children, a link has bound us one to the other. Something I cannot explain." I knew what she meant, I was telepathic as well after all. "No need." She smiled at me, knowing what I meant. "Have you examined the map?" I asked. "Yes, but it troubles me. There are no coordinates." No coordinates? What sort of map didn't lead you to the place it was designed to show you? "Are you certain?" She gave me a small, brittle piece of paper, "Quite sure. It is blank." I pursed my lips, bewildered. "Perhaps there is a watermark?" I held it up to a lamp and tried to find one.

"You were very brave vouching for me. How do you know I am not the enemy bringing me here?" I turned back around in surprise. "It's rather unlikely. I have seen your past, remember?" I held up a hand. She seemed taken aback and then grinned, embarrassed, "Ah yes, I'd forgotten. I'm sorry for asking such a question." I tilted my head in an understanding manner, "It is alright." I said and picked up the cylindrical tube that the map came in and slid the map back in. As I was, I spoke again, "Normally I am able to read others quite quickly, but I've never met anyone like you." I handed her the tube. "Nor I like you. Good night Abraham." I nodded my head, "Good night, Princess." and she left the study.

I gave a deep sigh before walking over to the edge of my tank. There was a small glass gate that protected anyone from falling in. I unlatched it and dove in, doing a lazy loop-the-loop before sinking to the bottom. Once I was rested, I would go and talk to Jenny. I just hoped that she hadn't done anything rash.


When I awoke, it was late at night again. My brain was no longer sluggish or muddled and I felt an odd confidence. I would find Jenny and make everything right. With that thought powering me, I swam up and out of my tank. As I made my way down the stairs, the CD rack caught my eye. Usually all that was in it were classical music discs, but one stood out, unfamiliar and bright. Picking it up, I read the title, "Popular love songs?" A sense of embarrassment washed over me. It felt awkward to be holding this and yet I couldn't put it down.

I hesitated before clicking open the stereo and sliding the disc in. I listened to the first few tracks with low volume, but as the music continued, I gradually turned the music louder. My insides froze and my heart stopped when I heard the door began to creak open. I snatched up the remote and frantically pressed any button my fingers could touch. I breathed a very small sigh of relief when it changed to the next CD.

Trying to compose myself, I looked at the doorway to see Red, holding a six-pack, "Oh hello, Red. Well you're up late." I said nervously, praying that he wouldn't ask about the CD even though I was sure that he knew nothing about it. I had been quick enough, hadn't I? "What are you listening to?" He questioned. Apparently I hadn't. "Oh, uh, Vivaldi. I particularly like the last-" I listened to the song for a second and lied. "Hey, hey," Red interrupted. "What's that?" He pointed to me. "Oh, just a remote." I tried to pass it off.

But Red wasn't having it and pointed at the hand with the CD case, hidden behind my back. I winced inwardly and slowly revealed it. "Popular love songs? Wow Abe... You got it bad." He said and gave a gruff laugh. I sat down on the bottom step with a thud. "It's worse than that I'm afraid." I said lowly. "Whadda ya mean?" Red joined me, casually leaning back against the steps.

I groaned, my former confidence now mixed with worry again. "Well I... Er, Jenny and I... JennyandIkissed." I said, the words bursting out and slurring together. "Huh?" Under other circumstances, I would have been amused by HB's expression. "Jenny and I kissed." I repeated at normal speed this time, not wanting to say it again. Red was completely silent, a look of shock frozen on his face. Then he let out a guffaw which evolved into a whoop, "Way to go Abe! Congrats, buddy!" He let out another cheer which trailed off when he saw that I wasn't joining him, "What's wrong?" He asked.

"What's wrong is that she ran away and she's afraid to like me." I said, staring at the ground dejectedly. "Aw, Abe. I'm sorry." I was rather moved at how serious Red's tone was... The feeling evaporated when he gave a nonchalantly sigh and shrug and pulled a beer of the ring, handing it to me, "Might as well have a beer." I closed my eyes as I resumed my patient role of being the serious one on the team, "Oh no, my body is a temple." I refused. "Well now it's an amusement park." He retorted immediately. "No, no, the glandular balance of-" I tried to explain. "Just shut up and drink it, will you?" Oh what the hell. I took the drink and popped the tab. "Cheers." Red raised his beer and after a moment of hesitation, I tapped it against mine.

"I hope I won't regret this."

Jenny's POV

I started, blinking blearily, and looked around, confused. "Where in the world am I?" Then I remembered that i was on the roof and I must have fallen asleep. It was night again, "Did I sleep through the whole day? Damn jet-lag" My wings were shrouding my form, keeping me warm and comfortable. I slowly unwrapped myself and the second the cold air hit my skin, I shivered violently and swaddled myself again. I stood up and walked over to the hatch, bending down to open it. But I couldn't hold the latch and I raised my hands to my face for closer inspection. There seemed to be nothing wrong with them, but the longer I kept them surrounded in my wing's warmth, a pain grew in the tips. My eyes widened as I realized that I had left them outside my wings the whole time and they were practically frozen solid.

