Jade's P.O.V

"There's no such thing as true love between two girls, Jade," I mutter mockingly, as I pace about my room. I swipe my arm across my desk, knocking over my lamp and all the other papers stacked on it.

"You can't marry a girl, JADE," I snarl. I knock over a vase. The glass shatters as the it hits the floor, denting the wood.

"YOU. CAN'T. FUCKING. BE. IN. LOVE. WITH. A. GIRL. JADE," I punch the wall between every word. I collapse and pull my legs in against my body as I cradle my bloody fist, sobbing.

Let me explain what happened. About a year ago I started going to church. I know, I know. Jade West, the badass, going to church? But whatever. I actually ended up becoming a christian. My small group leader even became one of my closest friends. But recently, I fell head over heels for a girl.

Tori Vega.

I discussed this with my small group leader, whose name is Lilianne, and she told me...well, pretty much everything I was screaming during my fit.

So, I am now lying here. Sobbing on the floor. My hands trembling, my eyes filled with tears that run down my face whenever they spill over. I am technically not crying. The tears are just leaking from my eyes. I don't cry. I never cry. I can't cry. Ice cold. Remember, Jade?

"I am not weak," I snarl. "I can do whatever I fucking want to. Let's see if God'll fucking stop me." I get up, ignoring the pain when the glass on the floor cuts in to my legs. I storm downstairs, not bothering to cover up the noise I'm making. After all, my dad doesn't give a fuck about what I do.I swiftly pick the lock to my father's liquor cabinet. I grab two bottles of vodka and grab a few shot glasses before making my way back up to my room. I pour a shot, and drink it without hesitation.

The liquid sears in my throat and my eyes tear up. I can already feel the sweet numbness overtaking my body and mind.

Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots. What the hell is going on. The room's spinning. My head's spinning. Why is it so fucking hot. A pair of cool hands touch my face. What the hell? I'm being picked up. Wait, no. I'm laying on something now. Why can't I breathe? Why do I feel like I'm suffocating? I thrash around blindly, and someone begins to murmur to me soothingly. I stiffen, then relax as some subconscious part of me realizes that I'm being helped. I feel arms wrap around me protectively, and I force my eyes to open a little bit to look at the brown haired girl cradling me in her arms as she looks down at me with a concerned look on her face.

A.N. Truthfully, guys, I'm having a terrible night. And I decided, instead of doing what Jade did, (minus the alcohol. I'm talking about the temper tantrum.) I'd just write about it instead. So, tell me what you think, and IF you want me to continue with this. Good night, all.