A Dimming & Into Night Forever

She is mine
I am hers
We love together
Yet despised by all

Her friends abandoned her
I had none to start with

She is mine
I am hers
Together we are family

I am jealous
And so is she
then, she was caught...

I wore the robes
stained with blood
The mask that was a taint upon my soul

I never knew what horrors the revels would be
I never knew that she would become one

Brought naked into the circle
Eyes bruised with tears and fear
She was pushed and tripped and insulted with words
and curses

I wanted to remain still for the Light
but the sacrifice demanded was too much

My reaction was swift and as her heart beat its last
So, too, did the heart of the one who would have defiled her

My death was not swift
There was beating
The breaking of bones
and so very much blood
Blood that finally pooled in my throat
and with a gurgling hiss
The light dimmed to nothing
I faded away from life

Now it is night
Perpetual night
But she walks at my side
My hand in hers
and we kiss
Forever more.

~Jayne d'Arcy