The pain intensified until it brought tears to my eyes. "You stupid idiot!" I hissed under my breath and bent down again, using all my strength to yank it open. I didn't trust my hands enough to climb down the ladder so I dropped in and let my wings slow my fall. The dojo was empty, "Does anybody come in here other than me?" I thought to myself as I left. What was Abe doing? A pressure in my chest built, feeling like it was trying to push my heart out. I should go and find him, but first I needed to warm my hands.

I was heading to the cafeteria, hoping that it was still open so I could get a mug of coffee, when I heard someone shout my name, "Jenny! Th- opps! There you are!" I turned and I stared, flabbergasted, as Abe walked (more like he stumbled) up to me. He kept tripping over his feet and yelped in surprise when he walked into a wall. As he reached me, I held my arms out and laid them on his shoulders to steady him, "Abe what is wrong with you?" He lifted a case of beer in his hand, "Y- you're drunk?" I asked, shocked, and snatched the pack out of his hand. He made a whining noise and reached for the pack like a fussy child.

"No, you're not getting this back! Are you crazy?" I demanded, holding the beer at an arm's length when Abe reached over me to grab it. "Abe, knock it off! I'm not giving it back!" I said loudly, pushing Abe away. At my loud tone, he instantly settled back and pouted. I had to bite my lip so I wouldn't laugh. I placed the beer on the floor, behind me so he wouldn't go for it again, and steeled myself for the hopefully intelligent conversation I was about to start.

"Abe... I'm sorry for... for running away." I peered up at him and to my relief, he seemed to grow a bit more sober at the statement, " No, I am sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you." My gaze fell to the ground, my heart dropping to my stomach, "He did change his mind." I thought despairingly. But I was startled when he lifted my chin with a finger, "I know that you are afraid and with good reason. You are afraid that I will be taken away like your father. You are afraid of being left alone, without anyone. But I will never leave you, Jenny, I promise." As he spoke, tears welled up in my eyes and I realized that he was right.

"I am. I'm so scared. I don't want to lose you." I whispered and he wiped a tear away. "Remember what I said, when you first joined the team? 'You have many reasons to be afraid. But not of us.' Especially not me." He said gently and I closed my eyes, letting more tears fall, "I'm so sorry." My voice shook.

"Please don't be. I can't stand it when you cry." He soothed and lifted me up until I stood on my toes and I reached his height, "Don't cry." He said one finally time and laid his mouth over mine. With my semi-frozen hands gripping his cheeks and his arms looped around my waist, lifting me off the ground a few inches, I held onto him as my senses spiraled dizzily. I could taste the faintest hint of alcohol, but it hardly mattered to me. The first kiss had been hesitant and slow. This one, however, was more urgent and confirming. This time I really did reach out with my tongue to taste him and he made a surprised little noise in the back of his throat.

"Damn, I guess alcohol does solve problems." My eyes snapped open and we pulled apart. Red was standing behind Abe, his own pack of beer in his hand and a smile that stretched from ear to ear. I blushed and muttered darkly to myself, "Stupid HB, getting him drunk." Red threw an arm around Abe's shoulder, "We need to celebrate!... With more beer!" He began to lead Abe back down the hall and I called after him, "Red if you get Abe into trouble, I'm gonna kick you into next week!" He only laughed, "Just you try! And don't worry, your lover boy won't be gone long!" He replied cheekily and I nearly sputtered in anger.

Still fuming about Red's remark, I stalked to the cafeteria, cursing Red's name. Although by the time I got there, my anger had fizzled and I remembered that kiss. The tips of my ears grew hot at the memory and I smiled to myself. "Everything sorted itself out in the end. Dad was right; things can only get better."

Thankfully the cafeteria still open, but I had to brew a fresh pot of coffee since the last batch had gone cold. Once I had added the right amount of sugar and cream, I sipped it in delight, letting the scalding liquid warm my stomach. I made my way to the study, partially wanting to curl up with a book, and partially hoping to see Abe without Red.

When I got there, I discovered that Abe was unfortunately still out with HB. So I snuggled down on the couch relaxing for a few moments while I finished my drink. That idea was shattered when Nuala came racing in. She looked terrified and kept glancing behind her. She let out a startled gasp when she saw me on the couch. I got up, "Nuala, what's wrong? Are you ok?" She breathed short little gasps through her nose, "No, it's my brother. He's found me! He's already broken into the base!" She took the tube with the map to the Golden Army and slid the parchment out. I watched in horror as she tossed the tube and the paper into the fire. "What are you doing?" I yelled. "My brother must never know where the Army is or he will destroy this world!" She explained as she removed the crown piece from her corset shoved it into a book, and placed it back on the shelf.

