I know that I have stories already in progress, but once I get inspiration I have to move on the idea or else I will lose the story. I love to watch the Borgias (which I DON'T OWN!) and as I was catching up on season 2 I jumped up from my chair and ran to my laptop to type up the idea. I hope you enjoy it!

Warning! This has an incest story line. If you don't like it please don't read it.

Loves Hatred


There had been many men in her life, but Lucrezia never loved them as much as she loved Cesare. She tried to cover up her feelings by going after different men like Paolo, but no one could take his place. Lucrezia thought that if she told Cesare how she felt then he would feel the same, but his dark captivating eyes were cold and deprived of the warmth she had known. His words still stung her, "How can I love one when there are more beautiful than you?" The sound of shattering could be heard throughout the castle. The pain that she felt after his rejection could only be described as a frost covering her, freezing her heart and soul. Two weeks after her heart broke, Lucrezia decided that the name she protected no long held any love for her.

Lucrezia finished grabbing everything that she could find. Her pack was filled and all the items that she and Giovanni would need were placed on her horse. She entered her room once more, grabbed Giovanni, and left for a world free of the name Borgia and free of the one they called Cesare

SO what do you think of the idea! Please comment if you want me to continue!