We said nothing only watched as the paper curled over itself and burned. When it was sufficiently incinerated, I turned away from the fire and yelped. Prince Nuada was mere inches away from us. He moved his gaze from us to the fire, "Very quick of you. The parchment. It was of no importance. The cylinder is very interesting." He reached in and pulled the burning red-hot tube from the coals as though it were completely cool.

He laid it on a desk, rolled it across the top, and a hidden map that was embossed on the tube burned into the surface. "We will find the Golden Army here." He said, pointing at the map. He turned around, "As for the crown piece, I know it's here. I can feel that much from you. Father always tried so hard to shield your heart from mine." While he said all of this, I edged carefully as I could toward the emergency alarm. "But it's in one of the books and I will find it." He reached behind him and snatched a book off the bookcase, "Blue. You always look so beautiful in blue." He threw it down and we both flinched as it slammed on the ground. He began to pull books in a crazed manner and Nuala and I locked eyes. She looked at the alarm that I was still inching for and gave a tiny nod.

Taking a deep breath, I dove for the button and smacked it as hard as I could. Instantly, Nuada was next to me. His arm swung out and he grabbed my throat, squeezing to make sure I couldn't make a noise. The only sound I made was a gurgle and to my shock and relief, he loosened his grip so I could breathe a bit. Many footsteps could be heard and Nuada let go completely. But before I could fall to the floor, He caught me and pushed me around, wrapping his arm around my neck with a dagger to my cheek.

"Stay back, I'll go first!" I heard Abe's voice and internally pleaded that he wouldn't be harmed. "Abraham. No don't! He'll kill you!" The princess cried. "And anyone else if that is necessary, this girl as well. I know that she is connected to you, Abraham." he said, sneeringly and I grimaced in pain as he dragged the blade across my face, slicing open the skin. As I felt hot blood, slide down my cheek, I heard HB, "Well then why don't you just start with me, Your royal Assness?" He strode cockily into the room and then stumbled down the steps, mumbling, "Who put those there?" I closed my eyes. We were doomed.

"And your weapon of choice?" Nuada asked. Red held up his right hand, "Five-fingered Mary." Nuada released me and I fell into Nuala, choking and gasping. "Either of you move and I'll kill Abraham first." Nuada threatened and stepped down to meet Red. He whipped out short staff with a dagger at the end and twirled it around with inhuman speed before pointing it at Red and it grew into a spear. "Red you mustn't harm the Prince," Abe advised HB. "If you hurt him, you hurt the Princess." While Red had his head turned, Nuala swung his spear at him and Red only nearly avoided it.

Prince Nuada's blows were quick and vicious, like a viper and it was all Red could do to block them. Somehow, Nuada got Red on his knees and had the spear at his throat. "Will you give me the crown piece?" He demanded Nuala. "No." she said. Nuada raised the spear, causing Red to move with it. HB knocked the spear head away and Nuada simply moved it to the other side of his head. Hitting it again, Red was jabbed in the chest with the butt of the spear and knocked onto his back. The spear at Red's neck again, Nuada asked once more, "The piece." She shook her head in refusal.

Red got up and threw a punch at Nuada, but he was thrust back and into the air. He landed on the desk. He barely had time to stand up when he had to dodge the Prince's strikes once more. I pushed Nuala and I up against the bookcase to avoid being hit ourselves. Nuada sent Red and a chair flying. Tossing the chair out of the way, Nuada ran forward and used Red's outstretched knee to propel himself into the air, soaring high above him and smacking him on the back with the flat of the blade.

Red somersaulted back to his original spot, "Abe?" He begged Abe, his look saying that he had to do something to defeat the Prince. "Red I'm so sorry, but they are linked." We would have to find a way to beat Nuada without hurting him. "Red?" Liz pushed her way through the crowd of agents at the door. "Liz." Red replied. "Red behind you!" Liz screamed. He spun around and the only noise heard was the sound of a blade sinking into flesh. "You may have mused in the past, 'Am I mortal?'" He twisted the spear violently and the tip snapped off still embedded in Red's chest. "You are now." Nuada said as his spearhead grew back.

I watched in terror as Red fell to the ground. I hardly noticed Nuada come back up and grasp me by the arm. "Abraham, many people have died for this crown. He will too. If you want to save him and see her again," He stated with a voice as cold as ice and shook me. "You will bring me the missing crown piece." He then whispered to Nuala, "Lead them to me, my dear sister." My brain froze as I realized that he was leaving and taking me as hostage. My mouth stretched open in a silent scream as I stretched my free arm forward. "Abe!" And then as though a cloth had covered my eyes, my sight faded and my own scream echoed through my ears.


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